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In Topic: WCS: Overall impressions, conclusions and bonkers theorising

Today, 07:16 PM

RU has been pro since '95. The NRL cap is more recent, admittedly. But can you name the 6 quality players that have been taken out of any top squad, I think we'd struggle to find 6 out of all of the 'top' squads at any one time... By top squads, are we saying any team that has been in a final (GF or CC) over the last, lets say, 4 years? Or is that too much? Just GF finalists?

the top sides had at least 3 top aus/nz plus a couple of kolpac exempts in their sides.The loss of RU since 95 is a long term dry up but every side had a couple of converts and because the dry up happened almost twenty years ago it still reduces the pool of higher quality players.The loss to RU and NRL is about 10 players at the moment and growing and these tend to come from the top few sides so hit them more, so it could quite easily be 6 but the exact figure is not as important as it is just a ball park figure.

In Topic: 28 Feb: Catalans Dragons v Warrington Wolves KO 3pm (TV)

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

will be interesting to see if Smith freshens the team with Russell/Asotosi/Ben Evans
fit and available. Always tough in France but the team will make it hard for anyone if they carry on with the same defensive attitude.

In Topic: WCS: Overall impressions, conclusions and bonkers theorising

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

there is a gulf They won, 3 out of 3.

Some will want increase their fan boy credentials and say this gulf is huge and everything you thought was good wasn't, it was just you didn't know these things, you probably don't even watch that much nrl. I mean if you watch the nrl like these guys do you pick up on the small things that win games that people like you probably miss. Not them though. It was obvious to them.

And there are those who will say it's huge because it's in their own interests. If we were close we might do something about it. We might put the effort in to catch up, but that costs time and money and the success might mean their club is left behind. So its definitely too big and we definitely shouldn't bother and we should just concentrate on being the best us we can be. As long that best isn't too good for their club. What are you a lunatic, it's a fantasy that we could compete in a game we have provided winners for, it's fantasy that this competition we just expanded could expand. Stop with your fantasies.

Normal people, those who aren't trying to impress with their nrl knowledge and aren't trying to propagate a certain view point, would accept it did show a gulf. It should our best would be mid table in the NRL and if we put the effort and money and focus in we can bridge that gap, if we don't we will slip further down but the only way to know what we are doing is to keep playing them, keep pushing to play more. If the rfl have to underwrite it, underwrite it, if it costs money, spend it. If people need to be sold on it. Sell it to them.

Or we can throw up our hands say we tried and settle in for a nice game with 2000 other people in some small northern town. Cos that's real rugby league.

I see what your points are but the gap is not going to narrow if we try to correct what some are pointing out.
There has been a few changes in the last 20 years that have prevented the easy fixes.
RU went pro and the regular recruitment dried up.
Later the NRL raised the salary cap and this with the unfavourable exchange rate has now almost dried up the quality aus/nz players coming over.
This is also taking a section of our best players never mind RU taking some.
This will lose top clubs about 6 quality players out of the squad and replaced with lower quality.
If the salary cap is left at present rates we will only fall further behind at club level.

In Topic: 20 Feb: WCS: Warrington Wolves v St George Illawarra Dragons KO 8pm (TV)

22 February 2015 - 01:51 PM

After the dust has settled I think the match has to be looked at overall,
Was it a success: Yes high quality game with two highly committed sides.
The need for the concept to be pushed further is needed to develop the game and to close the gap on standards in the two comps.
As for the Wire fans who stayed at home and couldn't be bothered to turn up the Sky cameras could never replicate a top atmosphere and when you speak to a couple from London who travelled seven hours on the motorways to be there it shames some of the locals.
The debate about the refs should not let us get side tracked from the overall experience and were these building blocks could help move the club game on.

In Topic: This week's disciplinary

16 February 2015 - 08:05 PM

Problem with your view, it was not so clear cut as even the commentary team could not agree after numerous views.

The tackle was not a shoulder charge (in my opinion) but I agree he leapt up into the player. The tackle by ben Westwood last week against Salford was worse but he was just sin binned so the panel are like the referees inconsistent.