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In Topic: Is Israel Folau about to return to Rugby League?

18 October 2014 - 08:16 PM

In the french local paper there was an article about Hayne goinfre to the Nfl and Burgess to Union,
the last paragraph say league fans are upset and praying to sign folau to save the game!

Conveyor belt of talent too wishful thinking. No matter RU tries to knock the existence of RL the NRL is the buffer that means they are grasping at straws.

In Topic: Warrington Wolves trio sign new deals

16 October 2014 - 06:59 PM

Letting Chris Riley go and signing Kevin Penny.  Somebody explain that to me please.

Letting Riley go was right for the player and club, the retaining of Penny makes no sense.

I am sure there are options from the academy side who are worth a punt and if the unannounced addition who word has it is a centre/ stand off it makes even less sense.

In Topic: 'Well Run' clubs

14 October 2014 - 03:03 PM

On what basis have you calculated that ownership of the HJ is more beneficial to Warrington than. Very long lease is to Wigan? What figures in the accounts of both clubs have you used?

you only have to look at the accounts published, Warrington have a turnover of over 7million and on much lower gates than Wigan. Read the registered accounts of both clubs.

In Topic: 'Well Run' clubs

13 October 2014 - 07:34 PM

How they are run "now" often is as a direct result of how much money they have been lucky enough to have been gifted in the past. Any measure of well run can't be a point in time, it has to be over a period.


If the cut off date for appraisal of well run is just after the council have provided a ground and a rich owner pumped a few £Million in that would count for me in considering well run. Equally if a management team had inherited a ground that ate up money, and a large debt, that would also count in considering well run 


I'm looking for "well run now" to be clubs that get the best returns from their assets which could be a ground, a management team and playing staff.


At lower level maybe Batley, at a higher level maybe Leeds. But this is an impossible question without enough facts figures and analysis. Any clubs performance has to be assessed against the hand it is dealt, too often on here clubs going nowhere are praised to high heaven and clubs who tried to make the step up and failed are condemned as badly run.

you seem to have a bee in your bonnet over the way Warrington have got themselves into a decent position in the last ten years, if you look at two sides who were playing in dilapidated ground Wigan and Warrington they realised they needed to move to new ground to have a decent future. Warrington's directors and local council got in bed with Tesco and the result was they ended up in a new stadium as owners and able to use to its full potential, this with the backing of the council and a local wealthy business man has helped to move them to a level were they can compete at the higher levels of our sport. Wigan in the same situation had an owner who had other interests and whilst dealing with the same supermarket only allowed Wigan to go as tenants not owners, this stops them from reaching the level financially as Leeds and leaves them at around the level of Warrington at best,  the way it panned out is not the fault of either club it was the decision makers at the crucial times. Wigan are now being well run financially but not at the level if they have had the breaks Warrington were helped with.

In Topic: Ben Flower Sending Off / Reaction / Apology (merged threads)

12 October 2014 - 09:17 PM

The only problem with anyone from outside of the game (eg GMP, CPS) is that they would have to look at all high tackles and swinging arms that occur in the regular RL games - if anyone uses the argument that what Flower did would have him arrested on the high street on a Saturday night then they would also have to apply this to a player making an illegal high tackle because running down the high street on a Saturday night and clothes lining someone going the other way would be arrestable - on a rugby pitch it is dealt with by the referee and the RL disciplinary. Flower broke the rules on a rugby pitch and should be punished by the RL

With the first punch yes but the second is another matter.

The issue has trended world wide the World cup could not manage this, the response of some posts criticise the overreaction but this pales at the under reaction of some on here.