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Duty of care

23 September 2014 - 06:53 PM

Is the RFL failing in its duty of care to its players?

The increasing number of head impacts and players knocked out in the Pro game is an area the sports governing bodies are failing to act upon.

Since the sport went fulltime and moved to summer the players are now athletes playing on manicured pitches who reach full speed quickly and increase the force on impact.

The damage this does to the brain area cannot be protected by improved training, the time will come when someone will take action for damage against one of the different codes somewhere in the world.

The RFL has rules/laws to stop foul play in the head area but fails to police it, its officials area inconsistent in applying the rules/laws, the various revue bodies are just as inconsistent in if they charge and at what level.

The Ex pro's   on the TV are no better with comment as (he couldn't stop, its an accident, he's not that type of player and many more) when they invariably played in winter on soft pitches when players were not as fit and the play was generally slower,  all these would reduce the amount of head contacts at this force in the modern game.

The RFL need to penalise and ban players who hit the head area malicious or otherwise and be consistent its enforcement only when the do this will players change their technique.

Top eight teams

07 September 2014 - 06:02 PM

With all eight teams now qualified with the exception of Leeds (6th)  the final finishing places and first round of fixtures are well and truly up for grabs. Pity we could not follow soccer to have an even playing field. Only Leeds will be in a position to plan to rest players for the playoffs with all other teams relying not only on their own result but how all the others pan out.

The  Thursday game allows others to change what they do but the advantage is that Wigan and Warrington have at least one extra day to recover unless they end up playing again the week after?.