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In Topic: 69% increase in TV viewers for St Helens v Leeds Challenge Cup semi final.

09 August 2015 - 11:23 AM

What did he actually say? Did he deny that was the case or simply not say it? Big difference...


The question was:

"Under the new TV deal, will the BBC keep the Challenge Cup post 2017, or is it exclusive to Sky?"


Blake Solly's response:

"It's a protected event, so not exclusive to Sky, hoping to announce coverage post 2016 in the next 6 weeks"

In Topic: @BBCRugbyLeague - gone live

03 August 2015 - 07:55 PM

There are 2 accounts:


@BBCRugbyLeague - https://twitter.com/BBCRugbyLeague

@bbcsuperleague - https://twitter.com/bbcsuperleague


The first one looks more official, the second one is a definite fake. I'd be cautious of either until they are verified by the BBC and Twitter.

In Topic: @BBCRugbyLeague - gone live

02 August 2015 - 10:47 AM

Good news! We asked for it and we got it, maybe it shows that fan power does still have some influence! The BBC's coverage of the Cup has been fantastic this year, it will be a real shame when they lose the rights to the Challenge Cup and Internationals in 2018, a real negative of the new TV deal.

In Topic: Super 8s fixtures announced

29 July 2015 - 09:22 PM

The fact is Sky are providing less coverage to our game , and are having the impertinence to charge us more..


SKY have increased the number of live games broadcast significantly since 2013. From 2014, they've introduced extra Catalans fixtures, 2 extra World Club Series matches, showed the whole Summer bash and one middle 8 game per week. For three of the eight weeks post split, we will have four live matches per weekend. Although programming such as Back Chat has gone, live games have significantly increased.


I would rather have seen them show 6 Championship matches over the course of the season rather than the whole Summer Bash weekend, and you have got to wonder why they bought the Championship rights, when they had no intention of showing most of the season.

In Topic: Marquee Player rule approved

03 June 2015 - 08:53 PM

This whole idea is based on a bit of dream world. None of the NRL's finest will come to SL as a result. The peak for Australian players is to play State of Origin. If they come here, they can't do that. Players like Inglis are celebrities in Australia. If the likes of Inglis, Slater and Thurston came to England, they wouldn't be recognised walking down the streets of any major UK city except Leeds!


And will this rule stop British players moving to the NRL? I don't think so. Players don't just go for money. Their young men, with a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Sydney, play in the best league in the world and better their lives. Matching their wages won't be enough to stop some from going.


And then when marquee players do come from the NRL they often flop. Hohaia, Matt King, Kevin Locke to name three. Yet relative unknowns such as Jamie Lyon can come here and are talked about for years to come. I can only see this rule widening the gap between top and bottom of Super League and between the Super League and the Championship.


Our priorities are all wrong. Clubs weren't willing to invest £30,000 to set up a reserve grade a couple of seasons ago. Now the majority want to throw hundreds of thousands at average Aussies and pay them inflated wages. It's a short term fix, and short sighted thinking yet again.