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#3229692 7 Nov: Second Test - England v New Zealand (Olympic Stadium) - Match Thread

Posted by Chris22 on 07 November 2015 - 06:17 PM

Really disappointed that the big match of the series was so flat. Low scoring games can be entertaining and of high quality. Huddersfield vs Leeds in the final game of the season, and the play off between Leeds and St Helens are examples of this. However, this wasn't one of them. Both sides attack was predictable, and ultra-conservative. Defences rarely had to scramble or go the extra mile to prevent scoring. I don't understand the criticism of the BBC for saying it was a poor game. I'd rather they were honest than insult the viewer and not say it was wonderful, when it wasn't! Every sport has good games, every sport has bad games. It's a big shame that a game outside of the heartlands fell so flat. 


New Zealand did well. The BBC's analysis at the end highlighted it well, showing how compact the Kiwi's defence was. This was a clever and calculated move with the aim of reducing the impact of our pack, it worked a treat. The challenge for England now is finding a way of bringing our attacking threats such as Hardaker, Watkins and Hall in to the game. They have the ability, but haven't had the ball to do anything with it.


The half backs couldn't get them the ball, and their kicking was poor. I don't blame Williams, he's an inexperienced (although very talented) player, and may not have the experience to lead a side. Widdop was anonymous too, as per usual. We have lacked a kicking game in the series so far. I wouldn't make mass changes for next weeks, but I would give Luke Gale a chance.

#3217519 England v France - 10k crowd or its a failure

Posted by Chris22 on 19 October 2015 - 07:44 PM

I think it's Sky that have the rights to a non-tournament game, not the BBC. So it's Sky have declined to show the game? I'm going to the game on Saturday, more so to support the international game than anything!

#3201659 Rangi of to Leigh

Posted by Chris22 on 27 September 2015 - 05:33 PM

Derek Beaumont has a mouth and ego even larger than his stomach! By announcing that Leigh are going to break the salary cap and signing three big names, he's surely going to have Leigh's salary cap heavily scrutinised.


Is signing players that failed at Salford the way to progress though? I don't think it is!

#3201390 South Wales Scorpions ownership - Any news?

Posted by Chris22 on 27 September 2015 - 11:58 AM

Here you go, the announcement has been made



#3134615 Marquee Player rule approved

Posted by Chris22 on 03 June 2015 - 08:53 PM

This whole idea is based on a bit of dream world. None of the NRL's finest will come to SL as a result. The peak for Australian players is to play State of Origin. If they come here, they can't do that. Players like Inglis are celebrities in Australia. If the likes of Inglis, Slater and Thurston came to England, they wouldn't be recognised walking down the streets of any major UK city except Leeds!


And will this rule stop British players moving to the NRL? I don't think so. Players don't just go for money. Their young men, with a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Sydney, play in the best league in the world and better their lives. Matching their wages won't be enough to stop some from going.


And then when marquee players do come from the NRL they often flop. Hohaia, Matt King, Kevin Locke to name three. Yet relative unknowns such as Jamie Lyon can come here and are talked about for years to come. I can only see this rule widening the gap between top and bottom of Super League and between the Super League and the Championship.


Our priorities are all wrong. Clubs weren't willing to invest £30,000 to set up a reserve grade a couple of seasons ago. Now the majority want to throw hundreds of thousands at average Aussies and pay them inflated wages. It's a short term fix, and short sighted thinking yet again.

#3087271 RLIF CEO

Posted by Chris22 on 11 March 2015 - 10:03 PM

If the sport is serious, the RLIF head should have nothing to do with either the NRL or Super League. Can you imagine another sport where the head of the sport internationally doubles it up with a domestic role?

#2929646 Hull v Hull KR @Magic Weekend - Clash

Posted by Chris22 on 14 May 2014 - 09:28 PM

Because if an unconfirmed rumour? Hmmm...

Funny how we've managed so well all these years? It's in our best interests to find free weekends to build up these events rather than try and compete against them and give the public an excuse not to come.

You're comparing a run of the mill league game to one of the RFL's flagship events. Not really the same thing.


I've never seen anything which states that this game hasn't been moved being solely down to the RFL. Nor have I heard any comment from the clubs either way on this. I'm also not sure that a respected journalist would suggest this unless there is some element of truth in it. Both are 'unconfirmed rumours' yet one has received a significantly larger backlash than the other.


We haven't avoided major events before. Last years Magic Weekend clashed with the Champions League Final. Our major finals are played on Saturday's, clashing with Premier League football, where standard league fixtures obliterate the coverage of our finals. The Challenge Cup Final last year clashed with an Ashes test. All of England's World Cup matches were played on Saturdays, again clashing with Premier League football and the Union autumn internationals. The start of Super League has clashed with the opening of the Six Nations. As an example, England's WC semi final clashed with Everton vs Liverpool, England vs Australia and Froch v Groves. Lets look at this year, we can't play any earlier due to the Etihad being unavailable (as it also is next week). Next week it's the Heineken Cup Final, Champions League Final, England cricket international, Football League play offs and an F1 race I think?



Hull FC at Wembley at a cup final against a 'run of the mill home game' for Hull City
Hull City at Wembley against a 'run of the mill league game' for both Hull clubs. It seems almost identical to me? Although I do appreciate that Hull City's chance to win the FA Cup for the first time is enormous for the club and it may put off some fans attending.


It's unfortunate that these matches clash, but moving our events once they are set in stone to accommodate other sports just isn't practical, and would make the sport look very small time. The record crowd for a Magic Weekend, probably pushing 40,000 surely justifies the RFL's decision.