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  2. Wire to win as Sts ease off for the semis.
  3. Manx RL

    Man Of Steel 2018

    True. He’s better at scoring with his attacking capabilities.
  4. gingerjon

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    They're 'avvin' a bit o' the in-play (with Ray).
  5. ivans82

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    The real problem with these obsessives is when Rugby/Football is on the box in the pub , they take up all the best seats and don`t watch any of it because they`re too busy staring into their b****y phones !
  6. Looks like Hill, Cooper, Roberts, Brown and surprisingly BMM has recovered so a stronger looking wire side and expect saints to do the same.
  7. town4me

    New Stadium for Workington

    When you look up the road and see regularly the acts Carlisle racecourse attracts it shows it can be done in Cumbria.
  8. del capo

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Those 7 votes/ council seats were the price of Re-unification in 2004. Insisted upon by the then Sports Council and the parliamentarians. And it's far from unfair. Those bodies collectively have introduced to our sport more than 98 % of all our players. The RFL Performance Department tracks all Scholarship and Academy players and less than a couple of dozen have been sourced from elsewhere.... in the circumstances 7 out of 55 doesn't seem over generous to me for the contribution they make.
  9. Sorry but on that one Challenge cup games have always taken preference that was not a one off P.S not saying you are wrong. I totally agree but wasn't that game on of the BBCs online games they showed? Shows even they have pull too should they so wish
  10. Wood recruited Sally Bolton.
  11. Unless good safety reasons I just don't see why any game should be changed with a short notice period, unless compensation was on offer. Personally if it was me impacted I know what I would do. I would not purchase season ticket and tell the senior person at club why, not anymore sponsorship again telling club again. The only way to change customer care approach is impacting pocket. Harsh but only power one has. Otherwise fans impact continues to be ignored.
  12. ivans82

    Man Of Steel 2018

    As someone pointed out on this thread earlier Man Of Steel is really the wrong title . For instance if Ben Barba does win it , you are awarding it to a full back who scores very poorly on his defensive capabilities .
  13. Auntie Ruth

    Player of the season awards

    Think Luke could have ‘scooped the pool’ this season....I agree with H10, I wonder if he’ll get a mention at the end of season awards, for me the RFL should acknowledge his achievement somehow....
  14. Griff9of13

    Our new position in the EU

    One thing that can be said for the Chequers plan is that it has united all sides of the brexit debate; it's unanimously hated: EU tells Theresa May to go back to Brexit drawing board
  15. He hasn't looked like he's gone hungry for quite a few years now
  16. We need to make it bigger then , it ain’t working !
  17. As Saints have pretty much slowed to a crawl by this stage, I expect Wire to show that they have got Wembley out of their system and sow further seeds of doubt before the re match in a couple of weeks.
  18. Wakefield are such a good team, so dangerous all over the park. If Wigan win tomorrow, I could see trinity winning this, as Cas’ thoughts drift to the away semi.
  19. scotchy1

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    I agree with a lot written here, we don't have a lot of overall strategic thinking but that is largely because the RFL has been pulled in so many directions. Everything can't feed in to each other because that would require us to have a single strategic objective and the parochial internecine struggle the game has been in for decades means that cannot happen. So everything is done piecemeal because it has to be. The whole game solution people suggest cannot happen because one area of The game is not prepared to be subservient to another. Which leaves the game cannibalizing and fighting itself instead of trying to grow and fight outwards. This also affects the challenge cup. It can't be a showcase for the wider sport because that would see the challenge cup as subservient to the wider sport but also see the wider game have to make itself subservient to the idea of showcasing itself. The challenge cup is a huge resource largely untapped but it will take a sea change in thinking and how clubs see themselves and their position in the game to take advantage of that
  20. journalistic enquiry, yes but not over-talking his answers/opinions. Happens an awful lot when you want to hear the answer or opinion of the "important" guest to have somebody over-talk him with his favorite opinion or hobby horse. Let the man speak and answer fully the question without interruption. Although I guess too late for this broadcast but hopefully he wasn't constantly interrupted.
  21. Having gone on that glorious run, I wonder whether the Giants will be thinking ahead to the off season now, while we still have our eyes on a home semi. Given the number of unfamiliar names in the Giants’ 19, I think we should be fine. Our defence has been particularly sharp these last few weeks, and I think we can expect another tough showing. If we do get over the line, the top 4 will all be set in stone, so that we can expect some interesting squads for the final round... oh, and bravo Leuluai - 250 games for us and 400 plus overall. He has come a long way from the plucky half I used to watch at the Broncos. Good player, great man.
  22. 2013 World Cup was great. Then we didn't have a home test against either NZ or Australia until 2015 if memory serves. Any new fans picked up had forgotten about it by then. That encapsulates the 'make it up as we go along' approach of our sport.
  23. How is Magic a positive? Has a new club been created in the aftermath of a Magic Week end, or a new set of regional leagues ? Anything?
  24. glemiln

    Short list

    And some candidates have a Warrington connection! Hopefully, all candidates will be considered on what they will (hopefully) bring to Rochdale Hornets and from the base we will be operating in 2019. League - budget/sponsorship, profile, marketing, etc. After this season’s unfortunate financial problems, improving the coffers will be a crucial consideration. Perhaps a final appointment will be delayed until after the play-off game, should we be in it? Or, the new man in place to assist our survival? Perhaps, but despite Mayfield’s poor season, they did survive the drop and he knows the locality and the important Fiji link (if they stay). From what little I know, we appear to have very good set of candidates. May the best man win and take us forward/upward. Let’s engineer a much needed win on Sunday.
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