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  2. TheReaper

    Arrows into MLR

    Nah, I just like grass better to play on. Seattle has turf I believe. Have you ever watched an event there? I'm curious how far away you feel. I went to the game against Boston but that got moved to the turf football field, so haven't experienced the new one yet. I'm sure you're right that plenty will be supporting both. The clubs have different enough approaches, even without worrying about which code they're playing. OR... Hamilton-esqe merger? Toronto Arrow-Wolfs? 😂
  3. Wakefield Ram

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Read this on the General Forum. That's not going to help them, but it should help us.
  4. Rugby league columnist Paul Cooke discusses Hull KR's Super League fortunes View the full article
  5. Today
  6. Don't worry about it mate, and welcome! There are plenty of less sensible thoughts posted believe me! We spend too much time on structure too little on product imho. But keep posting, and enjoying RL. It is a great game.
  7. Apologies for beating the dead horse with another post on the structure I should have probably looked through other post to see the endless stream off the. Seems my lack of knowledge definitely shows.
  8. Rugby league columnist Paul Cooke says Hull FC need to replicate their effort and energy from the defeat against Saints View the full article
  9. Yesterday
  10. dixiedean

    Wolfpack - Superleague 2019

    To be fair to both Elstone and Hudgell, neither of their interviews read like that to me. They read as caution about TWP rather than over-exuberance. Mr Mascord has a long record as an uber-expansionist. Sometimes his admirable enthusiasm can cloud his objectivity. He has also rowed back on some of this. In particular, it is NOT a decision for SL to make. They ceded that right when they abandoned licensing in the face of the very obvious fact that some of their number could not/would not comply with the conditions necessary. Not sure the Top 6 teams in SL have a problem. They are likely to see Canada as a massive opportunity rather than a threat to their status. It is an RFL decision...and given that the many of the Championship want Toronto next year like a bucket of cold would probably help everyone if they came through the Middle 8's in full accordance with the rules of the competition as everyone understood them before the season started. But then again this is RL. Welcome! Nothing is ever simple here.
  11. tonyXIII

    Rugby League World - Quickfire Q & A

    Note to John. My copy arrived yesterday, about two weeks late. I know the post here is a bit 'hit and miss', but that's two of the foreign legion who have had a late delivery this month. It doesn't really bother me, tbh, but perhaps it deserves a memo to the postal service?
  12. RobertAM

    toronto game

    except for DD maybe?
  13. GEORGE Flanagan hopes his fine comeback against former club Hunslet has earned him a spot in Sunday's League One summit clash. View the full article
  14. I believe this is the process: If a government topples via vote of no confidence then they get time to try to form a new one. If that’s not succcessful then they vote to dissolve Parliament. There has to be six weeks between that time and the election.
  15. RobertAM

    Toronto flyer

    Roger, the waitress at Paddingtons in the StLaw market is wondering why you aren't coming in for your breakfast?
  16. Jay, welcome. Deja vu all over again. Well, we used to have separate Lancs and Yorks Leagues (30 clubs in all) with some cross fertilisation games. The consolidated 'ladder', as our antipodean cousins say, was finished off with a top 4 Championship. Some say that RL went all down hill when it changed to a top 16 (all that and when Bill Fallowfield retired). Those were the good old days, 1961 (?) Leeds beating Warrington at Odsal in front of 52,000 in the Northern Rugby League Championship Top 4 Final.
  17. Sounds like the pre-73 structure. Simply replaces Yorkshire League with Eastern League. There is simply not enough money to run with more than 16 full-time teams. I would love there to be more, but there aren't.
  18. Bedford Roughyed

    Our new position in the EU

    I saw a tweet suggesting if May had lost they would hold an election in 2 weeks? Putting aside manifestos or campaigning, is that actually legal? And would councils be ready and able? What about postal voting? Im hoping I just misread something or it was misquoted, because it just seems nuts. edited to add where I saw it-
  19. In the words of Bon Jovi "ooooooh, we're halfway there".
  20. You obviously didn't bother to read anything from the article on the Swinton site.
  21. Old standoff

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    So when history looks back at RL in Cumbria this will be called “Havens finest hour” or regarded as there glory days which seems a bit insignificant compared to the achievements of the other two Cumbrian clubs wouldn’t you agree with not a lot of hope of adding to your haul of silverware in the foreseeable future unless your fortunes improve dramatically .
  22. Rupert Prince

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Hmm.. Full on reserve grade to play against Swinton-type clubs playing against each other? In a regional 2nd (or 3?) tier comp?
  23. lifer

    Raiders developement

    The other week pete it was 6pm for 11 to 13 years and 7pm for 14 to 15 year olds, to avoid confusion which are the correct times There was only 12 14 to 15 year olds there last time so i'm guessing if its just 15s at 7pm there will only be a handful.
  24. ojx

    Wolfpack - Superleague 2019

    This article has been discussed on the "Toronto" thread on the main forum. Here were my thoughts:
  25. Rubbish he forgot. They have form, they did it in the last days of Majors Government in the 90's and there doing it again now. Desperate stuff from a bunch of untrustworthy spivs.
  26. Rupert Prince

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Well as goal kicker should help him keep in the squad. Probably and sadly he will get injured on debut. This seems to be the way of the world these days. When fit Wigan need 3 centres to chose from, as opposed to 1 for the most of the season. So let's not give away Sargison.
  27. sobering article...hopefully SL makes the right decision...
  28. wonderofwood

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    TBF Marra , when Town went on a 7 game winning streak they were ###### poor and you lot were so unlucky - All 7 times 😊
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