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  2. Issac Luke off and dressed- knee injury.
  3. League One's Future

    Well you've gone all in, I'll give you that...
  4. How would you improve the game

    In general, I'd be in favour of any changes that make the game go back to being more about what happened between play-the-balls and less about the tackle and PTB itself. It's difficult to see what those changes could be though - everything sooner or later has unintended consequences. Also any changes that reduce the influence of the referee and/or make the job of the referee(s) simpler. There's too many situations (e.g. ball steal vs knock-on) where the referee has to guess and it has too big of an influence compared to the past. I think we have missed a trick over the last few decades by making the game too hard to play. There needs to be much more emphasis on cutdown versions of the sport that don't have the same requirements in terms of strength & fitness, potential for injury and need for squads of dozens.
  5. Well Storm have stepped up here today. Up against a team in genuinely good form on top of the table they have dismantled the Warriors albeit playing without SJ Cam Smith converts again from touchline 8/8 44-10 Storm
  6. Hull by an extremely comfortable margin. No DG needed to win this one!
  7. 🦊 try in the corner
  8. Great finish by Fusi2a.
  9. Reevaluate Havens Form

    and a league 1 side wont be much of a crowd puller either
  10. Lino couldn’t convert the try from the touchline
  11. Fusitua in at the corner
  12. Curtis Scott being helped off with a leg injury.
  13. How would you improve the game

    One thing I would like to see outlawed is the nasty habit you see all the time these days of the tackler lying on the player in posession and forcing their face/head into the floor.....what is the need for that?? It should count as a head-shot and be penalised.
  14. Has brand Super League become a problem.

    I think the recent re-brand undertaken by the RFL, although nicely done, hasn't really improved or strengthened the brand, it doesn't excite, and to me looks likely to date quickly. Just my opinion. I'd suggest a change from SuperLeague to any potential new name would create as much interest outside the traditional RL media outlets as the re-brand did. Which wasn't much as i recall. When SL launched we had the backing of the Murdoch media who splashed it all over their back pages, we no longer have that level of support. We'd then be playing 'insert appropriate name' league and people outside the game would have even less idea of what the sport or competition is. We'd then be starting from scratch, trying to build a profile of a competition with an unsympathetic media. A tough ask. Any negativity towards SL comes from within the game and is probably a very different view held by those casual fans who aren't as ardent fans as us. Superleague as a brand is probably held in a much higher regard. For me Superleague is a strong brand, with branding that just needs some tweaking and a bit of love to once again make it as recognisable as it once was. Combine such a re-brand with the launch of new structures within the game and a detailed long term strategy and we might be able to make a bit of noise in the press. Go on a PR offensive with such details and we might be able to generate some renewed optimism. Thats my hope anyway.
  15. Recent events

    Just like to send my sympathies and support following the tragic events of monday. Hope none of our Canadian forum friends were personally affected. Think you'll find the whole of the RL fraternity will be behind you guys. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  16. Warriors getting more possession in this second half.
  17. Cup Draw Rd 6

    cant say we would've got Wire at home as the ball numbering would've been totally different
  18. Buckley signs new Widnes deal

    Widnes Vikings have handed young winger Owen Buckley his first professional contract. The 18-year-old is the latest product of the club’s Academy to sign a full-time deal with the club after agreeing on a two-year contract. Buckley has yet to make a competitive first-grade appearance for the club but scored in pre-season wins over Warrington and Whitehaven. “Signing a first… The post Buckley signs new Widnes deal appeared first on Total Rugby League. View the full article
  19. Coventry Bears v London Skolars Doncaster v Bradford Bulls draw Keighley Cougars v Whitehaven Newcastle Thunder v Hunslet North Wales Crusaders v Hemel Stags Workington Town v Oldham York City Knights v West Wales Raiders
  20. Has brand Super League become a problem.

    Agree with pretty much all of that. Robots and try music have been recycled for years and weren't good to begin with. It's funny, there was a thread a few weeks ago that got onto how Batley's pitch was a joke because of the slant and shouldn't be allowed in the modern game - I agreed. But then I got to thinking at least Batley play on a full size pitch - some SL teams don't even have that and the pitch markings themselves are seemingly thought up by the individual groundsmen at each club. I've mentioned this before and I know a few on here think that's quite trivial, but honestly it's things like that when watching the NRL compared to SL make our game look amateurish.
  21. I'm not a southerner, but struggle to catch JJB's accent and follow what he is saying quite a lot of the time. Shame, because he is clearly intelligent and interesting. Thought the draw came across very well. Chris Evans was really positive about the whole thing and Dave Woods was the consummate professional, as ever.
  22. Raiders v Toronto

    I presume I’m one of the 3. I’m not sure where Barrow’s extra 12 points should have come from but iv never said Barrow shouldn’t have won, they were quality and the score line reflected the game that it could have been won by either side, Cresta’s tactics were spot on working over short sides against a bigger quicker team where Barrow were going to find it hard going round them on big spread plays, I’m as big as supporter as anyone that watches week in week out, I don’t watch games however with Blue & white tinted glasses, I call things as I see it. After watching the Evening Mail clips & the OBrien incident, it gives a better angle than where I was stood and it should have been a yellow card, however unless Dec Hulme has turned into Usain Bolt he would never have touched the ball down before it went dead. Il throw another decision in the mix, on Barrow’s first try did Big Joe impede a defender from getting to Martin Aspinwall, we got the try but on another day could it have been disallowed? its all if, buts and maybe’s but for sure if Barrow can keep that level of performance up weekly it’ll be championship rugby again next season.
  23. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    There I was, along with a couple of hundred other disgruntled, dour, miserable old sods, trying to keep out of the biting wind and horizontal rain, and taking in the aroma of rubbing linament and fishermans friends. Everybody moaning about the price of the San Miguel, the monotonous choice of food and snacks, and the quality of the predictable, dismal performances being dished out to us in the name of entertainment. Still, that's enough about my "Thomsons Gold" holiday in Fuerteventura, how have the lads been playing since I've been off.
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