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  1. Law Cup comes home

    Thanks Dave I'll keep checking the Hornet's site, just in case
  2. Law Cup comes home

    Hi Dave Is there any video footage of the game at all?
  3. Law cup week 😁

    Is there anywhere on Love Rugby League, or anywhere else for that matter, that gives a match report? Sounds like a good game!!
  4. Anyone heard anything more about this piece on the BBC website? Says that Rochdale are looking to reduce payments to staff, including players
  5. Law cup week 😁

    I'll struggle to make Wednesday but will try - really missing my Rugby :League fix!!
  6. Law cup week 😁

    No mention of date change on Roughyeds website yet
  7. Law cup week 😁

    Looking forward to seeing how our boys fair in this one and it will be interesting to see how the pack stands up against a Championship side. Love to get a win but think it is more important to see us play well and look organised, which I think our halfbacks will do. Bringing Crook in could well be the catalyst that brings out the best in "Chewy" and if that is the case then he could well be the one to watch this season. Can't wait for Sunday and I'm hoping the Grandsons will be there too
  8. Merry Christmas!

    A Mery Christmas and Happy New Year to all involved at Oldham RL and our "friends" in the family of Rugby League. Hope you all enjoy the festive season
  9. Law cup

    I expect Rochdale to win but it will be interesting to see how we go on against this Championship side. I hope we can give them a game and it will be good to see how the new boys play, as I think a lot of them will be out to prove something. As always, I'm sure it will be anything but a friendly!!
  10. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Another solid player. Things are taking shape
  11. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Another really good signing here as Liam is a real grafter and will only keep getting better. Should do well in C1 and good to hear Scott talking about strengthening the backs too.
  12. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Another player I would love to have stayed at the club for 2018. I wish him all the best.
  13. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Pleased for Liam but gutted for us as he was a real grafter, especially in defence. We will miss him but I wish him all the best and thanks him for his 5 years service. Good Luck Liam
  14. Sammy Gee

    What a pity but, to be fair, I'm sure Scott Naylor talked him out of retiring last season so this was probably inevitable. A big loss this, not only for how he played but also how he was always able to lift the team. Another of my Grandsons' favourites missing next season and one of the autographs they don't have. Good luck Sammy and thanks for the memories,
  15. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Matty Wilkinson - Another good re-signing who I think will shine in Champ 1 Makes me wonder now about Sammy Gee as didn't he say last season was going to be his last? Hope not as he is a very versatile player who can play back row, hooker and centre, and think he's even played Full Back too!!