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  1. Tony Mac

    Ben Davies ready to play

    Good to see him ready to go as he always gives us some real agression.
  2. Tony Mac

    Liam's liking for tackling

    He really does punch above his weight Liam.
  3. Tony Mac

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    Hope the surgery is successful and Chris makes a speedy recovery. Good Luck Chris
  4. Tony Mac

    Lewis Palfrey

    That looks nasty. Get better soon Pally
  5. Tony Mac

    The return of Kieran Gill

    Gill is good loan signing for us and hoping that they can make it a season long one again. Some pace in Hooley and Gill and Gill's defence is very good too. Big decision to be made at Fullback in particular on Sunday as well as the rest of the three quarter line. As Yed17 says, pressure is on now for places.
  6. Tony Mac

    Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    Finally got to watch this program and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure it was no coincidence that the BBC didn't show too much of the open running game but, still a good program. Thanks for telling us about it Clifford!!
  7. Tony Mac

    Sneaky tactics.....

    I was talking with a relative of mine whilst at the U12's Mayfield game on Sunday and he is a sport teacher at Audenshaw and trains the school RU team. He was telling me that the juniors play with 11 men, don't have contested scrume and don't have line-outs - I said, intruduce play the balls instead of rucks and it's RL!! Things like this make me wonder as I do believe that some coincidences are a long time in the planning.
  8. Tony Mac

    Sunday - Whitebank

    From the off the lads looked eager and impressive and, as far as I'm concerned, you can't ask for more than that. We looked a solid team, terrificly quick play the balls, and moved the ball around the line at every opportunity. Wilkinson and Chewy were top notch along with McCoomb, Nelmes and Joy but the whole team played really well. As Scott Naylor came off he was saying he was very happy with today. Me and the Grandchildren enjoyed it although we went in the club after hoping to see the MOM and Champagne Moment players and get their autographs but it didn't happen, does this happen in the "best room"? But, keeping with the positive, Well Done Lads!!
  9. Tony Mac

    Salford Dual Reg

    Ever the optimist, I would like to think that this may well work for us and, let's be fair, the Huddersfield pairing fell short after Paul Anderson left. We seem to have developed a good relationship with Salford over the last 3 or 4 years and I just see this as cementing the relationship. I don't think there will be many players coming our way unless Scott has targeted some of the younger promising players or we get an injury pile up. Think this will be more about having use of SL training and medical facilities close to home. And that works for me My view is let's wait and see how things pan out.
  10. Tony Mac

    Law Cup comes home

    Thanks Dave I'll keep checking the Hornet's site, just in case
  11. Tony Mac

    Law Cup comes home

    Hi Dave Is there any video footage of the game at all?
  12. Tony Mac

    Law cup week 😁

    Is there anywhere on Love Rugby League, or anywhere else for that matter, that gives a match report? Sounds like a good game!!
  13. Anyone heard anything more about this piece on the BBC website? Says that Rochdale are looking to reduce payments to staff, including players
  14. Tony Mac

    Law cup week 😁

    I'll struggle to make Wednesday but will try - really missing my Rugby :League fix!!
  15. Tony Mac

    Law cup week 😁

    No mention of date change on Roughyeds website yet