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  1. Who was MOM?
  2. In the first half we had some good possession but the Fax defence was terrific. In the second half we seemed to be a little more patient and that brought us back into it. Turning point was the dubious decision to disallow Leatherbarrow's try for a forward pass. That seemed to knock the stuffing out of us and lift Halifax and we were never the same after it.
  3. Really sorry that Spanner has left but, according to the Roughyeds website, he has thought long and hard about it. I wish him all the best for the future and hope things work out for him, whatever he decide's to do. Thanks for the time you spent at the club!!
  4. I know it's not a winning try or great game but, hopefully keeping to the spirit of the thread.....A match at Watersheddings when Buster the Bear rugby tackled a Warrington supporter who had got on to the pitch and knocked him clean off his feet. Still wonder how he explained his clothes covered in mud when he arrived home.
  5. Thanks Dave Don't think I'll ever tire of watching this and, every time I do, thinking that Gilly is going to get caught.
  6. When the players came down to the supporters at the end of the game my wife got Kieron Gill to sign the grandchildrens' shirts. As he started writing he said that he was struggling to sign because his hands were still shaking. He was so happy!! Thanks Kieron, the boys were so pleased you signed their shirts. And a big well done and thank you to all the players today, they never gave up.
  7. Cheers Dave
  8. Are the highlights available anywhere?
  9. Dave, you are a star. Taking the Roughyeds into the 21st Century and beyond!!!
  10. Suscribed yeaterday late on, although it took a while as I couldn't remember my Google password
  11. How is his name pronounced?
  12. I think this is perfect
  13. If If memory serves me well I think Bill Quinn bought the suit atfer it had been used by the GB RL team for the last time before it was broken down in to the four nations again. Following that, there was an invitation from the club to name the new mascot. Think that's what happened but I'm sure there will be someone on the site will correct me if that's wrong
  14. Hi Dave, I'm with you on this as I too believe that we have to try and attract new fans. The name had to have good marketing potential - just look at the Rhino for Leeds. My Grandchildren always enjoy Roary and this is the sort of thing that keeps the youngsters returning. Some of the names I've thought of that might fall into this category are things along the lines of The Oldham Raptors/Velocoraptors, the Oldham Orcas (Killer Whales to you) or, on the town heritage theme, The Oldham Owls. I also think that it is a great pity that we couldn't use The Oldham Bears again as I have very fond memories of Braddy playing the bear. One other name that came to mind when we were first reformed was the The Oldham Phoenix which could have depicted us rising from the ashes. There are others I'm sure but I think the main thing is having a name that is marketable. Really hope this comes off and please keep us all in the loop will you.