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  1. My heart says Sammy gee to score the winner in the last 10 minutes With the dummy of course
  2. First win since April or Bradford nil point party My heart says win my rugby brain says party for the bullocks
  3. His one on one defence needs work but his speed balance and power going forward makes up for it. When he gets the ball you expect something good to happen Sad to see him go
  4. The latter I 😱
  5. A bit of litigation is what makes Oldham tick
  6. I love little Hewitt when he's on form he cut a very sad figure at times last night and then he showed at times in the early part of the second half of why he is playing. I do not know for the life of me why leatherbarrow kicked right on the defensive line. Ultimately that won the game for dewsbury Would palfrey had done that would palfrey have missed the goals I doubt it
  7. Very strange tandle, we certainly missed his running last night. Its an experienced half back, not cheap but relegation will effectively kill the club Spend a bit gain everything
  8. Oh dear!!!!! Over and out. May comment on the game tomorrow, may not Feel for the fans the players the coaches but the squad was small to start with now do we have 17 fit and signed pro's, no.
  9. We need change and wins does that mean a new coach Hope not but it's chs call
  10. The lads bust a gut every time they play that cannot be faulted We need results ASAP because the games are running out
  11. Hopefully against Dewsbury
  12. Couldn't make it today I had a feeling we'd win....... Sadly wrong. Must win game against Dewsbury
  13. This Sunday, I urge all supporters of both teams to get to the fold £15 to stand is excellent value Your sprogs are £3 I think An excellent surface , pitch improvement work has been amazing Great fathers day present for old and young dads. Apart from the dads whose children who have birthdays on 18.06.17 Come on Oldham, we believe
  14. Chris Campbell the ref, didn't like us in the second half with the penalties and the 50/50 calls. I see he played one challenge cup game for us in 2006.....i wonder if his fleeting time at the club had an adverse effect on him.
  15. Josh Johnson Miles Greenwood Lewis Galbraith Danny Yates The other Bridge