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  1. Hi I'm looking for the 2015 programme from the Oldham challenge cup game played at Doncaster Can anyone assist please
  2. That's very sad
  3. The schools have to sign up to the scheme and so far hathershaw and crompton house have signed up to it, I don't know what primary schools are signed up to the scheme
  4. Or as my wife says it's being sad!
  5. I will pop out and get a copy, Dave do you want me to get you a copy
  6. Are the cards a temporary measure?
  7. Sums up the position perfectly we need to engage people with the excellent product that is Oldham
  8. Gutted deserved the 2points, excellent performance from the boys. More rugby folk need to get down to the fold
  9. Yes and Huddersfield were the barracudas
  10. As we are closing in on another game, how do you think we will go on. I think we will win by 6 and the attendance will be around 600 as I do not think the pie eaters game will have much of an effect What do you think
  11. Normally this fixture is played in the evening which of course is the most sensible thing, but we are talking the rfl.
  12. Didn't expect to read this, I see whitebank nearly every day, depending if I drive that way and the improvements made are unbelievable. Still don't think that it will be up to championship rugby standard by 2018 as I don't think that the football club need stands and infrastructure to play in the league they are in
  13. Yep that's why you go down the lines of community rugby stadium and then you have proper home for pro and amateur rugby
  14. I was thinking Annes would be idea as they have developed the back of the club house but I do not know whether you can build on that side of Oldham edge