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  1. If you listen to Mr Hamilton then the club has been around just over 20 years.
  2. In honesty the first goal is to fill whitebank week on week. As the business model is not sustainable on crowds of less than 500. That's not achieved most weeks. But the marketing company are doing their best at least the advert is out a couple of days before game day. That hasn't happened all the time this year
  3. The club hasn't a pot to p in. So I doubt that there will ever be any type of owned home ground. I think that having a competitive team playing week in week out is more of an achievement at the moment.
  4. Probably not, he has had recently a massive heart bypass. When he is away things improve and when he comes back the bridges go up
  5. We are certainly lacking an aggressive runner
  6. Bumped into Tyson at noel Gallagher's gig at heaton park tonight. Sometimes should tell the boss that he's back from oz.
  7. That was poor, even their players said it will be different next week will a full side out Very poor turn out
  8. Will people be complaining if we achieve promotion with a couple of Leigh players in the team? I doubt it. Hmmmm, if it's a case of we get the same lads week in week out then I would be OK as it's a bit like granddad and Wakefield. If it's like Gene Ormsby then no it's a waste of time
  9. Makes a mockery out of the league
  10. Sadly I wasn't at the game, I just see this as a distraction On to the league
  11. Has anyone got a spare challenge cup programme it was played at Doncaster
  12. I started to watch the Toronto v Swinton game but I turned off shortly before half time because of the most biased commentary I heard from a long time. Tony Rea was so biased it was painful to listen to. I assume that sky want Toronto in super league but let's not make it too obvious
  13. clifford

    2019 season

    Am I the only person/fan/player/coaches to think that this season has been a season of blown chances................ Again. ONE team has beaten us and that was a game that meant nothing. We should be top of the league with a healthy lead. All this frustration no one said it would be easy but for God only knows what will happen
  14. No I don't think we have a cat in hells chance.
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