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  1. New Book - Against all the odds

    Yes craig one bought on the Saturday morning after the dinner. Started to read but I have had some professional exams so I have not finished it.
  2. New Book - Against all the odds

    Amazon had hard copies a couple of weeks ago
  3. Anthony Crolla Event

    I was lucky enough to win a ticket but I was unable to make it so Dave passed it on
  4. Season tickets

    Now that would mean that the club are being proactive and we all know that doesn't happen
  5. Old shirts

    If anyone wants to contact me with any offers for either of the shirts pm me on here and I will stop the auction
  6. The Future of ORLFC

    Accounts were mentioned never produced
  7. The Future of ORLFC

    There's is nothing we can do about the position until Chris wants to sell end of
  8. Old shirts Here are the last 3
  9. Old shirts

    All shirts and hoodies sold, I may dig out a couple more shirts later
  10. Next seasons league place.

    Isn't the fixtures announced on 01.11 2030 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  11. Tom Ashton

    Very good centre, nice hands and quick off the mark. Excellent signing and a nice lad to boot
  12. Old shirts Here are the eBay links Cheers
  13. Old shirts

    There is a 2017 brand new shirt never worn still in the packet
  14. Old shirts

    I've listed the on eBay, in the sports memorabilia have a look
  15. It's in The Blood

    What time is it