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  1. I thought we'd lose today, gifting the opposition points in the first half was bad, and then getting into a winning position to throw it away is poor Game management was woeful and I thought we were like rabbits in the headlights too much. No stronger leader in the pack I see 2020 in the international league for us.
  2. Good Friday should be the largest crowd of the season so far, but I don't think it will be
  3. I've been watching the new marketing company on twitter over the last couple of weeks. Tomorrows fixture is the only home game in April and it's good Friday, and coupled with the fact Hunslet is a top side in the championship 1. All plus points but why or why was the advertising for the game released today. Poor quality of promotion IMHO
  4. In the same boat, but I do need to think about the wife and my children so attendance is by a thread
  5. I would like to publicly thank Michael Turner Mick Harrop Geoff Cooke Without your help I would be still miles away from completing the programmes that I need Thanks
  6. Xl = 46??? Can you try before you buy
  7. clifford

    Rl app

    Has anyone seen the pictures of our players on the rl app, Ben Davies looks like Kyle Amour to me
  8. clifford


    Gone, without his impact the forwards are extremely light
  9. Suppose both teams will be disadvantaged moving from plastic to grass, but may be widnes won't be use to running up the hill at STALYVAGAS
  10. Thanks for the post but they are a bit too early for me
  11. Widnes Vikings on mother's day Whitehaven on star wars day I think Financially we need to beat the vikings for my heart we need to get to the 1895 final just to see Oldham Rugby league at Wembley then the ghosts of my great uncle, grandad, uncle, mum and dad will be able to rest COME ON OLDHAM!!!!!!!! We may be few but together we are many
  12. The 1895 thing is it straight knock out comp or is there a league
  13. The junior supporters club has been a long time coming, it was suggested at the meeting in 2015 and then in Dec. I remember playing sevens at sheddings for Oldham rlfc junior team, against local terms every Saturday morning. It was run and organised by Joe Collins, I think, I don't like the idea I love it
  14. Well I'm for one am glad that's out of the way. I just don't like playing amateur sides as you can't win, if you lose your pans and if you win you haven't scored enough. Then you can injuries and suspensions from the opposition
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