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  1. clifford

    Keighley Away

    Me I'd start cunningham, and start Crook on the bench and thus putting Mr Owen in the halfs
  2. clifford

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    I'm not saying that it hasn't been improved. My point is that Leigh have Slater and Gordon Solicitors as their main sponsor. The ground can cater for the lawyers and clients in a business like facility. Oldham have Porto cabins....... No large sponsor no large cash injection. Think small remain small. To get people you need to have that something extra Why no minis playing pre game and a half time Engagement is required. Spread the word over a large area yes you won't get everyone but you might great 10 and that goes to 20 etc
  3. clifford

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    The club is run by 80% volunteers, in this day and aged, if you want blue chip companies or professional organisations as backers or sponsors you need a commercial manager who is respected and is able to bring a following CH will not or is no able to pay for the said person and there lies the problem We seem to be run on a very short sighted business plan and as such you get people who become disengaged and walk
  4. clifford

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    Re-engage with the people of Oldham, it sounds simple, it's not. Years of Prejudice needs to be knocked down An open meeting is a start, let people see what the club means to people. Get players into schools the town centre and this will be difficult because of work commitments The first step is the hardest. Some of the preconceptions of whitebank needs to be dispelled
  5. clifford


    Two many issues for clubs to merge and fans would prefer them to fold before joining the pest or the cats
  6. clifford

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    I think without massive investment in my club, your club OUR CLUB will die At the moment we have been given a warning with the poor attendances we need action and desire
  7. clifford

    West Wales

    If memory serves the "old" club record score was against Liverpool Stanley/city For was about 66 against was 6
  8. clifford

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    Wow that was extremely poor, I sold part of my record collection to go. My collection was nearly as important to me as my kids. I'm skint and I'm going the extra mile. Missed an excellent match for young cunningham Use it or lose it.
  9. clifford

    West Wales

    3 games(homes) in July, still no cash = no Clifford at the game😥 Good luck boys....... Dave multi tasking on twitter????
  10. As Sunday is approaching just for fun, I reckon that the attendance will be 345
  11. clifford

    Workington Town

    🎣 🎣
  12. clifford

    Workington Town

    For me moimoi lifted worky, he's been there and done it and played the ref. Need to build scoreboard pressure and we dont
  13. clifford

    Workington Town

    Not taking the kick at goal for the penalty in the first half came back to bite us The unit that is moimoi should have gone, leading with the elbows is a sending off in my book
  14. clifford

    Workington Town

    Hmm pitty wheelbarrow didn't play for Workington then we would have won. Joking apart why wasn't grandad kershaw not playing today
  15. clifford

    A long shot...

    His season wage is more than the budget of our club and then some l know he has a young family and he's more likely to play in NZ for his dad's team