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  1. Watersheddings

    The far left, you have the greyhound track in the foreground, old training ground to the right and sheddings at the back
  2. Watersheddings

    I think that the man who did them sadly died, I read it somewhere, I might be wrong
  3. Watersheddings

    Also you can she how big the greyhound track was. I'm sure Oldham cricket club played there for a while, my dad mentioned it, I am assuming it's true
  4. Watersheddings

    I've been looking for an aerial photo of the ground and I've found this, I think that it being black and white adds to it. I've had a bit of time on my hands this week so I've watched the Australian game st Helens game from 87 and Wigan 89 in the snow, where Trevor Croston use Shaun Edwards as a sledge and made him score at the cop end
  5. Hull KR

    the above two topics shows how the quality of recordings have improved in the thirty years between the two
  6. Hull KR

    Sadly I missed the game yesterday not because I felt we would lose but I had a medical emergency which has knocked for 6. In 1982, we were in the second division and we got to the semi final of the John player we played Hull at headingley. My dad got tickets for the game. I didn't make it because my mum stopped me, because I had a cold and it was on the bbc. My dad took a friend. Finally I heard about Roy Haggarty dieing yesterday. I will always remember the second round challenge cup against saints at sheddings. 1987 I think and Roy took out our stand off Bridge, an aussie, we lost the match. I spoke to Murphy, Alex, the saints coach and I said to him what a dirty sod Haggarty was. He said that he carried out the instruction and that they won. Wish Oldham had him though
  7. Hull KR

    Has anyone got a spare programme from today that I can have
  8. Challenge Cup Final Tickets

    It is a fantastic opportunity for the club and fans, sadly not for me, I ve been to Wembley in,85 and I vowed never to go back unless it was either as player never got passed the second round. That's when all pro clubs came into the cup at round one or as a fan Oldham. The player bit gone so as I approached the second half of life I hope and pray we get there
  9. In 2015

    Great story, brings the players and fans together I love things like this
  10. In 2015

    Here's a picture not many of us saw at sheddings Bruce Clark sprinting
  11. Arthur Rowe /Jack Dearden

    Well the said Mrs T spoke to my granddad, who already knew what was going on, and he explained to Mr T not to get friendly with the land lady. Mrs T told him that she was going to divorce Mr T if he carried on playing away and at Oldham, I believe a fully paid for house was offered but Mr T left along with a couple of others to Wakefield and Wigan.
  12. In 2015

    Cheers Howard. John Cogger's photo and autograph has been made up now along with Chris Morley
  13. Keighley Cougar's

    The attendance was 530 and it was still higher than the hornets 🤣😃🤣😃🤣🤣😃🤣😃🤣😃😃😂😂😂😂
  14. In 2015

  15. In 2015

    Here are some pages