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  1. Thank god, that Duffy has left Swinton they now are in a bigger mess than us. I think it's a toss of a coin between Rochdale us and Swinton
  2. Could there not be a manned gate were smokers can go therefore the confrontation would be avoided.. As a non smoker I couldn't give a fig. But it could help I went to see a band at an outdoor venue in Manchester and smoking was banned but people smoked all sorts of rubbish and its annoying but smoking areas could be the way forward. The security just turned a blind eye
  3. If that's the case with the stewards then it was bang out of order I believe that you can smoke in the ground when the footy play and even cigs are not banned
  4. They were more police there today to assist the removal of an angry fan, or was it a steward getting abuse I do hope it was resolved peacefully and the fan or fans made it home without the assistance of the Queens taxi
  5. I'm glad that the evidence was there and the rfl proved their case pitty Galbraith just didn't say yes I did do it, bad advice, who knows Pitty the beard got a game but let's out it to bed and focus on sending the them down to the lower league
  6. Just a couple of games they have been off the pace, on others I haven't a clue what went wrong, summer bash and Swinton away spring to mind Have an idea why but need to use the victory as a springboard just like dewsbury have
  7. Fantastic result well proud of the lads and the fans I know why we won, cos I couldn't make it.....
  8. Unfortunately last night saw me, unable to attend today's game Will return next week
  9. Great to see the club allowing the under 16 in for free Fantastic move
  10. The evidence should speak for itself Don't think it is the rfl think it is the board who do the process
  11. Indeed I just think the rfl judiciary has the lesser burden of proof. Me thinks that the rfl would have some excellent evidence to bring this matter to this point, The Carney case, he bit the bullet and accepted the case against him, I would hope that the player will have been briefed what to say, bearing in mind that he will have seen the case against If it's a strong case look for mitigation if not fight it. But if he is found to be at fault, the book should be thrown at him because it needs stamping out, no place in any forms of rugby There was a case in RU that an England international playing for England called a Welsh player something nasty about his family heritage. Book thrown at him
  12. Like I said no winners in this case,
  13. Whether he did or didn't it sad that there is a possibility that their is a case, knowing from my employment position is that you only run cases that you can prove and from the position it occurred, there would have been at least the referees mic which would have recorded the audio from all players. Remember the burden of proof is not guilty or innocent but beyond reasonable doubt So as long as the rfl prove their case he will be given a ban or on the flip side if the rfl fails to their case it will be thrown out. After which the losing party can appeal So it may not be finished tonight
  14. Very sad that he had to stoop so low, disgraceful As long as justice is served that is all we can ask for No winners in this case
  15. Been charged with abusing a player by way of colour religion or sexual preference Be interesting to see the outcome