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  1. Here is the list of programmes I need for my collection: 2006 Friendly Leeds Cup Halifax Cup Keighley League Hull KR League Doncaster League Whitehaven 2007 League Gateshead League Swinton – Away League Celtic League London League Keighley – Away 2009 NRC Rochdale NRC Sheffield CC Sharleston League Blackpool League Workington League Rochdale – Away League Dewsbury League Swinton League Hunslet League Keighley League Rochdale League London 2011 League Swinton – Away League Rochdale 2013 League Oxford 2015 League Cup Coventry League Coventry Challenge Cup Sheffield - Away League London Skolars League North Wales League Rochdale League Keighley League Barrow League Swinton Final Keighley
  2. The days of 5 to 8000 people turning up to watch pro rugby have gone. In 1997 we played Bradford at boundary park and over 11000 turned up. We play Bradford again shortly I wonder how many will be at the fold, 10% if we are lucky
  3. Anyone can help with locating a copy of the match programme
  4. Chappell isn't injured see other thread
  5. Plus it was streamed and the weather was awful So the floating supporter would stay at home
  6. It's a difficult one, I would imagine that monkey lover would have to provide the stock and not knowing the demand for the clothing he would not alot of items left. That said orders could be taken
  7. Sadly not, I know Swinton did and at thatto heath
  8. I'm getting closer but you have to be in it to win it
  9. When I warm up I'll watch it, enjoyable day. Well done Haydock and your fans were spot on
  10. Oh ######
  11. Any ideas of draw
  12. Looks like the groundsman will earn his money next week
  13. Dave when will there be a pitch inspection
  14. It's also lashing down in Failsworth, hopefully we won't have to cancel the fixture as it won't be a good advertisement for the club
  15. Oh no, not again.