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  1. It did seem at times yesterday it was 5 drives and a kick, need to vary the play but there are things that need work, some of the posters have hit the nail on the head Onwards and upwards
  2. Thought wardy was strong going forward, the ref gave Swinton a lot of penalties and Swinton seemed to get away with a lot
  3. Very poor performance, looked extremely rusty, Swinton looked like they wanted it, entertaining afternoon
  4. Excellent news Geoff will definitely be proud as punch
  5. I feel for the staff of the bulls, I feel for their fans who have paid for their season tickets and there is no onus on the new club to honour them The super league clubs say that they have Bradford interests at heart but if they did why not pay a transfer fee so the people that are owed money get something But the self interest will fair outweigh what is right
  6. I've sent you a message and thank you for getting in touch
  7. It is disappointing to see that the bulls start off at the same level as the old club
  8. Pity the rfl didn't have enough balls like Scottish fa did when they cast out gers
  9. I'm trying to get Oldham programme from 2007 2009 and, 2015 is there any chance someone can help
  10. Has anyone got a full set of programmes from 2015 for sale
  11. I am looking for St Anne's programmes from 96 97 2000 & 2001 together with Saddleworth from 98 can anyone help at all. If anyone has Blackpool gladiators from 94 I would be very grateful as I am trying to get games when I played
  12. Just think law cup every boxing day
  13. But you do get strikes against the head and its contest,
  14. There's no loyalty anymore but I don't blame them at all
  15. Happy Christmas to all of you, will see you soon on the terraces again,