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  1. clifford

    Law Cup

    @david naylor, why didn't we have a special program yesterday. The crowd was larger than some of the upcoming fixtures ie wesy Wales. Think that the club missed out there
  2. clifford

    Today's game

    Don't forget Leigh, Chorley, Blackpool and Hurst Cross roughyeds, but my heart is red white and blue
  3. clifford

    Law Cup

    The baron mk11, as a former A teamer of hornets I was extremely disappointed with hornets in the lack of ambition, I thought Scott Moore would have offered more, I was impressed with the attitude of your left wing, the young lad with the scrum cap, he never gave up, I think that a few of the senior players need to look at him for motivation. I still think that you learn more about the team from a defeat and on that performance its going to long season but Carl Foster can turn it around
  4. clifford

    Selling the club

    Traditional media outlets such as the Oldham Times are not interested in Oldham Rugby League as they see us as a minority team 450 - 500 diehard supporters will not increase the sales of the paper With the chronicle the club had close links with Roger and when Roger retired they got Matt Chambers for a couple of years and he was moved to latics when the crowds dropped. The kids look at twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube not printed media. Whether a leaflet drop will work I don't know, IMHO we need to target, the kids who play rugby and get them on board
  5. clifford

    Law Cup Competition

    Yes Darren's son plays for hornets. He's a scrum half
  6. clifford

    Today's game

    A positive from the hornets side, was the scramble defence which was excellent in the first half, I think that you learn more in defeat as you see which players you can rely on. Finally good luck with your 2019 season
  7. clifford

    Law Cup Competition

    I thought that our halves ran the show, that coupled with Hawkyard and the various hookers looks like we have a very decent spine. With Grimshaw and Davies to play into play
  8. clifford

    Stuart Raper

    The old boys network dave is still alive and well, especially in the industry I work in
  9. clifford

    Law Cup Competition

    Well it wasn't me
  10. clifford

    Law Cup

    Hmmmmmm weather in Oldham in January in an open ground, fine for penguins me thinks
  11. clifford

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Oldham Rugby league have finally released details of the 2019 kit Gets the thumbs-up
  12. clifford

    2019 Replica Kits Now on Sale

    The hoops hatchback to the second division winning team from 81/82 season. Bob mordell Adrian Alexander Ray Ashton Mick Worrall Andy goodway Terry Flanagan paddy kirwan Geoff Munroe Mick Parrish and the rest
  13. clifford

    Law Cup

    True, in a week when I bought a season ticket it was a shock to the system
  14. clifford

    Law Cup

    I still think in the price could be lower to get fans back
  15. clifford

    Law Cup

    Just seen the tweets regarding Sunday, one thought it's a bloody friendly.... All pay £14.00 🤔thought it would be a tenner