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  1. Hoping Manchester Rangers get a spot because they have a wonderful setup and a board wanting to get a rugby league team in Manchester
  2. The knee problems may well have been a white elephant due to the off field problems
  3. I normally don't pick a side, just wanted to play about a little, Think that this is the biggest game of the season and I'll take last weeks lost for the points I m trying to get there on Sunday as well
  4. On top of that he'll have to prove his fitness and I do not think he is training with the team
  5. For me this is a "four '' pointer, I see that from Tandle's post its highly unlikely that we will be able to call upon Huddersfield on DR As such I think we will play the game in the same way we approached the game at fax with some changes to the personnel I would like to see Grimmer at 6, Scott Turner in the centre. My 13 is Lippy Clay Gill Turner Chisholm Grimmer Hewitt Neal Gee Burke Langers Spencer Leatherbarrow Subs Wardy Hughes Davies Egobo
  6. He can only play once he has finished the unpaid work. I would guess at August at the very earliest
  7. I've put the feelers out, see if I get a response
  8. Has anyone asked him when he's available, maybe he won't say but it is worth a punt
  9. Tandle, our pack isn't big enough to deal with some of the opposition packs, especially when the pitches firm up. For me we need to play up the middle stuff just short of the half way and then let the backs express themselves. Just as Howard said the second half at fax was a joy to watch. Whether it means moving grimmer to stand off and leatherbarrow to scrum half I don't know but something needs to change as the games are running out
  10. The style of play we have is proven to be close to the ruck, we, I think, have scored the least amount of tries in the league. As a result I think that most teams will know that in the balance we will not throw the ball about. To vary from the game plan will produce dividends in my opinion Whether this comes from the halves Scott Turner grimmer or Lippy I'm not bothered but it needs exploring
  11. Thanks for that I will keep an eye out
  12. Tonight is Lippy's hearing and after last week's farce with Houston, I fully expect for him to be left off with a talking too, but then again he's a part time player and in the championship and doesn't play for a super league club
  13. That's what it said it was, the other was BQ had cashed it in for scrap because he had the contract for the demolition, all speculation
  14. He said they were in storage but wouldn't confirm where, then a few months later there was a fire at whitebank behind the stand and the chron said it was the Salford stands The plot thickens