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  1. Next season squad.

    All contracts may well be terminated on relegation if this is the case we will get ###### all. If this is not the case I doubt that the money would be reinvested by our leader
  2. Statement from the Chairman....

    The pies were great when I played their, friendly committee, albeit Mr fisher ran it, God rest his soul
  3. Statement from the Chairman....

    Very true Bedford, I am very critical of the chairman, I feel that he says what people want to hear as opposed to the truth However I am sitting on the fence at the moment and I am hoping for positives over the next few weeks Here's hoping
  4. Statement from the Chairman....

    I do feel for ch because he's dammed if does and dammed if he doesn't. He needs the formula to be confirmed to release season tickets prices and gate prices he needs to know approximately the total number of games to negotiate contracts If any other line of business, a plan for the next 12 months is in place months in advance but not in rugby league
  5. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    To effect changes both sides fans and club need to meet As my mum always said you can lead a horse to water but you can get it to drink
  6. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Oldham rugby league is a part of my life, I fell out of with the club due to things which were outlined above but I missed it. Yes we moved mountains but it is for RO to move now they have the fans trust tied up I will consider whether I will attend games when the league structure is announced and the price of the entrance fee and where the team plays
  7. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    I believe that ship has gone, Spud thought you had enough, what do I know 😂
  8. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    When we tried we managed to get rugby Oldham and ch round the table talking, then ch pulled out leaving the gang of 4 as spud dropped out due to work commitments, and rugby Oldham baffled, the club got promoted, and the talks never returned We wanted a members club, owned by the supporters with a board with elected members. We had the belief that we would succeed the books were offered but they never appeared but we managed to get things moving I was asked to help with the club this year but I offered my service for free spoke to potential sponsors and then I got nothing from the club I wanted to help out, but I now help by paying my £15 and get a programme I tried I failed just like many before me
  9. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    I have broad shoulders and I know that the guy in question was hurting but there was no need. Cheers hottb I do miss our chats
  10. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    I got berated by a fellow fan yesterday, because I can't travel to all away matches and my fan credentials were called into question. Yes I didn't watch that many games in the nineties but I did in the eighties and noughties I had 95% of last season off but I am a fan my family were fans my children have no intention of watching rugby if dads not playing I can't play anymore. A member of my family has done something which is in the minority which is being a winning player who won the challenge Cup playing for Oldham I tried to get ch to change his stance on the club I failed but I still go I feel sad today but when you reach the bottom there's only one way you can go and that's up We need some good news, get some players signed up get a decent dr club and get a winning side on the pitch
  11. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    The banter was excellent yesterday, between us and Dews. Understand why some fans didn't attend but it was an entertaining game and apart from the result I had an enjoyable afternoon I do think that there will be a side next year and even though I won't go to south wales Bristol etc I will go to 95% of home games and some away games I will be here Never a dull moment supporting Oldham
  12. Bucket collection

    I know I arrived shortly before the game but where was the buckets
  13. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Yes Grimmer would have been my stand off a long time before he was given the nod
  14. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    A season of missed chances, and a poor game plan, together with a terrible 6
  15. Bucket collection

    Very true, there is normally 21 day period but once you qualify the claim is paid from the date of claim