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  1. Dual reg

    It said he was a dual registered player, and that was correct. “It reinforced our belief we’ve got a real quality player on our hands."
  2. Dual reg

    Strictly speaking the journalism was actually correct. JBF was dual-registered on Sunday, as our player.
  3. Dual reg

    I've read it all Deano. If you're still not convinced that Fordy picks his own team then there's nothing anyone can do for you. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my rugby and support whichever 17 lads that pull the Knights shirt on each Sunday.
  4. Dual reg

    “We will be working around what James wants. Hopefully it work out as a good partnership. “We’re not taking away any of their autonomy."
  5. Dual reg

    Fordy always has the final say on who plays in his team mate, its as simple as that. Tim Sheens is used to this kind of system having used it in Australia for years, he knows the score. Graeme Horne played for us last season and was brilliant against Workington. Without that, I doubt very much he would be a permanent York player now. Same goes for Jake Butler Fleming, who had Super League and Championship interest. It works both ways...
  6. Dual reg

    Fordy will pick the best 17 available to him on any given weekend, just like last year. He has set high standards at the club and everyone knows that.
  7. Dual reg

    I can assure you that isn't the case. You saw how well it worked last year. Its going to be exactly the same as that.
  8. Pre season matches

    Its on my list of jobs mate. Currently battling a severe case of man flu. Its touch and go...
  9. I couldn't care less what you think of the value of my contributions. Kingstone Press are no longer the title sponsor of the Championship and League 1. That is a fact. That is literally the only point I'm making here.
  10. Well, who knew that 'a - r - s - e' was a really bad swear?
  11. Knowing you vote Tory is enough for me to know, you condescending ######. Kingstone Press are no longer the title sponsor of the Championship and League 1. These are facts.
  12. Dress it up however you like mate. Fact is Championship and League 1 are without a sponsor next year.
  13. Gav Wilson

    Just got it mate cheers!
  14. Up for grab's

    Check yo DM's
  15. The OP was correct. As it stands, Championship and League 1 don't have a title sponsor in 2018.