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  1. Blimey, a League 1 game with its own thread? Scenes! I'm absolutely buzzing for Sunday by the way...
  2. Gav Wilson

    New signings

    The try JJR scored against us at Hunslet earlier this year was ace. He hit that line like a runaway train and trampled all over Will Dagger. He's only 19 too. More of that and I'll be happy!
  3. Gav Wilson


    I picked a good time to go to Budapest for 3 nights eh...
  4. Gav Wilson

    Sean McVean

    Another one in his mould would be good...
  5. Gav Wilson

    league one

    Any club can only name upto 5 players in any match day squad. Your point kinda still stands though. [EDIT] - Should have read the rest of the thread!
  6. Gav Wilson

    league one

    Watford got to the Premier League by doing exactly that with 9 players Serie A club in Italy.
  7. Gav Wilson

    New online England store

    Got my dispatch email at 4pm yesterday, so I'm looking forward to getting some new stash!
  8. Gav Wilson

    Bulls Thunder

    That sounds almost exactly like our game last week!
  9. Lewis Young is a hell of a talent. He was ace last Sunday!
  10. Gav Wilson

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    Aye I know what you mean. He was on a genuine season long loan (played in the Challenge Cup and everything) until KR hit injury trouble. By the time that abated, Halifax were desperate for a 1 after QLT went to Cas. Just a series of unfortunate events that one.
  11. Gav Wilson

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    Kieren Moss was on a season long loan. And he only scored 8 tries... I take your point though - but while the rules allow it, we can't not take advantage where possible. We have to keep up with Bradford.
  12. Its #RetroRound at Bootham Crescent this Sunday!
  13. So excited for Sunday, free entry for all former players of both clubs so I hope to see lots of old faces and shirts in the crowd. Prizes for the best one from both teams!
  14. Gav Wilson

    R15 Toon on Tour

    Someone's touchy.
  15. Gav Wilson

    Knights odds slashed

    The loan deadline day is approaching soon, as is the DR deadline on 15th July. So far only Will Oakes qualifies. Matty Marsh may qualify before that deadline too. We beat Championship Swinton comfortably and pushed Super League Catalans Dragons close without any DR players. If we get promoted we will do it playing to the same rules as everyone else. Sorry that doesn't fit your narrative.