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  1. Squadbuilder help Knights get Horne-y!

    He's only 32!
  2. York City Knights have made another notable addition to their 2018 squad with the signing of hugely experienced Graeme Horne from Hull KR.
  3. League 1 2018

    Everyone is getting more games. Last season League 1 played 16 'regular' rounds and 7 'Super 8s' rounds - 23 games, 11 or 12 at home. This season everyone gets 13 home games in a 26 game season. There's really nothing fishy at all.
  4. League 1 2018

    Straight home and away mate. 14 teams, 26 rounds. Champions go up, then 2nd v 5th and 3rd v 4th play off. Thats it!
  5. Supply and demand. If we ever reach Super League there will be more buses put on. You'll still be there in 15 minutes on the park & ride. Brand new stadiums don't get built in city centres anymore. Its not practical.
  6. New Signing.

    Sunday at 9pm
  7. They do haha. They're just setting up the site initially as far as I'm aware. Site offices, security, logistics, final ground clearances ect.
  8. Mate, the park & ride literally goes from York station to the stadium site. It takes 15 minutes.
  9. Its really going to blow your mind when you find out about buses also counting as public transport.
  10. New Signing.

    For now, yes...
  11. 8,000 all seater initially, with scope to expand quite easily down the line if needed. (Plus no doubt safe standing in the not too distant future)
  12. Lack of train access? In York? Is this a wind up?
  13. New Signing.

    The ink is drying on another new contract...
  14. All contracts relating to the build and operation of the new Community Stadium and leisure complex have now been signed. This news marks a major milestone in the Community Stadium project and means that Greenwich Leisure Ltd will now formally take possession of the Monks Cross site and diggers will be on site before Christmas. In preparation for full construction works, site security and compounds will arrive on site within the next few weeks.
  15. All contracts relating to the build and operation of the new Community Stadium and leisure complex have now been signed...