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  1. Looks like its all systems go for the new community stadium!
  2. Harsh headline that from the OP.
  3. Lets just enjoy this season first eh?
  4. Firstly, welcome back! Officially, we have the Knights Facebook and Twitter accounts, then there is KISS - the Knights Independent Supporters Society. Hope this helps and hopefully we'll see you at Bootham Crescent soon!
  5. Well, what a difference a few weeks makes!! York held a packed fans forum at Huntington Sports club last night... and it was awesome to feel the positivity in the room! Main points were: The Knights will play at Bootham Crescent for at least the next 2 seasons. Pre-season games at Bootham Crescent against London Broncos on 29th Jan, and Hull FC on 13th Feb. The Knights are working with the football club on various potential joint community ventures, ticket deals, club shop and possible office space at the ground. Season tickets are £140 adults, £125 concessions and FREE for under 16s. Match day prices are £15 adults, £10 concessions and FREE for under 16s. Dual reg partners with Featherstone. Ash Robson signed from Cas. York born lad with great potential. The Knights paid an undisclosed fee to secure his release, funded by Squad builder.
  6. A small write up on Love Rugby League about the evening... It was awesome to feel so much positivity in the room!
  7. Really looking forward to this tonight!
  8. Lovely stuff is that!
  9. Leigh v Toronto Challenge Cup Final...
  10. Well then fair play to them!
  11. The owner of the Woplfpack is in the top 100 richest men in the world, so I imagine its one of his companies. I'm pretty happy to let them sort their own priorities out here...
  12. Seconded... Hope you all have a bloody lovely day tomorrow, and lets have some fun in 2017!
  13. Scarborough FC, a new 2,000 capacity community stadium open next Summer.
  14. There will be in a few months mate.
  15. I am almost certain that City have nothing to do with Manchester Rangers, bar possibly a modest professional relationship. Something more significant might develop down the line, but for now I just hope that Manchester can develop into a strong League 1 club. They have my support!