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  1. Gav Wilson

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I'm just quoting this so you get a notification to make you open the thread again.
  2. Gav Wilson

    England v France @ BC

    I believe this game was cancelled guys. I'm not sure why though!
  3. Gav Wilson

    Question for the club & Gav

    A) We don't know an exact date yet, but the build is on schedule. 2) All clubs can make fixture requests yeah, although thats usually more for things like shared stadium availability. Hopefully the fixture computer will be kind to us!
  4. Gav Wilson

    Josh Drinkwater

    Lot of water under the bridge there mate - completely different team and completely different player now, both for the better!
  5. If you're aiming straight back for the Championship, yeah. Blokes a thug.
  6. Gav Wilson


    Duly noted!
  7. Tease no more! Betfred to live stream the League 1 title Decider!
  8. Just keep your iPad handy...
  9. There may be a secret option number 3...
  10. Gav Wilson

    New Grounds.

    I believe York's stadium being 'future proofed' for the possibility of rail seating/safe standing in years to come though.
  11. Gav Wilson

    Grand Final band

    That was ace too. Funk & Northern Soul classics Remember when DJ Spoony was booked and he played 'You'll Never Walk Alone' at a packed Old Trafford? He wasn't invited back...
  12. Gav Wilson

    Grand Final band

    They sold out an arena tour in 2 minutes flat last Friday morning. We might have to wait a few years for those lads. Shed Seven and Noel's High Flying Birds would be great options too
  13. Gav Wilson

    Grand Final band

    Ha! Promise I'm only 31 guv. I did have an exceptionally tough paper round though...
  14. Gav Wilson

    Grand Final band

    Blossoms are a great booking. I saw them support Courteeners at a sold out Old Trafford cricket ground last summer and they we're ace!