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  1. Man City's Academy Stadium has it too!
  2. Right ok, so what exactly is the problem with that? If the league was so easy to predict we'd all be millionaires and the Bookies would be skint. York winning yesterday wasn't beyond the realms of possibility. They're still above Featherstone in the league.
  3. Big lads Jack Ormondroyd and Colton Roche both had good games yesterday... sadly we were outbid for both! Such is life
  4. Maybe he was expecting a closer game because York are third in the league and Fev were sixth? Seriously, this is really weird that Fev fans have taken Wellsy's throwaway comment so personally.
  5. Should also add, Fev are a very good team now they're firing on all cylinders. Chisholm and Holmes make a formidable pair!
  6. For the first 36 minutes and last 10 minutes York competed really well. The two tries just before HT were a sucker punch. Three lads on dayboo after we were down to 16 fit players on Wednesday meant it was always going to be tough. We are missing Ben Cockayne's leadership around the park and aggression in attack - we've had 4 different half combos in the last month, hopefully Connor Robinson and Liam Harris can build a rapport now, with Matty Marsh going back to full back. Sam Scott, Kriss Brining & Graeme Horne to come back soon too. Still, we're in the play-off places after Bash weekend. I'd have taken that at the start of the year!
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