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  1. RPH

    Latest Score

    44-16 all over..... we had them worried at 0-10
  2. RPH

    Latest Score

    Batley or Sheffield?
  3. RPH

    Latest Score

    yes 24-10 our friend Mr Farrell
  4. RPH

    Eagles away fri night

    Dewsbury folk always one step ahead....
  5. RPH

    Eagles away fri night

    well maybe cos he's asking KTF......I make it 5.....
  6. RPH

    Championship 2019

    its not new...I had all this at infant school...
  7. RPH

    South Stand closing for Toronto Game

    20 Canadian Players ?...…..
  8. RPH

    Championship 2019

    its like Walt Disney on here.....Little Red Riding Hood is alive and kicking.....
  9. RPH

    Eagles away fri night

    yikes.....an Eagles Fan.....
  10. feeding and supporting terrorists and known murderers. alos breeding with Terrorists, her child will grow up to be a IS Terrorist.
  11. RPH

    BISSA needs YOU !

    it must have been small.....as the total went backwards.....
  12. where has she kept her passport for the last 4 years?....if she gave up on Britain and joined the IS state then why didn't she destroy her passport as soon as she arrived in IS territory.... she should be trying to find the Dutch Father of her baby...and the baby is half Dutch....
  13. RPH

    Bradford Sunday

    Batley is closer and you get to keep your wheels...
  14. RPH

    Batley v Rochdale 24:2:.2019

    looks like they were up to no good again despite losing 56-0..... a quote from York " Wasn't impressed with Barrow in the last quarter when the game was up, some of the League 1 sides we tonked last season showed more pride and class than that "