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  1. RPH

    Widnes Game

    £500.000 for relegation should help.....
  2. RPH

    Shirt Sponsorship

    which James Harrison shirt are we sponsoring?.....his new blue and white one ? .....he could have waited a couple of weeks IMO....
  3. Hopefully when you both get into Super League...neither of you will "get away" with it...
  4. just seen the replay on the Super League Show he dropped the ball before grounding.... so any further touch is therefore a knock on.... the panel agreed it should not have been allowed...and that you'll need a video ref for super league... they also said Bussey should have walked....leaving you with 12 men....
  5. RPH

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    ??? Current ??? maybe it should be Randee old Ram
  6. yum yum....you sneaked that one...… I really really hope your get promotion though....
  7. RPH

    New Structure

    his Solution....an early night....zzz
  8. RPH

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    how much is San Miguel GOR?....do you have 1, 2 or 3 ?....
  9. RPH

    Alex Rowe leaving

    a New Challenge ?....more Brass ?....or he does not drink at Priestley's?..
  10. RPH

    Club statement

    B L A C K M A I L ?
  11. RPH

    Batley v Rochdale

    Sheffield Eagles attract new players.....and they don't get crowds.... your preaching to the converted on the forum..... only a couple of hundred will read your plea....
  12. RPH

    Barrow V Bulldogs MOM thread shield

    I would not attempt to vote when I've been sat in a pub...and getting feed from the net or phone..
  13. RPH


    Bird Spotting in Spain ?.....Bustards and T its?...