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  1. I always walk it from Batley town centre...up to the mount... but https://bustimes.org/services/281-birstall-retail-park-dewsbury https://bustimes.org/services/283-bradford-dewsbury
  2. RPH

    Swinton away

    you've got 2 Swinton matches....league and 1895 cup...
  3. Blackpool again...but can we have our Bank holiday weekend back please.....
  4. the report was in the press....26-10
  5. me too.....the wife could not get the Monday off.... The RFL originally wanted the first weekend in June for the Magic Weekend , but moved it due to a concert at Anfield around the same time. I hope next year they leave the bank holiday weekend to us. Blackpool needs a long weekend,
  6. I don't think you can pay on the gate, you pay and pre order your tickets..paying £2 each booking fee and pick them up on the day from Blackpool's booking office... if we pay and collect from the Bullodogs, when can we pick the tickets up?...when is the club open up to Sunday matchday..?
  7. Roger …..just delete your last two posts.....ie the two above.......don't leave the error on.....ok
  8. RPH

    Widnes Game

    that 24-25 score line brings back memories...…..well done the Rams......
  9. maybe a straight swap.?
  10. he's from Leigh…. ( i.e. Batley win by 10 )
  11. if anyone is interested...as I know we get a few Ram converts on our forum.....highlights of the Rams at Leigh
  12. Highlights Leigh V Dewsbury
  13. highlights Bulldogs v Swinton
  14. you sure know how to peee people off over in the sticks.....I bet you speak French too...
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