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  1. RPH

    Semi v York

    we have got a similar tower...in downtown Emley
  2. RPH

    new signing

  3. RPH

    Well done Rams

    its alright you watching Batley training...but did you see Hunslet training also ?...….
  4. RPH

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    yes ...we once walked back from the tiprat…( not counting a stop off at the union rooms ). the walk alone took us about 1 hour 10 mins....
  5. RPH

    Saturdays team don't know what ours is yet

    their excuse is... if they don't duel Reg with the Rhinos then somebody else will....
  6. RPH

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    do they have buses from Batley to the Tiprat?.....i.e...is there a bus from Batley to Ossett?.....once upon a time you could get the train to Ossett on the Batley, Dewsbury, Ossett loop..... Ossett is apparently the biggest town in England without a railway station....thanks to Mr Beeching….. ( Beeching was recruited by the government from a very successful business career at ICI, to make the railways profitable again. ... The Beeching report recommended taking an axe to about a third of the network - 5,000 miles of track, including hundreds of branch lines, 2,363 stations and tens of thousands of jobs.)
  7. RPH

    Today's game........... Observations

    why?.....you'd have missed the kick.....16-14.....
  8. RPH

    Just a thought

    What is a credit card ?
  9. RPH

    Boxing Day

    go on.... tell us what a blow up Barbie is?....it cant be something to cook your burgers on in the summer...plastic melts... it sounds like you have researched and got a link to it?....please share....thanks
  10. RPH

    Reserve grade for next season

    do schools in the Featherstone area still play Rugby League ?....there is only one Boys High School in Batley.....and Rugby League is not on the curriculum.....
  11. RPH

    Boxing Day

    Tranquiliser counted them in one year...he got to 20 and gave up….his feet got cold....
  12. RPH

    Boxing Day

    isn't there a ongoing boycott already?
  13. RPH

    Boxing Day

    what happened to £18 at the gate ?..... hope the council tax does not go up 25%
  14. RPH

    Boxing Day

    so what happens when you buy tickets online.....do you print off your tickets that have a bar code on to scan at the turnstile?.... it does not say on the website but id guess its not collect or receive through the post....they wont get through at crimbo…
  15. RPH

    Boxing Day

    I'm hoping it will be 2018 prices....not next years ( 2019 ) prices ?...