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  1. RPH

    What are the Global Ambassadors doing?

    who or what is a " Global Ambassador "....?
  2. RPH

    Boxing day

    so what has happened since then ?.... Dewsbury is almost a sprawling city these days ….62,945 population....and close enough to tap into Ossett.... Batley 38,573....
  3. RPH

    Championship odds

    I see you've got your DR set up again for next season....same as this year....Hull KR did you use many duel Reg many players ….and did they help or hinder?.....
  4. RPH

    BISSA needs YOU !

    its a pity you cant add the easyfunding link to your favourites......
  5. RPH

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    me too......so you now have 6.....
  6. RPH

    Players For 2019

    is that because you don't make minor achievements ?.. sorry this question has already been asked...oooops
  7. RPH

    BISSA AGM and Social Evening

    I'm surprised there isn't a beer only package for you Roger..... choices are Meat and Potato Pie and Peas or Chicken curry and Rice plus a vegetarian option.
  8. RPH

    Gudzek and Brown

    not even the Sheffield supporters know that one....apparently no new backers.... so it must be better sponsorship or the current backers have dug deeper....
  9. RPH

    Championship 2019

    seems Sky Sports is the only one that wants it.....and the Super League do not want another 6 extra teams sharing their pot of money.....Super League was a "closed shop" for number of years with no promotion or relegation....
  10. RPH

    Toronto 2019

    I think that's what I said.....or tried to say.. Kayakman cannot negotiate....he is told when he can have holidays.....sounds like he does not have a back up/stand in for what he does.....which is not the way to run things in case of emergencies....
  11. RPH

    Toronto 2019

    so you are not the boss.....they are ? for most people ….holidays are not set in stone......people have floating holidays.....you might have to negotiate dates, depending on the company....,eg I had 24 days holiday to book in the year.....but it was first come first served to book them in January for the whole year.....as some dates went quickly....
  12. RPH

    Average Attendance 2018

    IMO...by bigger club he might mean bigger than what we were.....as opposed to bigger than you.....
  13. RPH

    private equity company land plans

    just what Toronto thought.... you still get a Salary Cap on players....
  14. RPH

    Batley Bulldogs

    are there any sensible clubs?....looks like everyone has signed new players
  15. RPH

    Average Attendance 2018

    WHY ?