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  1. He had a great game, best player to come to craven park for last few years, well backed up by their full back.Far too good for this league
  2. Good signing, was always a strong performer when he played against us for Halifax
  3. Pretty poor last night, but unfortunately to me that result has been coming for a while as we laboured to wins against the likes of London and Gloucester, apart from patches in the Gateshead game, we haven't played well for a while. What concerns me most is the lack of a game plan and structure, we get away with it against the poor sides but not against the likes of North Wales. Lots of work for Cresta to do. How many times did the ball end up unexpectedly in the arms of a forward on the last tackle? Just who is organizing out there? Josh Ward and for some part Lupton have got to take charge more and organize. Just witness the masterclass put on by their scrum half Dallimore. Give Marwood a chance. Summing up- 2nd best in every area (including the "dark arts" which North wales were proficient at). Worrying times ahead as we still have to travel to Keighley, Oldham and York. As for questioning the Leigh lads, where would we be without Joe Bullock? the only one of our 9 or 10 forwards to match theirs! Still be there at Cheltenham for Oxford game mind
  4. So in the last week or so we've lost danny Jones, ruairi mcgoff(back to ulverston) matt heaton(injury) and Jamie butler is still no closer to a return. This leaves us desperately short in the forwards. Can we bring any one in?
  5. A scrum is given for an accidental offside, a penalty for deliberate offside. I personally think it should have been a penalty as if Handforth hadn't caught the ball we would have got it and scored
  6. Their blond lad Tyson it was, attempted spear tackle followed by punches, Probably get 2-3 games for that
  7. Not sure how you think that? Oldham tried hard and looked a decent side, but were second best all game in every department including the brawl
  8. It was men against boys yesterday. We made too many mistakes early in the tackle count to have any chance. What was pleasing tho was the heart, desire and fight shown in the 2nd half, them traits are always encouraging. One thing i don't understand is why Brad Marwood isn't given more game time? He was sharp, enthusiastic and his distribution from dummy half was so much better than Mossops, who isn't any playing anywhere near his potential at the moment
  9. Quite worrying how we capitulated in this game, don't think we made it to the last tackle once in the 2nd half as we panicked and tried to score on every play instead of building pressure and wearing them down. In the long run this wont do us any harm and will be good for the young lads to learn from.