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  1. No Referees no game.
  2. The firken Squirrel had eaten through a door into the cupboard that I keep the birdfood in. Next doors cat was sitting on the top of the cupboard and lo and behold when I opened the door the little burgger ran out. Does anyone know if squirrels are "homing"? If I trap it how far away would I have to release it to stop it coming back? Any advice on traps?
  3. Talking of lorries. Does any one know whatever happened to the once ubiquitous Norbert Dentressangle's in their red livery?
  4. He made me laugh ( 1997 it was)
  5. Some more added on page 1 of this thread including Eddie Medforth!!!!
  6. And then they just stop with their suitcase alongside them so that you cannot "nip round on the blindside" They then decide they will reverse suitcase first. I must take issue with your Southern two hats because it happens at all railway stations whenever a destinations board hoves into view ( of course it could be your S. T. H's that are lost up North)
  7. Fair enough. But, if you were a young player would you swap playing for your local club with the prospect of a good season of win bonuses and possible elevation next year with the increase in playing terms that goes with it. Or would you risk that for the prospect of a two hundred miles round trip drive twice a week for training plus another for match day ( IF, you were selected against a DR player from Huddersfield taking your place) and realistically how many win bonuses? Do Barrow with their average attendance of 1000+ and their own ground pay less than Oldham with their average attendance of circa 800(?) In a hired ground? (A clue to that is why todays game was at Craven Park.) Please, please, please dont take this as an anti Roughyed's rant, because I have a real affinity with Oldham.
  8. When the Court rules the issue has to be put to the House, the House will "Democratically" follow the peoples decision in the referendum. Whether or not that is truly democratic is another argument that will not take place where it matters one iota. I have no doubt the argument will take place in pubs and on here.
  9. There is a thread on the Oldham section of this forum noting Shane Toal's effort today and asking "is it worth having a look at him?" Do you think he would be seduced by the bright lights of Stalybridge? 😎 They had a few DR's today at the expense of some of their own registered players. That cannot be good I'm glad we ( both of my clubs) are not going down that route.
  10. Why? are you going to entice him away to a glamorous future at Oldham? A tad arrogant on your part.
  11. I enjoyed what I saw! 25 minutes of the second half. I set off from home at 08.30 and have just got home, hopefully next week the journey will go to plan and the week after I'll have the luxury of door to door on the Charabanc. Another plus was the chips, cheese and gravy at the ground, 69 years old and a first for me. "your never too old to learn" See you next week.
  12. Yes, its an island called Britain
  13. I am biased because I started this topic but it must be the best thread on TRL Forums ever. It started with the cynicism of of David Hinchliffe's article and then along came some Polyanna's ( who would EVER have thought that there were any of them on a rugby league forum) saying give him a chance! I' ve just had a great Christmas because I've still got Grandchildren that believe in Father Christmas, its the delusion that make it special.
  14. To be fair Mablethorpe's on an Island too.
  15. Mark Carney has changed his tune. Yesterday he told the treasury select committee that "the financial stability issues are greater on the continent than they are for the U.K." and "at the point of leaving, there will be capacity taken out because certain institutions aren't authorised. That is more likely to affect Europe than the U.K." He went on "The EU was heavily dependent on London and any attempt to cut the UK off would hurt it badly " He had previously said "Brexit is the most IMMEDIATE and significant risk to the economy and it would be likely to have a negative impact in the SHORT term" in fact the economy EXPANDED at the same rate in the 3 months after the vote as in the 3 months prior to the vote. He was asked specifically if he still saw Brexit as the greatest threat to Britains financial stability? After dodging the question he finally came round to admitting that it wasn't.