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  1. Russia

    Saddly we cannot believe things just because OUR government tells us something. We know they feed us misinformation. In times of war we accept that propaganda may or may not be true. As recently as the Falklands confict the whole world was getting up to the minute bulletins. Not us, we were fed a dour faced official giving us what the Government wanted us to know. More recently even Parliament was told Iraq had WMD. I like to think our government is more truthful than others ( especially Russia) but in the words of the song " it ain't necessarily so"
  2. NCL Free Sports Coverage

    Even when I couldn't see a thing it was better than watching union
  3. Russia

    It is not right that he was not told as leader of the opposition . It gave the press free reign to make out he was being critical when he was merely trying to ascertain the facts. ( I'm no fan of Corbyn)
  4. Planned change to Challenge Cup format. 😈

    What on earth are thinking about posting this? There is a chance someone from the RFL might read it and they are bound to think these are just the thing the CC needs. Which cannot be fair, have you ever tried the pies in Coventry?
  5. I don't know anything of these individuals but don't assume that they would make good RL players. Lots of good union players have tried and failed. Those that did succede took time to learn and to be fair some of them were outstanding. Skill levels in union are often unbelievably poor. There have been plenty of comments in the past few weeks on the cross code forum on the subject ( see 6 Nation thread) Wingers can make the transition the easiest. ( why do wingers score so many tries? Because they are marked by wingers 😎) Forwards struggle with fitness ( body shape from some specialist union positions do not help) and ball handling ability. Of course one of the pluses of signing high profile union players is it does make good publicity.
  6. This is no disgrace for Kells. Its on a par with the performance that League 1 clubs put in against TWP last year. Liam Campbell summarising on Radio Cumbria has made the point that TWP skill levels are not as silky as they should be. He also stated that some Championship clubs will not put up such a good fight as Kells have.
  7. Gene Ormsby

    Some reports have it that Hudds released him last month. If so, can he be a loanee or is he a free agent?
  8. Our new position in the EU

    Thats how it reads to me.
  9. Last season York lent Coventry a player, they called him back leaving the Bears short at late notice. They didn't call him back to use themselves but to loan to another club.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    I have always worked on the principal that when a player feels its time to move on because HE feels its best for him. I wish him all the best and say the door is always open.... Shrek made the point that in the case of his mate with the greengrocery business our " mates" across the channel were saying as he was leaving they were going to make sure he regretted it. Its not what friends do. But then again I dont think they are or ever have been our friends. (I don't believe for one minute that all of our European neighbours think that, but I do believe it of the French)
  11. Our new position in the EU

    I've no doubt they will. But we shouldn't leave because they are our besties

    So he misses the two Sheffield home could have been a lot worse.
  13. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Brenda Dean