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  1. Could this be the lowest turn out in any UK election?
  2. Antidote an Imodium swallowed by a can of Red Bull?
  3. We should use the same rules as netball. That would be fair.
  4. Want to be a millionaire by this time next year? Simply open a bank account and deposit £20,000 every week and next year you will be living the high life.
  5. I thought I might impart of some handy tips that I have learnt in all of my forty years on this planet. With summer coming don't buy expensive aerosols to kill flies. Simply take two pieces of wood ( a couple of 12" rules will do) place the fly at one end of one them and zap it with the other. Jobs a gud 'un. Anyone else got helpful hints?
  6. I fancied cheese on toast for my lunch. Rather than faffing about under the grill I put the bread in the toaster. Then added the cheese and stuck the lot into the microwave for 30 seconds. I thought the bread would be soggy but it worked a treat.
  7. 49?. 46 years in the EU...... mmmmmmmm is this a coincidence?
  8. Well it looks like nobody has kicked the bucket whilst we have been away. So that's one positive with the breakdown
  9. I was going to cancel my dependency councillor subscription, but it looks like I will still need the therapy sessions.
  10. Option 4.... Irexit (as likely as unification within a generation)
  11. As John Glenn said and 32 years in my experience in aerospace have taught me, every piece part in every aircraft is there because it was the cheaper option
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