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  1. Bearman

    TRL Help

    Nutella works too.
  2. Bearman

    Dear Diary

    There you go, I have learnt something too as I did not know that was an option. Perhaps its new.
  3. Bearman

    Dear Diary

    Just remember to take the card with you on every journey as they expect to see it. The "carer" option is a nice add on too with two people getting the discount. My owner had to show my card too in order to board at Euston t'other week.
  4. Bearman

    Dear Diary

    Thanks for that. It was reading your post that brought my tinnitus back into my conscious. Now its whistling away merrily. Even with my hearing aids in a its a constant background noise fortunately down the years I have become resigned to it. On another track did you know that hearing aids entitle you to a Disabled Persons Railcard.? You have to show your battery book as proof of entitlement. Its a bit cheaper than a regular railcard and it entitles a travelling companion to benefit too.
  5. Bearman


    I attended a RC first communion the other week. As I sat listening to the sermon it got me thinking about what the Bishop was saying. He was talking about how the children should be "good" and he also mentioned that there were a lot of reasons that the congregation should dig deep into their pockets to pay for. When the collection plate came round I noticed he did not chip in? But of course he does not get paid. If Catholic priests do not get paid then how do they pay for their National Insurance? According to Wiki they can make a voluntary Class 2 contribution which is £2.95 a week. Now, thats pretty cheap for accessing the NHS if they even bother to pay the voluntary stamp. They seem to eat and drink pretty well, have good housing and nice cars how much tax do they pay and how do they pay? Seems to me that there is a lot of tax and NI dodging going on here. Just asking
  6. Bearman

    Steve Neale NWEM

    Yes, that is what I understand. It is ok to take a brief quote but cut and pasting the whole article without the attribute is plagiarism.
  7. Bearman

    Rant thread

    You kids. Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson on the Winifred Atwell Show, now that's what I call entertainment.
  8. Bearman

    Steve Neale NWEM

    You are right. Copying the website link is fine as it attributes the article to the copyright holder. Cut and pasting sections of an article breeches copyright.
  9. Bearman

    challenge cup

    I went to Serbia a few years ago with the Enhland Knights (Steve Woodburn ex Millom coach was the England coach at the time). There were a lot of good people involved and the game was quite healthy. Looking at the latest results, Serbian rugby has gone backwards since then and Millom will be far too strong for Red Star.
  10. Bearman

    Steve Neale NWEM

    There could be copyright implications unless the article is linked to the EM.
  11. Bearman

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Pointless really as Yorkshire has been part of Lancashire since 22 August 1485.
  12. Bearman

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Thats interesting about the disabled persons railcard. I have one and I always have to show it on Virgin and Northern Trains. ( Hearing Aids qualify as disabled) In fact, last week at Euston my wife who was travelling with me ( "carers" accompanying the card holder are also eligible to use it) was stopped and I had to produce my card in order to board the train.
  13. Bearman

    2019 Away Shirt

    Yes they do.
  14. Bearman

    2019 Away Shirt

    Two guys were looking at both the shirts in the club rugby shop window. One said to the other "That's the one I'd get" Just then Polyphemus came round the corner and thumped him. 🤗 thats my contribution to the Christmas party. I'm going now.