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  1. Condescending or what? Second best team in Hull with a superiority complex.
  2. Hunslet just Barrow by 50+ Cru just
  3. No comment!
  4. 3 buses went to York last week.
  5. Well, I was there that day!
  6. Tonight' car share was brilliant. Peter Kay is a very funny guy and at his best is up there with the elite. Up until tonight I have found car share an enjoyable whimsical gentle comedy. Tonight though, I had some real "lol" moments. The scenes in the car of the ape/monkey was almost up to the standard of Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers and Phoenix Nights.
  7. A bit off topic but I've got a programme from 1955 somewhere and it lists Barrow's fixtures for April and May that year. I cannot remember how many games they played in a very short time but it was incredible. Can anyone shed any light on the details. The players must have been part time and would not have had cars and there were no motorways although public transport was much more reliable back then. Anyone know the details?
  8. I had fish and chips for my tea and the newspaper they were wrapped in said Barrow won on Sunday. Am I missing something here?
  9. That will do. A big pay day and then get on with the important business of the season.....and with no pressure who know what could happen, remember Castleford 28 Barrow 34?
  10. "Build it and they will come"
  11. York played well. They made Barrows defence look very ordinary at times. They are the first team to do that this season. I can only remember one bad tackle, a York player went high and the referee never said a word. York went down to 12 men when your No 7 lost his head and Barrow made hay. As for the "forward" passes all I can say is the officials were a lot nearer the action as they happened on the far side from the crowd and Barrow had one chalked off too. Having said that I did think Barrow did have a bit of luck and I will take that as it doesnt happen too often. Were Barrow 22 points better than York? No...but I do think they were a bit better. Ford can take that to spur his team on. The cup is a distractionn with the only benefit being a chance to top up the coffers. Considering the upheavels of the past few months I predict that the good times are not too far off for York. A good crowd too swelled by 3 coach loads plus car and train which probably added 200+ to the crowd. AND for what its worth you have the best meat and potato pies I have had all season. The good news is I will be able to partake of them at your next home game on 14 May!.... So good luck for every game (except that one) for the rest of the season. You wont go far wrong with an ex Coventry Bear at your helm!
  12. Well I was firmly told we didnt deserve to win as I left the ground. I just smiled and said "the ref thought we did" winners are grinnersđŸ˜€ It certainly wasnt easy. York were big and quick and really tested our defence. But good teams find a way to win and the team spirit shone through. Now can we have a big pay day and then get on with the main business of the season?
  13. Surely the mist bizarre lyrics are from GUY Marks song "Loving you has made me bananas" If you dont know it look it up on Youtube. I love it Verse 1 Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes You closed your cover before striking Father had the shipfitter blues Loving you has made me bananas Verse 2 Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes You closed your cover before striking Father had the shipfitter blues Loving you has made me bananas Bridge Oh, you burnt your finger that evening While my back was turned I asked the waiter for iodine But I dined all alone Verse 3 Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes You closed your cover before striking Father had the shipfitter blues Loving you has made me bananas
  14. I really enjoy this show
  15. Dallimore was up before the Beak on an RFL charge grade D offence which has a tariff of 3-5 game ban. He pleaded not guilty and the panel accepted that it was not a deliberate attempt to inflict damage. Nevertheless he was found guilty and given a 6 game ban. If it was worthy of a 6 game ban why wasn't he charged with an E grade offence? Under the law if you are found guilty of deliberate murder then its a life tariff, on the other hand if it wasn't intentional it's reduced to manslaughter and the sentence reflects that. The poor victim is still dead and it doesnt help him but justice is still served. Why the extra punishment? Perhaps because a 3rd party ( the injured players parent club) also got involved?