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  1. I bet you have fungal nail infection.
  2. If you are staying at the players accommodation take a travel kettle, cup and teaspoon. There is nothing there to nake a cuppa in.
  3. Its a bit like your last try. A brilliant little chip over and then a fantastic bounce grrrrrrr!
  4. How on earth did neither the tj or ref call that last pass on the first try as forward. Rasool is clearly seen (35 seconds in) throwing the ball forward . I know these things are supposed to even out over the season but I've noticed that whenever a team is struggling little things like that always seem to not go their way. I'm sure its happened to you too.
  5. It seems that there was a protest going on
  6. Much lower turnout in the round of voting that actually mattered Your source wiki had it at 42% in the second round
  7. Here is a first, me defending Saintslass but, Ahem, you may want to check your figures. I looked it up and Macron got 66.1% and Le Pen 33.9% of the........ 42% votes that were cast. Two thirds of 42% means that only about 28% of eligible voters gave Macron their ringing endorsement. 72% either didnt want him or couldnt be bothered
  8. I've never seen a bookie in the bus queue. They have more sense than leaving themselves exposed. Even paying out on Leicester City was good business and I suspect it led to a raft of suckers having a punt on their no hope teams which would have more than made up for their "loss"
  9. It does seem that someone there has an "agenda" We supply a match report every week and have tried to make contact to no avail.
  10. I think I may go into the bookmaking business. There is good money to be had from suckers that would put money on Newcastle getting promoted. Toronto, Whitehaven, Barrow, York and Doncaster are far more likely to go up.
  11. Best facilities in the league if not the best? Not even close. Doncaster, Newcastle and Coventry are probably the top 3 with Hunslet pretty close but for me the running track is a bit of a downer. Ironmens ground is very tidy too. Toronto ... well thats a bit different as its a different culture and there is no cover. Of the old traditional grounds Barrow, Workington ( the speedway track spoils it)Keighley, York and Whitehaven are all better than Skolars. All Golds is better because the changing rooms are in the main stand. Oxford is pretty much on a par with Skolars. Crusaders ? I dont know because I havent been to their new ground. Hemel is the worst. New River is in my opinion very near the bottom of all those grounds. Here's why The first requirement is a pitch. Pitches inside running tracks are too small and too far away. I was at NR last weekend and tried to get something to eat . At 2pm in the upstairs bar there was only very dried up old pasta. I bought some and what wasn't dried out was burnt black!. I asked at the "table" at the back of the stand if they had anything to eat and was told "no only small tubs of pringles". I went for that and wanted a coffee " Sorry we don't have any milk yet" I was told. Back to the facilities. As you say the changing rooms were "adequate" but were not being used because of a lack of air as there is no air con. It was not a very hot day, in fact it was a bit chilly in the stand so, how could they be classed as adequate if on an ordinary day neither team wanted to go into them? IF indeed they were avaiable.
  12. No travelling support from Barrow? Oldham, Rochdale, Swinton and Sheffield bring more away fans? There always seems to be at least one very noisy bus full of Barrovians at the games I attend.
  13. Brad was immense for us today. The Bears were 22-0 down after 25 minutes when Brad and former Raider Jack Morrison came on. The two of them completely turned us around and at 28-28 it was anyones game. The Bears drop goal attempt went wide whilst Towns was successful.
  14. Cracking game at Coventry. The Bears were 22-0 down and never hsd tte rub of the green from the referee. Workingtons first try was a mile forward. The touch judge was right there as was the referee. They were the only two in the ground that didn't think it was forward even the Town supporters agreed. Bears fought back never the less and at 28-28 it coild have gone either way with the Bears drop goal attempt going wide. Whilst Towns went over.