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  1. Bearman

    Hands off Cresta

    Of course the subtext is that Leigh are unloading anyone on existing contracts in order to bring in new guys on less money. With Cresta running a successful business in Dalton, IF he were to consider taking the reins at Leigh he wouldnt come cheap and that wouldnt fit in with the austerity regimen that Leigh HAVE to impose.
  2. Bearman

    Dear Diary

    That one has got legs.
  3. Bearman

    Have you ever won anything big?

    I always have a go on the 50/50 draw and have never come near. Often they pay out about £100. The one I really wanted to win was at the Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees game last year. It was a staggerring $67,000!
  4. Bearman

    West Wales Raiders

    I think you will find that Joe Batchelor was signed from Coventry Bears for whom he played semi pro before being signed by the Knights ( Big fish eat little fish)
  5. Bearman

    West Wales Raiders

    York have 150 years of history. Now they are in a position to achieve promotion for about the 3rd time in all those years. How many winning seasons have they had against losing seasons? And how many times have they had to reform and regroup? People in glass houses.
  6. Bearman

    West Wales Raiders

    I keep hearing that there are clubs that are more than capable of competing with the clubs in League 1. That may be right. But, where are they? You mention 2 and there are other clubs towards the top end of NCL that would be on a par with them on the field. The funny thing is that over the last few years 4 or 5 clubs have thrown their hats into the ring to turn semi pro and yet not 1 of the NCL clubs has shown any desire to actually try. The only club that I know of from the North that has expressed any ambition is Manchester Rangers and they are not (yet) at the top NCL table.
  7. 274-0 must be a record over two games in one season
  8. Bearman

    Ben Garner

    According to the Worky forum Ben is back at Barrow Island. Speculation is that it hasn't worked out for him there. Opportunity for us?
  10. Just over a hundred miles from central Lancs and West Yorks makes it fair for both sets of supporters. About a 100 miles from London too.
  11. Coventry is equidistant from Lancashire and Yorkshire and has a stadium of the right size PLUS there is RL activity in the city that an event could help boost.
  12. Bearman

    Hands off Cresta

    Just quoting LE. Page10 article "Crarey wishes Bullock well as Cairns rejoins Barrow" last paragraph.
  13. Bearman

    Dear Diary

    Looks like you are headed towards Y Lliwedd there. Or did you go back down the Miners track? The full horseshoe of Crib Goch, Crib y Ddysgl, Snowdon and Y Lliwedd is without doubt one of the best ridge walks south of the Coulins.
  14. Bearman

    Hands off Cresta

    League Express this week has it that " another rival club" have their sights set on Cresta!