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  1. Bearman

    Team for Toronto

    Amatuers it is then?
  2. Bearman

    Toronto at home

    Hi Kman, Pass Ireland on your right. Turn left after the Isle of Man. On your right you will see Blackpool Tower and a big bay in front of you -enter the bay and on your left you will see a ruined castle on a little island ( Piel). Keep to the left of the castle and you will enter Walney Channel. Go up the channel until you see a bridge. Park up any where there. Head into town and Craven Park is just behind the massive white building that dominates the town. Call a taxi and ask for St Luke's Street where you will find the chippy. ( Shushi is not recommended but you should try the local delicacy meat and potato pie) Ask the driver to wait until you have been served. Jump in the taxi and ask him to drive you to Manchester Airport. From there catch a plane to Toronto and you might just be in time for the game at Lampart Stadium. A little tip, when you get there avoid the locals at all cost they are mad as a box of frogs. Hope that helps Banksy.
  3. Bearman

    Team for Toronto

    After the worrying situation last week will we have a team for Canada? Paul Rowley seens happy to lend us players. Is it feasible/desirable to borrow some Canadian based spare players? Or is it time to offer some local amatuers a freebie trip?
  4. That was the figure SLE quoted. No one questioned it.
  5. Where would the RFL get their money? The Superleague clubs quoted the way the FA is funded. It distributed 150,000,000 to grass roots last year. That income came largely from the FA Cup. SLE suggested that the RFL should follow the FA's lead and do the same with the money they get from the Challenge Cup. Anyone spot the flaw in that argument?
  6. I didnt meet one person in Toronto that had heard of Coventry. I asked Coventry Cathedral and the Blitz? Lady Godiva? Same answer, " never heard of them"
  7. Bearman

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Im pretty sure people were having tea long before Roger was born ­čśÄ
  8. Bearman

    Bears in HKR partnership
  9. Bearman

    fevnut's blog: Fev v Barrow

    Sorry Mate, the link is not working
  10. A multi millionaire has come forward and has pumped a significant amount of money bringing the game to a major city in a whole new continent. He speaks of opening up a new market and bringing in new media partners and growing our sport away from the M62. What is the response of the "visionaries" at the top of SLE? Have they thrown out a welcome to this bold initiative?Far from it, they have studiously ignored it.As Parky has often quoted they have still not accepted his club and his vision. Why? Because they have some very very small players in English sport that know that they could not compete with any growth away from the M62. Is there a place for a relatively small town club in a huge league? Greenbay ( Where's that) does OK in one the biggest sports competitions in the World. Lenagan et al have a plan to fill the lifeboat and to leave those in the water to find their own raft. That is not visionary its just protectionism.
  11. Bearman

    Question for "wonderofwood"

    Posted on the Wolfpack Forum Coach 327 1,093 posts Report post Posted 23 hours ago Burroughs´╗┐ & Powna´╗┐ll are on there´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ way to´╗┐ Barrow´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ on lo´╗┐an´╗┐ --------------------------------- Where did you get that from? You wouldnt be winding up our Canadian friends would you?
  12. Peach, Tomato they are both fruits. "Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put them in fruit salad"