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  1. I suppose its a case of what do they get back. Most sponsors see it as a form of advertising and they can legitimately claim its part of their advertising budget and write it down for tax purposes. But who is going to go out and buy a submarine?. I would imagine that companies like BAE do spend a fortune on advertising in defence shows around the world and they certainly wouldn't see their target audience as the man on the terrace. That said, from a PR point of view most big employers do want to appear as a benevolent presence in their local communities. But in truth they only pay lip service to that.
  2. Another good effort from Dave and Craig
  3. Another good listen. Well done guys.
  4. In every sport there is always someone at the bottom of the league. Often its the same club year on year. Back in the 60's in soccer it was Barrow or Hartlepool. 50 yesrs on and both of those clubs are still going as professional outfits albeit they have found a level that they can operate as viable businesses. Skolars were whipping boys for years and who remembers "Another Bloody Sunday"?. Doncaster now have one of the best stadiums in rugby league. Its pretty clear that clubs will fall by the wayside. That's evolution.
  5. Breadmakers can be really expensive or ridiculously cheap. If I had bought a mechanical one it would have been a lot cheaper than the one I married.
  6. Telling potential sponsors that their names will be seen on tv could well just swing them into coughing up some cash.
  7. Really good coverage of the Bears this week 1and a very generous plug for "The Bear Necessities" the Bears own podcast. Thanks Ben!
  9. Coventry Bears have been busy recruiting for the second part of the season.
  10. Like mayonnaise only tasty. In fact the taste of summer
  11. Ollie Wilkes and Dally clear to play next week Dan Morrow to face a charge.
  12. Sapiens ....Yuval Noah Harari. A brief history of humankind. Brilliant
  13. Note to management. Fully experienced time keeper ( With valid Visa and own stopwatch) is available for the game on September 9th.😁
  14. Interesting that Nocne hits the swear filter
  15. Steptoe and son (frm the very influentual comedy playhouse) Mash ( so much better without the laugh track) Till death us do part ( massive at the time) One foot in the grave Only fools ( the chandelier and the falling thro the bar must rate as two of the funniest bits ever) Drop the dead donkey Father Ted Phoenix nights ( the bouncy castle and I'm getting the word ****) Anything without a laugh track