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  1. I went to the screening of They shall not grow old tonight. Peter Jackson was commissioned to produce a movie using original footage from the first world war. There was a Q&A session immediately following the showing where he explained how they had cleaned up the black and white, changed the speed to more lifelike and then added colour. They employed lip readers to " read" what the Tommies were saying and then dubbed actors native to the regions that the regiments came from to add authentic regional accents. It was a powerful film, but for me it fell short . The technology was clever but the hype over listening to what was said did not quite reach what I was expecting. I look forward to it being widely shown on tv.
  2. McAfee tell me my contract runs out in December. Does anyone use free anti virus software? If so, Which? And is it any good? I have a laptop and there are 3 or 4 tablets in the house.
  3. Bearman

    2019. Is it Warringtons year?

    Warrington need a driver, Sammut?
  4. Bearman

    Superleague is becoming boring.

    Nothing dull about tonights match
  5. Sarginson gave away knock on and then came out of the line. His fault
  6. Bearman

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    He would change the ethos from playing rugby to thuggishness. Anyone but him. Cresta brings so much to the club. I hope he can find a way to balance his personal life with the Raiders demands.
  7. Goes to prove that those that joined before me are dinosaurs and those that joined after me are parvenues. Either way their opinions are just wrong.
  8. Bearman

    The TV Thread

    Do you lot still hide behind the sofa when the Dalek appears?
  9. Bearman

    Forum server problems...

    ckn hoes on holiday and it all turns to ratshit
  10. Have london even got a ground that is suitable for SL?
  11. Correct. London bring nothing to the party
  12. It will be even harder next year with one up one down
  13. Bearman


    I was approached last night by a guy that regularly begs for money outside a local shop. He always asks for 20p. Last night he was holding a can of beer and a cigarette. He seemed upset by my response. I would be willing to give, if these young men were asking for money in return for doing a little job. I would find them a nothing job and gladly hand over a tenner. I have never been asked
  14. Bearman

    TRL on my PC

    Abs l t ly fin her. I'v ad no pr ble s t al
  15. Down the St Lawrence, turn to starboard and keep Greenland and Iceland to port