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  1. Rant thread

    Australia + Culture that's a first
  2. Sponsorship night

    David Sharpe announced in the Raiders bar that the final total would be about £30K
  3. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Cyrille Regis
  4. Whatever happened to Mushy Peas?

    Had faggots and pea "batches" for me tea tonight. (I put the "f" word above in as a singular rather than the plural and the sites swear filter rejected it. It seens you can have loads of faggots but not one on its own!)
  5. Why can't we have a referendum to see if we should have a referendum? OR we could have a referendum to see if we should have a referendum to have a referendum OR....?
  6. Of course the simple answer is put more money in. The Lib Dems wanted to put a 1p raise in income tax to sort the problem out. If only it would. 1p raises about £5.5 billion ( current spend is £140 bn) Here is a snapshot of the problem Actually, when it comes down to it the simple answer above is the only answer......but, is there the collective will to stump up more?
  7. Food and drink thread

    Irish corned beef ( sometimes available here in Irish shops) is cooked beef that has been corned ( salted) It looks like sliced roast beef rather than the sort thats imported ftom Fray Bentos. I imagine then Irish is like Jewish kosher salt beef.
  9. Denis Jackson

    My bad. Of course it was Phil I was thinking of.
  10. League Restructure 2019

    Doesn't that mean there is HUGE potential? A massive completely untapped market. And, PERHAPS people who know how to market a product. We can't, another marketing guru has fallen on his sword only today. I don't want to see the game flourish at our expense but I do want it to succede globally. The one thing we on here have in common is that we love rugby league and think it is TGG. Let's hope the N. Americans can make the game saleable.
  11. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Denis Jackson One of the Barrow greats and was once described as " pound for pound one of the toughest men in rugby league. Thanks for the memories Denis.
  12. Denis Jackson

    Sad news. Was he the last from '55?
  13. Kato Ottio

    Awfully sad. Booldy cruel.
  14. Rant thread

    Yes. Very handy for a Mcpee when Im out working too!
  15. Rant thread

    I ALWAYS ask for a "white Americano" the response is ALWAYS either "do you want milk with that?" or " shall I leave room for milk?". Too busy to listen?, Corporate instructions? or not a bit interested in listening? I think the latter. (Or should that be pronounced "lhartay") pretentious tawts.. Has anyone got a good name I can give the "barista" ( pretentious tawts) when I am asked to give my name in Starbucks? Best I've come up with so far is Fuksayek" " AMERICANO FOR Fuksayek"