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  1. Bearman

    Have you started stockpiling yet?

    Aren't you worried about being cut off?😎
  2. All home wins. Oldham to win the league. They hammered two Championship teams in pre season.
  4. Bearman

    Rant thread

    You are forgetting the other claim to fame that Halifax has.It was home to the invention of the guillotine. What is less well known is that the local populace volunteered in their droves to test it. Anything to put themselves out of their misery of living in Halifax!
  5. Some facts. A Doctor assessed the situation. He decided that the injury was not life threatening and reported that to the ambulance service. The ambulance service prioritised the calls they had to deal with. The Doctor asked two trained individuals to stand by and keep monitoring the situation. Later on it was judged that the best course of action was to ferry the patient to his local hospital I was present at a meeting in which both the clubs involved and the RFL reported that after reviewing the facts all parties agreed that the action taken was appropriate and timely in THAT particular incident.
  6. Bearman

    Rant thread

    A few weeks ago I took a wrong turning coming out of Odsal and heading South. ( I was delirious having spent too much time being poisoned by the Yorkshire experience) Last Tuesday I took the same journey and took particular care of where I was going and made sure I read the road signs so that I did not prolong the agony of being in that strange county. It is about 14 miles ftom Bradford ( Yorkshire pendants will correct me if I am half an inch out) and here is what I found. Every road in Yorkshire leads to somewhere in Yorkshire. If you want to get out of Yorkshire ( which believe me I really did) you have to know the geography of Yorkshire. For instance, if you want to go to Lancashire ( which is actually the closest civilised place in the universe to Yorkshire) you have to know that you have to head for Halifax......( I know, where?) Why on earth would anyone want to go to Halifax? (Well to escape from Yorkshire obviously). If you wanted to head North to the glorious delights of Edinburgh and Scotland or the fantastic Newcastle you need to know that Leeds is on the way. Should you feel the need to get to foreignland then, of course Hull is the conduit. But, what if you wanted to go to London, Paris, Rome or heaven forbid anywhere South? Well, of course that is FOREIGNLAND. So, first you need to head for Hull.Then eventually, you will come to a a sign that says "M1, the South and ( that big city in the South.....No, not Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham or even London) but WAKEFIELD of couse" . But, I had the last laugh cos I got a home run and escaped their dastardly clutches.
  7. Bearman


    Wow! If you think I am an M62 lurker, you really are on some strong siht . ( The clue us in my signature)
  8. Bearman

    Sheffield game

    I thought the better team won today. They were miles quicker than us at the PTB. How many clean breaks did we make compared to them? I think they are a very good side and obviously that 60 points last week was not a fluke. That said by what small margins are games won and lost? Dally conversion hits the post and it bounces out, they hit the post and it bounces in. There's 4 points It's a long season.... we'll be reet!
  9. I was firmly put in my place by an Aussie on this forum, I pointed out that whilst we had pretty much invented modern sport all they had invented in 40,000 years was a stick that came back if you threw it. His rejoinder was " You keep inventing the sports, We'll keep teaching you how to play 'em" Touche' ( apart from THE most important game, that is not strictly true at the moment)
  10. Bearman


    Robert Southey The Cataract at Lodore is breathtaking.
  11. Bearman


    Robbie Burns To a Mouse always impresses me. This always cheers me up too ( Edgar Marriott) I'll tell you an old-fashioned story That Grandfather used to relate, Of a joiner and building contractor; 'Is name, it were Sam Oglethwaite. In a shop on the banks of the Irwell, Old Sam used to follow 'is trade, In a place you'll have 'eard of, called Bury; You know, where black puddings is made. One day, Sam were filling a knot 'ole Wi' putty, when in thro' the door Came an old feller fair wreathed wi' whiskers; T'ould chap said 'Good morning, I'm Noah.' Sam asked Noah what was 'is business, And t'ould chap went on to remark, That not liking the look of the weather, 'E were thinking of building an Ark. 'E'd gotten the wood for the bulwarks, And all t'other shipbuilding junk, And wanted some nice Bird's Eye Maple To panel the side of 'is bunk. Now Maple were Sam's Monopoly; That means it were all 'is to cut, And nobody else 'adn't got none; So 'e asked Noah three ha'pence a foot. 'A ha'penny too much,' replied Noah 'A Penny a foot's more the mark; A penny a foot, and when t'rain comes, I'll give you a ride in me Ark.' But neither would budge in the bargain; The whole daft thing were kind of a jam, So Sam put 'is tongue out at Noah, And Noah made Long Bacon* at Sam In wrath and ill-feeling they parted, Not knowing when they'd meet again, And Sam had forgot all about it, 'Til one day it started to rain. It rained and it rained for a fortni't, And flooded the 'ole countryside. It rained and it kept' on raining, 'Til the Irwell were fifty mile wide. The 'ouses were soon under water, And folks to the roof 'ad to climb. They said 'twas the rottenest summer That Bury 'ad 'ad for some time. The rain showed no sign of abating, And water rose hour by hour, 'Til the only dry land were at Blackpool, And that were on top of the Tower. So Sam started swimming to Blackpool; It took 'im best part of a week. 'Is clothes were wet through when 'e got there, And 'is boots were beginning to leak. 'E stood to 'is watch-chain in water, On Tower top, just before dark, When who should come sailing towards 'im But old Noah, steering 'is Ark. They stared at each other in silence, 'Til Ark were alongside, all but, Then Noah said: 'What price yer Maple?' Sam answered 'Three ha'pence a foot.' Noah said 'Nay; I'll make thee an offer, The same as I did t'other day. A penny a foot and a free ride. Now, come on, lad, what does tha say?' 'Three ha'pence a foot,' came the answer. So Noah 'is sail 'ad to hoist, And sailed off again in a dudgeon, While Sam stood determined, but moist. Noah cruised around, flying 'is pigeons, 'Til fortieth day of the wet, And on 'is way back, passing Blackpool, 'E saw old Sam standing there yet. 'Is chin just stuck out of the water; A comical figure 'e cut, Noah said: 'Now what's the price of yer Maple?' Sam answered, 'Three ha'pence a foot.' Said Noah: 'Ye'd best take my offer; It's last time I'll be hereabout; And if water comes half an inch higher, I'll happen get Maple for nowt.' 'Three ha'pence a foot it'll cost yer, And as fer me,' Sam said, 'don't fret. The sky's took a turn since this morning; I think it'll brighten up yet
  12. Bearman


    It can be tricky finding something to rhyme with Australia in Limericks There was a young man from Australia, Who painted his asre like a Dahlia At 5p per smell, He did quite well But, 10p a lick was a failure
  13. Bearman

    where was prince philip going?

    I hope he has got a bus pass and wraps up warm whilst waiting. The service in some country areas like Norfolk tend to be a bit hit and miss. If they haven't got ring and ride I wonder how he will manage?
  14. Petrol, Diesel or gas turbines all work exactly the same. Suck, Squeeze, bang and blow. That's all you need to know.