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  1. Presentations

    That was a quirk of the skewed format. The super 8's was one of the checks and balances which like the system or not it did allow the cream to float to the top
  2. Food and drink thread

    Some stories from Scotland. Helen Mirren went into a pub and asked " what wines have you got please" ......."red and white" was the answer. Overheard in a pub "Whisky please" It came with ice. "I never asked for ice"...."ach its only frozen water, itll dae ya no harm" ......." tell that to the Captain o' the Titanic" In a restaurant " can I have some tomato sauce ?...." No we only have red or broon". At a fancy dinner the new waiter was offering wine to the guests..... " red or clear"
  3. Food and drink thread

    How come you topers never review Buckfast?
  4. Our new position in the EU

    Ref the above. I'm not wishing to be confrontational as I recognise that a lot of you have very firm views on the "folly" of the referendum result. The net cost of membership appears to be any number you like, but the lowest estimate appears to be circa £150,000,000 per week. Brexiteers seem to think that some ( perhaps a very wooly some) cost is worth it to leave the EU. What figure would the remain side balk at as being just too much? Isn't £150,000,000 a frightening amount?. As I say I'm asking as a genuine point of debate and hope that replies to this question don't degenerate ( by either side of the argument) into sneering condescension.
  5. Presentations

    I was surprised when Cresta missed out. He has easily been the most successful coach consistently. 4 times nominated but not winning once? I think the award is from nominations from The other head coaches so in this case it's not the RFL's fault. I thought Joe might have won, I know he is massively respected by all the other players. just a plug for the Bears, we were nominated for project of the year. We had huge raps in the nomination for our Bears 5's. It was pointed out that as a result we have had literally hundreds of people of all ages and genders playing rugby all summer. That of course is a massive tick in the box for Sport England and participation numbers. But we lost out to York who had a twitter campaign to advertise one match. When asked about it the guy accepting the award said it was a result of a throw away remark in a pub and they decided to have a bit of fun with it and it worked very well. He was asked if they would develop it for the future " no, it was a one off just a bit of a craic but it was only about advertising the Toronto game" How is that comparable to having dozens of people throwing a ball about every week at 3 different venues?.... It was politics because we won it with a different project two years ago.
  6. Obituary thread 2017

    I can honestly say I answered everyone of those questions correctly too. I appeared on 15 to 1 once. In my audition I answered every question correctly. Unfortunately, when it came to recording the show I was a gibbering wreck. It's easy at home with no pressure. I have massive respect for those that make it look so easy on tv.
  7. Anybody out there got a spare personality? I could do with one. I must be the only genuine poster on here 'cos no one would pretend to be as boring as me.
  8. I am really impressed by the referee. One of the best I have seen this season.
  9. Best team winning. I still think Toronto will win though.
  10. On this weeks League 1 podcast Perez makes the point that the next team to be announced will be Canadian rather than New York.
  11. From Sunday on😁
  12. Semi & Final

    Glad to help. Just noticed my spelling error...... fare not fair.. Its unusual for me as I never make MISTEAKS😁
  13. Semi & Final

    Stop, stop, stop you can all stand down from searching. I phoned the club and they confirmed semi is 3pm on Sunday 24th. Tickets booked ( I used and saved £8.36 on the regular fair by having split tickets).
  14. Scubby and Dave T

    What do you mean BECOMING?