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  1. Bought my tickets on line. I know it won't be a sellout Buf does it guarantee seats
  2. Don't know if you know the format for promotion. Only the top of the league is automatically promoted ( but even they weren't last season). After the super 8s the next 4 play off. 2v5 and 3v4. The winners of those two games meet in the final at the highest ranked team. So all to play for
  3. We ain't given this year up yet
  4. How do you buy on line
  5. I'm bringing at least 5 extra. Up the kneets
  6. Autumn lasts till December 21 st
  7. Sounds like more good news at 6 am
  8. Unlikely as to in we would have to win twice in Cumbria
  9. Really hope that is correct
  10. Off to Spain on 17th of august. Really hope we don't play them in that time
  11. Attractive looking fixtures
  12. Come on york!!! Also come on hunsfit!!!!
  13. Poor old super GREED. It's ok having these clubs in the lower divisions as long as they don't upset the status quo of the promised land
  14. Any news on Ellis dent porter and the prop