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  1. Can’t see york getting 39 points
  2. DEANO

    v Sheffield

    Personally thought the last 2 kick offs were brilliant and if we’d done them we would be singing their praises
  3. What. Playing a game before the main event!! Tell that to the rfl regarding 1895 cup
  4. DEANO

    Sheffield announce D/R

    Is that how it works
  5. DEANO

    Sheffield announce D/R

    I wonder if the guy who’s been training all season only to be told he’s not playing cos they need to keep a sl player fit feels. And then to be told you are playing afterall
  6. DEANO

    Another injury

    Nah boss man hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing
  7. DEANO

    New stadium

    Doubt it
  8. DEANO

    Halifax player suspended.

    Apparently the ref saw the incident but didn’t see the players no
  9. DEANO

    Another injury

    Feel for Harry. You could see what the club means to him as he kissed the badge on his way off
  10. York have a small squad with no dr. They do however have one season long loan
  11. DEANO


    It will all depend who is top of our league and who is bottom of super greed
  12. DEANO

    Outstanding display today

    Loving this season
  13. DEANO

    impressive Toulouse

    Well york beat barrow 56-0. Does that mean york have a chance