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  1. Challenge 1000

    Hmmm. Good luck
  2. 2018 Squad

    Ooh do tell gav
  3. Challenge 1000

    Nothing at all and I wish you well. With the quality of your squad will mean more winning pay with less income. It just doesn’t add up to me. Good luck
  4. Challenge 1000

    Road to disaster
  5. 2018 Squad

    Donny are a disaster waiting to happen
  6. York City Knights vs New York

    Brian noble told us this back in July. Scoffed at the time. Perhaps it's true
  7. James Ford

    Hope your right rob. Think your lot will go up as well
  8. Player for next season

    Are you trying to tell us something Simon
  9. 2018 Squad

    Thought he’d signed a 2 year deal
  10. 2018 Squad

    Rochdale prop. Anyone?
  11. league one

    Magic weekend serves no purpose. Usually local derbies which would attract larger crowds if it was a normal match. Good for Newcastle thunder though
  12. 2018 Squad

    So. What about the guy from Rochdale?
  13. 2018 Squad

    Would like to see aldous back
  14. Player for next season

    Yeah. Joe it is
  15. Player for next season

    Hope it’s batchelor