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  1. DEANO

    Shopping List

    Jack lee
  2. DEANO

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Finishing bottom, getting beat by rugby scores rather than cricket scores and fielding full sides and and a doctor would be a huge improvement
  3. Well anyone could offer huge amounts knowing there is no risk
  4. DEANO

    2019 Season

    Nah the rfl will probably promote west wales
  5. DEANO

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Their in sl with gates of 2000 half of which are northerners going down for the weekend. Maybe your right. It has took off.
  6. DEANO

    2019 squad

    Tim Spears?
  7. DEANO

    Welsh winger?

    Think we did have one in the 90s. Think he broke his leg at Huntington stadium
  8. DEANO

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Pre season games to start post season πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  9. At last someone on the same wavelength as me. We agree it’s the greatest game but largely out of the north nobody else does
  10. They also played york and Fulham and a mixed team from both clubs
  11. No mate. Rl in york is booming at the moment I was referring to London