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  1. DEANO

    Zippy and co

    Are they making a promotional appearance for the big game
  2. The club has been a joke since day one of this season. Though I wish them all the best for the future
  3. I see west Wales never gave up again
  4. DEANO

    New league structure revealed

    Funny how all them that at in it think they should pull up the drawbridge. Maybe they should have done it in 1980😂
  5. DEANO

    New league structure revealed

    And we’ve beaten them every time since 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. DEANO

    New league structure revealed

    Still don’t understand why you can’t have 14/15 teams in SL. I know the top teams will thrash the bottom teams but at least those at the bottom will be competitive against each other. Or is it just greed that sky money has to be spread around extra clubs
  7. DEANO

    New league structure revealed

    How about super greed
  8. According to the general forum clubs with DR are been told which way to vote😡
  9. DEANO

    Coach and player of year awards 2018.

    One must think we must be in line for club of the year for all the promotional and community stuff we’ve done
  10. DEANO

    Attendances - Updated R19

    Still a great crowd. Most clubs in the championship would love a 4 figure crowd
  11. DEANO

    New league structure revealed

    Cost me about £780 for 3 nights last season. Posh hotel but no food. Game ticket included. Had one of the best times of my life. Will definitely do it again should my team play them again
  12. Top two will be about right
  13. DEANO

    York away

    Yes it was 😂
  14. DEANO

    York away

    Aye t’were lad