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  1. DEANO

    Yorkshire cup

    Not me. 3rd from bottom would do for me
  2. DEANO

    Up for the (Yorkshire) Cup šŸ†

    What do I know. Sounds like a good performance
  3. DEANO

    Big announcement

    Yeah I said that on kiss
  4. DEANO

    Up for the (Yorkshire) Cup šŸ†

    Hope Iā€™m wrong but I think we will be well beat
  5. DEANO

    Semi v York

    2 more than york will have
  6. It would be good to have one strong team in London. Take my hat off to the skolars. A proper community club. I wish them well
  7. DEANO

    Big announcement

    Both would be even better
  8. DEANO

    Big announcement

    Big announcement and reveal coming soon according to the knights Twitter feed
  9. DEANO

    Crowd for home opener

    3000 rob. 3001 if you come. By the way did you manage to get hold of gav
  10. DEANO


    Sky will give naff all. Their argument is it gives more coverage to sponsors
  11. DEANO

    3 to watch in 2019

    Joe batchelor at saints
  12. Simple economics. My own club included. Pay out more than you take in equals financial problems. No other businesses run like sport
  13. DEANO


    20-12 now
  14. DEANO

    Team new

    Expect it will be shown live on line