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  1. Yeah that's right. Let's take away the cash lifeline of these small clubs. It is now the only chance of playing a big club now all the other competitions have been scrapped
  2. The only need for Canadian players is to expand the game. Cherry picking ex and current sl players just swaps one club for another
  3. Ran them pretty close though
  4. Oh and by the way. To award York their one and only penalty on 77 minutes must mean that barrow were exemplary throughout the match...... not!!!!
  5. Where do I start!!! firstly I'd like to say what a big strong powerful team barrow are. Very good support play too. They should have had no need for any help from the man in the middle. But they got plenty of it. To chalk hayneses try off was diabolical and then to allow them to go the other end and score off a mile forward was unreal. Best was still to come though as the game was already won he and his touch judge allowed a forward pass that was so far forward it was into next week !!! dont get me started on the man in the sunglasses!!!! well done York. You should have and deserved better. rant over
  6. It would be great if tw were a success but the way I see it all that will happen is they will select a load of sl players at the expense of current clubs and swapping positions so no real gain
  7. Young kids lacking consistency especially when a few of the older heads are missing
  8. It was just an example and tongue in cheek
  9. Yeah I agree. They should have been put straight int sl at say salfords or Widnes expense
  10. Still a joke though
  11. Sorry thought you had some Leeds players
  12. No but Bradford who couldn't raise a team a few weeks ago are now dr with hunslet. And Bradford are dr with Leeds. What a joke
  13. Don't think Yorkhave ever had sl aspirations. When they ran this team there wasn't even any promotion into the promised land
  14. Don't know that far back