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  1. rfl block minga

    Sorry mate I did see that I meant where has it been said it has been taken into account about Minga
  2. New registration system

    Im having trouble. Even my passport got wiped, I am good with technology etc so its not something ive done. Yet go to log in and it brings a player up from Mayfield. It is getting on my nerves and we have a challenge cup game on the 27th. I used to like the old system of getting the players who wanted to re register to sign at the side of their names and send the form back! haha
  3. rfl block minga

    Where has it been said they aren't? I have not seen that anywhere
  4. rfl block minga

    I agree but also think there should be a parameter depending on why they didnt play, maybe a small percentage up to say 5% as long as medical records prove it was genuine. Yes it would leave it open to abuse but done correctly and the injuries immediately registered with the RFL could work.
  5. rfl block minga

    If medically injured and physically unable to I think its harsh in my opinion of course
  6. Hock

    Also known as the rowley years
  7. Ryan Bailey

    Not 007 for nothing haha
  8. Ryan Bailey

    Usual none rugby league interest! Picture of Watkins tackling Shenton and quote it as Bailey playing for Leeds idiots
  9. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    Probably because barring a couple of players thats all the squad had ability to do. I think we did very well to get the amount of wins we did considering. We would have been safe without the deduction. The main thing that crippled us were the RFL, and before people jump on me I dont mean the deduction. I mean the fact they deducted us the points and said the squad we had was good enough to stay up. Which absolutely it was but before giving the club the chance to negotiate with these players they immediately give clubs dispensation to go sign said squad without counting on salary caps. I totally agree with the RFL giving the clubs dispensation for signing our players at such short notice, but for me more of a grace period before doing so would have meant the club may have kept one or two more than they did
  10. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    Anyone who thinks he wasn't there in the background is slightly naive in my opinion. When he officially took over we were decimated by loan players returning to their clubs who had been important players and key members of an especially young pack. The early season we had the likes of Oledski, Larroyer and Murray week in week out who were matching championship hardened forwards. It was no surprise when we lost them (although we got Mik back) the results went downhill with a pack that couldnt get on top in matches. Toovey had no chance in my opinion
  11. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    To be fair there is only one we we can go, we cant go any further down , think Wakefield fans have been great about it from what I have seen. I'm sure you will have a good season regardless
  12. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    Agree totally, we have a fantastic product (admittedly not as good as i'd say 99-2008) with a far more open game than down under. I love watching NRL but can also understand why some people find it boring. We need more exposure under Super League. I used to love going to the local on a Thursday to watch the championship games and it gave us early chances to see players like Hardaker before going into SL
  13. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    Hammer blow for the growth of sport in our country not televising matches from another country? The bigger blow is not showing championship rugby not what the Aussies are doing
  14. Lo & Behold!

    Just cant see Powell upsetting his mate by doing that
  15. Your club's greatest 1-17? Name them here

    Bulls from what I've seen not all time obviously started around 97 1. Spruce 2. Vaikona 3. Naylor 4. Hape 5. Vainikolo 6. H. Paul 7. Deacon 8. Fielden 9. Lowes 10. Vagana 11. Peacock 12. Gartner 13. Brad McKay ( just knew where to be and what to do all the time) Just missed the Northern days so didn't want to comment on players I hadn't seen. Some honourable mentions though over that spell of being a Bulls fan, Ben Harris defensively one of the best centres i've seen, same with Keith Lulia. Obviously seeing John Bateman from my club making inroads into the pro game was great. But from that spell there were some cracking players, even the one season wonders Stanley Gene and Costin and the likes were great. I'm sure there will be a couple who will write their way into the folklore for different reasons should we keep settled and start trying to move up to the championship again