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  1. Certainly not a problem just in our game in Russia, they treat it as the norm in all sports, i'd hazard a guess if they tested all the teams involved there would be plenty more
  2. Definitely going to get Barrie Mc's
  3. I've heard rumours of his antics outside of rugby can imagine it is I will be getting that one ha
  4. Haha can imagine the b'n'b guys face when he turned up! Yeah I saw even being a bradford fan im on the fence about reading it
  5. Thanks, must admit I prefer the easy read of drinking stories and training and games rather than the in depth ones. I thoroughly enjoyed Longs was a great read made me chuckle quite a bit
  6. Glad he got sorted and found somewhere after coming halfway around the world into that
  7. Thinking of buying a couple of autobiographies to take away with me, can anybody recommend any? I like them with funny stories in ala Long and Morley. Just seeing if anyone has read any of the others that might be worth getting?
  8. Only jesting pal! Nah never played due to the mess, Rohan Smith has been very public on facebook on Bulls pages that its a shame we never got to see him play hows he played for you guys? Before it hit the fan I think we had a side capable of topping the table
  9. Matthew Shaw saying he's 24 and 25 in the same article which is it haha
  10. Bulls have a lad called Vytas Vaznys think hes lithuanian big old unit for his age, played in the pre season friendlies and was academy player of the year last year
  11. Think you will also find the majority of Bulls fans especially if you read the RLFans board wanted us to start in cha,mpiopnship 1 and build from the bottom. For me our SL status at the minute seems like Wakeys new stadium, pipe dream and none existent
  12. Someone put a comment on our RLFans forum saying the 4 chairmen with the biggest pull in SL want the Bulls in SL next year! IF with a massive capital I and F thats true dread the meltdown it would cause on here
  13. I aren't privvy to that as no one should be but I cant believe barring Leon Pryce and scott moore i'd hazard a guess they will be on a pittance for FT. I would bet Taulapapa is on more than any of our backline was ( I knmow he hasnt played for you yet this year) And what has what they get paid got to do with anything? I'd swap that pack that played against Fev for yours. Just because someone gets paid more doesnt make them any better or more experienced at the job I bet theres people who do the same job as you and get paid more for it. Does that make them more capable?
  14. Yes agree, wasnt a pop, like I say they are what we could get signed on when it hit the fan. Our loanees make a massive difference, Oledzki ( as i believe Fev are about to find out about) Murray, Larroyer roche etc are massive parts of the pack we have been running with and also Scott Moore and Lee smith not playing severly left us lacking experience