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  1. Give over I am involved in conference rugby. Ive seen the hoardes at Millom etc in the worst of weather. made of stern stuff up there a facebook stream wouldnt hinder towns home support at all
  2. Darcy Lussick

    At this present time I certainly can't see Toronto being added to that with a meaningful win anytime soon
  3. Darcy Lussick

  4. Darcy Lussick

    Ha ha, exactly the type he loves. His brand of rugby is disgraceful and will get found out easily again against SL opposition
  5. York Acorn v Dudley Hill

    He definitely didnt score I do all the matchday paperwork so have a copy of what I sent so I checked after my first comment. No biased about it, if he came back on 3/4 minutes of stoppage time is always justifiable. I also use a stop watch when doing paperwork and try stop best I can so maybe my timings were slightly out. Like I said previous the time they scored their equalising try was more than acceptable given two stoppages and no complaints with their try, I actually thought given how he was kicking Anthony Chilton was going to notch the conversion to win them it. To play nearly 12 minutes over when lighting was becoming an issue was taking it too far.
  6. New season - it's finally here!

    Thanks, as I say can't complain about the equalising try we should have had enough to see it out. As for the fans yeah I agree the general concept is fantastic and i'm sure they gauge spectator reaction before deciding to speak to them live on TV. The concept is great for the lads and the amateur game though
  7. York Acorn v Dudley Hill

    I know which game you were talking about. Neil didn't score in that game. He got sin binned in the 71st minute. But yes we scored in the 76th then 78th minute to nick the game
  8. Rick Stone leaves Hudds

    Very good shout but surely can't be far off a chance at a head coach gig down there in the not too distant future
  9. Do York have SL potential?

    Great insight to where you are at York at the moment. Obviously I was over at Acorn for our game saturday, not sure if it was the TV cameras that boosted it but the club was rammed (overheard someone moaning they stuck 40p on price of a pint not sure if true or not) and plenty going over the bar. The thing I did notice though was a lack of junior sides at Acorn on their fixture board. I know Heworth have always had decent amount of kids as have New Earswick, not sure if its just a tough spell or whether they normally run with that amount of juniors. All in all though a lot of people all enjoying the rugby. I do think talks of SL are very premature put the work being put in by the likes of Gav Wilson is obvious to see and i'm sure you would comfortably cope with going up and competing should you carry on progressing
  10. York Acorn v Dudley Hill

    As I have said elsewhere from a neutral point of view what an advert for the amateur game. From a Dudley Hill point of view nearly 12 minutes added time in the second half was a bit of a joke. The amount of added time when Acorn equalised was about right for me. It was the added extra when tired bodies were going to come into question was always going to give one side a shot at a penalty with him seemingly playing so long, but we go again the results are showing the NCL division 1 is as tight as its always been and small margins will determine the outcome of games
  11. New season - it's finally here!

    Yes was very very difficult to take. Played 44 first half (more than acceptable), but to then go to just short of 12 minutes over was a total disgrace. They scored their try to tie the game in the 84th minute (again acceptable given the stoppages) but to carry on for a further 7 and half after left a sour taste. We should have seen the game out at 22-12 and I thought Dave Halley, Tony Williams, Aiden batey and Neil Wall were magnificent for us. The changing room was one of the most desolate I've seen afterwards. I don't think people got to see the best of Aiden with him playing at 13 now. Defensively he misses nothing and for his size but his ball returns from full back really get us on the front foot. But re watching yesterday it was a fantastic advert for NCL rugby
  12. New season - it's finally here!

    I saw your earlier post, sorry I didnt bob on before to give you a view from our side. Thought Tony Williams was also outstanding for us
  13. Blackbrook ARLFC

    Can't really see what the RFL can do when its down to player commitment (thats not a jibe by the way just an observation). They are in a hotbed area of rugby league and if sides like Blackbrook are struggling its a sad testimony to the postion the game finds itself in. I honestly aren't looking to open a winter/summer debate but maybe the RFL/NCL management should sit down awith them and find out what their problems are/were, listen to them and find out the reasons why and hopefully help clubs learn
  14. Conference TV Coverage

    Mick Morgan??? Can't wait until he calls a ref a d*ckhead haha
  15. Hardaker Sacked

    Rumour on the cas forum is saying allegedly Hardaker was sacked by Steve Gill then offered a lower contract for duration of any ban. Wigan have then swooped in and signed a free agent. If this had any truth in it would explain the rumours of Gill and Powell having a bust up and Gill possibly exiting Cas. All if true of course