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  1. thepimp007

    Catalans to sign Smith?

    Gigot to centre Mead to Cas?
  2. thepimp007

    Shaw Cross

    Speaking of your ex coach he played against us for Thornhill last weekend. Game was in the balance until he came on and unfortunately we struggled to handle him. So we have you to thank for that 😂😂 On a serious note massive of Cross to go there, and I genuinely believe that effort gave your guys the belief to beat Milford last weekend. great effort all round
  3. thepimp007

    Widnes sign Gelling

    Apologies, bad read on my part 😂
  4. thepimp007

    Widnes sign Gelling

    Why? He went back as his girlfriend was in a serious car crash. He went without a club to sign for and got signed last minute by the Warriors on a filler pittance contract. He has not done anywhere enough to get another NRL deal, his Mrs has had 12 months to recover so you'd begrudge him carrying on his career in a league he can thrive in? God awful atitude
  5. thepimp007

    Playing Conditions

    Ah he only put the picture in last night! May be a tad sore trying it now haha
  6. thepimp007

    Playing Conditions

    I will let him know thanks
  7. thepimp007

    McDermott Gone (Merged Threads)

    Always difficult for feeder teams to consistently be on top of their game. A cracking season and NRL clubs tear championship teams apart. As has been proved with Ipswich
  8. thepimp007

    Playing Conditions

    One of our lads posted a picture of his leg in a whats app group we have. It is a right mess. The club hosed as much water as physically possible on the pitch but the heat dried it straight up. I walked on to the pitch to check squad numbers for the team sheet and could feel how hard it was through trainers
  9. thepimp007

    Live Streaming

    Shaw Cross first team have struggled for players a touch last couple of weeks can't see them being able to field a full second team
  10. Yeah definitely agree. Very talented and genuine pace to burn. Cas do need a good full back and think he would be an asset for them but agree about the cost against them for someone like Mead. But they will have to spend that to get something with any ounce of ability to recoup any of what they are missing from Hardaker
  11. Thought Mead was all but ready to go to Cas. Probably wrong mind ha
  12. Can see Gigot going to the halves or centre. When he first signed back on for them he was scoring try's at a rate of knots in the centres. Tomkins Broughton Gigot Williame Yaha Williams Smith Would be a very good backline for them but how many times have Catalans had an on paper side that should be challenging for trophies
  13. thepimp007

    The 'Cast'

    Really led from the front against Huddersfield, great to see him back in that form
  14. Maybe so, shame he won't but he obviously sees more in the day to day
  15. Is that Calum Turner? Any reason why Powell is reluctant?