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  1. Never though Hill was going to! Couldnt believe it first sight of him sthat saturday afternoon game against wakey! looks much better for it!
  2. I think you will find that has stopped to the level it used to be and the competition is far poorer for it
  3. Make of that what you will. Can see total meltdown if this happens
  4. Shocking comment watched every game Greenwood has played in and hes been good. Seems to have got over that being a bit soft under the collar at times too
  5. Can't see it ending well. What a ridiculous decision for him to make (albeit for a whole heap of money)
  6. Totally agree which was my point on Rowley, they will need someone with the pull to make them choose them over clubs who are part of the furniture and (hopefully) guaranteed to still be about
  7. Great read. How anyone can think this will fail is beyond me. They have the right backing, right people in place at the moment. If they are to progress in the next couple of years I personally think Rowley will need replacing with someone who can attract the bigger names, which is what the fans will come to expect there. Also his tactics of rough everyone and everything in sight up has shown at Leigh when it came to the crunch wont work as they progress up the ladder. I think its fantastic long may it continue
  8. I'd go with that except i'd have John Bateman starting and McMeeken instead of Greenwood on bench
  9. Think it shows when their coach came on here and debated well and talked about their preparation, then descended into being a bit argumentative. While they keep getting red cards and sin bins in every single game they arent trouncing people in people will always be of the same opinion no matter how much they try defend themselves. Well done to Hunslet for not getting dragged down, supposed lesser quality teams not littered with ex pros and trying to intimidate have pushed you closer in the conference league over last couple of years. Think that is testimony to the quality we have in the conference league. I'm sure with the players they have Fryston would be a force in the NCL too (with the right infrastructure of course), its just this us against the world mentality they need to lose and start giving people a different opinion. Although I think over last few years too much damage has been done to change peoples thoughs
  10. If thats how its coming across then I apologise. It's just the only people this "preferential treatment" we have supposedly had benefits are the RFL and clubs in the championship. The RFL save face on the fixture list, other clubs get their big payday when the bulls roll up. Not one bulls fan I know believe we have a divine right to anything, and like I say if this had happened not long after the end of last season we would be in league 1 now where we rightfully should have been put and where we would have had a fresh start to start building
  11. Have to agree your posts don't sound bitter at all! If you believe the hand we have been dealt is a soft landing you are more deluded than your posts make you out to be. Could say that Oldham are getting preferential treatment by not being made to run an academy. There are 4 super league clubs that dont run an academy yet we HAVE to. But thats the special treatment we are getting. No ones asking for your acceptance, if the club was beneath our fans no one would have been there. But I bet if you ask your chairman if any other club put the amount of money we did when they travelled to your place im sure he will tell you no. We are where we are and dont think we have a god given right to be in any decision. The farce that is the situation we find ourselves in is firmly at the feet of the RFL. To be fair couldnt care less what division we are in as long as the club is working within their budget and no more admins that is all we want. And to add about our team you are in the same boat as without players from cas and hudds you wouldnt have had as many wins as you have
  12. I really shouldn't. Sometimes it's hard to bite the tongue, even if I wasn't a Bulls fan I would be having the same argument. The question is if this had happened before the fixtures came out and the RFLs lovely summer bash had not been prepared we wouldnt have been having the argument in the first place. The RFL have looked after number one, and also the rest of the clubs in the championship who will have budgeted for the home fixture against the Bulls. The annoying thing is seeing people like BryanC obviously a bitter Oldham fan but how much money have the Bradford fans put in their pocket when we played at their place? They have benefited as will every club the Bulls play at
  13. Jesus theres already another Bradford slagging thread going on. Nice to filter it in here too
  14. Making that point again? Dont you and stevereed get bored? You ask the majority of Bulls fans what would have been best for the club, an extremely minimal amount will say start the season the way we had to. If you think theres preferential treatment in having to put money into and running an academy, with at most 10k central funding then recruit a team capable of turning -12 around in a very competitive league which is only getting better, you are mad. Its a good job your lot are as rubbish as they are this year gives us something to aim at
  15. Paul Brearley who plays for Mayfield must be 6ft 4/6ft 5 at least! Don;t hinder him although think he has moved to 13 now