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  1. thepimp007

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    17 Stone Giant I am loving the enthusiasm. So I say do away with the loop fixtures bring back Yorkshire and Lancashire with a 3rd Rest of the UK team and an exile team then play some round robin games. Yokshire Hardaker, McGilvary, Shenton, Connor, Johnstone, Trueman, Gale, Walmsley, Clark, Taylor, Bateman, Holmes, Westerman Lancashire Tomkins, Charnley, Gildart, Percival, Makinson, Williams, Richardson, Thompson, Roby, Hill, Ashurst, Farrell, Cooper Rest of UK Alex Walker, Dixon, Ryan Shaw, Kear, Rhys Williams, Sarginson, Keyes, Amor, Lunt, Flower, McMeeken, Knowles, LMS Exiles Coote, Faraimo, Hurrell, Goodwin, Sio, Gigot, Hastings, Garbutt, Parcell, Fifita, Taia, Merrin, Paulo Balls to the brewery lets get it on And back in real life..................
  2. thepimp007

    Rovers Rebooted...

    Ah forgot about Jimmy solid side next year. London are going to have to really perform as it stands at the moment to keep off the bottom (no disrespect intended of course)
  3. thepimp007

    Leeds New Signing

    Without doubt he is. Rather see him safely back on the field rather than have a potential high pressure transfer over his head. Over on RLFans someone posted saying Merrin wasn't dead and he was proved right seems to have the right info. Said they have an NRL prop lined up to replace Garbutt be very interesting to see who
  4. thepimp007

    Leeds New Signing

    Very much so. I do not think they will be getting Taupau, I think the recent visits to Headingley etc have been done by the club to get everyone talking about something else and take the heat out of the Merrin situation. I think they have been very very smart. Still a prop short as Merrin has to be playing 13, Penrith were never going to get the best out of him at prop, but if they get another powerful prop in they will be looking good. SL needs a strong Leeds and I have no doubt they will be top 5
  5. thepimp007

    Rovers Rebooted...

    I can see Vaivai on the wing with Crooks also on the books. Quinlan (when fit) Vaivai, Linnett, Crooks and Hall is very good in my eyes defensively strong in the centres and try scoring ability on the wings, things looking up for KR
  6. Great to hear. Always enjoy coming to Shaw Cross. Good people and good set up.
  7. thepimp007


    Jodie Broughton tweeted about them folding
  8. thepimp007

    Rugby AM

    Alan Smith commented on Mick Gledhills tweet about this, saying the figure was more like 40k. As if thats an acceptable amount
  9. thepimp007


    We played them and got beat a few years ago when they had a belting side. James Brown, Jonny Milner and Romeo calling the shots. Never found them dirty in the slightest just very tough. Martin Richardson is a heck of a character too
  10. You seem to very much defend DB
  11. thepimp007

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    Well the precedent is set with the Bulls
  12. thepimp007

    2019 Squad

    Be surprised if London don't take him up to SL big unit
  13. thepimp007

    Sio Signs For Salford

    Yeah and Koppy obviously was a very good player for yourselves. Always good to see Dudley Hill lads perform at the highest level. I would love to see you guys go sign 3 rough house props as I think you have a chance of surprising a few next yea rin terms of how high you could possibly finish
  14. thepimp007

    How long has Ian Hardman been a Fev player?

    Cracking player at NCL level
  15. thepimp007

    Sio Signs For Salford

    I think it has to be more than surviving your aim. Got some real talent and a spine as good as any in SL Evalds, Lui, Hastings and Lussick is very dangerous. Agree you just need the platform but Ben Nakubuai (forgive spelling) will be far better for last year