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  1. Referring standards

    Shocking foresight by the wonderful RFL who obviously cant see what everyone else can then
  2. Referring standards

    I do think more assessors would help, but like I said is it due to lack of funding? The promise of travel money never materialises now so it wouldnt be a surprise. We need someone in charge at the top who can actually make a difference. Has the department gone backwards even since Cummings left?
  3. Nick "Smudger" Smith Siddal Fundraiser

    Very good player seen over the years. Wasn't it his brother also who tragically committed suicide? If so such sadness for the family. Good luck to him and his family hope it gets well supported
  4. Referring standards

    I think looking back I jumped the gun with the awful post. But the fact that every post someone makes about refs you reply with a backing of the referee. This is what I mean about not being neutral. You are taking the assumption i'm looking through my clobs rose tinted spectacles when it is not the case at all. Like I have said player performance determines results, you dont perform well your discipline slips and rightly get put in line by a referee. I just feel the refs now dont control the game in the way the likes of the other refs I spoke about did. There is also a lack of assessors I feel as this season I have barely seen any at our games where there used to be a regular one at our ground, is this due to more cutbacks?
  5. Referring standards

    Well you aren't being neutral to referees either. Like I said I view all games on the merits of the players. I am in no way saying they dont have a difficult job there are alone on the pitch and live and die by their decisions. All I will say is it is people who have been involved at clubs and also people who have been involved in the conference for a very long time that have said the standard seems to have slipped not just someone who has started watching the game. Regardless of whether it is a viewpoint from a club point of view or not.
  6. Referring standards

    Yes I watch games as a neutral. Although I am involved with a club I am not the kind to blame losses of refereeing decisions. Any game is always in the players control. In my opinion some of the refs are too young to stamp their authority on the game. It's not their fault as they are the only ones we have to do the job. No I have not refereed a game nor would I want to. But the amateur game misses the refs that held the respect of players, the likes of Cliff Tamou and Paul Ward were masters of it. But when you have a referee who has trained with full time referees not being able to keep score of a game not once but twice is not right. Poumes didn't know the score during one game and had the wrong full time score at the next game he had us. Coincidentally both against Saddleworth and myself and Pete Townsend having to put him right
  7. Referring standards

    The standards this year have been awful. I think it doesn't help that refs from our league are getting fast tracked to the championships who are not ready, meaning younger refs not ready for our leagues are on our games. The games on its hind legs
  8. John has massively stripped down since going to Wigan
  9. Lukaku Song

    Basically a song Man Utd fans started singing and they say in it he has a rather large appendage
  10. Lukaku Song

    Yeah I listened to Jim White talking about the same. The issue is why was no issue made about worse songs about other players? No consistency. A sterotype is a stereotype though and you are right its encouraging that stereotype, although i'm sure it wasnt meant that way either
  11. Is it me or is it political correctness gone mad that kick it out are saying this song is racist? Where were they when Utd fans were singing about Ji Sung Park eating Labradors?
  12. Decline in TRL Messageboard use ?

    Do think this is a very good thread to be having. I read every day and have been a member years but sometimes I hold back from discussing and I dont really know why! I think the only part of this site that falls in line with dwindling interest is the National Conference League forum. That was my main port of call (being team manager at Dudley Hill) for years. It used to be a superb place to discuss the games, even get community posters coming on for the banter when their teams were coming up against conference sides in the cup. Sadly its indicative of the way the amateur game is at the moment (a discussion certainly for another time and place) I do really enjoy reading these forums. I also post regularly on RLFans as I find the Bradford board is very good on there with some very informative and sensible discussion (including a few monikers from here). I am a member of a couple of facebook groups both bradford only and collective and I too cannot stand the drivel half of the people write. Theres no happy medium or relative discussion, its people with rose tinted glasses where the club/players do no wrong, or doomsayers about everything. I just love coming to these sites to discuss rugby and although at times its heated and a lot of disagreeing, without opinion (no matter how differing) we wouldnt actually be on here. Whether its professional, amateur or internet forums there are no better people than the rugby communitry
  13. Division 2 Relegation Battle

    Yup we haven't really recovered from that. Club in my eyes made a mistake not giving Mick Hill the job for the season all that happened. Look at how he is doing now he was primed for our job
  14. Cas set to play in World Club Series

    Who cares what people think or say, if Cas are wanting it at the jungle it should be there. People who slag that ground off obviously don't go to games there because although they already know they need a new stadium, the atmosphere there is second to none. The aussie players will love playing in that atmosphere too. Let the Cas fans have their moment and let them have it at home where it should be. It's one of my favourite grounds to go to as it's a reminder to what rugby league is, think these snobs need to get off their high horse because their councils have managed to get their clubs in shiny stadiums. I'm not a cas fan but love the place (jungle that is haha)