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  1. Only because of the times you claimed he was signing to wear blue sox and never did
  2. Whatever are you referring to?....
  3. AGM was last night and they said they were still in discussions and Alex Simmons was talking to freesports. They said he was hoping at minimum to get the play offs and grand final on there
  4. WHOOOOSHHHHH haha (I did see yoru second comment). May I also say I agree your second half of your point and can see why fans of other clubs within the vicinity who in recent years have had aspirations of moving up the ladder better preparing their stadia. I hope Wakey though do get past all the political nonsense surrounding the ground and manage to get something sorted as a new stadium may increase their crowds which may enable them to spend more on the cap and really start pushing the top
  5. Ah the joys of nicking some stands from the remnants of Scarborough FC, you can denounce your local rivals for their shortcomings Bravo haha
  6. Agree Dave. The point he makes is absolutely on the money. But these chairmen are making themselves faces of the game by constantly being in the spotlight. Although we are not a SL club our chairman is guilty of it also. It is as if the chairmen are becoming the stars of the game and its totally wrong. They all in my opinion need to take a leaf out of Simon Morans book and run the club in the background. Also agree with your point they also make themselves public on negativities rather than drumming up the positives that are around the corner this year
  7. Tedesco is a pup in terms of his career. You please get serious
  8. Not sure about that myself. Everyone associated with Leigh knows what Gregg will bring to the table. The club are screaming out for a fullback and there won't be a better one than Gregg available at this point of pre season. If people get tetchy about his pay that is the fault of the club for making it public knowledge what they want on top of what they will pay to make his signing happen. I hope there is no dragging it out because of previous disagreements between Gregg and club as is alluded to on Leigh's RLFans page. I am also sure it will happen him rejoining Leigh but maybe the club could and should have been more discreet with it's output
  9. Can't understand Wardle, doesn't seem to be the player he was and doesn't seem overly happy. Alex Foster is one I am genuinely gutted we didn't see at Bradford. He was signed to play centre for us too. His development since being at Cas has been great. Looks like Roberts will be seeing a lot more time in the halves now than he might have expected too
  10. After seeing your squad number announcement he could be closer to a first team shot at the moment. Looking slightly lighter for outside backs for me Oh and forgot to mention chuffed for Mitch Clarke settling into SL could have a real good career if he can keep his performances consistent
  11. Egodu is rubbish I think Cas should cut there losses and send him to Bradford full time............................ He was superb for us and against us (scored for Newcastle against us before joining us) last year. Ethan Ryan got some good ball from him in good space, that was league 1 but he was far and away head and shoulders above that. Joking aside a year on loan in the championship would do him the power of good I think if he is not getting a sniff in the first team. Cracking player
  12. Bit disrespectful to think any Bulls fan would be annoyed given the circumstances
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