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  1. Come on, see the actual positive side of things. There are people down there that these type of comments disrespect in my opinion. Yes it has shown the league in a slightly bad light for outsiders. But surely for them to not throw the towel in, which would have been so easy to do considering the lack of players and drubbings, shows there are hard working people down there who care about the club and want the club to survive. These type of people deserve more respect for getting to the end of the season. As do the players who played when they were down to 12/13 players for putting their bodies on the line knowing full well they could quite easily get hurt. Featherstone having only 15 players is far worse for me than WWR only having 13
  2. thepimp007


    This massively. The scary thing for me is there is murmurs of clubs starting to run under 13s/14s. That will totally kill junior rugby off. Giving kids too many dreams of stardom far too young for a tracksuit. It just seems the RFL are more intent on alienating kids. The amount of kids that dont make it after being in academies etc then drift away from the game is massive and what do they do about it? Let clubs start running younger scholarships! Absolutely mental
  3. The thing is what did Caton Brown feel in the act of scoring, it wasn't clear he had dropped it at full speed
  4. Sorry but on that one Challenge cup games have always taken preference that was not a one off P.S not saying you are wrong. I totally agree but wasn't that game on of the BBCs online games they showed? Shows even they have pull too should they so wish
  5. thepimp007

    Man Of Steel 2018

    You don't see it in John yet put BJB in there? Yes had a very good year again but can't agree with it. How many man of the match awards has Bateman had whenever Wigan have been on sky? One I do agree with is Luke Thompson, in terms of the name man of steel he runs with the least regard of his body ive seen for a long time
  6. thepimp007

    Time for a rethink ?

    I think 3 divisions is fine. Agree the third may need looking at. If you were looking to cut to two leagues would need promotion/relegation between second division and regional. Definitely need three NCL divisions for me it has run fine for a long time with that amount
  7. thepimp007

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Nail hit squarely on the head
  8. thepimp007

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Pressure from Hull? Threatening to take players away from them with them supposedly running a reserves next year?
  9. thepimp007

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Between Bateman, Roby and McShane for me. All three have been superb all season, being a Dudley Hill lad would love to see John win it
  10. thepimp007

    Disciplinary - Jackson Hastings

    This bit in bold is what is getting peoples backs up kayakman. You are chastising the Hastings signing yet supporting Toronto for making the same signing. Regardless of what happens next season both were signed for the exact same reason, yet you say Caton-Brown is long term in nature thats ridiculous. Until he signs it is not. Im sorry but in reality Toronto signing Caton-Brown is worse than Salford signing Hastings, Toronto have shipped players out to bring Caton-Brown in yet Hastings is replacing injuries and players playing out of position
  11. thepimp007

    Disciplinary - Jackson Hastings

    To be fair Jake Shorrocks played there a lot for Salford this year so he was only replacing a loanee
  12. thepimp007

    Disciplinary - Jackson Hastings

    It was not meant as a slur or trying to be unwelcoming at all. End of the day being involved in amateur rugby and knowing a few people involved I would never try impart that someone. It is more the case of the said poster and his lack of tact at times. Try discuss things with him you get him on the wind up or saying we are Toronto we are taking over the world and every world adjacent to this one, and when we are done we will build another new world and conquer that too. It is great to get a view point from over the pond. If kayakman took it the way you have obviously read it too I apologise
  13. thepimp007

    Tom Johnstone

    Sorry don't agree with this. He would outdo Eden for me if he was on Cas left wing
  14. thepimp007

    Alex Rowe leaving

    Was really hoping us (Bulls) would be in for someone like him. We are lacking some experience this year with only Crossley in the pack with seniority. Newcastle really going for it next year good luck to them
  15. thepimp007

    Widdop set to miss Kiwi series with shoulder injury

    He was billed to be a future star in his young days at Bradford. It's generally upsetting to see yet another Bradford product tearing it up due to the mismanagement. But as a Bradford lad great to see our local sides producing players of such quality. Also being at Cas working under 3 very good half back coaches alongside learning off Gale will have helped his development massively