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  1. It's a team game - one player never wins a match, nor does one player alone lose it. If we were to spend every week discussing the limitations of individual players in any particular game then it would be a poor reflection upon us as supporters.
  2. How many of their community efforts have you attended Fred? If they have no real interest in RL then I don't see why you would expect them to roll up. For example you could have stayed a game of top level RU with free entry and I for one wouldn't have dreamed of attending, for exactly the same reason.
  3. Why would you expect them at a RL match?
  4. I think that all Dewsbury wingers over the past ten years have had the same tendency. It is probably due to the second row and centre on the same side failing to drift sufficiently.
  5. Until you watch the video and find that the ref was right, all along.
  6. Any way, I predict that we will put up a brave fight for 50 minutes before the combination of travelling, time change, FT vs PT etc catches up with us. Toronto 46 - 14 Rams Att: 100 according to anti-expansionists, 6300 according to Toronto.
  7. You may be right. I just don't understand why your initial barb was aimed at me unless you believe that I am a board member. For clarification I am just a long-standing (suffering) supporter like the majority on here.
  8. Cynicism to the fore again Nick? I trust that you are aware that some SL club chairmen have questioned whether Toronto would actually be allowed into SL if the win promotion? This is completely out of the hands of the RFL as you will know and getting rid of the 8's was brought about by the SL clubs, so that conspiracy falls at the first fence. Suggestions of incompetence I can accept but suggestions of complex cunning plans - really?
  9. Why are you asking me? I don't make the rules. If clubs were dependent upon income from gate money alone then there wouldn't be much RL being played in this country though, would there?
  10. I don't believe that Sykes will be travelling - just like last year. I hope that those players who are able to jump through the hoops enjoy the experience and do the club proud. Equally I trust that the small but dedicated group of fans have a great time.
  11. I'm a Dewsbury supporter and have to say that was the worst defensive display that I have seen this season. You have a few quality players in the side but I fear that they will move on shortly. Half backs aren't your problem; you have to assemble a decent pack before you can move on anywhere. I have always enjoyed games against Rochdale going back many decades and I am sure that you will bounce back within a year or two.
  12. Oooh, I remember being over 50. Happy days.
  13. Well, that's one - something to build on at least.
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