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  1. Blind side johnny

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    One wrong doesn't make a right. If there was a crusher tackle, and video will show whether that is so, then it must be punished. Whilst not looking so spectacular as big hits, elbows etc they are immensely dangerous for the players on the receiving end and have to be eliminated.
  2. Come on John, straw man arguments are so old hat on this forum even Maurice wouldn't sink to them. This does seem to be a characteristic of all of your posts; time to try another tactic?
  3. Blind side johnny

    Fewer than 17 players

    To run a reserve team clubs need opponents. The problem lies firmly with SL clubs who won't meet their moral obligations.
  4. Agreed and understood, but the environment in which they might hope to succeed is currently unclear.
  5. Wikipedia now counts as "facts"? Why wasn't I told?
  6. "Reported to be".
  7. Geared up for what - a mystery ride?
  8. Sadly, yes. This has been demonstrated previously that by agreeing to the rules of an organisation when joining it you lose any rights to object to those rules once within it.
  9. His track record doesn't create that image though, does it?
  10. Blind side johnny

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    Traditional Fev fans with pride and principles (probably the large majority) have justifiably bridled at the label "Leeds Reserves" when proffered in the past. They will now be struggling to swallow their pride. Genuinely, I feel for them.
  11. Blind side johnny

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    So, after all of the statements of principles that would never be shaken, cynicism is allowed to rule the roost? I am sure that there are a whole host of Fev fans who would struggle to accept this, not least based upon pride and history.
  12. Blind side johnny

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    How many DR games would he have to play for Fev in order to be able to play in the 8's for them?
  13. Blind side johnny

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    Sounds worse than speedway to me. He goes to Leeds on loan for the rest of the season yet will be allowed to play for Fev on DR when not required by Leeds. Just how does this accord with the theory behind DR (GH's invention remember), or is that now simply being laughed off?
  14. Blind side johnny

    2019 NRL rejects coming to a club near you

    How will this impact on DR?
  15. Divide and rule raises it's ugly head once more. Who is actually prepared to speak for the vision required to make the whole pie massively bigger rather than keep arguing about who should get a slice?