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  1. What a strange question. Only four games in and seeing some of his players perform for the first time will certainly have given him plenty of food for thought about a few of them. At least he will have the chance to build a good squad for C1.
  2. I was trying to be empathetic with development teams of course, but that seems to have passed you by. Must be all those dreaming spires, eh?
  3. Perfection would be 0-0, surely?
  4. Sounds like an ideal opportunity for the RFL to restructure the Championship and C1 - for the better of course, as always.
  5. No, you've got loads of money from last year.
  6. Just to add the last bit of grist to this mill Tony Price is listed in the Halifax squad for that season, making just 8 appearances. As a measure of the accuracy of these publications one of our players is listed as Tony Craven (maybe they thought the A stood for Anthony?).
  7. There was a significant redundancy exercise at Red Hall before Christmas (kept that quiet didn't they?) which might be one cause. In reality though "due process" must be followed which simply means a careful belt & braces approach.
  8. Thanks Legin. I didn't think we had any Aussies (apart from Vic Hey) until the 80's - shows how wrong I am doesn't it?
  9. Donald was suspended by the RFL pending the conclusion of their investigation. I believe that he has admitted the offence but claiming that it was a genuine mistake. I expect that he will get up to a two year suspension though, so we are unlikely to see him again in our strip at least.
  10. That was in the 80's though, wasn't it?
  11. Maybe Spicer and Alex Brown are fit again?
  12. I don't think anyone will kick themselves as the player in question was labelled G Price - I don't remember him at all.The only Price around at that time was Ray and it doesn't look like him. Is this correct or has the book got their labels wrong?
  13. As Barnes was contracted then we should receive some recompense for payments already made, so I would hope that has happened. Coe was never up to the standard required and I am unsure why we signed him - willing but just not good enough. Squires has been training with us and I don't know if we have signed him. Is he any better than his dad?
  14. I don't know that you are right Chris. Ned will be pragmatic in the first instance using whatever resources are available whilst we continue to suffer from injured absentees. Maybe if he had a full(ish) squad available then he might be happy to work with that, and the team bonding that might ensue. We shouldn't expect any miraculous signings though, more likely a couple of gap-fillers. Back to the topic though: we had a comfortable home win over Oldham last season, as did they at their place. I suspect that these roles may be repeated so will forecast: Rams 26 - 16 Roughyeads Att: 785 FTS: Teanby MoM: Fairhurst
  15. Well Therein has got them all correct with just the one exception of the mystery player. Let's see if Crownflatter can remember his name before revealing it.