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  1. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Or maybe clubs can put their efforts into attracting more home fans? Crazy idea I know, but it just might be the answer.
  2. And every year we read it. Why do publishers print such rubbish if all we do is read the stuff?
  3. Rochdale Hornets

    According to my information the RFL have been rigorously monitoring salary caps and player contracts in Championship clubs for 2018 in an attempt to avoid them plunging into crises. In theory the salary caps of individual Championship clubs have been agreed in detail by the RFL after the presentation by the clubs of audited income statements for 2017 together with guaranteed income streams. Something has gone badly wrong here and it could be (I don't know, I'm just speculating) that Rochdale might already be in default of the salary cap regulations. This would be worrying not only for them but also for the rest of the Championship clubs operating under these same regulations.
  4. Griffin

    And the second list?
  5. Season Ticket still not arrived

    He did but I'm afraid that I don't remember the details.
  6. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    Well, compared with the rip-roaring success of the RLIF in recent years he seems to be on a hiding to nothing doesn't he? On the other hand we could give him a little time first just to see what he might start to achieve before castigating him as a failure.
  7. Through visionary leadership from all those at the helm of the game and the clubs. First and foremost I would like to see the sport of RL promoted to the point that it is regarded as an attractive option by the sports-watching public. If demand can be generated amongst consumers then broadcasters and other media will quickly follow, just as long as we concentrate upon the actual product and less upon the trimmings.
  8. Griffin

    Please remind me of the superannuated signings that we have made in the past ten years that have been a success, and then list all of those who haven't. Your latter points are the most important, of course.
  9. Pre - Season Friendly Games 2018

    £1. £25 to get out though.
  10. Griffin

    Breach of contract is a sacking offence. Otherwise the team/club discipline would go to pot. Do we really need a 35 year old?
  11. I believe that this is in danger of conflating two issues - the future of SL, which is where the major reorganisation that Pearson is talking about is happening, and the future of the RFL. Whilst the power undoubtedy lie with the SL clubs the authority currently lies with the RFL as does the Sky deal. I read this as the SL Chairmen laying the ground for a wholesale takeover of the RFL, which Nigel Woods stood steadfastly against.
  12. barrow

    Having an opinion is quite different from an obsession, as I'm sure that you know. Huddersfield do own 20% of the stadium company; I can't speak for Wigan. Should I assume that you disagree with my statement that all Championship clubs should stand on their own feet?
  13. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Is Toonto Newcastle's new name?
  14. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Just to clarify: the bequest from Christine Gooder specified that the money should not be used for any running costs but for a significant capital investment. If I understood MS's comments correctly at the most recent fans' forum this is what is happening.
  15. barrow

    Oh there is no perfect logic in it at all but if you do look at our sport (and others too) then newly promoted clubs have a habit of starting the season on-fire. The "top" clubs will still win 9/10 times so, personally, I would prefer to face them at the start of the season than when they are in their groove. This is simply based upon 40+ years watching the game at lower levels (and probably an unsound memory).