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  1. Blind side johnny

    Gary Schofield predicts

    I believe that this will be a sending-off offence in 2019.
  2. Blind side johnny

    Garry Schofield predicts:

    Yes, I overlooked Sheffield - more likely to be top 8 than some. As for Barrow, it all depends upon how long the money holds out.
  3. Blind side johnny

    Garry Schofield predicts:

    In League Express GS makes the following predictions for the Championship: 1. Toronto 2. Leigh 3. Widnes 4. Toulouse 5. Halifax 6. York 7. Featherstone 8. Bradford 9. Barrow 10. Batley 11. Sheffield 12. Dewsbury 13. Rochdale 14. Swinton I guess that most would agree with the general forecast, although a couple look a bit out to me. I don't know how strong Leigh will eventually end up without DB's input, but will he change his mind?York could well finish 6th but I feel that they would be happy with anything above 10th, and I expect Bradford to finish much higher than 8th if only because of JK's knowledge of this league. As for us then, avoiding simple blind faith, it is currently difficult to predict as most of us haven't seen the team as a whole nor individual players to be able to judge; we might actually be relieved to finish 12th or disappointed not to finish 8th - who can tell? I am sure that the drum-beaters and flag-wavers from some other clubs will be outraged by their predicted status (and remember he had London finishing 8th last year) but will that be down to the pain of reality or just a preference for delusion? What GS can't predict, of course, is which club will hit financial problems first, possibly affecting the whole of the league. Let comments commence!
  4. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    Come on kids - if you don't behave then Santa won't bring you any presents. 🎅
  5. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    You mean promotion and publicity GoR? I can't see that ever working, can you?
  6. Blind side johnny

    Players For 2019

    My understanding is that we are also planning for future seasons, hence giving opportunities to younger players many of whom have got something to prove. If there were a host of quality experienced players available that we are declining to sign then I might agree with you but, as far as I can see, there aren't. If you know better then I would be interested to learn who they are, if not then "spray and pray" does seem a little uncharitable. I do agree, however, that should be in for an interesting season ahead, hopefully not in the Chinese sense.
  7. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    No RPH, he means Dewsbury fans, not Batley.
  8. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    You said 2.5 - 3K but cannot now substantiate the claim, so your response is to point the finger elsewhere. How sad.
  9. Blind side johnny

    RFL initiative

    If I understand correctly sustainability isn't strictly financial but also relates to interactions with the local community, as measured by such as Our League membership (do remember to nominate the team that you follow) and other elements of co-operative interaction. I addition there is a measure of "return on investment" - I'm not entirely sure how this is measured but one simple element is how much of the club's income, as a percentage, is created by central distribution. Clearly when the next TV contract is negotiated anf clubs such as ours learn how much, or little, we might receive then those who have made greater strides towards sustainability will be better placed. The declared withdrawal of Sky funding from cycling in 2019 should have sent a collective shiver down a few spines.
  10. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    When was the last time that 3k turned up? When was the last time that the attendance at the Mount was published, in fact?
  11. Blind side johnny

    Players For 2019

    If he bulks up a bit he could be another Tony Murphy.
  12. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    Two years I think, Roger.
  13. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    As support slowly dwindles Ernie, you can't keep sucking more blood from the bodies that remain though, can you? People will say that it is the Boxing Day match, always draws a good crowd, no need to do anything special. Or might they say "let's promote it as a great family day out after the excesses of Christmas; offer special prices/packages, get lots of folk along and sell them extra stuff when they are here"? Nah! Same old, same old has always been good enough for RL.
  14. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    No need. Thay now have fancy computerised turnstiles - the attendance will be cumulatively displayed on their big screen, no doubt, so you can watch the crowd grow by the minute.
  15. Blind side johnny

    Boxing Day

    But that is just the problem - many might not who would have been tempted at £15. That sounds like lose-lose to me.