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  1. Apologies - my tone can sometimes be a bit abrupt, unintentionally.
  2. The rest weekend is actually due to the need to organise these games, gather in sponsors, write and print programmes, find out where Sheffield will be playing, and all of the other unsung tasks that are involved in organising matches. The full programme of C1 games is scheduled for this weekend and they had their rest last weekend for the self same reasons.
  3. You call them what you want WR - whoever finishes in the bottom two drops out (I believe): still Bottom 8's to me.
  4. Yep, so complaining that they never bring any fans to your place................................................
  5. No doubt the "gates full" signs were up at the Trailfinders today?
  6. Yes, you're right, I'm wrong; see here: No dates yet as, I assume, ground availability might be an issue with a couple of clubs. (Original post now amended.)
  7. One mystery for me, although I am easily confused, is Glover getting MoM. I thought that Knowles looked really good, as if he had been playing in the team for years, and Potts had a decent game as well. One big plus for me this season has been the hard graft of Jode Sheriffe - I confess that I was very skeptical when we signed him but he does a solid hard-working job week in, week out.
  8. Are you sure about that?
  9. Oh dear, someone tell him.
  10. Yep, and a 12 point gap to make up.
  11. It won't happen. London are a top Championship side but won't get promoted; only Hull KR have any chance and, on recent showings, they will be a long shot. Unless the structures change, of course!
  12. Ten? Three sent off? Sounds like a rough game.
  13. Well, if I understand the fixtures correctly it looks as if we will be playing: Toulouse (H) Batley (A) Sheffield (A) Rochdale (H) Swinton (H) Oldham (A) Bradford (H) I'm not sure in what order the fixtures will be but I am confident that we won't be in danger of the drop. Bradford look to be doomed as they can only overtake Oldham and Swinton and would need to win every match. Two losses would condemn them without a mathematical chance and one loss would likely confirm their demise: who will be the "lucky" club that sends them down? It looks as if the two clubs above them will be fighting to stay up but it might go down to the last weekend. Every game counts.
  14. So, how did everyone do? I see that many were saying that 8th would be a major disappointment yet, after our woeful start, it now seems like something of a victory. What a roller coaster ride it is being a RL fan.
  15. What has happened to Glenn Morrison? I though that he was their head coach.