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  1. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I thought a contract had been agreed. Surely there can't have been any delay in producing and signing it? We are usually very sharp in these matters. Nowhere in the article did it actually say that he had applied for the job but it may have been a bit tricky to read for some of our visiting posters - cramp of the lips can be very painful I'm told.
  2. Dewsbury Ram's Xmas Party

    Nobody likes Friday nights, hadn't you heard?
  3. 2018 Squad confirmed

    In the past maybe Nick but as you would have heard from MS at the last forum the rules of the game have changed significantly now and don't allow for the usual three-card tricks that some clubs have employed. In addition, if you read the piece about Tubby and all the PNG players lining up to sign for Sheffield you will recognise that it is pie in the sky. No doubt they will snare a couple of bolters, because he is a good coach (grinds teeth) but nobody like Lo. (Is he really as good as Ernie in any case?)
  4. New Website

    A bellwether no doubt? Well, a bell - something.
  5. Team for next year

    He played his last ever game at the weekend for Wales vs Ireland. He has now retired.
  6. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I would be interested to see how Sheffield could squeeze them under their salary cap given their woeful attendances last season.
  7. New Website

    Coolie isn't people! Why haven't we been told this before?
  8. One for the old folk

    Rumour was that it was taken from his peg in the changing room via an open window, not straight off his head. And I was sure that it was Alan Craven - my memory isn't what it used to be.
  9. 2018 Squad confirmed

    And it seems that we have actually signed Billy Hayes permanently rather than it being a loan. Still looking for a couple more players though. Some of those Tongan lads looked handy!
  10. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Wasn't he in a double act with Charlie Drake?
  11. Geoff Fletcher RIP

    A great character and obstinate to the last - wouldn't bow down to the RFL hierarchy until finally forced to. Not a bad player either. Do we still have characters in sport or is or just me getting old?
  12. One for the old folk

    ...and I thought that it was a Dewsbury player who nicked it. Geoff was very sensitive about his wig and was quite upset.
  13. One for the old folk

    Thanks YU - I hadn't realised that was available on YouTube. I will mark it down to watch at Christmas when there is nothing on the telly. Plenty of characters of the game as it was in those days to allow we old gimmers to wallow in a bit of nostalgia.
  14. So that he knows which foot to put them on.
  15. They are mostly NRL players, so that won't be allowed to happen.