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  1. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    Thanks LTS. That assumes that the gross amount for distribution remains the same, of course, and doesn't diminish as some SL clubs are demanding. My question to Wakefield Ram remains unanswered however.
  2. Cameron Scott

    I guess that he is on DR and we couldn't give him a game so he played for their academy. No mystery really.
  3. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    As a mild philosophical exercise, if central funding was equally distributed throughout the division where would you anticipate us being?
  4. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    "You", "You" - wash your mouth out with soap and water that man!!
  5. Halifax predictions :

    "Ambition" = "spending someone else's money".
  6. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    I believe that Batley managed to show that such defeatism can be overcome. Without hope there cannot be any sport.
  7. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Useful for those who's view of the scoreboard wasn't blighted by the TV gantry. For those of us unable to see it we continued in our blissful ignorance. Long may that continue, some would say.
  8. Halifax predictions :

    Thanks Therein. My oblique post was maybe a reminder that simplistic remedies often don't work, even if some fans might find them appealing. The coaching staff need to be given plenty of time to sort things without being placed under any silly pressure. However, any suggestions that just keeping on doing what we do will eventually yield results would be short-sighted. If I knew what the answers are then I should be coaching the team; I don't and thankfully I am not. What I do know for absolutely certain is that relegation is not a viable solution, unless Nick knows how to fill the £180k hole that this would create.
  9. Halifax predictions :

    This time last year on the back of a similar set of results there was only one solution available in the eyes of many fans. Has it worked?
  10. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Yep, and he will pinch your dinner money again, just like every other week.
  11. R.I.P

    Sad news. RIP Ron.
  12. This League Structure aint Working

    Your reading is exceptional RPH. Whenever I see "voting" then should I infer "waiting"?
  13. Halifax predictions :

    Where's ours?
  14. Cameron Scott

    Billy Hayes anyone? Not forgetting Dicky Doel of course.
  15. Halifax predictions :

    We can win this one but a lot depends upon the Halifax team too. The one that beat London would probably steamroller us whilst the one that struggled against Swinton would give us a good chance. Let's hope that they don't travel well: Rams 22 - 20 Fax FTS Glover Att: 1099 (I won't be there!)