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  1. From a selfish point of view it is a poor choice, as I shall be unable to attend. I do know, however, that the club tends to benefit from Friday night games particularly if the weather is kind, so from that viewpoint it has to be good.
  2. I don't think that you will LR. I also remember such games but they were a long, long time ago.
  3. According to LE Wakefield have recalled both Annakin and Hooley as cover for their injuries. I know that I am prejudiced but I wouldn't trust certain people at that club further than I can kick them. We will definitely be looking at a weakened team on Friday and Batley have something to prove. It will be a hard game to predict the outcome of; let's hope that attracts a few more fans, out of interest if nothing else.
  4. You wouldn't though. The minor alteration in the space-time continuum caused by your beating Doncaster would have resulted in an entirely different draw.
  5. I think that you will have to bring your own.
  6. You could easily win your next two games, which might change some people's opinions. Of course, if you were to lose them......................
  7. I hope that you are right, on both counts. They only had 722 at home on Saturday.
  8. Gates have been very poor all round so far. Anybody who clings to the notion that the CC is really popular and just needs some sort of boost to get the interest back is fooling themselves. If we get a SL club at home we might hope for 2000 at best, and probably much lower. It's a shame we can't play Batley (what happened to them, does anybody know?), so will probaably get Catalans away.
  9. It was good to see Whiteley get some game time. What did others think about his contribution?
  10. You went to the West Hull game then Nick - how often did Gabriel drop the ball in that match? He is no more a full back than Morton is - let's hope Hooley is back for Friday.
  11. Yes, I was surprised that Dave Woods didn't mention that.
  12. Like everyone else I do hope that both of the injured players recover fully. A poor first half performance by us followed by a much better second half. Thankfully LG's half-time talks must be far superior to those of Glenn Morrison.
  13. Gabriel, on the other hand.............................................
  14. Most people on here couldn't accurately or correctly define who is a quota player and who isn't, so don't worry about it.
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