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  1. Championship shield semi final match thread

    As things stand there will still be more FT teams than there are places in SL, and the latter isn't going to expand anytime soon.
  2. Why did we spend £10k......

    Did KN say it was defective? Software issues can cover a host of scenarios, including having someone who knows how to work the software. It is a bit more tricky than hanging cards on hooks.
  3. 2018 Squad confirmed

    They will be celebrating on the Dog's forum though.
  4. Daniel I to Fev

    As much as he ever was. I would guess that he is unlikely to be offered a contract for next season.
  5. Daniel I to Fev

    I wouldn't. Rumours were that he didn't gell with the rest of the players and always saw himself as SL standard. He'll probably get a go at RU in the centres and be a sensation, or something.
  6. Oldham game

    And they say that the Championship is an old man's league!
  7. Toulouse, Semi-Final Shield

    Kudos to those fans travelling to this match - I hope that you have a great time. Reasons of timing and parsimony prevent me from being there in person but, like many others, I shall be there in spirit (and Twitter).
  8. Oldham game

    Maybe the run of defeats dimmed the glister on his record. Ned has done well but wouldn't be so daft as to be taken in by spurious awards: he knows that next season will be the true measure of his worth.
  9. Oldham game

    Aaah! Holliday, Moore and Squires on the pitch together brings a touch of nostalgia to this old softie. 😎
  10. Why did we spend £10k......

    Ours keeps breaking down too - software issues apparently. I suspect there might be some dodgy kit being sold to small sports clubs around the country. If you don't really understand how they work, like the majority of us, then you are vulnerable.
  11. Bulldogs v seagulls

    Just started watching PM?
  12. Unlucky today, but safe now.

    To be announced within six months but a long lead in before launch, probably in 2019.
  13. Oldham game

    Cyanestes up, as someone of my persuasion might say.
  14. Oldham game

    The lack of response to this thread might reflect a lack of interest in the game itself and a feeling that the end of the season can't come quickly enough. I predict a last hurrah for Oldham against a fragmented effort from our lot. Too much uncertainty exists at the moment for NK to be able to effectively motivate all of the troops. In a team game like ours everyone needs to be equally focussed. Roughyeds 26 -18 Rams Att: 650
  15. Bulldogs v seagulls

    Eagles morale is at rock bottom. Rumours abound that they won't feature next season - don't expect their players to "lay their bodies on the line"(TM) .