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  1. Your ilk, you know your kind, your type, those who share the same world view etc etc. It’s nice to see you and John getting all cuddly, it’s only a couple of years since he was threatening legal action against you unless you retracted a statement you made about him. Still, any port in a lonely tory sea eh?
  2. Oh John, dearie dearie me, if we didn’t have you and saintslass and your ilk on here we’d have to invent you just to remind ourselves what nonsense really is
  3. But it doesn’t really go both ways, white people were never ripped from their homes and enslaved on an industrial scale. White people have never had their children taken from them and sent to institutions to attempt to make them forget their tribal roots. White people have never been the victims of attempted genocide at the hands of black people. White people have never had to suffer decades of insulting racial stereotyping like gollywog dolls and black and white minstrel shows. Campbell in the pic above was encouraging black people to vote so their voices could be heard, not suggesting the vote should be taken from white people
  4. Sorry but it’s incredibly simple, they, the communist’s, genocidal achievements, compare very favourably with that of the British empire. “Compares very favourably with” doesn’t mean “better than” or “worse than” it means “compares very favourably with” I’m not sure how I can state it more simply for you.
  5. Don’t forget Rugby League’s very own Heavy Woollen Donkeys @yanto
  6. Nigel Farage stated that if he didn’t get the brexit he wanted he would “don khaki, get a gun and fight for it” (paraphrased). He’s a politician, we’re meant to take his pronouncements seriously. Jo Brand is a comedian, she tells jokes for comedic or satirical purposes. A clear difference which you seem unable to grasp. You reference Jo Cox, well done,the right in their milkshake anguish have been strangely silent on the terrorist act that killed her. Hypocrisy much?
  7. Bullingdon Boy Boris Johnson takes lead in Tory leadership race The UK seems set once again to witness the catastrophic effects of Etonian-elitist rule, another Bullingdon boy coverts the wooden bench. The iron throne of Westminster. Cameron, Osborn now Johnson something stinks and its not the crackling of pork. This illusion of democracy, a charade made to resemble fairness in a rigged system. In a modern democracy are we about to see using Boris Johnson’s own words “Without... a mandate from the British people It is a scandal to move from one prime minister to another.” WITHOUT A MANDATE FROM THE BRITISH PEOPLE IT IS A SCANDAL TO MOVE FROM ONE PRIME MINISTER TO ANOTHER. The right and proper thing to do would be to call a General election immediately after the Tory leadership race, without the winner taking the position of Prime minister. We all know that fairness is not virtue of conservatism. The people will have to suck it and see for now.
  8. How about a “none of the above” option? I reckon even some of the forum tories would go for that
  9. http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2031992,00.html https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/books/was-the-famine-genocide-by-the-british-28954929.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_concentration_camps Just a smidgen of "research" for you
  10. In the context of North America chief is a racist term
  11. most of this proves my point, the jibes of lesser men mean as much to us as the quacking of some strange species of duck
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