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  1. Strange that they’re registered as a limited company and not a political party. This of course means they don’t have to divulge their backers. Imagine being so “independent” that your backers insist on you keeping them anonymous, strange indeed, almost Machiavellian you could say.
  2. Phil

    Great RL Photos

    Heavy Woollen Donkeys 1st Rotterdam international 9s 2004 (?) Yours truly 2nd left back row
  3. They put 46 on Fax a couple of weeks ago and Fax are well fancied for a top four place
  4. First contact was on the ball, penalty, nothing more
  5. Toronto winning the collisions at the moment
  6. Phil

    Tommy Robinson

    Wonder how it compares to Tommeh’s coke bill?
  7. Phil

    Well done Sri Lanka

    Justice and vengeance are two totally different concepts, maybe the pro death penalty folks on here would like to consider that for a moment?
  8. Phil

    Tommy Robinson

    Good old Tommeh
  9. Phil


    Harold’s Leap Stevie Smith Harold, are you asleep? Harold, I remember your leap, It may have killed you But it was a brave thing to do. Two promontories ran high into the sky, And fell to the sea's smother. Harold was always afraid to climb high, But something urged him on, He felt he should try. I would not say that he was wrong, Although he succeeded in doing nothing but die. Would you? Ever after that steep Place was called Harold's Leap. It was a brave thing to do.
  10. Phil

    Gigs 2019

    My band, Oil City, will be playing Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and a smattering of punk at The Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge on Friday 22nd February 9pm onwards. Oil City, bringing Rhythm and Blues back to the people.
  11. Phil


    Timothy Winters' Timothy Winters comes to school With eyes as wide as a football-pool, Ears like bombs and teeth like splinters: A blitz of a boy is Timothy Winters. His belly is white, his neck is dark, And his hair is an exclamation-mark. His clothes are enough to scare a crow And through his britches the blue winds blow. When teacher talks he won't hear a word And he shoots down dead the arithmetic-bird, He licks the pattern off his plate And he's not even heard of the Welfare State. Timothy Winters has bloody feet And he lives in a house on Suez Street, He sleeps in a sack on the kitchen floor And they say there aren't boys like him anymore. Old Man Winters likes his beer And his missus ran off with a bombardier, Grandma sits in the grate with a gin And Timothy's dosed with an aspirin. The welfare Worker lies awake But the law's as tricky as a ten-foot snake, So Timothy Winters drinks his cup And slowly goes on growing up. At Morning Prayers the Master helves for children less fortunate than ourselves, And the loudest response in the room is when Timothy Winters roars "Amen!" So come one angel, come on ten Timothy Winters says "Amen Amen amen amen amen." Timothy Winters, Lord. Amen Charles Causley
  12. Phil

    Rant thread

    Must have been in 19hundred and frozen to death
  13. Phil

    Rant thread

    Only cos you got away 😎