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  1. Rant thread

    we're lucky enough to have a large and varied enough customer base so that no one organisation or company has us over a financial barrel. Once they're out of terms that's it with us. I realise not all companies/individuals are that fortunate.
  2. Rant thread

    issue legal against them. I'm currently issuing against companies/individuals who owe us August. Its not on.
  3. Rant thread

    The 'Market', the thing that must be appeased, is the modern superstition made real, the old testament god of our era. I still recall being in meetings where events were attributed, in hushed, wide eyed tones, to 'the market' and it's horde of avenging angels named 'market forces'. It's all mumbo jumbo.
  4. I'm not sure where in Halifax he played but it's obviously a possibility. I was talking to his daughter t'other week, lovely woman.
  5. An Oxford style listing Gloria - Them Backfield in motion - Mel and Tim Can’t turn you loose - Otis Reading Kick out the jams - MC5 Ain’t nothin shakin (but the leaves on the tree) -Dr Feelgood Time is tight -Booker T and the MGs I fought the law -The Clash Madness - Prince Buster Roger Daltrey and Wilko Johnson - Keep it to myself and finally this
  6. Not sure I follow your biblical allusions there mate
  7. That’s true but I’ll give limited and critical support to anybody or party who makes serious moves to reduce inequality so who’d do more in this context Burnham or Corbyn?
  8. And the poor in society would still be the poor in society
  9. food banks

    How do you know how much their phones cost?
  10. Rant thread

    A cat stalking even with a bell doesn’t make a sound
  11. No no no, I think Australia’s dominance has been a bad thing for the international game, but the other nations have to raise their game we can’t weaken the Aussies just to make it more competitive
  12. Germany

    You need to read the history of the game mate. You’re lucky to be in Australia where League is the dominant code. Thats not the case here unfortunately