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  1. Diane Abbott - from a working class family, daughter of a welder and a nurse, she became one of the first-ever black MP’s elected in Britain. And she’s the longest serving black MP in the country, serving her community for 32 years. She has consistently voted in favour of women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. She’s consistently voted to raise disability and carer benefits, and consistently voted in favour of jobs and opportunities for young people. She's the founder of the Schools And The Black Child initiative, which raises educational achievement among black children. She’s worked to raise minority representation in parliament. She set up a cross-party committee to investigate youth gun crime, and she’s the chair of the All Party Parliamentary British-Caribbean Group. She receives more hate mail, death threats and rape threats than any other MP. Half of all hate mail sent to female MP’s is sent to Diane Abbott. Despite that she’s served her community for 32 years. In her last election she won her constituency by a majority of over 75%. SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT! She can drink where she ###### likes, mate.
  2. Nothing will change until we have a genuinely socialist/anarchist society which will require the overthrow of the capitalist/oligarchist system,
  3. Tories: lie, cheat, fraud. Say and do various racist stuff; persecute the weakest in society, reward bankers, corporations etc and themselves with tax breaks while cutting services and saying “we’re all in it together,” dress up as Nazis, etc... Press: lol what do you expect? Tories gonna Tory. Labour: Drinks mojito on tube train Press: OMG DID YOU SEE THAT EVERYBODY? This woman needs to GO!
  4. Personally, I think obsessive strange men secretly taking photographs of women on trains is much more worrying than someone taking a little drink from a can on the way home from work.
  5. some great points raised there, personally I'm still seething at the Catalan no try decision
  6. Things burned in the Notre Dame fire. Beautiful, ancient things for sure, but still things. People burned in the Grenfell Tower fire. People are more important than things. Or they should be. Powerful people will ensure that Notre Dame is rebuilt as quickly as possible. Powerful people are prevaricating and obstructing the Grenfell disaster inquiry and many people are still living in temporary accommodation. Such are the priorities in a society where things are more important than people
  7. You mean no one gives a flying ###### about it, but then you knew that was point didn’t you?
  8. Imagine if Grenfell had some really important examples of stained glass windows and gothic architecture instead of just poor people.
  9. Yep, it’s absolutely the tory way
  10. Ah, so it’s ok to make monkey noises at her
  11. Catalan robbed blind by the official, again, Guasch has a point
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