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  1. Phil

    Health update.

    Hoping you’re well on the road to recovery John
  2. We’re back on the trail 30th June at the Beer Belly Cross hills near Keighley Rhythm and Blues, Rock n Roll served up with a garnish of punk Oil City bringing Rhythm and Blues back to the people
  3. Phil

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Can’t believe people on here stating Edwards wasn’t a great player oh yeah I can, this is Rugby League, one of the things we’re good at is belittling our own game
  4. Maybe but there’s such a thing as winning gracefully
  5. Bloody hell hear Thorman whinge, what would he be like if they’d lost?
  6. Catalan are a real enigma, this is the team that put 30 points on Wigan in the first 40 and then forgot how to play in the second