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  1. I did point out that as nouveau riche as he is, he's still only a couple of generations removed from the tin bath
  2. As much as I'd like to I'd get the sack 😡😡
  3. The **** at work who says "is that the game poor people watch?" Every time RL is mentioned, I'm this 👌 Close to letting him have one
  4. Actually conservatism is the real politics of envy, constantly prattling on about workers drawing wages for doing nowt, prisoners having meals and beds, dole scroungers going on holiday etc etc etc
  5. Don't know mate I've not been there since the year dot
  6. Thanks, I think!!! plus I believe that name's taken 😎
  7. Oil City will be bringing Rhythm and Blues to the people Saturday 28th January at The Wainhouse Tavern, Pye Nest, Halifax 8:30 till late. Enjoy yourself, its later than you think
  8. I held a door open for someone at work and they sailed through it without even a glance at me and had a hissy fit when I said "You're welcome" in a loud voice.
  9. Yeah fair point, but the LDs always portray themselves as ethical and caring etc etc whereas in reality they'd jump in bed with anyone to get a taste of power
  10. They're completely untrustworthy opportunists they'll say owt to get a cross next to their names
  11. Drivers who indicate one yard before a junction or turn off