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  1. Yes according to the OP, who’s now gone quiet
  2. Phil


    No it’s not just silly, the search for something “other” seems to be inbuilt into the human psyche. To me the problems arise when men, always men, decide they will be the arbiters of belief.
  3. Phil

    Happy Advent

    “Well we had it rough”
  4. As others have said on this thread, I’m just about to call it a day with “professional” RL, a small game being made smaller by petty jealousies from tinpot M62 towns
  5. You’d have to apologise
  6. Did some roadie/security work for the Buzzcocks back in the day, totally nice guys all of them, spoke to Pete about three months ago Totally gutted 😔
  7. Phil


    bless 'em this is what we should be doing, instead we touch our collective forelocks to the posh boys
  8. And the deceit goes on...Not one, not two, not three but Johnson guilty of nine failures to declare earnings to Parliament!....And there are actually people who tout him as a suitable Prime Minister...One day they will discover who was putting huge amounts of narcotics into the British water system, surely it is the only possible explanation as to how many people are prepared to believe in charlatans like this...It's 2018 and still the ruling classes can thrust pompous, greedy self serving bastards like this into the ring and shedloads of working class people vote for them....A product of Eton College...Fool Britannia...
  9. Not my words but I agree totally with this (Paul, a proud Londoner, speaking) Listen, the Tories are laughing at the British people! Just listen to Prime Minister's Question Time! Theresa May, the 'Poundland Thatcher', is laughing at you, she is smiling at the misery of millions and telling a massive load of fibs and porkies, just like the posh kids always do! Where is your backbone Britain? When will you fight back? When will you stop these bullying, braying toffs? Are you really so beaten, so defeated, that you would take such insults from these vermin masquerading as decent human beings and continue to beg them for scraps, graciously and comically mimicking their accents and manners in a desperate bid to win their approval? Get out in the streets, stand together in unity, in community! Demand the society they stole from us!!! You have spent decades laughing at the French, thinking them cowards, grinning at phrases like "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys" and resting on the laurels of World War II, all the while conveniently erasing incidents like Bir Hacheim (where Free French soldiers paved the way for the victory at El Alamein) from your collective memory! Well, it is the French who are kicking the grinning toffs in the ###### right now!!! That's it, the French!!! The French are fighting while you still swallow insults like 'Austerity' and 'Universal Credit' with a stoical, all in this together 'Dunkirk Spirit', a spirit that was only possible due to heroic French soldiers fighting a desperate and suicidal rearguard action. I'm with the French, in France, here, right now!!! I'll be broadcasting from Paris on Sunday, right in the thick of it! Where are you? If we can all stand together, all of us, a true united Europe, a true united World, we can be rid of this pestilential curse they call neo-liberalism, this cancer that is eating the planet and our future! If we talk of pride, then this is our moment. Come out of the shadows Britain, join us against our common enemy, come out fighting, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!!! I love you Britain, I know you're on the ropes but I love you, I know you can do it, I know you can get up and keep fighting, it's not too late to stick a steamhammer southpaw right through the toffee nosed bully's glass jaw!!! Come on, we love you, we know you can do it!!!
  10. I’ve worked personal and group security for bands etc and I’ve worked the doors, this is totally unacceptable NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. I’d hope these thugs will get time for this.
  11. Phil

    Dear Diary

    What happened to common sense? We had several similar conversations when my mother in law was struggling with dementia
  12. My band have just set this to a typical 12 bar Rock n Roll beat We’ll debut it at our next gig
  13. A list of misleading info and outright lies peddled about EU directives