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  1. The politics of envy, “why are they getting this? It’s not fair”
  2. Russia

    Here's something that got to me today ...... yesterday Macron was taking a similar, "show me the evidence" stance to Corbyn. Today Macron has shifted his stance. Now if Macron has been "shown the evidence" - why wasn't Corbyn? He is after all the Leader of the Opposition and a Member of the Privy Council.
  3. Russia

    Surely the conclusion Mrs May has jumped to, that as Russia produced this nerve agent makes them "obviously" culpable ... Makes The UK culpable for those killed in Yemen by arms produced here and sold to the Sauds?
  4. Russia

    No it’s not but I’m hardly responsible for your interpretation of a post am I?
  5. Russia

    What NOBODY is saying There is a major difference between Alexander Litvinenko and Sergei Skripal, which is not being reflected in the media. Litvinenko was a good man who attempted to expose abuses of power within Russia, in defence of the rights of Russians. Skripal is a traitor who sold the identities of Russian agents abroad to the UK, in exchange for hard cash. This may very well have caused the deaths of some of those Russian agents operating in conflict zones. If this is indeed a poisoning, there are a great many people who may want Mr Skripal dead – nor in this murky world should we overlook the fact that he must have known interesting things about his MI6 handlers. “Litvinenko II” is rather too pat and obvious, and could be a false flag set-up. I certainly hope that Skripal, his companion, and anybody else affected, recover fully from whatever has attacked them. But I moved long ago past a world view where my country are the “goodies” and Russians are the “baddies”, and instead I reached an understanding that those in power oppress the people, universally. The idea that the elaborate spy games between world intelligence agencies are a battle between right and wrong, is for the story books. They are all wrong, all part of a system where power over people is controlled for the benefit of the wealthy, and battles are over hard resources, whichever “side” you are on.
  6. Animal rights activists

    Programme on bbc 1 now about health problems caused by inbreeding in bulldogs
  7. your thoughts

    You’ve previously described yourself as a nationalist on this forum, now you’ve come out with some kindergarten racism, how are we bleeding heart commie liberals supposed to react to you?
  8. If it’s true then he should go, willing or otherwise
  9. Animal rights activists

    Partly right but the standards set by the kennel club are harmful to dogs, look at the standard for an English bull terrier in the 19th century and compare it to the current standard
  10. To be fair I thought Halifax put in a totally dominant effort today particularly in the first 40. If Fax can achieve some consistency they’ll be there at the end of the season. Sorry to say that Leigh looked a beaten team as soon as they conceded the first try, work to be done there.
  11. UKIPpery

    I’d say attempting to recruit a street fighting army is a new development Futtocks
  12. UKIPpery

    Scary development?