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  1. Obituary thread 2017

    I've read The Beastly Beatitudes of Bathazar B many times
  2. Actually no, I believe in direct and violent action against the state and it's representatives As a a liberal surely you see the validity of my viewpoint?
  3. You do realise what the provenance of the phrase "up against the wall mothf*****s" is don't you?
  4. "Ooh look at me I'm a liberal, I think all views are equally valid"
  5. Nonsense, your efforts to appear "fair" and "reasonable" are rendering you incapable of any kind of judgement at all. Tongs is quite correct, anyone who thinks the existence of food banks is"morally uplifting" is so short of empathy that they're probably on the psychopathic scale. There was no criticism from Tongs of the people who volunteer in food banks. Ask them what they think of Rees-Mogg
  6. disgusting excuse for a human being
  7. Wolfpacks new signings

    Nonsense , he has a massive work rate and is an on field leader
  8. This Saturday 16th September at The Upper George Halifax Sophest, a day of music in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Trust. Sophie was the young goth girl who was kicked to death by yobs in a park in Bacup 10 years ago. My band Oil City are on at 1:00pm come along to support a great cause. This is also our first gig with our new front man Jonathan
  9. Sleeplessness

    I always find a glass of milk helps me
  10. Definitely a red, I'm amazed anyone thinks otherwise