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  1. Otis Blue -GT Moore and The Reggae Guitars
  2. It really is enough to make me say sod it with RL, desperately disappointed with this
  3. just wtf? It's been Brighouse Ritz for 80 years 😡😡😡😡
  4. It's not really nice and I don't usually do it but I've been trolling NRL Facebook sites we used to have this impression of Aussies as stand up Chips Rafferty types but it seems a significant number of them just can't take losing, I know we've had to get used to it, but a bit of dignity guys (not most of the Aussies on here to be clear)
  5. Rhetorical question John, the very fact that they're here illegally means there's no register of their numbers. But hey ho it's all grist to the facebookers mill when they post about illegal immigrants getting benefits and council houses
  6. 😳😳😳😳😳
  7. Aged 14 me and my mate Pete started work in a fancy goods warehouse Tuesday evening and all day Saturday 15p an hour or thereabouts. come the summer hols they asked us if we could work full time, so we did. however on getting my first weeks pay I worked out we were being paid only 12p an hour off I march to the office demanding to know why, no real answer apart from the manager thought 15p "a bit much" Phil marches out in a fit of either pique or principal I forget which, thus setting the template for my working life
  8. This was probably the mails finest hour