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  1. "All the power's in the hands off the people rich enough to buy it while we walk the streets too chicken to even try it" The Clash
  2. I was being heavily ironic, maybe not heavily enough?
  3. Please resist the temptation to actually address any points won't you? 😏😏
  4. Not mine but worth sharing You've backed me into a corner Mrs. May, but I've made up my mind. I could never in a million years vote for the lying, disabled shaming, wealth stripping, asset selling, homelessness doubling tories. I also couldn't vote for the LibDems. Not just because they massively betrayed their voters by jumping into bed with the tories and enabling horrendous crippling austerity, but also because Tim Farron uses the bible, a work of fiction, as his moral compass. UKIP are certainly out of the question, not just because of their thinly veiled bigotry but because they've served their pupose and are now irrelevant. The Green vote is a wasted vote. That leaves me with Labour. 12 months ago I'd have been happy with that. I was still giving Jeremy Corbyn his 7th chance to pull something out of the bag, to prove that he's a leader. It didn't happen. He let me down. Labour is ed, the party is divided and its leader weak, there's absolutely no doubt about that, but I've missed votes in the past and regretted it, not this time. I can't stand idly by and get lost in the apathetic fog that's descending over the UK. We're sick of votes, we're sick of politics and we're sick of lies but most importantly we're sick of you. We're sick of a crumbling NHS and it's staff being treated like . We're sick of seeing the living dead sprawled across our streets, high on Spice, because it's their only relief from your inflicted hell. We're sick of you treating our family members like second class citizens because they've only lived here for 40 years and you can't ensure their security post Brexit. We're sick of you meddling with our kids education structure and using them as guinea pigs. We're sick of you driving our most vulnerable people to suicide and taking the word of a ##### with a checklist over a doctor. The truth is we live in a democracy with two houses, the next leader isn't all powerful like Kim Jong Un, we have checks and balances and safety nets. Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader and his party is a joke, but I'd take a mixture of incompetence and morals every time over an effective and vindictive shower of ###### any day, and I've no doubt in my mind that he will lose miserably but at least I'll be able to look myself in the eye whilst brushing my teeth.
  5. They shouldn't break the law then should they? 😎😎😎😎
  6. Yeah I do hate Bradford, I'm a Fax fan and yeah memories are long and taunts, like chickens, come home to roost. may I say however that when it looked like Bradford might go under I did state on here that I want to hate them from the terraces not hate them into non existence
  7. I'm as far from being a royalist as possible but yeah agreed
  8. As has been said the players eligibility to play for Nigeria had been discussed in the ####, so he definitely played the race card. So racists who spout their rubbish should be left unchallenged? Part of the Mayor of Liverpool's job is to promote and/or defend the interests of the city and its inhabitants.
  9. Poor old Kelvin, he's obviously the victim here
  10. Maybe you should speak to a Liverpudlian and put that view forward
  11. Thanks Bradford 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. It doesn't matter where the first impact was, it ended up in his gob, it was clumsy and uncontrolled and warranted a red.
  13. Who? I know they're Panthers, a bit of a rarity?