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  1. Thanks, I think!!! plus I believe that name's taken 😎
  2. Oil City will be bringing Rhythm and Blues to the people Saturday 28th January at The Wainhouse Tavern, Pye Nest, Halifax 8:30 till late. Enjoy yourself, its later than you think
  3. I held a door open for someone at work and they sailed through it without even a glance at me and had a hissy fit when I said "You're welcome" in a loud voice.
  4. Yeah fair point, but the LDs always portray themselves as ethical and caring etc etc whereas in reality they'd jump in bed with anyone to get a taste of power
  5. They're completely untrustworthy opportunists they'll say owt to get a cross next to their names
  6. Drivers who indicate one yard before a junction or turn off
  7. Actually it's an Orca, it predates on dolphins
  8. And why is S c u m asterisked out? It's hardly or is it?
  9. Ok I've nothing to prove to anyone about my anti racist and left wing credentials and I have a healthy dislike of the police, but armed drug dealers are not working class heroes, they're #### who prey on the working class, no tears or outrage here.
  10. So he did!!! Ooops looks like I dropped an easy pass there
  11. Walter Greendale
  12. Anyone read The Dead Zone?