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  1. Conspiracy Theories

    I think the real world is scary and awful enough I really fail to see why people have to seek refuge in these crazy theories
  2. Conspiracy Theories

    We’re all just sims in a massive computer game played by a computer so hi tech as to be almost unimaginable
  3. Rant thread

    Wife gives company card details for summer holiday thinking they’ll not debit it yet, they do, rent due on Friday, no money, no answer to wife’s email, husband quietly seething at wife’s innocence.
  4. Very sad I loved the cranberries and only 46 😔
  5. I’ve been to dozens of these in the course of my work it’s amazing how often that in the course of a liquidation once the wages, HMRC and protected creditors are paid out The remaining funds are exactly the liquidators fees.
  6. When we talk about “the establishment” this is what we mean
  7. No, absolutely disagree and that’s coming from a Fax fan
  8. Yes control it, by having a planned economy
  9. 'The Market' is the great superstition of our age. Is saying 'The market has the answer' any more or less credible than saying 'The magic stick has the answer', 'The oracle has the answer' or 'God has the answer'? There is no secret to the patterns of neo-liberalism; it is a system that panders to the worst of human nature, it's rhythms are governed by base greed and craven fear. That our planet and our futures have been sacrificed to this 'idol without form' is beyond belief.
  10. According to a friend of mine subbies are breaking into sites to get there gear back this morning
  11. The myth of Churchill is one of the greatest of our times, in reality he was an anti Semitic alcoholic who would happily have butchered anyone if they were black or dusky skinned. Still well thought of in Featherstone and the welsh valleys I believe 😒
  12. Carillion blacklisted trade unionists, ran up £600m pension deficit while protecting execs' bonuses, Tories gave party donor boss billion-pound contracts while firm in meltdown, now demanding a state bailout. Yet welfare claimants demonised as scroungers. What a bizarre country. Via Brian Reade Daily Mirror Columnist