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  1. An anonymous mate of mine "...I don't approve of children in pubs. I don't go in their playground".
  2. Just been up to the ground, there's a football match on this afternoon, what I think might be the disabled sports league. Something the club are heavily involved with. Celtic first team haven't played a home game since 23rd February and the weather down here has been great for the last week or so. Celtic's ground staff have covered themselves with glory once again and the pitch looks absolutely perfect.
  3. But if it was played at home, so many would be disappointed because they couldn't get tickets.
  4. Food of the Gods Bearman, looks fantastic. We're lucky to have an excellent chippy just round the corner. Still outstandingly good value for money in this day and age.
  5. Wasn't Peter Cushing married to Whoopi Goldberg?
  6. "Mafia Cats" - Roger McGough We're the Mafia cats Bugsy, Franco and Toni We're crazy for pizza With hot pepperoni We run all the rackets From gambling to vice On St Valentine's Day We massacre mice We always wear shades To show that we're meanies Big hats and sharp suits And drive Lamborghinis We're the Mafia cats Bugsy, Franco and Toni Love Sicilian wine And cheese macaroni But we have a secret (And if you dare tell You'll end up with the kitten At the bottom of the well Or covered in concrete And thrown into the deep For this is one secret You really must keep.) We're the Cosa Nostra Run the scams and the fiddles But at home we are Mopsy, Ginger and Tiddles
  7. Going back to dual-reg. Personally, I've always thought it to be one of stupidest ideas that the RL have ever come up with. There is no way on earth that a DR player is going to give 100% and risk an injury depriving him of a possible place in a SL squad. They come for a "run out" and go through the motions. The match result is irrelevant to them.
  8. Very few so far, mostly to positions with the company on other sites. As our business needs to run as normal for the next year or so, we've been offered very good redundancy terms, along with retention / loyalty bonuses. Even the employees with very little service are looking at leaving with £15k plus in their pockets.
  9. Can sympathise. We all (200+) go early in 2020.
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