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  1. BryanC

    2019 Squad and signings

    Going back to dual-reg. Personally, I've always thought it to be one of stupidest ideas that the RL have ever come up with. There is no way on earth that a DR player is going to give 100% and risk an injury depriving him of a possible place in a SL squad. They come for a "run out" and go through the motions. The match result is irrelevant to them.
  2. BryanC

    Food and drink thread

    Aldi Cremant de Borgogne. Serious bargain.
  3. BryanC

    Rant thread

    Very few so far, mostly to positions with the company on other sites. As our business needs to run as normal for the next year or so, we've been offered very good redundancy terms, along with retention / loyalty bonuses. Even the employees with very little service are looking at leaving with £15k plus in their pockets.
  4. BryanC

    Rant thread

    Can sympathise. We all (200+) go early in 2020.
  5. BryanC

    Hemel Stags.....

    Have they moved Carlisle?
  6. BryanC


    Laphroaig 10 on at my local Tesco for £28. Happy days.
  7. BryanC

    14/9/18 - D Day

    Oh no they wouldn't...
  8. BryanC

    Online Streaming

    You never know until you try. I was listening to a guy from Surrey Cricket Club this morning on Radio 4. When the interviewer pointed out that despite them having a great side, there were only about 2000 people in the ground when he went to watch them. It was then pointed out to him that over 10,000 had watched the live stream on Youtube.
  9. BryanC

    Seven Games

    Have the club decided that the Bradford game will be played at Whitebank?
  10. BryanC

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    I find that The Clangers gets funnier the older you get.
  11. BryanC


  12. Peculiar, isn't it? Twenty or so years ago, I remember flocks of 20-40 lapwings being commonplace. On our local moors, we used to have many skylarks singing on the wing during the summer months. Seemed like every few hundred yards or so. Good to see 'em coming back though. We do still have more curlews than many areas, though.
  13. BryanC

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    Wondered who'd be first...
  14. Two skylarks seen on the moors near home yesterday, they have been absent for many years. Solitary lapwing also seen, another species that seems to have disappeared recently. Going back to Bedford's earlier post regarding mayflies - did you know that the mayfly only lives for 24 hours? (Most of which is spent attending funerals and memorial services for other mayflies).