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  1. The 4 of Us

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    Can’t see him being anything other than a one club player. Fair play to his agent though sweating the last contract.
  2. Found this on LinkedIn. Sorry if I’ve missed a thread already!
  3. The 4 of Us

    Ideas thread

    If you want kids - not on a school night. if you want corporate support - not on a weekend. If you want families during summer - families may be doing something else at the weekend. There’s a number of reasons why Friday works but, if you want away supporters make sure they’ve over the Pennines either way, Friday (or Thursday) is a bit of a killer so there’s no perfect solution. i think the loop fixtures or other bigger fixtures should be targeted at new markets and bigger grounds to try and up attendances. Double headers in Edinburgh, Dublin, etc to name a couple.
  4. The 4 of Us

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Dutton? It’s not even his bag!
  5. The 4 of Us

    Junior Kiwis v Junior Roos - freaky try

    Yes see end of my edited response above. It is not a rule outlawing use of heel in the same way as heading the ball forward is.
  6. The 4 of Us

    Junior Kiwis v Junior Roos - freaky try

    Still struggling to find a pdf version. only reference I can find is this? “ Kick Making an intentional motion to kick the ball with any part of the leg (except the heel) from knee to toe inclusive’. An indicator is a change to the normal running gait.” but that is not barring use of heel - it’s reference to offside rule and what constitutes a play at the ball. Okay - now found it “KICK - means making contact with the ball with any part of the leg (except the heel) from knee to toe inclusive.” This just defines a kick - it doesn’t outlaw use of the heel?
  7. The 4 of Us

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    If you look at the sections open, as opposed to those that are clearly closed, at Anfield, and click on the indifividual sections, I would wager there are comfortably less than 10,000 seats sold so far. What does the RFL expect changing dates and hardly marketing it.
  8. The 4 of Us

    How to break the ‘Big 3’

    Shouldn’t the OP be “How to be better than” - break implies that the big 3 have to be worse. But don’t we want everyone to be better than.
  9. The 4 of Us

    French players winning GF

    Saw reference in build up that these were the first.
  10. The 4 of Us

    Grand Final Crowd

    There was a bit of a scuffle in corner on South and East stands just above us. The culprits were ejected. I don’t think it gets worse each year. It’s the same. I took a group of friends from Lancaster when Wigan and Leeds played. After the game, one of them was randomly selected for an assault by a Leeds fan as we walked with the crowds past the East Stand back to our transport. People who choose to buy a ticket, drink themselves into oblivion because somehow they don’t have access to alcohol the other 364 days of the year, and behave as they do. It happens all over and is not particularly a RL problem but is an indication of the demographic of supporters, casual or not, that are attracted to that game at that time, on a Saturday night. Drink inside the ground isn’t a problem, because if you can get drunk with those queues and prices, you’re a miracle worker. To change the atmosphere you’ll need to play the game earlier in the day but reckon you’d lose what makes the current set up different.
  11. The 4 of Us

    Grand Final Crowd

    Its innevitable with having to sell so many tickets to qualifying finalists in one week that thee game has to appeal to something else than the regular supporter, otherwise with the home teams alone you’d have a crowd of 25,000 according to their averages. 3 times that has to be shifted and playing on a Saturday night in Manchester that the sport has a “good time” in mind. There is drunkenness but I’m not looking out for it to spoil my night. As for the crowd size, there were a few gaps in the ends and top of the Ferguson stand but didn’t look like 10,000 supporters worth. The last graphic I saw of the ticket sales appeared that all but 2 or 3 sections were sold out and that a bigger crowd should have been expected.
  12. The 4 of Us

    London in Superleague

    It will happen.
  13. The 4 of Us

    Junior Kiwis v Junior Roos - freaky try

    Sorry, is it even a rule. Where in the laws is this?
  14. Anyone fancy starting a syndicate to place bets on them losing their first game by 5 tries?
  15. The 4 of Us

    Double booked - spare tickets

    You can see the receipt mate. Definitely paid real pennies. Do it every year! And no I don't get these mystical freebies.