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  1. The ladders are on standby.
  2. I was at the Wigan - Broncos game at Charlton which drew 10,014. A fair chunk if not a majority were Wigan fans.
  3. The 4 of Us

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    I note that all tickets are for collection from the ticket office prior to the game. That’s going to be fun. Hope Ralph’s going to be there with his Ladbrokes bib on, directing traffic.
  4. Did you edit that post. I can’t see an edit. Lottery numbers for tomorrow please? P
  5. Checked it. You are correct! RL championship crowds peaked with 80,000 plus for Wigan V Wakefield in 59/60.
  6. Not often you see that word combination. As for the GF - RL has a tradition of unequal fixture lists pre-divisions which meant the final Championship game was the deciding fixture. Is how the game stuffed 100,000 into Odsal. As long as we contrive an unequal fixture list the GF will end it.
  7. The 4 of Us

    George Williams to NRL

    I can see it now, the queues of Wakey fans queuing up to shred their season tickets in protest at GW being announced as a Belle Vue marquee player. I’ve not said he is but England half back puts him in a fairly distinct bracket. Adding the extra W was more effective than I anticipated.
  8. The 4 of Us

    George Williams to NRL

    Pity OP didn't give a title "George Williams to WTW"
  9. The 4 of Us

    U19 European Cup Results

    Dunno. Seems about right to me.
  10. The 4 of Us

    Hemel prop scores stunning length-of-the-field try

    That’ll explain it. Doesn’t like it up him. He’d rather run the length of the field than take the ball up into tacklers like a proper prop would. They’ll never catch on down there.
  11. May help Hetherington not being the odd one out but it would harm the competition in SL. Sadly there are a couple of clubs that haven’t pulled their weight at all this year that would be better plying their trade in the Championship. Whether they can rebuild and bounce back up is a moot point.
  12. The 4 of Us

    Super 8s fixtures

    I was going to suggest they were a quote from The Count.
  13. The 4 of Us

    Super 8s fixtures

    Yes, but the response was to the suggestion TWP games were AHAHAH They’re actually AHHAHHA
  14. The 4 of Us

    Super 8s fixtures

    It’s not. The home games are grouped so they’re at home successive weekends on 2 occasions.
  15. In no particular order. Every time Wakefield announce new ground Every time Castleford announce new ground Former team mate who’s bad habits/party trick was in no particular order: 1 Inhaling a French letter which he then grabbed inside his mouth and flossed with it. 2 Exposing the number Number 8 cue ball that was attached by a Prince Albert, to his Albert. 3 Doing 1 and 2 at the same time.