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  1. Beat me to it. The financial history of the club is writ large here. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03446903/filing-history Note reference to Micro-company accounts. That’s a turnover of £632,000 or less. It was formally a small company. Would be interesting to note how much of the turnover was withdrawn in director wages as opposed to spent in the team.
  2. If he’s good enough, he’s big enough and as the old saying goes, he’s got a bit of mongrel in him. He’s clearly as tough as they come and if he maintains his current form he’ll be here for years.
  3. Yes. And with friends like Hetherington!? Looks like he’s making sure there’s no misunderstandings about who’s at fault next time it goes pear shaped.
  4. Don’t think the RFL would be bothered with that. Just the fact that there’s not a £500,000 hole in the next tax return.
  5. I purchased 8 tickets direct from the Barca website. Countless other Wigan fans who were in the main stand must have done as well, because I think Wigan RLs allocation was behind the sticks. I suspect the local purchases included a fair number like us.
  6. Wondered how long that would take. Surprised that no one has mentioned this!
  7. Sorry to ask, but is this a genuine comment? Potentially the biggest SL hate at one of the world’s biggest grounds and you’re worried about how many seats you might see? What about the seats you can’t see up in the gods under the main stand roof where plenty are sitting. Will you be able to imagine them sitting in the empty seats. Perhaps Catalan could check if Toronto can bring over some of their spare inflatables to make the armchair viewer’s watching experience more comfortable?
  8. 8 more tickets just purchased. The first tier of the main stand is unavailable and there’s only individual seats in 2nd tier.
  9. Technically Ireland. They’re just bars.
  10. Has anyone actually booked tickets via Barcelona? Are they sending out tickets or are they for collection?
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