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  1. The 4 of Us


    Enthusiastic aren't they.
  2. The 4 of Us

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Good god please no. And the new state of the art kits will look like this?
  3. The 4 of Us

    TV Deal

    Just before anyone thinks RL should throw its lot in with Eleven, or run its own subscription channel read this I make it £3.6 Million of subscribers income BTW.
  4. The 4 of Us

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    They’re quite nice although can imagine the lack of a V is going to test some tastes. Interesting inclusion of the beemanc sponsor. Is this part of the continued transition to become a Manchester club?
  5. The 4 of Us

    RL and power of free to air tv

    Because it was a “good idea” to move it even when it became clear that it wasn’t. To change minds would have required an ability to be introrespective and admit they were wrong.
  6. Appears that RFL have finally woken up and smelled the coffee.
  7. The 4 of Us

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    Most “communist” sporting competition in the world, the NFL is also one of its most successful. The issue is not the salary cap, we have seen it’s success in evening up the NRL, where it more that matches RU salaries, but the size of it in Superleague which is less than half. The only way to grow the game is to grow the pie which means better commercial deals and improved TV contracts. If that means reducing the number of SL clubs to those that can actually contribute so they each have more, then so be it. Unfortunately there are too many that are simply unable to step up and that drags the rest down.
  8. The 4 of Us

    Heading the ball!

    John Harrison wasn’t it? 6’5” or something
  9. The 4 of Us

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Not unlike the commentary.
  10. This is exactly how the Nothern Union killed the spread of the game to the South and Wales. If you are a team not in England why would you even consider applying to join the game now. An amateur decision by a small minded organisation. And evidence of the precarious situation the game finds itself in. Its the sort of decision making that will eventually drive bigger thinking SL teams into the arms of RU.
  11. The 4 of Us

    Challenge cup first round

    Rumour is that RFL asked ‘Mont to deposit a million quid to make sure teams would go up the M6
  12. The 4 of Us

    Challenge cup first round

    St Pats are in.
  13. Better hope for Ralph’s sake Belgrade don’t buy a few ringers.
  14. The 4 of Us

    Salford v Batley 1901

    Some great stuff on BFI site. This one looks a bit more like something we recognise.
  15. The 4 of Us

    Salford v Batley 1901

    Scrum after every tackle, which then morphed into something like the play the ball we have now which is effectively a mini scrum and then when people got fed up of unlimited mini scrums we had limited mini scrums! 1906/7