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  1. Is Sir Rodney Walker going to get a Royal Box welcome to the Challenge Cup Final from the RFL?
  2. It's his age. He knows, he just doesn't care.
  4. Aaahhhhhh! But confirmed? Presumably just the 8!
  5. According to Superleague website they're "confirmed" but is my Friday night glass of red causing me confusion? Hull FC seem to have been given 3 home games on basis they're "guaranteed" 5th, but can't they finish as high as 3rd?
  6. Just found this. Mentions the £15m you refer to but unclear if the £10m is additional or existing funds.
  7. NW referred to £25m but then Jon Dutton the RLWC lead referred to £10m which I'd understood to be the case and is searchable. Wondering if NW was wrapping up the Sport England award in that which is naughty because it's not for the RLWC.
  8. Was there and it was a very good presentation with Dave Woods hosting. Not a launch as such for wider supporters but for business, local authorities, club hosts and other interested stakeholders/potential . Lot made about making virtue of northern roots and linking into Norhern Powerhouse with 80% of games up here. More than 4 years out from 2021 and timetable given how partnerships will be formed and selected over next 12 months. Great support from multi platform BBC and promised to be bigger and better than ever before with record crowds anticipated. Another similar meeting in Leeds tomorrow and London Thursday. Very impressive start.
  9. Pretty sure the words World Rugby have been trademarked by another organisation. Just give it a couple of weeks and their lawyers will write the inevitable letter and then we can get back to complaining about the attempts to stymy our sport. What unites us is greater than what divides us.
  10. The magic word "hopefull" - it's one syllable more than Castlesford's "may" so must be trice as likely.
  11. Awful decision - double the normal length of contract and no competitive tender. Sky unfortunately give the impression of not caring too much about the sport. BT may not have the same audience but appear to put in a little more effort and have pride in their asset. The commentary from some, not all, is almost a 21st century Eddie Waring tribute act and damages the game.
  12. "Technical" breaches - therefore they've not intentionally breached and actions wouldn't warrant a fine which would probably be appealable which the RFL can't afford or want because it appears with promised review they're not fit for purpose in any event. Costs because they did "technically" breach the rules and if they hadn't the RFL wouldn't have been mistaken in pursuing the matter in the first place?
  13. Wise man once said "let the rules be your shield not a sword" - think the discipline dept at RFL are looking for arguments where none needed. And looking to amend their own rules.
  14. Double header at Ealing Trailfinders
  15. Great news BTW!