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  1. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Fev fans are going to be coming on all superior.
  2. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    The new information is that Nigel Wood is flying out to check that New York really exists and is not really a film set staged for the production of Taxi.
  3. New name/ number font

    Think this could possibly win the most popular thread ever award.
  4. Yup. We’ll have him. (Doesn’t anyone go for the legs anymore?)
  5. He just knew how to spot a 3 on 2. 😉
  6. 2018 Kits

    Widnes Viking’s - Jar Jar Binks?
  7. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    Well done Mr G, very happy for him, although let’s see if the Vodaphone Warriors are still crowing about his “special skills” by the end of the season as they can be deployed in a number of unexpected ways.
  8. Salford Transfer complete

    I think it’s unclear whether he actually put money in and the debt is essentially owed to him, or he’s simply underwritten the debts owed by the club. I note in the accounts it refers to the verbal assurances regarding those. Whatever the reality it is £8m and that’s worrying in that a further deferment has been agreed in respect of the smaller portion owed to the council. It would make sense to jointly purchase the stadium with Sale but I suspect they’d be vulnerable to losing any share in the future if they had to raise funds to clear debt.
  9. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    They are amateur teams?
  10. Giants

    Or they could be completely revolutionary and play at 3pm on Sunday when there’s a clash?
  11. Draper also leaving the RFL

    Exactly what I thought. And when he’s rearranged the deckchairs what happens to him? Or is that intended to make putting in a replacement more of a challenge?
  12. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    That would be nice wouldn’t it. You’d have hoped that the Aussies might have fixed him up with a quick win to start with. Here’s hoping.
  13. You don’t see length of field tries in SL or just ones scored by John Atkinson (because that would be accurate) ?
  14. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    ““I feel honoured and humbled to be asked to serve the RLIF as CEO for the next phase of its development,” said Wood.” Mirror, mirror, on the wall.....