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  1. Seat counters are going to be beside themselves. All spares covered up. How frustrating is that.
  2. Couple of good RL stories doing the rounds today. This is one of them.
  3. The 4 of Us

    Wolfie Sacked !

    Out Outraged of Billinge!
  4. Liverpool Seamen ?
  5. That’s Waterloo way isn’t it. Not exactly dragging them in there.
  6. Another thread. Could we not have named this one Everton RLFC?
  7. No. There’s a much more descriptive and NSFW adjective.
  8. There used to be a row of shops in Wigan put up to obscure the view of the Parish Church. It was nicknamed Spite Row.
  9. Just a team full of Aussies.
  10. The 4 of Us

    London Broncos article in The Daily Telegraph

    Does anyone have Garry Schofield’s email address?
  11. The 4 of Us

    The shot clock.

    Shot clock for scrums. Hhhmm. Perhaps another descriptor?
  12. Read what I’ve said. Have you read what’s Wigan have said?
  13. Either you have the inside track or not. Your opinion is valid, as is mine. But you don’t lose points for being wrong. The simple fact that someone has not had the brain strength to hold this back for a week, shows how rudderless the ship is. No one referred to Rimmer being responsible. This is the RFL of which is his the top official. Have you actually seen what Wigan have said and how the RFL have actually dealt with matters. This is not an argument about guilt, rather penalty, timing and ignoring their own precedent.
  14. Unfortunately, from my own interactions with some at RFL and in positions of appointed authority throughout the sport (granted it may well be the same in others) is that there’s an incosistancy in decision making and adherence to the rules. I can assure you that one particular individual, now thankfully removed form their own little fiefdom, actually responded to objections to such decision making by responding “it’s that way because I decided it is”. I think some unfortunately forget they “rule by consent”. In this case, Wigan were in breach, but instead of dealing with it in a timely manner, it’s been made into the RFL’s contribution to the season launch and they’ve completely forgotten how to deal with the punishment in accordance with previous cases, probably because someone has lost the fag packet the last decision was written down on, under the fax machine.