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  1. Don’t think it was a particular year. Man evolution, but certainly after Nicky Kiss stopped his trade! http://www.tony-collins.org/rugbyreloaded/2012/8/12/the-evolution-of-the-scrum
  2. Wigan have 3 of 10. They’ll likely need 13 from remaining 19. Need to step up that win rate.
  3. England V France at Wigan in World Cup 2013 had 22,000 and was a pretty competitive game. It can be done. I would make the new Headingley and St Helens the grounds to alternate on an annual basis, with a second game between Toulouse, Perpignan, Avignon. You’ll soon build up the competitiveness and rivalry. Big issue for me would be getting Les Cats to release players regularly.
  4. I thought it said Summer Rash above. It favvers a dose of malaria.
  5. Long story but I was in possession of Brian Case’s No 8 shirt from that game. Recently donated to Wigan for something they’re working on.
  6. Parky may have Managed to knock out his PhD thesis on what’s wrong with international types playing TGG in the downtime m.
  7. A pretty depressing but nail on the head read.
  8. I had tins of chicken soup stockpiled, plenty of wool blankets and a radio. Saw it on Trainspotter. It was hard but saw me through.
  9. Just to get this thread back on track. Apologies to any previous posters. Home run for best kit of the year. Les Cats Barce kit.
  10. Absolutely. “Limit” tickets, sell out and next time. As opposed to the RFL method. Find the biggest you can, don’t open all the tiers, be disappointed you’ve not sold out the whole stadium and the. Move to the LSV the year after.
  11. Missed an opportunity for me in not taking the Wigan game to the Cottage to launch their season. Instead they got a crowd of 2 thousand or so.
  12. Mail online had to dig deep for that one. Not even bothered translating it from Aussie.
  13. They’re far from safe. Important messages from that link are: “immediate $9 million to address all their debts, their salary cap fine and an anticipated $3 million loss in 2019.” - down to $31 million already. “Later this year developers Capital Bluestone will also contribute $18 million into a future investments fund which should hand the club an estimated $1.5 million in income per year.” - the pot goes down to $13 million in order to produce an investment which plugs half their deficit. -ergo the balance will be used up in 8 years assuming the loses remain the same. Not sure that’s the type of long term planning the NRL are looking for.
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