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  1. The 4 of Us

    A great gesture by The Doc

    I see it as him having held out getting his money back from any potential purchaser/investor, which has actually put people off getting involved. But it doesn’t make clear how much is owed directly to him or what has been borrowed by the club him being the bank of last resort. Whatever, it looks pretty difficult for the club if the intention is to collaborate with supporters to generate ideas to fund raise. I don’t think £200,000 extra a year share from SL funds is going to make much of an impact. Time to think the unthinkable perhaps?
  2. The 4 of Us

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    They wouldn’t in the currant format. A more limited amount of teams from NCL, regional leagues and services could be invited into the stages with League 1 clubs. Amateur teams could have a much more valuable proposition, in financial and bragging terms, known as the Barla National Cup. It’s not that long since that a current high profile amateur club lost money on their game with a current high profile aspiring Championship club. I think it would give more balance to the season. Currently there’s weeks between the rounds and for me personally diminishes the Challenge Cup. It would have far more impact in my opinion if supporters remembered the last clash in anticipation of the last and clubs could have a good performance in recent memory whilst preparing for the next.
  3. That’s definitely the case. Wasn’t the debt £37 million before it was “written off” and wrapped up in the stadium transfer to the club. So you have the club, it’s debts and stadium for that price. Think the value is purchasing the opportunity to make a punt for premiership millions. As for RL. Not sure if there’s any take aways. As you say it’s a sport firmly based in the real world.
  4. The 4 of Us

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    I’d rather have the whole concept and timing looked at. Move Challenge Cup back to a May bank holiday final so that cup rounds and league comp are alternated in March, April and May. Move Magic Weekend to August bank holiday - it could potentially be round 23 with all sorts in the balance before playoffs run through September but could be a second London comp. How about Olympic Park.
  5. Agree with that, and how it used to be.
  6. How can a ref in that position call that wrong. We need to move to a “ive not got a clue” call to avoid the embarrassment of obviously wrong.
  7. The 4 of Us

    Magic Night Out

    A teenager! I take it that I give the impression of a more mature approach? I’m quite capable of finding my way around Facepages with my iwhatsit 35 thank you very much.
  8. The 4 of Us

    Magic Night Out

    Is that a free stream or ppv?
  9. The 4 of Us

    Hardaker to Wigan

    I suspect it’s got so many caveats that he’ll be scared of using wintergreen just in case, what did Paul McCarty say, “comes up illegal”
  10. The 4 of Us

    Hearns (again)

    Ralph Rimmer appears to be wanting to tie the hands who wants the gig at the RFL and acting as there’s no overview of him. Oh wait a minute!
  11. The 4 of Us

    U16s teams in Cornwall

    DM me and I’ll send you his email.
  12. The 4 of Us

    U16s teams in Cornwall

    Speak to Anthony Atherton, formerly of RFL, now at Wigan, who has all the contacts down there.
  13. The 4 of Us

    Indigenous Round

    Cumbria Lakers Origin Team kit
  14. The 4 of Us

    Breakaway imminent in Wales?

    Recent leaked footage of RL Council meeting.