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  1. I did wonder! Memory is entering a middle aged faze but helpful to know not making it up in my own mind as well! Hope we don't see the last of it. Perhaps members of RFL hierarchy can be chained to the centre spot with lions to provide the entertainment. Guraranteed sell out.
  2. Ah! I had the swirling cauldron of Odsal in mind but just goes to show, whatever the season, there's always a good chance of fog in Bradford!
  3. I recall a SL opener live on TV etc being called off because of Odsal's unique weather system, early in the New Year. And yet, I do think the game loses something (and crowds to boot) not having Boxing and New Year's Day games . That said the bigger club's get the sell outs regardless of when the games are played. On balance there's far more benefits with what we have.
  4. The major caveat in that statement is the fact it was in St Helens. That hole in Bradford is easily worth 3 times more.
  5. Any clarity Adey further to previous discussion about impact on lease RFL holds if a team doesn't play there ?
  6. Not immediately no but I think the starting premise should be that you have 2 years starting now to sort your house out and we'll take the 12 best business/stadium plans after then regardless if they're in the top 12 or not. If that means teams need drop so be it. The RFL needs to manage the expectation of the club's they can do nothing to improve their situation and get away with it. That means an independent RFL and change of leadership.
  7. My feelings having previously leaned towards an NRL type model (where 2nd tier clubs aspire to do well in the competition they're in without the need/desire to get to the top) is that we need to have some promotion/relegation to provide that pyramid simply because the sport is so small and so underfunded in comparison. Also, there just isn't the tradition/acceptance of ringfenced competition in the UK as there is in the countries we look to for comparison, namely the US and Aus. What I would say is that we need to ensure that getting to the top of your division shouldn't be enough. There need to be stringent minimum stadium standards in your own stadium (no London Welsh to Oxford scenarios) and even more stringent financial tests including a live salary cap to make sure your spending what you can afford in the division your in and to stop an owner throwing in money the business turnover can't sustain, or is reliant on an owner throwing in, who then puts a business into admin because it all falls short and they're owed money. But that applies to teams already in Superleague who should be relegated for repeat underperformance.
  8. Oooooo fancy
  9. If that's referencing our discussion last night, you certainly weren't off hand, rather stating the position as you understood it and had the good grace to state you may have had something else in mind after all. Although, you may well be right? What there is on here as you've alluded to is an awful lot of speculation and not a lot by way of confirmed "facts" (although a bit like statistics they can depend who's spouting them) which is why it would be interesting to read the lease. It's an interesting topic and good old google threw up some Bradford Council FOI request about the lease where the questioner was referred onto the RFL and club! Incidentally I'm not a barrack room lawyer. Worse than that. I'm an actual one.
  10. Perhaps because of those "issues" which you flag (and I actually played at Odsal in the days the track was active!) the RFL insisted on such a prohibition being including. As an organisation you would expect them to want to be as unrestricted as possible whilst excluding such matters which might impact upon their own activities. Don't really think the turnips would have been a goer.
  11. The Guardian article also references the fans having paid out for season tickets. I suspect there have been background discussions since the outset, particularly with the Rotherham RU (co-tenants?) guy who suggested liquidation all along. He is mentioned as having a willingness to honour such sales (all important for the good will) providing the RFL caveats are acceptable which I suspect includes the Championship place to ensure the numbers stack up.
  12. Ha ha. Not a doubting Thomas but just seems odd that such monies would have been paid over with the risk entailed especially since it was done on the back of the club difficulties in 2012. Also having done a bit of googling it appears a very high profile firm was involved with the legals. I'd be very surprised if they had let that pass without mention. As for the speedway comments go to bottom of this article