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  1. 3818 at Leigh. At least 1000 of them from HKR.
  2. A salutary tale of relying on companies to deliver on obligations was the open cast mine at Winstanley in Wigan. The company who had made the money taking stuff out simple decided to go out of business when it came to spending the money on putting stuff back in as they were required to do. 10 years later a combination of various pots of tax payers money completed the job. I would sadly suggest the Wakefield development company's only obligation is to their shareholders. And if they can avoid spending £13 they will.
  3. 10. You're a glutten. Bet you like dungeons and stuff as well. Think I got to the Eng.....
  4. Barrie and Tez with Chuckle Brothers to provide expert insight.
  5. It is - having been replaced, effectively, in recent years by a Japanese and Argentinian side. Expansion but at what cost - I think that a lesson for RL - new markets but do they bring more to the table than what's lost? A lot of the discussion in losing those teams is that there is too thin a spread of talent. Are the expansion teams going to soak up the redundant players and therefore give less opportunity to their own? Seems a mess RL could do to avoid - as for the game, unless RL seriously gets its act together pre next TV contract, I think the money will follow the money. I for one would not be adverse to "top level" discussions about a path forward with another similar sport. I know.....
  6. Are you sure it's dinosaurs or an existing super league stadium?
  7. "The plans were drawn up four years ago, millions of pounds have already been invested, and I think by 2020 we'll be in our new stadium."
  9. Hello John, It's started again. William Hill the beneficiaries this time.
  10. Not sure if anyone's just watched Jon Wells post match rundown, but I'm worried Josh Drinkwater has a rash!
  11. Ergo clubs put money (enough for one mediocre player?) over sporting integrity.
  12. Summed up Trinity's difficulty right there.
  13. He posts on here!
  14. Would sir like some sugar for his expresso?