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  1. They've barely started yet. It works. They'll keep doing it. Over, and over, and over, and over.... Then you'll hear people start to say it in answers to questions: why are you voting Tory? "Because I think the country needs strong and stable leadership, not a coalition of chaos'. Mission accomplished. And it sounds better than 'Exterminate! Exterminate!' One day, the opposition parties will twig this.
  2. You should try it. Occasionally questioning the wisdom of your leader, I mean, not the Boris haircut. No one is always right about everything.
  3. And if the readers could see the ones we think up then chuck away as inappropriate...
  4. Yep, like Bard Island's answer to Hello!
  5. That one would still apply now, but to the Labour Party itself.
  6. Cor blimey guv, I work hard coming up with those pun-tastic headlines y'know! Most mags do it, don't they? Well, the ones I read do...
  7. It works. Think: 'Take Back Control'. Think: 'Make America Great Again'. At election time, short, vacuous slogans will always cut through over nuanced policy discussions that most people can't be bothered with. Labour really should try it sometime.
  8. What would it be? Do you question the judgement of the person who appointed him?
  9. RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD - ISSUE 433 (MAY 2017) - AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW - IN SHOPS FRIDAY 28TH APRIL Scroll down for a taste of what's inside this issue... Had enough of the General Election campaign yet? If so, you’ve come to the right place: in our 84 pages you can avoid any mention of Theresa, Jeremy, Tim and the rest of the crew fighting for your votes like ferrets in a sack and indulge yourself in the wonderful world of Rugby League instead. We’ve got an exclusive interview with Castleford Tigers chairman Ian Fulton, who explains how and why he got involved at the club, plus a word or two from Fred Done, the man from Betfred whose cash is currently helping to bankroll Super League. Ian Watson tells us about his mission to revive Salford as a trophy-winning force and we talk to Wigan’s unsung hero Sam Powell too. Is it time to revamp the Magic Weekend and Summer Bash? We’ve got a range of views in our latest investigation and we also discuss the evolving role of the prop forward with our two cover stars and masters of the position at Hull FC, Scott Taylor and Liam Watts. We take another trip in our time machine back to the days of Cougarmania in Keighley and still manage to cram in all our regular features from around the world and loads more. Get stuck in before someone knocks on your door asking for your vote! Online now at - in shops Friday 28th April - order a copy or a subscription by post at
  10. It already has. We're into damage limitation now.
  11. The crucial difference is Corbyn will be a political irrelevance after this election, whereas Boris will probably still be holding one of the four great offices of state. You'd have to question the judgement of anyone who would appoint Boris to such an exalted position, wouldn't you...?
  12. It's the pot calling the kettle, John, and you know it.
  13. Electoral reform required. There should be no 'safe' seats for any party.