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  1. Support the campaign for electoral reform at It'll happen one day. Then everyone's vote will count.
  2. Speaking as a Labour activist, fortunate enough to live in a constituency with a Labour MP at present, we'll be going out on the doorstep promoting our local candidate, her record since being elected last time and her views on the issues that affect people round here, as that's who we're asking people to vote for in Bradford South. Whatever goes on at national level, it's always worth checking out your local candidates' views as they may vary in some crucial aspects from the national message. Not just in Labour either. Ken Clarke is standing as a Tory, but I don't think he's that keen on Theresa May's Hard Brexit!
  3. Are you moving to Wales in order to vote for Plaid?
  4. This GE is existential for Labour. If you have a moderate Labour MP, who has opposed Corbyn and tried to get rid of him (as most Labour MPs have), if you normally vote Labour but choose to vote to defeat that MP, you are not harming Corbyn who will have to stand down after the coming calamity anyway, you are harming the chances of there being a functioning Labour Party at all by the end of June. Some people might find that desirable, of course, as evidenced by the triumphalism of the Daily Mail and The Sun today, but if you have lamented the absence of opposition to the Tories during the past two years, it will only be much, much worse soon. I cannot in all good conscience urge people to vote Labour to put Corbyn in Downing Street, but we all know that isn't going to happen anyway. This is about survival. So for my part, as a moderate Labour activist staring down the barrel of a gun, I'd just urge you to check the credentials of your local Labour candidate, and make your choice accordingly. We're not all swivel-eyed loonies and some of us would like the opportunity to rebuild a party of reasoned opposition and potential future government from the wreckage Corbyn will leave behind this June.
  5. It would have been democratic - and also honourable - if she'd done it when she first got the gig, instead of piously claiming she wasn't going to call an election. Now it just looks like what it is: naked opportunism dressed up as always in a flimsy claim of being in the national interest. It is in the Tory party's interest, nothing more nothing less than that, and that is why May has had her sudden change of heart. Basically, the vicar's daughter has been lying to us and continues to do so.
  6. Discuss Wigan Warriors v Catalans Dragons here.
  7. Discuss all this weekend's Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round Five games here. FRIDAY 21st APRIL Leeds Rhinos v Doncaster KO 8pm SATURDAY 22nd APRIL Leigh Centurions v Hull Kingston Rovers KO 3pm SUNDAY 23rd APRIL Dewsbury Rams v Batley Bulldogs KO 3pm Featherstone Rovers v Oldham KO 3pm Huddersfield Giants v Swinton Lions KO 12.30pm Salford Red Devils v Toronto Wolfpack KO 12.15pm Whitehaven v Halifax KO 3pm York City Knights v Barrow Raiders KO 3pm
  8. Doesn't bear thinking about. I'm already depressed enough at the prospect of the Tories winning a landslide, without the prospect of Labour going even more barmy afterwards.
  9. Yes, threshold is currently 15% of PLP. Corbyn only reached the threshold because a number of MPs who didn't support him were nevertheless dumb enough to nominate him. We have them to thank for the current malaise as much as him. Corbyn's left-hand man John McDonnell wants threshold reducing to 5% at Labour Conference in September. If that goes through, the party is doomed to be led by unelectable numpties for all eternity.
  10. If the loss is as bad as it looks likely to be, and Corbyn either doesn't quit or isn't forced out and replaced by someone remotely electable to the wider public beyond Labour members, that'll be me finally done with it. I'm fed up of banging my head against a wall. The trots can turn what's left of Labour into the SWP and I'll wait for a new centre-left party to emerge from the rubble.
  11. Before anyone gets too carried away that FPTP will deliver anything other than a Tory landslide, a Labour meltdown and further Lib Dem irrelevance based on current polling...