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  1. Those nice tories

    The way this thread generally works is: Someone posts something anti-Tory. Someone defends the Tory position. That person gets personal abuse aimed at them. Moderators step in to remove the abuse and ask for people to stop posting personal abuse. Cycle repeats itself for another dozen pages.
  2. Those nice tories

    Plural? There only appears to be one left in this thread. I'm sure others exist (the Tories are still at 40% in most polls) but when you see the sort of personal comments that get posted in here it is little wonder they can't be bothered engaging anymore. I've lost count of the amount of it I've had to remove from here, and those posting it still don't see the problem. If you engage reasonably with opponents, you never know, you might get a reasoned response.
  3. The TV Thread

    I have to join in the chorus of approval for Inside No. 9. Just caught up with the latest two episodes, both different, both excellent. Incredible creativity and talent on display from Shearsmith & Pemberton.
  4. Those nice tories

    People in the Labour Party should be outraged about it, never mind what others think. They aren’t, and that’s their problem. But there’s another thread for that discussion. There’s too much ‘My side right, your side wrong’ all the time on here from both political trenches. No one can appreciate the sincerity of the other person’s point of view, even if they disagree with it, and no one is prepared to admit their own side can screw up too. It gets really boring after a while. IMO anyway.
  5. Those nice tories

    By way of light relief, if such a thing is possible on this thread...
  6. Those nice tories

    The problem with that is it is happening right now and being largely ignored by people who should know better.
  7. Those nice tories

    It is possible. Debate can be heated but it doesn’t have to get personal. A few people on here need to learn to accept that others have different opinions and are entitled to express them without being subjected to personal abuse.
  8. Those nice tories

    Various posts removed. Next person to post a personal insult at another forum member on this thread gets suspended indefinitely. No more polite requests. No more warnings. It stops NOW.
  9. Those nice tories

    I'm sick of saying this, but here we go again: please avoid making personal digs at each other, in this (or any other) thread. It's tedious. They will be removed, so you are wasting your time - and ours - by typing them in the first place. Thank you.
  10. Well that's settled

    Shall I lock this now, whilst everyone is happy...?
  11. Conspiracy Theories

    I would have doubts about landing on the moon myself, it looks a dangerous business! But I have absolutely no doubt that Neil Armstrong and others have landed on the moon.
  12. The madness begins... in the 'old' days before Momentum, Ann Black was considered quite left wing. Not left wing enough, now. Fresh row as Momentum official replaces veteran chair of Labour disciplinary panel The longstanding chair of Labour’s key disciplinary committee was today ousted from her position in favour of a top Momentum official. Ann Black was replaced as head of the disputes panel by Christine Shawcroft, above, a veteran left-wing activist with ties to Jeremy Corbyn. Shawcroft took control of the panel – a sub-committee of the national executive committee (NEC) – with the backing of the three new reps who were elected yesterday in an overwhelming victory for the Labour left. The panel makes decisions on whether to investigate complaints over sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.
  13. The TV Thread

    It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but 'The Coronation' documentary shown on the Beeb recently (now on BBC iPlayer via link below) was a fascinating bit of British history, and as several folk have noted on Twitter, quite funny to see the Queen handling St Edward's Crown 'like it was just another hat'.
  14. I'm relieved to be out of it. My guess is it'll all end in tears.
  15. The TV Thread

    Excellent Neil Armstrong documentary on BBC Four last night (now on BBC iPlayer). Some great footage from the Apollo 11 mission and the rest of his astonishing career, coupled with recollections from his friends, family and NASA colleagues. Inspiring stuff.