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  1. In true 'IT Crowd' style, I turned something off and turned it back on again, and it seems to have done the trick! I sent you a couple of test messages and they went ok, I'm assuming you got 'em.
  2. Oh, that's odd. I'll go under the bonnet and see what's up.
  3. Labour party general secretary stands down from position If you want a display of 'kinder, gentler politics' in action, just check out the reaction to this news on Twitter from the usual quarters. And now, for their next trick, this! Ken Livingstone to rejoin Labour party as suspension over Hitler remarks ends Ken, just don't mention Hitl... oh, he already did.
  4. There is. For members with less than 100 posts, it's 50, for members with over 100 posts, it's 100. It's to encourage people to delete old messages and save space on our server.
  5. Stuff like this doesn't help...
  6. Because he was going to win anyway.
  7. And it made no difference, Attlee won a landslide, because the public knew what was being written about him was b******s.
  8. What's inside the new Rugby League World?

    In shops today, folks! Rush out and buy, etc... Post thoughts, reaction, feedback, suggestions, recipes (no, actually, forget the recipes) here. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but the occasional word of praise or encouragement is also appreciated.
  9. Those nice tories

    You could have made your point without getting personal. This is what myself and ckn have been trying to get across on these forums for years. Once it goes personal, chances are, it's going to get deleted, no matter what it's about, because it derails the discussion for others.
  10. Those nice tories

    I've just deleted a whole sub-discussion on Churchill, the 1940 War Cabinet and the accuracy or otherwise of Wikipedia, as it's basically off-topic and also unnecessarily personal. If anyone really wants to refight World War Two on here, start a new thread. (Please, don't).
  11. Super League to breakaway?

    That's hardly comparing like for like.
  12. Interesting blog by Ann Black, who used to be regarded as quite left wing in the Labour Party until Momentum came along. This is a great quote that sums up the state of the party these days: "Sadly Labour is at its worst when having rows over stuff that almost no-one understands. Voters can appreciate passionate debate on issues that affect their lives. Shouty men waving rulebooks, not so much."
  13. The main difference being that despite all that, Attlee won. This notion that Corbyn is somehow uniquely the victim of scurrilous newspaper attacks is laughable. All Labour leaders have had to endure it. The better ones overcome it and win anyway.
  14. That's too simplistic an analysis, IMO. But everything has to have an easy, simple answer these days, I guess.
  15. That's what most people expected to happen last time and it didn't. Majorities aren't 'easily' overturned anywhere, it usually requires a lot of hard work on the ground.