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  1. ernieone

    All quiet over a certain incident

    Why what's league 1 done to deserve that plonker
  2. ernieone

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

  3. ernieone

    New signing alert

    Playing for Lock Lane before he signed for us
  4. ernieone

    New signing alert

    Sowerby got 6 matches which was cut back to 4 because of his previous good record
  5. ernieone

    Toronto V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread

    Brambani Leake Ward
  6. ernieone

    Toronto match thread

    Rowe was not turned back at the airport, his application for a visa was turned down the day before the flight after applying in April.
  7. ernieone

    New signing alert

    Patch has a broken bone in his foot, Chandler failed a head test during the Leigh match so has to have a full scan. Rowe had put a visa application in April but a final decision was made last Wednesday.
  8. ernieone

    New signing alert

    Perhaps picking 4 injuries up last week has not helped the team selection. At the moment we have 17 players (including Danny) but as other teams have found you never know until you actually sit on the aeroplane.
  9. ernieone

    New signing alert

    With an ever increasing injury list Batley will struggle to get 17 players on the plane .
  10. ernieone

    Reiss butterworth and BISSA

    I am certain that Matt would of loved to sign Butterwortlh on but I am sure signing for Cas in a full time environment would be my choice in that situation. Butterworth i am sure enjoyed his short stint at the Mount and best of luck to him in his future career.
  11. ernieone

    Bulldogs V Leigh MOM thread

    Manning Campbell Leak
  12. ernieone

    Batley v Leigh

    Simply If better player's are available they should be picked.
  13. ernieone


    From an incident in the fax match
  14. ernieone


    James Brown now banned for 3 matches and fined £500 for contesting his 2 match ban. Now not available for the Rams match.
  15. ernieone

    Batley Bulldogs v London Broncos MOM

    Davey Manning Scott