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  1. ernieone

    Toulouse game

    Not sure what you are saying?
  2. ernieone

    Toulouse game

    Perhaps normal service is moan, moan and more moans on the message board. What ever is done there is always Mr doom saying how terrible things are thankfully the 6 or so are not representive of the fan base.
  3. ernieone

    Toronto Prediction

    Or just making a general comment
  4. ernieone

    Toronto Wolfpack V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread

    Manning Scott Joufrett Also big plus to the team who worked hard for 80 mins a massive improvement on the Sheffield performance
  5. ernieone

    Toronto Prediction

    Yes it rained in the second half but little has been pointed out regarding the at times gale force winds in the first half that Batley were playing in to which gave Toronto a big advantage. The wind in Hull has always been a great advantage, ask Barry Eaton who when he dropped out from under the posts, kicked the ball over the dead ball line at the other end of the pitch.
  6. ernieone

    Toronto Prediction

    Surely it is Kevin and Paul Harrison you need to listen to rather than Matt both Kevin and Paul Harrison have said if it is in Batleys favour then dual registration would be used, what they would not do is to go to the extreme of other clubs who rely on dr to put a side on to the pitch.
  7. ernieone

    Toronto Prediction

    There has always been the possibility of working with the Giants, the relationship between the clubs has always been there with joint lottery and the community sometimes link up. How official does it need to be?
  8. ernieone

    It hurts me to say this.

    Do not think the Canadians quite understand that Hull is 60 miles away and the match is played late Sunday Afternoon/early evening, which is probably the worst time slot it could be (I suppose 7-30 KO would be worse}. Throw in the factor that so far Batley are not firing on all cylinders it is unlikely to be the best away following of the season, regardless I shall be attending and be hoping for a turn round in performance and a kick start to the season.
  9. ernieone

    New 7

    Why should they defend Bi11
  10. ernieone

    New 7

    Perhaps Yates or brambani may be hooker
  11. ernieone

    New 7

    Looks like a new half back partneship for the weekend
  12. ernieone

    Challenge cup Draw Tonight

  13. ernieone

    Bulldogs V Bulls MOM thread

    Campbell Lillycrop Scott
  14. ernieone

    Well done Toulouse

    Perhaps it now makes sense. 😀
  15. ernieone

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Campbell passed the head test earlier in the week.