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  1. 28.18 final score
  2. Will have to get Iro, Sam & Johnny a bike, so they can distribute them now there's a post strike.
  3. For me I wish Batley were playing any other club rather than Dewsbury. Boxing day fixture, 2 league matches, Blackpool Bash and most seasons the lower 8 competition. Gets quite boring even though we should be good for 6 league points.
  4. Perhaps I should of read the previous messages
  5. Kevin what do you mean "BISSA will not be asked to change"?
  6. Thought JC had signed for Featherstone
  7. Tickets for Leigh Saturday will be available this evening at the club and Friday Morning 9-12. The club has to let Leigh know Friday pm how many tickets have been issued. Tickets will not be available on Saturday at Leigh so get up to the mount if you want a ticket.
  8. What is the problem? It is not a great surprise that Leeds play on Fridays they have done for a number of years. Batley players train after their days work so what is the difference playing after a days work.
  9. A magnificent performance with 1 to 17 playing there part, wish we could of got over the line but it was not through lack of effort. Fantastic tracking back when it looked all on a Rhinos try on quite a few occasions. One happy Bulldog.
  10. Good to see we have done well with ticket sales, supporters still looking for tickets this morning.
  11. Same as Retite and Squires picked up a caution for tripping
  12. Top 3 stay in/join super league, 4 plays 5 in Million pound game. Loser and bottom three championship next season
  13. He got himself sent off, have a look on i player (superleague show)
  14. Perhaps we are interested in other second rowers