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  1. Bulldogs V Beagles MOM

    Leake Scott Harrison
  2. Bulldogs v seagulls

    Give as many first line players as possible a day off and then give the shield trophy our best shot. No use players getting injured in a pointless match, Perhaps Sheffield players may put that extra effort in hoping there is someone watching to give them a contract for next year
  3. New heritage website

    Why should the truth get in the way of a good story
  4. Bulldogs v seagulls

    It would be no use bringing him back as he has a broken ankle. Best wishes to him and hope he is back in training for next season (at Keighley)
  5. Toulouse v Dogs MOM Part 4

    Brambani Gledhill Harrison
  6. Toulouse v Dogs MOM Part 4

    Buy it from BISSA although I will not rush to produce any
  7. 2018 Squad.

    Too early for panic signings which signing Tom would be. I would like to think we could come up with the cash to sign players that will take us forward rather than players who would keep us being a nearly team (like this season).
  8. Nilled

    Rams were not helped by Sykes who looks well past his use by date in this division.
  9. Dogs v Rams part 4 MOM

    Manning Walker Gledhill
  10. Semi final

    Jim the groundsman is self employed and works to suit his availability, Jonathan works to his own timetable and likes to get on with his work (He is a top worker) and I am not sure he would see supervising youngsters as not part of his job (rightly so). So of the paid staff that leaves Paul.
  11. The Ruck

    This morning at Ron's Breakfast Club the cast of the new play "The Ruck" based on the Batley RL girls team that went to play in Australia did a 10 minutes preview. Although just a taster it was excellent even though they still have a couple of weeks to go. Anyone with an interest in Batley Rugby League or Rugby League in general should be booking there tickets now. They are doing 4 localish venues - The Lawrence Batley Theatre Friday 15th Saturday & 16th September Theatre Royal Wakefield Monday 18th & 19th September Cast Doncaster Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21st September The Civic Barnsley 22nd September John Humpleby is running a coach from the Mount Saturday 16th September at a bargain cost of £10 each which covers the coach and a ticket for the play, tickets are selling well.
  12. Semi final

    Any suggestions who will supervise these people? I think Paul has enough work so who does that leave to do it?
  13. Semi final

    I read the topic and read the answers ie Bobs information regarding the shared gate although I thought that was common knowledge. So what workable suggestions have you got?
  14. Semi final

    Perhaps Mr Nichols has had a busy couple of weeks going on a stroll to London via Broncos promoting the club. What would you suggest the club do to compensate the season ticket holders because what ever the club do someone will be upset..
  15. And next up

    You are always the one to exaggerate