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  1. Yes that was the game changing moment, thankfully he tried to run through Smeaton rather than round him, after that moment there was only one team going on to win the game.
  2. Good win today 50.28 doing really well after a bad start to the season, they are now ìn 4th place.
  3. Whats it like being insulted on your own Forum Equalizer.
  4. All championship draw in next round so either bulls or fax in the semi final, (both teams had easy matches in the last round)
  5. Bradford played to the conditions but more important they played to there coaches tactics, nothing as powerful as a John Kear motivated side. Not taking anything from Bradford but Rhinos would not look out of place in the Championship.
  6. Top result for John Kear, beating the Rhinos in the cup.
  7. Bienik Campbell Manning ( should be on the pitch longer)
  8. Not much discussion on the forums, very little publicity from the Rugby League. No sponsorship of the competition and the match played after the cup final when all the Wembley officials will be wanting to get home for tea. The RL will not be wanting a Batley/Dewsbury final so the teams will have to put that bit extra effort in to get there. I will probably be making the trip to Wembley again (to participate in Batley Bulldogs sponsored walk from Bronco,s to Wembley in aid of breast cancer research). So it is up to the club's to sell the competition and if the same enthusiasm is shown as it is for the Blackpool Bash then I cannot see the competition lasting very long.
  9. June 2nd the day of the next round of the challenge cup.
  10. ernieone


    Certainly should stay in Super Duper League
  11. Our defence was embarrassing at times with some exceptionaly bad tries conceded. A match we had the chance to win but we need more composure near the line. Seems funny that I went home after the match against Leigh happy with the performance today I could not believe how many soft tries we conceded and still only lost by 4 points.
  12. Brearley had a neck strain rather than head injury so will be fit to play, Retite has a one match ban but has a groin strain as well so maybe our a few weeks, Downs pleaded guilty and got a three match ban.
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