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  1. ernieone

    Batley Bulldogs

    A fine player but probably his financial expectations will be higher than Batley's budget will stretch to. Matt seemed happy with the squad that he has put together, think he said 22 players + 6 trialists memory not the best but two from Rochdale Mayfield, two from Moor, Sowerby and one from Hull area. But I am certain if a player comes available at the right price, that can improve the squad Batley will do there best to find the money.
  2. ernieone

    Xmas , Black Friday and BISSA

    + thanks to the contributors to the BISSA bottles which will be at as many Bulldog events as I can get to.
  3. ernieone

    Xmas , Black Friday and BISSA

    Last month Easy Fundraising paid in £71.48 to BISSAs account, PLEASE use Easy Fundraising for your Christmas Shopping or any shopping. Commission from Car/House insurance is is a good earner.
  4. ernieone

    Championship odds

    They have permission to play at Halifax Road if they do get in so will continue playing there.
  5. ernieone

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Or save the pitch for the season to start as we still get a share of the gates from the matches played. Although we would miss out on 🍺 and food sales.
  6. ernieone

    BISSA SIGNING ALERT Louis Le Bulldog 2019

    BISSA have supported the club in signing Louis and will also be contributing during the season for Louis who in most supporter's opinions is a class player. BISSA have got this covered but the club may need help during the season if some of the new players struggle to live up to expectations ( I personally think for the club have signed the best players available within the club's budget) or we have a injury crisis similar to last year and the club need to sign/loan players to aleviate the situation it would be good for BISSA to have the finance to help the club. BISSA on Friday are having there AGM at 7pm were registered members can hear how the committee are doing (new members can join and attend the meeting by committing to a monthly or one off payment). Then at approx 7-45 there will be a social evening which John Millar will be hosting, Matt Diskin will be sharinng his expectations for the new season and answering supporters questions, their will be a quiz prepared by John Virr. Admission to the social evening is £5 which includes pie and peas or vegetarian option which will be prepared by the same caterers as last year. At the moment the take up is slow last year approximately 60 attended, to help with the caterers planning the food can supporter's let us know if they are attending by replying to this message, send a private message, book through a committee member, myself and Janet Virr will also be attending the Breakfast Club Tuesday when I will be launching The BISSA bottle. If you have not booked before Friday please still turn up and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  7. ernieone

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Will Keighley be able to play some super league academy players as it is not looking good for them at the moment. Hope they manage to survive.
  8. ernieone

    Why oh Why

    Unless I am wrong and things have changed Sowerby will be on the playing staff next season.
  9. ernieone

    BISSA needs YOU !

    Just thought I would update the forum members the running total accumulated through Easy Fundraising £3,052.68 A good reason to buy your Christmas presents through B.I.S.S.A.
  10. ernieone

    Why oh Why

    Probably only 3 clubs will be full time squads Widnes, Toronto and Toulouse but a number of clubs have part time players that are getting the equivalent money of the lower paid Super League players. Thankfully Batley start the new season with all there budget (after sticking to only spending the money available last season) and from what I have seen, Batley have brought in a strong squad of exciting players. I am looking forward to next season and hope that supporters will get up to the Mount and get behind the players, coaching staff etc.
  11. ernieone

    Bulldog inbound - Tyler dickinson

    He is ours
  12. ernieone

    BISSA AGM and Social Evening

    To mention a few Breakfast club Christmas dinner, pink weekend St Valentines ball, War chest, Woodmans travel evening etc. As I said we are all trying to raise money all worthy causes.
  13. ernieone

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Yes the club are staying with Ravensport. The shirts will be on sale before Christmas.
  14. ernieone

    BISSA AGM and Social Evening

    Please come and support BISSA It is not easy raising money with everything else that is happening at the club, we are committed to helping the club to have the best squad possible so please come and support us. Watch out for the BISSA bottle, a number of supporters keep saying that they have spread and save jars to hand in but forget to bring them so now we have a BISSA bottle which you will be able to empty your jars in to or just empty your pockets of loose change. The bottle will be appearing at most events ie Bissa AGM and social, breakfast club, shirt launch etc. My target is to end up with a full bottle before next season starts.
  15. ernieone

    Dave Scott and Michael Ward

    They will just about be finished to attend the first training session back on November 5th