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  1. I just hope a number of the squad above will move on to make way for some new blood
  2. No but I am a dip ed
  3. We also need the Rams to beat Sheffield tomorrow then we get an home match against the Rams (or if Oldham beat Rochdale)
  4. Well done Toulouse for beating Featherstone, now we need HKR to beat Fax to avoid a trip to Toulouse again. Much better travelling to Halifax in the "also rans" competition
  5. I for one would welcome Gareth back to the fold, he is an expierieced Championship half back which there are not that many about, We all know his capabilities and I personaly think he would be a valued member of our squad. The bonus would also be that we would be gaining one of the Rams better players
  6. Gordons brother?
  7. Looking at the fixture matrix it looks like our fixtures will be Home Sheffield - Dewsbury - Oldham - Swinton Away Toulouse - Rochdale - Bradford The only change there could be is if If Dewsbury lose to Sheffield and Rochdale beat Oldham then our fixtures will be Home Sheffield - Rochdale - Oldham - Swinton Away Toulouse - Dewsbury - Bradford Also if Toulouse win and Halifax lose at the weekend swap Toulouse for Halifax
  8. Walker Scott Manning
  9. Top man take a bow 9,oller
  10. I give up
  11. Patch Day Manning
  12. In my mind his former club was Swinton rather than the seagulls
  13. Hallett can play if picked next week as he will not be at Redhall until a week tomorrow.
  14. Nothing found during the big clean up
  15. He was dual reg with Bradford and rams? before signing for rams