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  1. Xmas Present

    I can have some books at the breakfast club Tuesday when I will be selling the shirts etc off from last season (thanks to the Supporters club and Ravensport) John BISSA
  2. New Book on French Rugby League

    How exciting
  3. Shirt Sponsorship

    Will pay Thursday👍
  4. Izaac Farrell

    How can he have a level head with his hairstyle
  5. Ben Black

    Good to see Ben Black with his family at the "Breakfast Club" this morning, spoke well about his life back in Australia.
  6. Shirt Sponsorship

    Seeing your supporting BISSA (as always) I will throw £15 and the pence in
  7. Friendlies

    Think we play Wakefield on the 14th at home
  8. Fixtures

    It was confirmed today that Batley will play in Toronto on the date published on the fixture list.
  9. League Express this week

    Might be a good idea but would it gurantee a top four spot?
  10. Blackpool Bash

    With the second day fixtures there will be plenty room Toulouse/London, Rochdale/Swinton and Dogs/Rams
  11. Blackpool Bash

    Another Boring day in Blackpool, could be our turn to win though
  12. Move hodgson to 7 NOW!!!

    Perhaps the problem is we have a team full of good super league players but not as many world class players as the Ausies or even the Kiwi's. Our centres were poor.
  13. League Express this week

    I hope we sign a couple of appalling centres for next season
  14. He is back

    But the price has to be right, if Fev want some of the money they paid to sign him + then paying his present contract will be beyond a lot of budgets. Is one of the reasons there is not as much movement that players have signed 2/3 year contracts and a lot of players seem to be extending their present contracts before becoming available.