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  1. Wakey friendly

    Could be our 3rd choice half back must admit though if that is true he must of been bad finishing behind those half backs you had on show Boxing Day.
  2. Wakey friendly

    There is one tomorrow but not for Jack Perry, I am sure there will be one for Jack Perry but the club now have to get permission from the RL to have a two minute silence so it will probably be at the first home league match,
  3. Good News

    Running on the generator this week then it will be fully operational for the league season. Tried the scoreboard this afternoon and it looks top class.
  4. "Underdogs" Book

    The book will be available Sunday pre match on the BISSA stall £14 (signed)
  5. Lewis Gailbraith

    Hard to believe a centre with pace at Batley
  6. Shakey Wakey Friendly

    Will they bring a strong side to the Mount though?
  7. 2018

    I think so
  8. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Hope you are not basing your season on loan players from Cas, there again it will be an advantage to other championship clubs if you do.
  9. "Underdogs" Book

    BISSA have 6 signed books left, as a special offer we are selling them for £14, lots of people have shown interest, now is the chance to get the book at a cut price bargain. I will be at the Breakfast Club Tuesday or private message me and I will organise delivery within a reasonable distance
  10. 2018

  11. Players past and present

    I think the time he arrived the board were prepared/persuaded to pay that bit extra to buy better class players if he had come earlier would he of been as effective?
  12. Players past and present

    Not sure Tiger coming earlier would of been a good idea I know Gary Thornton wanted him but he was considered not within Batley's budget. It seems Karl was more persuasive with the board and of course he was signed and we kicked on from there.
  13. Todays game

    Sorry mixed up with Simon Brown
  14. Todays game

    Arron Brown had a few matches for us but was sent packing because he was not good enough. 😊
  15. Todays game

    Not the best of games but there has been plenty worse Boxing day and Blackpool matches. Both sides guilty of not respecting the ball but of course it's early days with three more friendlies before the season starts. Nice to see Hemingway get the try that set up the victory. A ok performance with hopefully more to come