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  1. ernieone

    Tickets for Bradford

    Thanks to the club for taking note, the tickets are being toned down
  2. ernieone

    Tickets for Bradford

    The tickets were for 4 supporters arriving at different times so using a smartphone etc would not be practical
  3. ernieone

    Tickets for Bradford

    Just printed four tickets for the final, are the tickets sponsored by the Hewlett Packard? the ink used is ridiculous.
  4. ernieone

    York’s cup match thread

    Not sure that York were the better side, they hit a purple patch scoring 18 unanswered points then spoilt it by conceding late in the first half. Second half Batley dominated throughout with the slope and the wind behind them there was only going to be one winner, credit to York they played some good rugby but lost there discipline in the second half leading to the full team warning and the yellow card.
  5. ernieone

    Bulls 20 Rams 18

    Enjoyed the match, Dewsbury have certainly moved on from there performance on Boxing Day. Result could of gone either way right until the end perhaps Bradford just about deserved there win. Yes Bradford have there share of one eyed supporters but have also a bigger majority of passionate loyal supporters that get behind the team. Not the best kick off time which probably contributed to the relatively low attendance although if there are 1500 up at the Mount this afternoon I will be delighted.
  6. ernieone


    I was talking to John Miller Friday and there was no mention of charging for the service. (But you may be giving them ideas). I got mine this morning and quite impressed with it.
  7. ernieone

    Ideal score

    Bulls win 20,18
  8. ernieone

    Ideal score

    Should of said in the title odsal score
  9. ernieone

    Ideal score

    Half time bulls 6 rams 12
  10. ernieone

    Semi v York

    And of course quite a few more than Leigh and Fev ended the 2018 season with but try moan to your club not to us. 18 players to choose from is enough to pick from and i do not think there is much difference between a squad of 18 and 20. I am sure the eighteen players will not see it as a problem Last season we were struggling for players through injuries and we worked round our squad available while trying to get players on short term loans but perhaps other championship club's were happy to see us struggle which i accept as being a part of the game. Hopefully we will have less problems this year even though this year we have a smaller squad but with more quality players than last season.
  11. ernieone

    Semi v York

    No it would not as supporters are fed up of Heavy Woolen derbies no matter which competition, Bulldogs against Bulls sounds a good final.
  12. ernieone

    Semi v York

    Come on it sounds like you are having a competition on who has the best excuse for not winning 5 days before the match 😃
  13. ernieone

    York’s cup match thread

    What are your top five that are nailed on?
  14. ernieone

    Breakfast Club Announcement

    99.9% sure they will be. Did not go in today as other things on the agenda but I think they tickets were available from this morning.
  15. ernieone

    BISSA needs YOU !

    Great news, John You have new donations for B.I.S.S.A. - Batley Rugby League: 1 supporter has raised £15.00. You have now raised a total of £3134.20 for B.I.S.S.A. - Batley Rugby League. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great news, John You have new donations for B.I.S.S.A. - Batley Rugby League: 1 supporter has raised £3.80. You have now raised a total of £3138.00 for B.I.S.S.A. - Batley Rugby League. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------