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  1. Backpool tickets

    I am sure there is a £15 discount for full price and £7.50 for concessions when bought from the club
  2. Backpool tickets

    Hi regarding Blackpool you can go out of the ground when needed with your hand stamped like the old discos . I have not stayed overnight so cannot give you any recomendations whats available or which pubs the supporters meet in during the day. Perhaps others can help
  3. Shirt Sponsorship

    Hi DD I have not paid my share yet could you PM me the amount and your address so I can get a cheque in the post.
  4. Next week

    Halifax match to be played Saturday 2nd June, Saturday to allow for recovery before the Toulouse away match the Saturday after.
  5. Next week

    Yes the team are deservedly having a week to rest up after the recent heavy schedule with no official training this week.
  6. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    J Farrell Crookes Ward Why do plonkers hijack the thread? Thought you would behave better BB
  7. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    DVD available tomorrow, should be charging £10 for such a performance but will keep them at a fiver
  8. Batley Cap

    You will be able to see the cap on the BISSA stall from 2.15 this afternoon.
  9. Team for Saturday

    Cowling and Chandler only went for 1 match
  10. Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Retitte Ward Gilbraith
  11. Batley Cap

    The cap has come home today, delivered this morning, thanks to rowankick for selling it to me
  12. Problems out wide

    Ainy is back in full training this week so will not be far off claiming a place on the wing.
  13. Batley v Toronto

    Perhaps the supporters who were at the match saw a off the ball incident which obviously the officials and camera did not see or convieniently ignored.
  14. Batley v Toronto

    Apology for what? Perhaps you should start apoligising for your description "a bunch of drunken louts"
  15. Batley v Toronto

    Do you realise how much tripe you are speaking but is it a case of I do not know the real story so I will make one up?