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  1. It seems a long time fron the end of last season, all the positive news that we were in the black at the end of last year extra money for earning a top 4 place. Players get extra money and some longer contracts rightly for finishing in the top three, few (alleggedly) better players signed to cover our weaknesses. What have we ended up with? We seem to have a coach that wants to change everything that has been built in the last 2/3 seasons overnight. Players who are either confused or do not have the ability/passion to fit in to the greater plan. Players that are not playing to there full potential. A team that looks at times like it is made up from a bunch of complete strangers. Were do we go from here?
  2. Batley need to go to Dewsbury today with one intent which is to secure a place in the next round. We have the capabilities but have we the enthusiasm/will to win? A few weeks ago I would of been 100% certain of winning but after our last performance there who can be sure? Being a positive supporter (but not a happy clappy Rod 😊) I am sure we will be in the next round and our competitive season will continue in the cup. We will probably be one of the favourites to win the lower eights competition but the problem will be to win more than two consecutive matches.
  3. Even in the match against Rochdale Brambani was one of the reasons we won. Yes he missed touch a couple of times and missed a couple of kicks that were not easy with the wind blowing in all directions but he contributed to a early try and of course went through the gap for the winning try. Just to say I watched a recording of the match this afternoon and was generally pleased with his overall performance.
  4. Rested/dropped which ever way you want to look at it.
  5. Reittie out injured
  6. Do not know but it was claimed
  7. If I had paid £20,000 for it I would be asking questions but i did not as far as I am aware contribute anything towards it.
  8. Why is the scoreboard so important? Surely most people can add 4,2, and 1 together when needed, I wear a watch for the time or can even look at the clock on my phone so usually have a good idea when the game is finishing even so the timekeeper decides when the match finishes so it is irrelevant what my watch or the scoreboard says. For 100 years spectators have not needed a electronic scoreboard so why is it so important now?
  9. Lillycrop Smeaton Brown
  10. Scott Brown Rettite
  11. simply beaten by a better team
  12. Walker Smeaton Scott
  13. Top class performance 40.16
  14. Missed going up there this season so would not mind a trip out