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  1. ernieone

    Fev announce Harrison

    Bigger crowds at Fev not saying much, using Fev as a stepping stone to join a much bigger club like Castleford.
  2. ernieone

    Fev announce Harrison

    Are they waiting for another day to announce their other signing?
  3. ernieone

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Give the lad a chànce he has not even pulled a shirt on and the usual suspects have got their hatchets out 👨‍💻
  4. ernieone

    Leigh v Batley

    Tom may never play again because of his injury. It is more than a "deserved ban" that he should have, players like him should never be allowed pull a shirt on again
  5. ernieone

    Leigh v Batley

    Will miss Manning for the rest of the season👎
  6. ernieone

    1st September

    Many thanks for him not the most prolific try scorer but I am sure he will start finding the white wash now 😀
  7. ernieone

    1st September

    Perhaps a local full back has booked a seat on the bus to Sheffield🏉
  8. ernieone

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    Campbell Brambani Galbraith
  9. ernieone

    Alex Rowe leaving

    More Brass but a lot of travelling on the A1 when it is at its peak. Best of luck to the lad and hope everything works out.
  10. ernieone

    1st September

    At least four from the bulldogs was a start
  11. ernieone

    1st September

    No chance Batley would not have him back, may be jumping on the mini-bus bound for the Eagles'
  12. ernieone

    Some good news

    Hope they are not the ones that were on our shopping list,
  13. ernieone

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates Hopefully I have used a new skill
  14. ernieone

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    From reading the Twitter announcement it could be Danny Yates.
  15. ernieone

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Gledhill Manning Brown