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  1. DAVIES GOT BINNED - official!!
  2. Davies got binned for a high tackle on the HB Fairclough - Davies was high but Fairclough milked it for all it was worth so all the media are correct in saying he got a yellow Think swinton got 8 points while Davies was off the pitch and hed just come back on as they got their third try Misi and one of theirs got a yellow in second half for a bit of handbags But that aside we were poor for an hour in the game then powered away in the last 20 - maybe news filtered through to the players Batley were doing a job on Leigh as the coaching team kept asking for updates on that game and they were able to relax a bit in that last 20 Grant kept Swinton in it in the first half by caning the ###### out of us in the pens but then Grant caned the ###### out of Swinton in the last 30 mins to take them out of the game By no means a great game but we kept up our end of the bargain by winning ultimately Batley did the job for us but we can now look forward to a home final
  3. Rochdale are 8 pts behind 3rd bottom sheff and Swinton are 6 pts behind sheff and theres 2 games to play???
  4. elppaxr2i

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    Riddy misi davies
  5. Wouldnt say we put them in their place - the only difference for me in the game was we had Ridyard back resulting in that bit of extra quality near the line and a 5 min scoring spree at end of first half - other than that i would say it was a fairly even game Both defences were terrible - 13 tries were scored in the game - everytime they scored we seemed to answer them back Game had an end of season feel to it - the final cant come soon enough with now 2 meaningless games coming up for the opposistion - ones is already relegated the other safe in the league - hopefully we can remain professional and do a job
  6. elppaxr2i


    Its not a cas shirt cas never been sponsored by the RFL Only wigan saints wire 2 x hull clubs and Bradford sponsored by the RFL 👀
  7. The only suprising thing yesterday was the MOM was given to an individual player and instead not announced as a shared award to all 14 players Hopefully the game has not taken a lot out of us due to the short turnaround for friday hopefully we can get a body or two back also
  8. Fev lions & rovers sadly not interested in working with each other at this present time
  9. elppaxr2i

    Tom Holmes

    Already signed for Huddersfield upon completion of his rehabilitation
  10. elppaxr2i

    Coaching staff

    Ryan Sheridan?
  11. elppaxr2i

    team v Batley.

    Absolute dire that 1236 att says it all Highlights were a 5 min purple patch between the 65-70 min when we scored 12 pts n coopers last gasp pen Too many non interested players now - by contrast the mass player exodus seems to have galvanised Leigh and they appear to have no issues getting up for the comp The fact that we dicked about today and Leigh put sheff to the sword means Leigh now lie only 10 pts behind on the PD We wil be down to 6th come 5pm next sunday
  12. elppaxr2i

    toronto question

    The TV cameras are placed on the main stand which is not really seen on TV - this stand was packed
  13. elppaxr2i

    Shield Fixtures

    No it wasnt televised
  14. elppaxr2i

    Shield Fixtures

    None as transfer window is closed However they may not play players due to having to pay them if played certain amount of games etc