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  1. Wheres this extra game and potential midweek game come into it?
  2. You would like to think briggs is back in from the cold allowing widie to move back into the hooking role
  3. Barrow A or any champ club H or A Lets have a good go at it and get one of big boys in a later round Though i think we all know the two heated up ornaments are catalans and fev in that order
  4. Three team warnings they were on today at various points
  5. Scratchy 1st half not helped by the stop start nature of the game caused by some questionable refs descisions, didnt seem to really get going for me 2nd half we needed that try we scored to give us a lift, and we dominated from thereafter Dissappointed in Oldham, all that ball and they did little with it all game, bar the try dont remember a real raid they had on our line in the second half At least we put in a better performance than we did in the league fixture
  6. Hardcastle Turner Ulugia
  7. Scott Turner has had a great game everytime he has played this season, cant say, for me that he hasnt tried at all Made some superb runs again today - he certainly isnt playing like someone who has had a fallout with the coach
  8. Sin binning deserved though
  9. Another ridiculous sin bin today! Chris Ulugia the offender Floppin on a player who was tackled and getting up to the play the ball! Another deserved sin binning - but its never the players fault - refs are biased against us arent they
  10. Day on bench today
  11. Wouldnt suprise me this, The day before going to Dews for a month with no recall too Lets throw in an injury or red card to carlile or wildie so we will be a hooker short as well
  12. Wow! Thought JS was serious about a cup run? No briggs is a real puzzler and we have now lost our buzz from the hooking role as Wildie is presumably in the halves now Scrappy victory for me this week - cant see any cohesion or the team gelling I wouldnt be suprised to see us get turned over either, oldham seem to turn up vs the top few teams and they will want a cup run as much as we do Fev 20 Oldham 16 1st try Turner Mom Davies Att 1521
  13. Hang fire while i get the worlds smallest violin out to play it! Our discipline is shocking. End of
  14. Amor wasnt a red card anyway - first impact is on the ball Too many blue and white tinted fev branded spectacle wearers on this thread im afraid
  15. This. Just watched highlights too