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  1. Teteh went well as well - tackled out of his skin Delaney only played first 15 mins (did nothing) and Carey the first half (one great tackle but too early to tell as was probably still jetlagged) Davies was phenomenal today - still think QLT is still trying to work out how Davies picked his pocket for the second try Good game today thought fax were the better team 1st half and we was the better team 2nd half so a draw was probably the right result in the end
  2. Match highlights, full re runs of games extended interviews with staff, players etc Theres also classic games on there - they also showed highlights of all the other champ games but they stopped doing that halfway through last season
  3. Good squad that a lot stronger than envisaged If its like that most weeks ( obv not as many leeds DR in it as King and A Boas to come in too ) I dont see any reason why we cant be more competitive than what people have suggested we will be Hopefully the cold weather holds off
  4. Coach & 2/3 PNG here and already training The other PNG & 2 Aus players scheduled to arrive next week
  5. elppaxr2i

    2019 Squad

    Cameron King put a tweet on the 30/12/18 with a pic of the union jack and a thinking emoji next to it so might be something in it
  6. elppaxr2i

    2019 Squad

    Cameron King then?
  7. elppaxr2i

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    Unless we play Hunslet Parkside next week it will be another predicted loss
  8. elppaxr2i

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    Not far off again - getting good at this score prediction lark
  9. elppaxr2i

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    Dews 22 Fev 12 Att 997
  10. elppaxr2i

    Season tickets

    The vouchers will be for various food and drink and shop offers throughout the season and for cheaper tickets in the cup and playoff games
  11. elppaxr2i

    2019 captain?

    Who says it has to be or will be just one captain? Getting more common now to have co captains