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  1. 1. Thacks 2. Ulugia 3. Ormonroyd
  2. For me we should be encouraged by this result It was not by any means a first choice Wakefield 17 but there was still more than 75% in that team who will be involved in the first team picture for them on show today and we too were still missing a few bodies I thought we outplayed them in every department after an iffy 1st 10 mins during which they took the lead, however after Thacks got us settled with that try we found our groove and kicked on I felt we did try to force it at times instead of respecting possession and that resulted in Wakey getting a lot of possession but that I suppose is what these games are for - to test out the team moves and structures Ormonroyd was immense when he came on as was Ulugia, who Wakey struggled to cope with, Thacks had a decent game too Barring a 60m intercept break I thought Aston didn't do much and as for Duckworth - another really poor attempt to diffuse a bomb which resulted in him getting injured and not returning - I can't see him starting as one of the first choice wingers All in all a really good day today
  3. Some are £250 some are £350
  4. Mariano is ill which explains his absence for this week
  5. Ulugia just been randomly added to the squad this morning
  6. Theres some on the side of the new stand
  7. Lockwood return now announced on Fev website
  8. Mariano took a knock on the knee last week so probably playing safe As rumoured Aston and Ormonroyd drafted in - not sure if this is a wise move or not
  9. Wont look like that during the season when the houses start to go on it
  10. Because club have dropped a marketing/media clanger and revealed him as a player before officially announcing him at the appropriate time
  11. Halves and Props not set in stone Cory Aston and Ormonroyd rumoured to be in Sundays squad
  12. I think the owners of the ground have messed wakey around as well - promised discussions about things etc and it never happening Im not suprised Wakey have lost patience coupled with the fustrations of struggling to get their alledged new ground off the ground Dewsbury beckons by the sounds of it
  13. Wont be lowes - he has signed up to be Leeds Carnegie coach again
  14. I agree, squad player at best on current form You cant see him ahead of any of those current second rowers being used in the friendlies, then theres the fact he will be 4/5/6 week behind due to the late start However thinking about it, we do have the DR with York - essentially he could have a "fresh start" there for much of the season