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  1. 2018 Squad.

    Griffin re-signed for another season Not the announcement people were probably expecting but i think 95% of supporters will agree if one player deserved another year it was this man
  2. 2018 Squad.

    Recruitment is never done, if theres an opportunity there no doubt it will get explored “Suspended” would be a better word So much for Mcnally then, those supporters who started that off have suddenly gone all quiet
  3. 2018 Squad.

    Press the + at side of “qoute” and just do this on the posts you wish to include that you are multiqouting Whoops!
  4. New shirt 2018

    Thoughts? Hopefully the image can be viewed by everyone
  5. Sam Brooks

    Brough was paraletic and could not walk, slavering from the mouth, Walker was the same, Brooks was the more sober of the three but needed assistance - scotland tried to get them on the flight saying all 3 would be looked after and would be sleeping it off, the airline were having none of it
  6. 2018 Squad.

    I can see Ash Handley on the wing rather than centre then put misi and hardcastle in the centres till the injury crisis eases
  7. 2018 Squad.

    Anyone else spot Peterika VaiVai announced as joining Leigh on Gold Coast website? No? Me either So much for it being "common practice to do joint releases as you will note from all of those that we have announced involving other clubs"
  8. 2018 Squad.

    Underwhelmed with the signings made up to press but Surely the rest of the division sits up and takes notice What a coup! Perhaps Mccrone to Toronto is the signing of the season but this is not that far behind Everyone involves deserve special praise for making it happen The goalkicker and organiser weve been craving for ages Riddy - Thacks - Holmes is not a bad 3 options to have
  9. Season over ;Low and High points of 2017

    Low - Rochdale H in the mud, Fax H in league, Wire H, Bash game (again) Widnes A High - Fax A in 8s, Batley A, Dews A with 12 men, the cup run
  10. 2018 Squad.

    i thought this thread was about the 2018 squad not about P&R and if you are finished with RL soon Every thread the last few days has ended up going in that direction any chance we can keep it on topic for a change?
  11. Mark Campbell's thoughts

    Not only that theres 40 pro teams Home and away will be 78 fixtures a season plus a playoff series for the top 8 in a 40 team league 😂 52 weeks in a year, multiple games in midweek, i cant wait for the wednesday trip to Hemel! I just hope when the worlds longest season is eventually over we can break into that top 15! Now back to bed you go........
  12. 2018 Squad.

    Why would we want to dual reg with that mid table club? Why not stick with the top 4 team we are with?
  13. Best Part Time Club.

    Cant see Briscoe at 6 entering the coaches plans
  14. 2018 Squad.

    Off to aus travelling for a year
  15. 2018 Squad.

    Monaghan isnt coming - he is off to France - there were never any discussions with fev at any point I think the Swinton winger will be Turners replacement - i agree with others its a strange departure and wouldve kept him - i think he will go back to Sheff He deffo has not been the same since coming back from injury - it was the same the previous season