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  1. Only the radio link - a toulouse supporter was posting toulouse matches from periscope on twitter a while ago but think hes had a bit of a telling off and has stopped doing it
  2. Toulouse 46 Fev 12 Att 1764 1st try Turner MoM Wildie
  3. Must have had a holiday booked next week
  4. We will take being in the top 5 defensively
  5. Timing is absolutely shocking - MC has a lot to answer for im afraid this time dont think fans will stand for it again Next week will be even more of an embarrassment both on and off the pitch now We really are a poorly run club deep down - just happy to take the top 4 money it seems, sign a few decent players to get us there then sack the coach at the end of their contract! Nothing will change and there will be no progress with this matriarch ultimately In charge of the kingdom
  6. Fev coaches posting on facebook page he has gone If coaching staff are posting things like that up........
  7. I call BS as Richard Agar is emigrating to Aus soon
  8. Rovers MoM??? HAHAHAHA
  9. Thank god im not shelling out a few hundred £/€ to watch a second string team get pummelled in France next week Think the fact no one was there at the end on the last home game of the league season says it all Too much rotation im afraid from Sharp today - totally backfired, players who were rested should not have been The team were spineless and gutless today - if only they showed as much passion as JS did at half time running on the pitch to have a go at the ref Think its more than obvious now we should either send Briggs the biggest bunch of apology flowers we can find so he will come back and play for us (injured my botty!) or we go out and start making some cash offers to clubs and 6s instead of wasting our time signing cas's 8th choice back rower and Widnes's 6th choice prop Enjoy the bars of Toulouse next week people because the RL from us wont be much cop!
  10. Fev 38 Fax 18 Att 2352 1st try Briscoe Mom Thacks
  11. He isnt playing tomorrow
  12. Hes not even in the squad
  13. Ormonroyd and Baldwinson wont be available to us in the 8s so make sense to sign up some props
  14. RIP