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  1. Broadbent shouldve scored the first dont know why he didnt do a dive as Higson had commited to the tackle and left the wing free 2nd one higson makes a play and puts him off but thats another walk in 3rd one when chizzy breaks through he was taken out in back play i think so a pass wouldve gone to ground
  2. What couldve been - multiple chances created and none executed Cant fault the players though gave it their all
  3. Hopefully something will happen at end of season - he is on a season long loan and out of contract at end of season so no point paying any signing on fees etc now
  4. Yeah you can park in streets /main roads around the ground
  5. We did not kick on the 5th for touch today in an attempt to force a scrum - not once mind you i never thought i would see the day big old Bradford celebrate a 1 pt win over little old fev like the bulls lot did today - whooping, hollering and middle aged men hugging one another - i think they thought they had won the cup
  6. Threw the game away! absolutely mullered them for 65 mins! All round descision making in that spell was terrible The coaches descision making in that last 15 mins im afraid have to be questioned. The substitutions stank of a coach thinking the game was done
  7. Actually spoke to him before KO to see which way fev was playing he has lost weight
  8. Quite simply 17 blokes out there who turned up for a game of rugby - there was no team out there Newman may as well not have bothered today the amount of ball he got Very disappointing but i am looking forward to the alternative ending to “silence of the rams” - I assume our wonderful marketing team filmed roger the ram taking his revenge out on percy?
  9. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/ase-boas-returns-to-png-IZTvU
  10. Bussey took a whack in a tackle dont think its that bad but banned for next 3 anyway Renders injury looked worse - caught his studs in the turf - was on crutches at the end of the game A wins a win pitch deteriorated badly in second half the less said about the ref the better
  11. Its usually the youtube videos that are anti climactic
  12. Put player in a dangerous posistion he confirmed it when asked in clubhouse
  13. Think we really did a number on Thacks today - we shackled him from the word go & Patch Walker is not the half back you want to be alongside when your half back partner is struggling Thought we played the conditions really well suprised we didnt do a number on them in the second half but probably the weather put paid to that Suprised at the red card, not the actual offence but how quick Moore et al made their descision think that put paid to them for the day when that happened Bussey was immense today as was Turner Couple of winnable games coming up now onwards to Swinton
  14. Thanks for update - hopefully carey has a great recovery & is back soon Also hope the little lad is back from his broken leg soon as well
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