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  1. Wont be lowes - he has signed up to be Leeds Carnegie coach again
  2. I agree, squad player at best on current form You cant see him ahead of any of those current second rowers being used in the friendlies, then theres the fact he will be 4/5/6 week behind due to the late start However thinking about it, we do have the DR with York - essentially he could have a "fresh start" there for much of the season
  3. Either way when the time was right they shouldve announced it officially then offered the player sponsorship at a discount as the season is underway IMO
  4. What a clanger to drop! Old news but Couldve at least announced it
  5. Think that went how we all probably expected Was really impressed with Walton, thought he caused them no end of problems when he was on Turner impressed again - been a revelation in pre season, always seems to bust a tackle Wildie at 7 went well too, he looks better in the halves than he does at hooker - its nice to know we might not have to rely on Leeds DR to cover the HB should the need arise Thought we was going to blow them away after that first 15 mins and it would be an embarassing landslide, however im glad they found their feet and made a good fist of it in the end
  6. Walton Turner Wildie
  7. Old news - surely they announced this way before xmas?
  8. Thanks for this I was unable to click on this menu before - just didnt do anything - but it now seems to be working Will put it downto teething problems like others have suffered
  9. Anyone know how to mark the whole forum as "read"? There is an option in each individual forum but that only clears that forum- There isnt one on the main general board to clear them all in one fell swoop - if there is can anyone point me in the right direction? I am using safari on Iphone if this helps/hinders
  10. Always did well when he was at Batley against us - always seemed to bag a try Getting rave reviews as a good signing though confess i havent seen much of him since his Batley days We certainly didnt hang about di-secting the carcass of the bulls did we? The way the article reads - there may be more to come from there at least one body Looks like we played a blinder playing the waiting game too - Some good pickings to be had
  11. They may as well start off on zero in champ 1 A massively thin squad now all the decent quality players are leaving - In the championship on -12 start - Hull KR to play 3 times Theyre as good as relegated for me Start afresh from the bottom I say, id put Barrow in in thier place if they go to the wall
  12. They await other offers, nothing changes Administrators need to get the best deal possible - this clearly wasnt it - be it the offer was derisory, or there is a potential better deal elsewhere
  13. James kitchen did not score - he did have a golden opportunity but knocked on over the lineThe rest of your post i agree with
  14. FT 38-14 Cant grumble at that - we appeared to punish a vulnerable fax side who ultimately collapsed beween minute 55 - 70 Look forward to hearing comments from those that were there