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  1. NW Cup game to be played at Fev on Tues night

  2. Whitehaven

    Good luck getting to haven today! Will probably be the worlds longest route Stay safe
  3. Confirmed off but think we all knew that hours ago If i was the club i would certainly be questioning why its taken nearly 2 hours with a lot of people sat about to get this officially called off by the match commisioner yet it took Cas just 10 mins to get their game officially called off from their match commisioner from start to finish? One can only assume it took that long to dig him out at queensway
  4. Pitch inspection 9am tomorrow Even if the game is on it i think will be an absolute nightmare getting to the game - The M62 over the tops is bound to be terrible and i suspect woodhead pass will be closed or even worse than 62 if its open If the game gets the go ahead I wish all those travelling over good luck and stay safe
  5. Depleted squad due to injuries, expected to play with no recognised 6 in it - from our point of view i dont expect a classic and expect a hard fought contest....thats if the game is even played at all with snow expected all weekend Crusaders 8 Fev 28 Att 1164 1st try Robinson MoM Briscoe However i am also predicting Crusaders P - P Featherstone 1st try no one MoM no one Att 0
  6. Absolutely appalling.

    We simply fell for the trap that was set - All Littlers team talk will have been to rough them up he wont have told them that Swinton can outplay fev to win the game - all he is left with is to get in their faces and niggle and you never know - to be fair it nearly came off for Swinton
  7. Davies isnt out in the cold he has a thumb injury and cant grip the ball properly Fev 66 Swinton 10 Att 2167 1st try Robinson MoM Riddy
  8. M.O.M v Leigh (away)

    Riddy Briscoe Farrell
  9. Wow what a game! Wish i had more confidence in them than i did with my pre game prediction Kendall and Child (not hicks to be fair) did their upmost to keep the 2pts in Lancashire but Rovers were ultimately not to be denied! 2 game changers 1. Riddy plays for us now 2. Ben Reynolds going off injured curtailed their attacking flow - mind you all their attacking flow consisted of a few drives one man rugby and whip it wide to Ormonroyds side (when thacks went off injured ) Riddy was absolutely top drawer today, everything went through him - it was his day to put in THE performance - The Leigh fans were terrified weeks before the game what he might do them and the Leigh players were scared sh*tless of him today from the 1st set Briscoe was superb again in fact they all put a stint in Yes the defence was abysmal near the line and as for Crooks hat trick try that doesnt bear thinking about - but I dont really care to be honest weve just taken another big scalp and opened up a 6pt lead on Leigh in the league Bring on the lions! (Swinton not fev)
  10. Not confident at all Leigh 46 Fev 22 1st try Robinson MoM Ridyard Att 4143
  11. Jukes resigns as Leigh coach

    Hock slowly building his fitness up dont think we have seen the best of him yet - a couple of try assists so far - not given away as many pens, if any, so far as we all probably thought he would
  12. Apparently he has a thumb injury
  13. Well that was a lot easier than i initially thought it would be On that evidence Sheffield look a very poor outfit this year and wont get too many wins on the board, they offered very little in attack for me, scoring points off our sloppy mistakes Ref slowed it down way too long for my liking as well, probably to give Sheff a rest Cant really criticise us today we scored some good tries and put some decent attacking play together but we wont get those opportunities or gaps to exploit next week neither will we get away with the odd poor pass we saw today Thought thacks went well in the centre and Briscoe was superb again, that tackle and intercept on Spedding was out of the top drawer
  14. M.O.M. Fev V Sheffield

    Briscoe Thacks Mariano