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  1. elppaxr2i

    Ouch - injuries...both halves out Sunday

    Is that from now or from when he first got injured? If its the latter hes done at least 4/5 weeks of that absence already so would be back well before the end of the 8s?
  2. Hes right though - barrow only named 15 players and players are all over the place posistion wise
  3. Played well today but Dews were really poor today - they seemed so flat from the off and couldnt string anything together in the 1st half they made it all too easy for us 24-0 up HT the game is over Positives - really defended well for the most part, had a 5 min blip when they scored their tries and their third try 4 of out defenders took the worst dummy ever seen but other than that really defended the line well at times and shut them down Walton looked really good for a first hit up of the season - looks to have lost weight and with the game - time will no doubt become a valuable asset Thought out two half backs did a great job also and both on the scoresheet Negatives - trying to buy a cheap pen by rolling on the floor then loosing the ball - Misi (again) and Briscoe both attempted it and failed - the tactic doesnt work more than it does - just get on with the game lads The team were too slow for dwyer today - he was firing quick ball out and we either plodded along with it or dropped it which was a shame Bring on Barrow!
  4. elppaxr2i

    Top 4/top 2 - what it might take

    If theres no significant progress to update the fans with then theres no point issuing statements
  5. elppaxr2i

    Top 4/top 2 - what it might take

  6. Sorry but we had that game wrapped up in that second half - fax had gone The in-game management was apalling - especially when they were down to 12 - flinging pass after hospital pass out Shouldve been up the jumper and into touch Hardcastle was a liability defensively today as well - QLT ripped him to shreds
  7. Yes late shot - looked like a shoulder/arm injury
  8. Not good that Totaly shambolic 1st half, gave it a go in the 2nd half when the game was done and the pressure was off Leigh were too good all over the park today - they were deserved winners, Hutchison played in a dinner suit today Hope Riddy is not too badly hurt, next week is huge now
  9. The packs ###### and Leigh are going well cant see anything but a heavy high scoring defeat Fev 22 Leigh 48 Att 3142 1st try Newman MoM Riddy
  10. elppaxr2i

    M.O.M. Fev V Hull (Cup)

    Hock Briscoe Hardcastle
  11. elppaxr2i

    Luke Briscoe

    Congrats on the record Luke
  12. elppaxr2i


    Leeds havent got a full back other than golding as jack walker has a knee injury and is out for weeks (been out for a few weeks already) so their options are limited themselves
  13. Its not out yet - the bookies dont usually start to reveal their hands till 24hrs before the event If i was to guess - had Sneyd and Kelly both been fit i would be looking at fev with a 30+ point headstart but i think it will be around 20-30 points now Any less is a bit stingy from the bookies considering hulls recent cup record and winning run and our poor home record vs SL teams in competitive games plus we are coming off a defeat
  14. No Sneyd for them - out with an MCL injury and Kelly might not be risked given that its the magic weekend for them the following week If their 1st choice HB are both out id like to think we can Cover the bookies handicap