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  1. toront sack three

    Probably too much Sangria consumed
  2. toront sack three

    Well its only 5 props left as Luke Menzies retired at start of last season to become a professional wrestler
  3. 2018 Squad.

    Great name
  4. 2018 Squad.

    Robinson will be an unsung hero this season - Ridyard will get all the plaudits 9 times out of 10 but this kid will be a crowd pleaser when the grounds harden up Made a lot of decent metres today, looks big and strong a bit like Justin Carney when he was in his prime
  5. Well that was Fev from last season Overplayed at times but some of the overplaying led to some good tries But defence near the goaline is still terrible - all 3 of their tries were bargeovers near the line, i dont remember fax making a break all game, we gifted them the field posistion by giving away ###### pens Thank god we have a decent 6 now because he ran the show and assisted all 4 of our tries - shouldve been MOTM for me I thought Robinson ran it in well and so did Maskill and Cooper Hopefully things have improved by the time the league game comes around
  6. Hock

    Hope the bloke can stay fit and is up for the challenge Would rather have him playing for us than against us Looking forward to seeing him run at Jamie Acton in a few weeks and vice versa
  7. Hock

    Lets see what happens in the next 24 hours........
  8. Darrell Griffin

    Dont you get on your high horse either because you was wrong too - You get the wrong town and team in your original post
  9. Darrell Griffin

    No squad number for Darrell issued tonight but 15 is left vacant
  10. Darrell Griffin

    Darrell Griffin should the article say or should that be Dave Griffin - perhaps that is more appropriate 👀🤐
  11. And? I see no real issues with what he posts at least they have some substance and reasoning and are relevent to the thread Whereas all i see every time he posts is you having a go at them a few posts later You are nothing more than a cyber bully / keyboard warrior when it comes to oxy for me - you never counteract with an arguement just attempt to throw your weight around and tell them to get lost If im honest id rather you disappear off here than they do
  12. Aston - only had about 20 mins but didnt do much bar a 40/20 Clare - terrible Douglas - Anonymous Hitchcox - Anonymous Maher - Poor prop for a bloke of that size Trueman - Average They will all fit in well at Fax
  13. For a first hit out that wasnt too bad - nice to have the bragging rights for a season - Powell obv picked a team he thought would win but we outplayed them in the end so dont buy the “cas kids” excuse Riddy and holmes looks like its gelling already, Riddy put sum wicked kickoffs up n in play kicking was excellent Wheeldon looked the part as well We looked fitter than them - thought Powell and Cas lost a bit of interest when Gale blitzed them at start of second half as the changes came not long after so it was always going to be disjointed from their point of view but we scrambled well even at the end One negative for me -Thacks got away with a blatant trip on a cas player when he broke through - he tripped someone up last season and got binned - this seems to be creeping into his game - thought he went well at FB today he could do with stamping out the tripping in his game
  14. Tagg - just dropped the tagg bit from his surname
  15. 2018 Squad.

    Griffin re-signed for another season Not the announcement people were probably expecting but i think 95% of supporters will agree if one player deserved another year it was this man