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  1. Same as us last year Look how we then performed in the 8s
  2. Hardly played, wont be missed
  3. No there wasnt 14 mins ET - like i said - if they stopped the clock on that site when there is a stoppage etc the time would be accurate for when the actual try was scored in the 79th min
  4. Connor Farrell people, not Liam
  5. Briggs Walton Thacks
  6. The clock never stops on that site
  7. Disappointing in the end, two DG attempts - one of them very kickable -missed We gave it our all really - They had 7 sets on our line and didnt score but we had 5 on their line in 1st half and didnt score either Their off the cuff stuff ultimeatly got them the win - they werent the better team on the day for me - a draw ironically wouldve probably been a fair result But plenty for everyone to be encouraged about going forward, defensively we were pretty good and we threw the ball about and Kyle Briggs is back from the dead - perhaps had he been playing more regular we would have third place sewn up at a minimum - perhaps even 2nd place A sleepless night for fax fans coming up
  8. Only the radio link - a toulouse supporter was posting toulouse matches from periscope on twitter a while ago but think hes had a bit of a telling off and has stopped doing it
  9. Toulouse 46 Fev 12 Att 1764 1st try Turner MoM Wildie
  10. Must have had a holiday booked next week
  11. We will take being in the top 5 defensively
  12. No
  13. Timing is absolutely shocking - MC has a lot to answer for im afraid this time dont think fans will stand for it again Next week will be even more of an embarrassment both on and off the pitch now We really are a poorly run club deep down - just happy to take the top 4 money it seems, sign a few decent players to get us there then sack the coach at the end of their contract! Nothing will change and there will be no progress with this matriarch ultimately In charge of the kingdom
  14. Fev coaches posting on facebook page he has gone If coaching staff are posting things like that up........
  15. I call BS as Richard Agar is emigrating to Aus soon