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  1. Yesterday lunchtime I was getting some last minute party stuff in Morrisons at Barrow-in-Furness and spotted Daryl Powell in there. Presumably he had decided to spend new year in God's Country :). Anybody else see any "celebrities" in unexpected places?
  2. Cumbria & Cumberland leagues

    B&D League results and fixtures along with up to date league tables are published every week in League Express and the local paper (now the Mail). Competitions available are: Obviously the league (won by Barrow Island A, runners up Askam A). The league winners are Champions. Harry Warman Cup (winners Barrow Island A, runners up Walney A). KO Cup (final Askam A v Hindpool A to be played 15th September). Top 4 Play offs (semis this week - Barrow Island A v Roose and Askam A v Walney A). Final 22nd September. Ivor Kelland Cup (final Barrow Island A v Askam A to be played 29th September). There is also the Cumbria Shield for sides in B&D League and Cumberland League (Winners Kells A runners up Walney A)
  3. Away Day Blues

    We won at Warrington in our 1983 Lancashire Cup winning run Phil.
  4. Away Day Blues

    That's an awfully difficult question Steve :). I reckon that there are only three people living who could answer that one. If anybody else gets the right teams against the right year I will be astounded.
  5. Furness Raiders Under 19s Fixtures

    Tomorrow night (4th Jan) 6pm kick off at Craven Park v Bishop Burton College (Hull). Get down and support the lads who have so far lost only one match this season. See if we can top the 200 attendance mark for this one - please spread the word. Entry just £3 (£2 concessions). Next Wednesday sees the lads play Roose Pioneers Open Age at Craven Park with a 7pm kick off.
  6. Leigh announce Academy and pathway plans

    The Barrow model was agreed with representatives from all the local Community Clubs and rather than harming the clubs it enhances them. The U19s range in age from 16 through to 19 and all will play open age (most in first teams) in the coming season. The boys have access to Barrow's physios when injured and meet weekly (as a group) for a session with the first team conditioner. It is made clear to them all when they join that it is an opportunity with no false promises. Only a handful will make League 1 but they will ALL become better players and individuals hopefully. Maybe one day one will emerge from the group to reach SL. The College League is a great concept which I firmly believe will be embraced by more and more clubs in the next few years.
  7. Leigh announce Academy and pathway plans

    Leigh is developing a model very similar to those already established by a number of Championship and League 1 Clubs. Barrow has been running theirs for two years now and this season their U19s squad (25 or so players aged from 16 to 19) are competing in the College League Premier Division under the name Furness Raiders. Underpinning the U19s is an U16s squad of around 20 players, some of who will progress to the U19s next season. For sure there are lads in the U19s who have been at SL Academies in the past but have chosen this route for a number of reasons. Many in the squad have played at international and County level via BARLA teams. People shouldn’t think that SL clubs take all the best kids – they don’t because some choose a career to run alongside their Rugby League ambitions. Virtually all of the squad work in Engineering (mainly at BAE Systems) and even the younger boys aged 16 currently earn circa £10k a year. All have the potential to be earning £40k in their day jobs by their early twenties. Even if they don’t progress to the professional ranks they are not risking their future employment prospects. If they did progress to a SL club at aged 20 they would always have an apprenticeship in the Nuclear Industry to fall back on. If they don’t make the pro ranks then they have a good job to continue with. The other bonus of taking the College U19s route is that there is little impact on the Community game. All the Barrow U19s players train with their respective Community clubs and play Open Age at the weekends. To me this is a win-win because SL U19s primarily are not exposed to open aged opposition. Of course some lads do choose the SL Academy route and (so far as Barrow is concerned) they go with the area’s blessing. It is their choice but at least the College set up offers a good option for others. The concept has certainly taken off at Barrow and the team is a self-funded organisation linked to the parent club but financially independent. The community clubs have a say in how it is run and all our coaches are drawn from the local amateur ranks. Out of interest when we play at home (at Craven Park) with an evening kick off crowds are excellent with the best being around 350 paying spectators. Even an afternoon kick off will draw a three figure crowd. What’s not to like really and good luck to Leigh with their efforts. Follow the link below to watch our recent match against Halifax ERA (which Fax won 20-16).
  8. Canada link with Penrith

    Already happened. Phil Jackson (Barrow, Lancashire, England, GB star of the 1950s) was born at Canada.
  9. V Keighley 25/1/15

    July 2012 when we put 48 past Haven and then 42 past Oldham in consecutive matches.
  10. Match ON

    Today's match at Keighley is definitely ON.
  11. Steve McCormack steps down as Swinton head coach

    Steve Mc is one of the sport's good guys who was always very helpful to me when I was trying to promote the Development Fund. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him and I will always remember that. I hope he enjoys his time with his family but it is a real shame to see him no longer active in pro RL.
  12. Double Header on March 23rd

    On Saturday 23rd of March we have a double-header of events. The first is Elvis tribute show featuring the fabulous Neil McLaughlin. This is at the British Legion club and tickets priced just £6 are available at the Rugby Shop. On the same night there is the Past and Present Players/Coaches Association Dinner at the Chequers Hotel. This event is open to all past and present players/coaches (from any Barrow RFC team) and also to supporters of the club who may wish to spend an evening reminiscing. The likes of John Rea, Steve Hogan, Steve Tickle, Ralph McConnell, Les Wall, Les Quirk, Tony Kay and Pat Trainer, to name just a few will be there along with a fair few of the current squad for what promises to be a great night. Many of the past players and their wives/partners who are attending are travelling a fair distance to be there to support the new association. Tickets (£25) for this mixed event can be obtained from Andy Whittle ( or telephone 01229 58809) or David Cairns ( The clash of these events was inevitable as the date for the dinner was chosen on a weekend when our first team did not have a match, whilst Neil McLaughlin is doing the Elvis night for free and this was the best date for him. So whether you want a quiet meal and a good rugby craic or want to wear your drain-pipes and let your hair down, one of these events should suit you.
  13. Today's match is definitely ON.
  14. The Barrow Rugby Shop in Scott Street will be open on Saturday 22 Dec from 9.00am to 3.00pm and on Monday 24 Dec from 9.00am to 2.00pm. It will re-open Wednesday 2 Jan 2013 at 9.00am.
  15. I was having a few drinks with David Cairns a week or so ago and we discussed the setting up of a Past & Present Players and Coaches Association. David, Barrow’s last Great Britain international back in 1983, has been keen on this concept for a long while now and so we decided to give it a whirl and see if there is sufficient interest. “Joining” the association will not cost a penny and “membership” is open to all players and coaches who have been involved with any team connected to Barrow RFC – First Team, A team, Academy, Colts, etc. The exact structure of things is by no means sorted yet and David’s idea is still in the embryonic stage. However, as a minimum, we will organise social events and dinners and circulate contact details for all members so that players who have lost touch can get in contact again. I would also plan to organise a past players/coaches day at Craven Park at one of the matches next season. To date I have sent details to around 100 ex players and the response has been excellent with around 60 responding with a resounding yes to the idea. However, I am sure a lot of the email addresses I have are now no longer valid so this is an appeal for ex players to get in touch with me. There are a few ex players who come on here occasionally plus if people on here can also pass the message on to any ex players they know that would be helpful. Anybody on here who is interested please email me at in the first instance.