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  1. Keith Nutter


    Matt was a great early sponsor of the Furness Raiders U19s and helped us get started three years ago with his sponsorship.
  2. Keith Nutter

    Fans standing behind posts

    Off topic but what a great photo Padge. Very few of the modern breed of photographers seem to take "panoramic" or wide shots which show a number of players. Most modern photos are close ups which don't give a feel for what has happened or is about to happen. This picture tells a story and I can picture what may have happened to that point and what may happen as play goes on. I can't do that with most modern pics.
  3. Keith Nutter

    2019 Away Shirt

    You do realise that Barrow's original colours were red and black don't you?
  4. Keith Nutter

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    The boys won 44-10.
  5. Keith Nutter

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    Kick off times in the College league are set at 2pm and that I believe is the case for all College sports. Generally it is lads and lasses at College wanting to do a sport on Wednesday afternoons. However, the College RL Premier division is slightly different in that all the teams are RFL Cat 3 accredited sides linked (generally) to professional clubs and a College. All our players are at College and (in the main) serving a recognised apprenticeship. When we started up we got huge amounts of advice from both the RFL and the College set up but we always knew that sides could insist on a 2pm kick off. We have worked tirelessly (and still do) to secure later kick offs but sadly don't always get what we want. As things stand at the moment I believe we have secured 7p kick offs for home matches against Halifax, Wakefield Trinity, Hopwood Hall (Rochdale) and Huddersfield Giants, We have already played Salford Red Devils at home at 7pm. So only Pontefract (Hull) and Warrington Wolves haven't been able to accommodate our request. Two out of seven aint bad. This week's match is likely to be our last afternoon kick off - 2pm Wednesday at Craven Park v Warrington The above is only a quick summary but if anybody wants a craic about how it all works feel free to call down the college on any Monday when we train (6.30pm to 8pm) and I can give you more detail.
  6. Keith Nutter

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    His name at birth was registered as Zak Alexander Hardaker
  7. Keith Nutter

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    Oh and the fixtures, results and league tables are published in the RL press every Monday and the information is generally pretty accurate (though always do a check on our kick off times which often vary).
  8. Keith Nutter

    Academy FIxtures & Team News

    At home again next Wednesday (17th) against Warrington Wolves with a 2pm kick off at Craven Park. We try desperately to get night matches but not all the opposing teams will agree to this but hey ho. Because we are constantly negotiating over kick off times it is hard to publish a list of upcoming matches but the best place to get up to date info is on the Furness Raiders twitter account which is updated by people more tech savvy than me To date we have beaten Salford Red Devils and New College Pontefract (Fev) and lost at Halifax so an excellent start. Many of the older boys have been unavailable through injuries/work, etc so we have been fielding very young sides and boy have they done well.
  9. Keith Nutter

    Grand Final Crowd

    Don't forget the Floodlit Trophy also Padge.
  10. Keith Nutter

    Rugby League's Black Players

    I would suggest the Cumberbatch brothers who played in the 1930s. Val was of Barrow's greatest ever wing men whilst Jim was the first back player to represent England at RL. What is more they were both born at Liverpool.
  11. Keith Nutter

    Odd Shaped Balls

    I havent't got faceache or twatter - never have and never will; yet I can listen to this podcast on my humble pc.
  12. Keith Nutter

    Sunday v Swinton offer

    This fixture is no longer relevant following the last minute restructuring of the league for next season . Our sport sadly is a laughing stock to outsiders.
  13. Keith Nutter


    Les Wall (Barrow hooker) scored the first 4 point try in English pro RL in a 40-8 victory over Huddersfield at Craven Park on 21st August 1983. At the beginning of the 1983/84 season, Les made a significant piece of Rugby League history that can never be taken away from him when he scored the very first four point try in a professional Rugby League game. It occurred when he scored Barrows first try after just nine minutes of the opening fixture of the season in a comfortable 40-8 win over Huddersfield at Craven Park. Other players may have scored tries earlier in their games that day but Barrow’s fixture kicked off at 2.30pm, at least half an hour before all the other games (which started at 3.00pm or later). Having a thirty minute advantage over everyone else meant that whichever Barrow or Huddersfield player scored first in the game, as long as it was inside the first thirty minutes, could claim the record.
  14. Keith Nutter


    Les Wall (Barrow hooker) scored the first 4 point try in English pro RL in a 40-8 victory over Huddersfield at Craven Park on 21st August 1983.
  15. Keith Nutter

    Keep the Faith

    At the start of the campaign we;d have settled for being 5 pts clear of relegation with home matches to play against Batley, Roichdale and Swinton in our final seven fixtures. We must be realistic and overall this has been a good campaign thus far. Ok, we all know that the wheels have come off in recent weeks but we now have two weeks to prepare for the final push for safety. Can we stay up? Of course we can. It will be tough but we should be ok in my opinion.