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  1. Keith Nutter

    Odd Shaped Balls

    I havent't got faceache or twatter - never have and never will; yet I can listen to this podcast on my humble pc.
  2. Keith Nutter

    Sunday v Swinton offer

    This fixture is no longer relevant following the last minute restructuring of the league for next season . Our sport sadly is a laughing stock to outsiders.
  3. Keith Nutter


    Les Wall (Barrow hooker) scored the first 4 point try in English pro RL in a 40-8 victory over Huddersfield at Craven Park on 21st August 1983. At the beginning of the 1983/84 season, Les made a significant piece of Rugby League history that can never be taken away from him when he scored the very first four point try in a professional Rugby League game. It occurred when he scored Barrows first try after just nine minutes of the opening fixture of the season in a comfortable 40-8 win over Huddersfield at Craven Park. Other players may have scored tries earlier in their games that day but Barrow’s fixture kicked off at 2.30pm, at least half an hour before all the other games (which started at 3.00pm or later). Having a thirty minute advantage over everyone else meant that whichever Barrow or Huddersfield player scored first in the game, as long as it was inside the first thirty minutes, could claim the record.
  4. Keith Nutter


    Les Wall (Barrow hooker) scored the first 4 point try in English pro RL in a 40-8 victory over Huddersfield at Craven Park on 21st August 1983.
  5. Keith Nutter

    Keep the Faith

    At the start of the campaign we;d have settled for being 5 pts clear of relegation with home matches to play against Batley, Roichdale and Swinton in our final seven fixtures. We must be realistic and overall this has been a good campaign thus far. Ok, we all know that the wheels have come off in recent weeks but we now have two weeks to prepare for the final push for safety. Can we stay up? Of course we can. It will be tough but we should be ok in my opinion.
  6. Keith Nutter


    So if we finish 6th we will get Rochdale, Swinton and (probably) Batley at home. Could have been a lot worse to be fair.
  7. Keith Nutter

    Brian Bevan

    You are correct TS it was a handicap. Murray was the "back marker" when he won it off 4.5 metres I think so all the others in that final had a start on him.
  8. Keith Nutter

    Brian Bevan

    I never saw Bevan play but his record suggests he was light years ahead of anybody before or since. Unbelievable record by any standard. Just to go off topic (once again :)). Mike Murray was training for the Stawell Gift in 1966/67 when Barrow went on their Wembley run - he chose to play his part at Wembley. There is a great book by Ray Hewson called "On the Wing - from Stawell to Powderhall" which I am sure you would enjoy if you can find a copy LA. It covers RL wingers/sprinters from all ove the world in an awful lot of detail.
  9. Keith Nutter

    Brian Bevan

    Yes Barrow played Dewsbury on the day Mike Murray won Powderhall so i guess Mike chose to concentrate on what was a major event for pro sprinters back then. Looking at the records he didn't play for the first team in the three months leading up to Powderhall so it would seem he focussed on that. I will ask him when I see him next. Incidentally Mike is 78 ish now and still walks around 50 or 60 miles a week and coaches sprint training.
  10. Keith Nutter

    Brian Bevan

    Brian Bevan never won the Powderhall sprint but two Barrow wingers did! Mike Murray won it in 1966 and George McNeil won it in 1970. Mike played for Barrow at Wembley in 1967 whilst George played just one match (as a trialist) for the club. He never signed a pro contract.
  11. Keith Nutter

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    The RFL need to step in and make a decision on this one and not sit on the fence and tell clubs "sort it out yourselves". This is a so-called professional sport not a local pub darts league. The loss of revenue for the Raiders will be massive if the kick off is 3pm and will wipe out everything from the Just Giving page plus a whole lot more instantly. All for the sake of a slightly earlier kick off. Or is that what the RFL would like to see happen?? For god's sake the decision is a no-brainer given the magnitude of our national soccer team appearing in a World Cup Final. On the plus side if we don't get any rain the pitch may well be unplayable as it is rock hard and clearly dangerous to players being tackled into it. Just a thought
  12. Keith Nutter

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    The kick off time only needs to back 1 hour to allow fans to watch both (if it happens of course). Toulouse's travel arrangements will not be that restrictive that this isn't doable. The RFL must surely step in and sort this one out because a number of matches are scheduled for 3pm next Sunday. If the RFL do not step in and do this then they clearly are not fit for purpose (but we kind of know that anyway). This is an exceptional situation but not too hard to overcome.. At a pinch even a 2.30pm kick off would do and the club could set up a big screen at the ground and we could all watch the final after the main event :
  13. Couldn't agree more Padge. I have been saying for some time now that players/coaches are abusing the system to get a free interchange after 20 mins or so. Another issue is players feigning injury when the opposition get a repeat set to buy their side some time to gather themselves prior to the next onslaught. ALL teams do this. Very few of these players need to leave the pitch after treatment. Not certain how we legislate against this because some (very few imo) will be genuinely hurt
  14. Keith Nutter

    Newcastle Thunder Academy Development Day - Cumbria

    From the Barrow Raiders perspective, we have run a Cat 3 U19s academy for the past two years and compete in the College League Premier Division. Our Cat 3 set up also includes a U16s side who play two matches a year against other Academies (eg Newcastle and Salford this year). We also run eight week development camps for U12s, U14s and U16s. This is all funded remote from the parent club so isn't a drain on their resources. All matches are played on Wednesdays. This season we finished joint second in the Colleges Premier division and played league Champions Wakefield in the KO Cup Final at Craven Park, The attendance was 521. We have 5 players in the North of England College team to play the South of England in a trial match to select the full England side. Any club could achieve this if they have the will and we at Barrow are more than happy to give advice on how we set it all up, It is worth pointing out that we have excellent relationships with the local community clubs and the vast majority of our players are playing first team for their clubs in the NCL and North West Couties leagues. Every one is a winner.
  15. Yesterday lunchtime I was getting some last minute party stuff in Morrisons at Barrow-in-Furness and spotted Daryl Powell in there. Presumably he had decided to spend new year in God's Country :). Anybody else see any "celebrities" in unexpected places?