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  1. Struggling a little at the moment because on so many fronts I'm in situations I don't want to be in but also it's my own fault I'm in these situations. It's a double hit of sadness. For example my obesity, I hate it but it's my own fault that I'm still a lazy, greedy phuckwit.
  2. That made me laugh so hard I can't type. "I've got saggy ####, grr"
  3. Is that before or after you paid the entrance fee?
  4. Food is an almost instantaneous fix, it's relatively cheap, quick and it doesn't objectify. Obesity is a pandemic, but fat shaming won't work, not in this social media "look at me" current state of affairs. Mass production of beige, high salt, sugar, fat and palm oil foods will overtake the "who will pick our crops?" age we're facing. It's a slow burn, both gaining weight and losing it and the - literal - masses don't have the self-preservation to succeed in this time of plenty.
  5. I do admire how rules get amended pretty quickly in this game. Holding the ball in the scrum, trapping arms, cannonball tackles, passing into prone players, etc. from years gone by. The only sky game I've seen in 18 months or so was the last half of Toronto bottling it in the MPG, so it sounds like the spectacle has gone completely down hill quickly.
  6. You should see it now. In fact I do cringe pre-match at games at Odsal now.
  7. It takes effort to lose weight, it takes effort to cook. That effort is completely worth it. However can we agree in the last 30-40 years our lives have less effort? Less manual work, less walking/NEAT, less outdoor activity.
  8. edit: Being obese is the worst thing in my life.
  9. I'll catch up with this topic when I have more time but for what it's worth I absolutely ##### hate being obese. I hate it. It's a simple formula, except so is reading the rugby results. X scored more than Y so X won. The hours each day are like the minutes in the match.
  10. I heard he invited Samuel L Jackson to his leaving party...
  11. Malt loaf up front. Taters at the rear. What a party.
  12. It's probably just a simple reason; people will buy the shirt.
  13. Twenty years since 24,020 at Odsal. Nailed on.
  14. It was Bradford 8 - 26 Featherstone with about 15 minutes to go... It's now Golden Point 26-26.
  15. I'll give you the heads up John next time I try tunnel into Barclay's next door.
  16. The lack of spoilers is the main positive I take from the WRC not having much coverage in the UK. This isn't a dig @Gerrumonside ref by the way. I avoided this thread just in case there were updates.
  17. I make do with the highlights programme on 5 Spike, I was disappointed highlights weren't renewed in time for Monte Carlo but I guess eventually the right decision was made, it's a show that is already made by WRC or whomever. I did fork out for WRC+ Live thing but I barely use it now and I know daily highlights are also available on Red Bull TV. I'm not keen on motor sport but this is the form I really like. My brother has marshalled at many different motor sport events including Wales Rally GB. I did want to go to Sardinia in June for the WRC and for a holiday but it's unlikely to happen this year.
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