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  1. SL announce new commercial partner

    I'm sure you realise this, but the point is that the choice of Video Ref sponsor has already already attracted cricisim on here but the owner of Hull KR hasn't.
  2. SL announce new commercial partner

    Oh 'eck! Another ambulance chaser! Hudgell Solicitors reveals details of costs in cases of NHS medical negligence
  3. thank you richard lewis

    I think we should listen to what this new poster has to say, assuming that is he is new and not a returnee.
  4. SL announce new commercial partner

    That's up to them, of course, if they are happy with the sort of cover ups the NHS indulge in when it comes to medical negligence claims. It seems that the NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims last year. They need to get their act together , wouldn't you say - at least if you were posting on one of the numerous political threads on AOB
  5. BBC coverage(again)

    This just in from BBC Complaints Thank you for taking the time to contact us and we appreciate that you felt strongly enough to write to us again. We’re sorry to learn that you were not satisfied with our earlier response. We understand you have concerns about the treatment of the Rugby League Cup by Radio Five Live in between games. We would explain that we aim to include a very wide and diverse range of sports across our sports coverage, but space is limited meaning we cannot include everything. We have to try and select what are felt to be the most newsworthy and current items, but we appreciate this is subjective rather than an exact science. We can't always mention all scores and news our audience would like to hear - we do try and balance what to include and we're sorry if you have been unhappy of late. It's worth noting that the Tonga v England was live ( with a preview show on the 23rd November.( there was also a preview of the final on Dec 2 and coverage on 20 November ( Please be assured your complaint has been made available to our sports news and sport team in the BBC. We’ve noted your points but do not consider they have suggested a possible breach of the BBC’s standards to justify further investigation or a more detailed reply. Opinions can vary widely about the BBC’s output, but may not necessarily imply a breach of our standards or public service obligations. For this reason we do not feel we can add more to our reply or answer further questions or points. We realise you may be disappointed but have explained why we are not able to take your complaint further. If you remain dissatisfied about our decision you can contact the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU), explaining why you believe there may have been a potential breach of standards or other potentially significant issue to investigate further. For full details of our complaints process you can visit If you wish to contact the ECU please write to it within 20 working days of receiving this reply. You can email or write to: Executive Complaints Unit, BBC, Broadcast Centre, London W12 7TQ
  6. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    Understood about the Hull focus. Topic drift I know but just adding to the point, really about how surprisingly widespread it was, with Pro teams, too. 1936 Professional leagues formed, Derby, Manchester, Stoke, Preston & Aston Villa
  7. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    Oh Yes. In the late 50s the brass band in which I played rehearsed in premises at the Baseball Ground on the north side of Bolton Road in Pendlebury. Used to watch Stretford Saints in Longford Park, too. see
  8. Toronto

    If there are problems with these guys, best resolve it now, rather than let it fester throughout the season. What is it with these fringe southern hemisphere players?
  9. I have effectively put the multitude of political threads on here on ignore, hence my absence from it for 18 months. After this post, I will not be returning either, one of a number of people who have done the same. The visceral hatred of Conservatives as individuals (not just Conservative govt policies and actions) that is displayed by some on here (names on application) is not acceptable to me, so I have chosen not to get involved. Whist I accept that I have been in the past robust in my responses to this sort of nonsense, at my age I have better things I need to do before it is too late to do them. - they were really lizards who wanted to eat us. That's the best analogy I can think of for this government. - Perhaps you could look for another sport to follow John and then from the same poster No one says if you're a Tory sod off and support another game
  10. Apologies, wrong way round. I meant to say " I can''t see the BBC accepting payment ftom any sport to show thieir games"
  11. They dont have to illegally stream it. They can watch it, just like anyone who goes to a game.
  12. Really, i can't see the BBC paying any sport to appear on TV.
  13. Is it really true that the BBC gets paid to screen a particular sport? If that is the case, then it needs raising with Ofcom. Would it not count as product placement, or advertising? Remember the payola scandal years ago when record companies piad BBC DJs to play particular recordings? One version here:
  14. Conspiracy Theories