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  1. It's likely that this guy will be Trump's US Ambassador to the UK. he owns the NY Jets. As I understand it, he is part of the push for a London NFL franchise and is pouring millions into the effort to get one. A former colleague tells me her husband has attended somewhat lavish events in support of this at prestige London locations. These guts mean business and no matter who is is in charge of the RFL, if the NFL vision turns into reality, the media coverage will swamp our efforts. Sure it's not relevant to Cas V Wakefield or Wigan V Saints but in the quest for more followers and for expansion,the competition will only get tougher..and in my view, it will make no difference who is in charge of our game. The British government wants it, Tottenham are building their new stadium to accommodate it, but do NFL fans in the UK actually want a franchise based on these shores? The NFL's International Series is now into its 10th year, with the Jacksonville Jaguars' narrow victory over the Indianapolis Colts providing the first of three rounds of entertainment for football fans in London. A huge attendance of 83,764 and queues of over an hour for the merchandise tent on Sunday suggest the Wembley faithful is hungry for the NFL, and figures within the league are understood to be keen one day to place a first overseas franchise in Britain.
  2. Who do you think you are coming on here asking questions like that? You will unleash upon yourself the approbation of the EU right or wrong brigade! ( joking of course. Bringing some much needed balance is good to see)
  3. Well, he cetainly should be proud of what he has achieved with you lot. Ring a bell and there you are with your conditioned response, where in fact what I did was read the article, look at the authors background, make some comments and ask a question or so.
  4. Germany exports more to us than it imports by £27,000,000,000. I'm sure German business will be happy to continue that even with a tariff barrier. The article is long on attempted ridicule and short on analytic content. It was, as far as can be understood from the article, two Brexiters on a unofficial visit Nor does seem to say what organisation they were presenting to, nor who was in the audience.
  5. Less than 8% of employees in France belong to a trade union, a figure that has collapsed from a high of about 30% in the 1950s. The figure today is below that in Britain (26%), Germany (18%) and even America (11%). In the French private sector, the rate is lower still: just 5%, next to 14% among civil servants. However, in France, what little unionisation there is in key industries of transport and energy, so they regularly hold the people to ransom and the government always gives in.
  6. Gentle and meandering thread deviation, I know, but don't give up on celery. I could have swamped the rant thread with anti-celery invective....until recently when I realised that it was only the clsndestine inclusion of raw celery in various dishes that triggered my aversion.
  7. Tough luck then. Calm down, dear. Despite my own wishes and expectations, he won according to exactly the same system that saw Obama elected. I wonder how many of the protesters against his election actually voted in the election? Anyway, he's now President so he has in the end to deliver what he promised at his inauguration. Presumably you hope he fails in that.
  8. Dunno. I thought Lib Dems used it to re-sole their sandals!
  9. The weather is bad, there's not much on TV, and I do like a good laugh.
  10. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
  11. No. Look it up yourself.
  12. He may well have been a good constituency MP but it's not entirely up to the electorate if what he has done something serious.
  13. United against a common if feeble and ineffectual (through eating too much tofu, bran and bean curd) enemy.