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  1. no pads us football interesting trend

    Thats called risk compensation. Is it not correct that helmets are designed to dissapate impact forces and the linings to reduce decleration rates, thus lessening the damage to the brain?
  2. Missed that. Using the internet here over my phone is so slow - like using telex. We seem to fall apart when he's taken off or doesn't play. Still, Cas must be GF favourites.
  3. Staying in the middle of a forest in central France with not even 1/2 G network, its been virtually impossible to follow the game, but thanks for all the updates. Looks like Cas have not fallen apart as some might have feared. Reads like we outplayed in every department. Was O' Loughlin playing?
  4. Why choose to beleive what he says? Maybe , as already said, its to save money for someone better.
  5. "Goodbye to All That"

    Might be worth remembering that even on a good day Tony Smith isn't the most happy of chappies. An occasional smile might threaten his otherwise sombre visage on the odd ocasion.
  6. The refs get it wrong too often

    Since the ref (and in some circumstances the video ref) is the final arbiter of the rules, he is by drfinit6ion always right. You may not agree with him, but if he rules - or doesn't rule-say a foward pass, then thats what it is.
  7. "Goodbye to All That"

    "I wouldn't be excited about jumping into anything in rugby league just at the moment. I'd love to see some changes before I could get excited about the game as a whole," Smith added. The implication being that he won't be taking a SuperLeague coaching job any time soon?
  8. Nigel wood on radio Yorkshire @6

    Quite so.unless of course the "match day experience" turns you off. In any case, its not ained at the hard core of game-only fans. Its about attracting and retaining new or lapsed fsns, community etc....
  9. In my view, the system needs to show that it is possible to enter SuperLeague in a sustainable fashion, rather than the promoted team(s) being one season wonders. I trust that Hull KR have everything in place - which they seem to have. If thats the case then others might need to look and learn. Others need to look and learn from Toronto, too.
  10. No Rugby League News

    Nope. Mainly Oxford grads who apllied for thie jobs via the Guardian
  11. As i pointed out, just like OT plans to do. Disclosure: im a city follower. Grandma lived a few streets from Maine Road
  12. OT capacity 75k, planned to increase to 88k New Spurs stadium capacity 61k Emirates capacity 60k Ethihad capacity 55k, plans to increase to 61k