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  1. It seems to me you've consistently and firmly made your position very clear. However, this forum isn't Brissenden's"real dirt" in Martin Eden and even if it were, remember that not one member of that group ever shifted position however long and vigorous the arguments on all sides. It's plain you won't be persuaded, so where is the insult?
  2. What on earth are you on about? It's the remainers on here that are predicting the end of the world.
  3. Can't see it myself.
  4. The BBC, hardly a balanced reporter of Trumpisms says, "You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible," the new US president told a crowd of supporters at a rally in Florida." Yet somehow, this is now Trump claming that a terrorist attack took place. Unless I've missed the bit where he said there was one, if course. The are many thiings to have a go at with Trump, but at lest the media, who ALWAYS have the last word, should not give him more ammunition.
  5. Stupid Ukip person. Why would the police make such a statement? I though this was a border control issue. In any case, does anyone really know how many illegal immigrants there are in the UK?
  6. Every negative, every bit of bad news, however small, is because of Brexit,. Every positive, every bit of good news, however big, is in spite of Brexit. Everything that is happening should not happen. Everything that isn't happening, should happen. Every Brexit player a buffoon, every Remainer player a towering intellect, a paragon of pragmatism. It's an understandable position for Remainers to take, of course, along with a desire to see Brexit all end in tears, a punishment on the UK for not voting for the correct outcome. Ths reaction of the Eurocrats, the Brussels functionaries, and the integrationists is understandable too, as they see the prize slipping away from them, as they see their control being weakened, their Empire crumbling. The attitude of France over many years sums it up. De Gaulle said "Non!"and ever since then, the country's Enarques have been determined to eliminate all traces of what they see as the Anglo-Saxonn model.
  7. London has a far bigger population than thw whole of Scotland London makes a far far bigger contribution to the economy than Scotland ever has, does now or ever will. London, as I recall, also voted by a significant majority to remain in the EU. Where are the hysterical rants, strident demands and empty threats from the Mayor of London? Scotland is in the UK. Scotland has already voted to remain in the UK. The vote was a UK vote. The result applies to the UK. This means that Scotland, already bailed out over Darien will now be saved from itself and from becoming another Greece.
  8. Jezza in "Blair not helpful" shock!
  9. Understood. The fact remains that he did not intervene in this way before the referendum. I do belive that he still has significant support amongst labour supporters if not amongst the chattering classes and really could have swung the vote.
  10. Just a thought: I think it's a tad more complicated than that. In my view it's a matter of our people and his people getting together to discuss the role and responsibility of Patron, agreeing, building and executing a plan.
  11. A bit late, when he could have, maybe should have intervened before the referendum. Anyway, what has he got to do with the Labour Party?
  12. If that's true, not more Guardian fake news, is still not that many. 40 % who wasted their education?
  13. He's back!