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  2. Hmmm. Why is prvoiding more detail about a policy a u -turn? Any way, all you left wing property magnates on here needn't worry. Isn't the inheritance tax threshold being raised? Now the hard part. Hard because its very perdonal. Hard because my father in law died in such a care home, with Altzheimers, and mother in law of "dementia" in a care home. There were no costs in my father in laws case because as his wife stll lived in the property, the assets were not taken into consideration. Howeve, many years after his death, my mother in law ended up with dementia in a care home and at that point the assets WERE taken into account, and cost her £70k plus, especially as the full care home costs she had to pay were use to subsidise the amount the local authority paid for those who had less than £23k of assets. So, again, if you live in a rented property and have less than £23 k of assets , you pay nothing. That's the poorer in society looked after. In the new proposals ( you surely all know what a green paper is, and what consultation is) this limit is lifted to £100, taking a huge number of people out of paying for care, in fact, any couple with assets of over £200k. This takes out another huge number of people in the industrial north out of paying for care. What , though, if your house is worth, say £300k and you live on your own, but want to leave your house to your kids? he average stay of stay in a dementia care home is according to Which, 2 1/2 years. The average cost is £600 per week. I don't have the sigma for either of these, but a quick sum this comes to about £50. You'd get 10 years in a care home before you hit the £100 floor. So, why is improving the current system bad news? Let me guess. You all want someone else to pay. Corbyn is already adding well over £50 billion of tax onto just 1.5 million taxpayers (95% 0f taxpayers won't pay any more tax?)
  3. I bet your next one won't cost that much!
  4. Tried it this morning and got error 3 -25. Sachet what that was and found I had to delete Sky go, restart and reinstall sky go. Opened sky go and touched on "sport" and the whole schedule for all sports channels opened up. Then look down until I found "mix" then across till I found the game. Touched on that and a thumbnail appeared. Touched on that and it went full screen. Or something like that...
  5. Correct. Just been through this with late Mother in Law who had to sell her flat to pay her own care costs. The paperwork is pretty explicit on the issue of asset disposal to avoid paying. Under the new proposals, she would have been exempt from paying. I'd have thought the new proposals would have found great favour from the forums socialists. It's aimed at house owners not those in social housing. It's a aimed at those who have seen unearned asset growth, those who have seen their houses triple in price without lifting a finger, assets obtained using loans subsidised by savers, mainly in the south east or the leafy suburbs of the north. It is indeed the Miliband death tax.
  6. We, too, had to change plans owing to various things so could not go. I think is a great event, well, the ones I've been too. Just the sort of festival I think the game needs.
  7. No. Just no. We need more of this. New clubs, new money, new people, new places, new spectators, new ideas, new beginning.
  8. I doubt that Saints fans feel the same after their result.
  9. A wet weekend in St Annes on Sea in July 1967. Went by train from Wigan.
  10. Good result....considering how many Wigan players were out injured.
  11. Not a lot of standing square at the PTB, is there. Widnes just too slow off the mark, though, in my view.
  12. Wakefield looking good all round. Feel a bit sorry for Widnes. Doug Laughton, Kevin Tamati, where are you now in their hour of need?