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  1. But they won't have the visa problem as all clubs will have been to Toronto already. The semi pro clubs will have issues getting time off for their players but the full timers wont Going to Toronto at shortish notice for SL and f/t Champ clubs won't be an issue so just work the fixtures do that any part timers play towards the end of the 8s The game has much bigger problems imo
  2. All L1 clubs had more than 10'days notice this season
  3. Toronto weren't guaranteed 4 home games at the end of the Super 8s just guaranteed all their home games whether that was 3 or 4. This was primarily to allow the semi pro clubs in L1 time to sort out visas etc
  4. That old "rebuild in the Championship" comment that has been thrown around for the Bulls and others 😀
  5. Try Toronto being at home in the MPG next season
  6. The RFL have confirmed today that the Bulls will get L1 funding of £75k for next season so that's one hole in the owners budgets already
  7. No. Relegated clubs are L1 clubs and get the same as all other L1 clubs. At least until now
  8. One is a new club with lots of potential and a positive vibe
  9. 3000 STs realistic in L1?
  10. IT doesn't state whoever finishes bottom. In all previous seasons under the current format the 2 promoted clubs have received the lowest funding in the Championship i.e. £150k which would have been Rochdale & Toulouse last season. Then the RFL decided to give the New Bulls only £150k as part of their "punishment" Again in all previous seasons the 2 clubs relegated to L1 have received L1 funding which is c£70/75k which is the sane for all L1 clubs. Last season the 2 West Cumbrian clubs were the ones affected. That is why Whitehaven or Barrow would have received an extra £75k if they had been "promoted" if the Bulls had been placed in L1 In RL there are no parachute payments (or haven't been so far) which is why the funding structure is as I have explained. if the Bulls get £150k for next season then that is a change to the previously stated position and needs confirming by the RFL accordingly
  11. Wouldn't that £150k be for whoever gets promoted from L1?
  12. So are every other club in that league getting the same?
  13. On £70k pa central funding that will be a stretch
  14. I agree with a lot of what you have posted but whilst I recall that the New Bulls had to play in the Championship I don't recall being full time as a criteria Similarly the RFL retained prepaid central funds to meet RL debts.
  15. I know what you mean I wonder whether they will be both turn up in Hull for the next 4 weeks