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  1. Isn't McNally still suspended
  2. If you read the full panel explanations not the headline summaries it supports your comment as every case is different
  3. Each charge is based on the particular incident. The ban is determined by the charge and past offences and as many pathetic reasons they can come up with to reduce the length of the ban
  4. It's not standard but not unusual
  5. Who would have lied about this incident?
  6. The "F" grading is based upon the match officials report(s)
  7. Presumably Salford woukd have to fund it?
  8. Refs are miked up in every game but I think that it is only the TV games that are recorded although that may not be the case. In recent Disciplinary cases the panel have taken the ref's report(s) as accurate after interviewing them during the hearing. It is highly unlikely that a ref will lie about what he heard & every senior ref is honest and not biased so why would they lie. Also the red card would only have been issued if they were 100% confident as to what was said
  9. The TJ should have reported the incident to the ref who should have had the person removed or abandoned the game If you don't clamp down on the sort of abuse described then it will quickly become the norm and eventually escalate
  10. It never used to but to be honest scrums are now what they are and with the "feeding" which is allowed it won't be an issue
  11. If you have 2 sent off you can go down to 4 in the scrum but in the old days you woukd lose every scrum as they were contested etc
  12. You can have no more than 6 in the scrum and no more than 7 outside the scrum. The choice is yours
  13. Presumably they will share what they are doing right with all their fellow clubs and with the Governing Body so that the sport's profile can increase?
  14. Bearing in mind that it should never have got to this stage and that the council were being evasive to say the least then I would give them no benefit of the doubt in this instance