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  1. East Hull Hull Kingston Rovers Randwick Kingfishers NZ Eastern Suburbs (Roosters) 35 years + Newtown Jets . NSW England /GB
  2. Did the news spread?
  3. In Hull in the early sixties at under 17 there was, East Hull Craven Pak Juniors, Boulevard Juniors, Constable YC Craven Street YC Endike Newland YC Greatfield YC Lambweth At ope age there were Craven Park Seniors (who played in red and white irregular hoops) Hull Brewery Northern Dairies Jesmond Club Reckitts (who celebrate their 100th anniversary) BOCM NDLB Fenners Embassy Club Ideal Standard Priestmans (for a while) HKR Supporters Club Sizers.
  4. Thank you for your advice,we stopped at the Belair which was cheap and cheerful with friendly staff and a nice breakfast. Attended the game and sat with the Hull KR fans and enjoyed the atmosphere and passion of both sets of fans.Quite an easy win by Wigan in the end.Went for a beer in the Anvil and talked to a couple of fans in there.l had a pint of Bucking Fastard which was nice. You can tell you are in a rugby league town when you go in the bookshop and there is a great selection of RL on the shelves Great place,great fans and friendly people oh and the pies are nice too .
  5. Mrs B and myself intend to attend the Wigan v Hull KR playoff game this Friday night in Wigan.We will be driving from Cleveleys and would like to stay overnight and have a few drinks after the game in the middle of Wigan. Can any of the good people of Wigan suggest any reasonable accommodation near the city ? We would like to see the other attractins like the Wigan Pier and whatever else this famous place has to offer .
  6. Well said mate,it was a great day out and to be at the new Wembley for the first time was a joy to behold. I have been to a lot of NRL Grand Finals and they don't compare in atmosphere to the RL Cup Final. I enjoyed seeing the fans of all the teams having a good day out.
  7. l am on holiday from Australia and have got tickets for the final and going to the game with the Blackpool supporters,can't wait to see the new stadium . I will be cheering for the Wolves because it is the club of our favourite ex Rooster Adrian Morley. Today l am off to see the Rochdale Hornets take on the mighty Panthers with the Panthers casuals 'The inner Fylde Firm', never been to Rochdale before so looking forward to that a well.
  8. There is another ex rugby league player amongst those statues.Trevor Allan was a union great who went to rugby in the 1950's. He signed for Leigh for 5,000 pounds and played for four years.He also represented Other Nationalities against England.He returned to Australia to play for North Sydney Bears and afer retiring was a commontater on both Rugby and union. Ex Wallaby coach Rod MacQueen stated that Allan was easily the best centre in Rugby Union,yet despite Allan being honoured with a statue he is still to be honoured with induction to th Australian Rugby Union Hall of Fame. I wonder why,any ideas anyone?
  9. I hope Mick doesn't do a Gordon Ottershaw and destroy the Barnstoneworth or in his case Bulls club rooms
  10. When you're hit like a bomb by a 6ft 4 pom that's a Morley When you're flat on you'r a##e and you'r mouths full of grass thats a Morley to the tune of Amore Great memories of a legend at the Roosters,great player for us and true gentleman off the pitch Beware of the Mozz Johnny foreigner
  11. Hull Kingston Rovers,along with Wigan ,Leeds and St Helens are well known here in Sydney.
  12. Last night the Canberra Raiders played in a blue and white hooped strip to raise money for a mental health charity.All the shirts were to be signed by all the players and then to be auctioned off St George plav in a pink V for the Women in league round to raise money for breast cancer awareness charity. Rugby League in England has a fantastic history and something like this would be great for everybody involved in the game. I would love a Blackpool Borough retro shirt,the tangarine one with the black and white band .
  13. Hang on a minute,Burgess and Ellis are regarded as the best second rowers here in Australia,by no other than Gould and Fittler so they are going better than OK.Flanagan at the Tigers is doing OK ,gets a run most weeks and is in the squad.Wests Tigers won the GF just a few years ago and "traditionally"Souths have won more championships than all the other teams in Sydney. You metion players who would make it here in OZ from the UK Superleague,well Skandalis is getting a run at Wests,unheralded Flanagan at Wests,Crossman and Fitzhennry who were released by HKR are getting games at Souths and the Tigers.Last season at the Roosters Tansey went well at a very average Roosters team. I remember Jason Smith coming back from Hull FC and despite his age and chain smoking managed two seasons in the NRL at the Raiders and Cowboys. Even Langer came back fron Warrington to play SOO,there are some very average players in the NRL just as there is in Super League.
  14. If he was Pike l hope he never told them his name