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  1. At some point Wire will click and give someone a proper shoeing.. When watching they look about a stride behind where they were last year... not quite being "on it".. there is nothing they are doing horrendously wrong (except some of the tackling is shody but I think that is from 2-3 plays before and everyone just being a bit off leading to cumulative a lot off).. Someone will bear the brunt of this as it will click, hopefully sooner rather than later but I cant see it being against Hull to be fair.... 34-8 win sadly
  2. Simple answers as far as I see it. Hemel are not competitive plain and simple, and the other "expansion" teams let in a few years back are moving forward by being in the league. Yes its fair because they have to come through the league system, and they are one single game, Hemel are not competitive against other semi pro and even expansion teams. if it were how would you split it so it didn't become Heartlands vs expansion and then how does that work for driving the game in new areas and them improving?
  3. you've pretty much closed the debate on promotion from NCL now.. they can apply, they dont, end of.. as for Hemel.. i just find it so sad that they are in the state they are, it was a fantastic club when we played them in NL3 and they really had a chance but for whatever reason it is all falling apart.. development officers disappearing wont help.. and i fear that what they have done this year will damage the game around Hemel too.. I hope I am wrong but I dont see a way back for them at the moment... they desperately need some wins
  4. I've highlighted the bit I want to pick up on in this as the crowds etc I think I covered.. This is the extra bit that goes under the radar on a lot of this I feel. Yes the older generation get cheesed off, the Australian mergers show that, the welsh regions etc but it doesn't take long and a bit of success for those to either change their mind or the new generations to take over. This is what the sponsors buy into, there is no loyalty they just want the right demographic and teams that are positive and moving forward, and to an extent that is the same for the kids and their aspirations. The Calder area does not have the population that can be spread between 3 pro clubs either as spectators or as kids coming into the academies while not taking so may away from the junior game that there is no junior amateur scene left (one argument that was in RL World for the Hull academy merger).. Clubs are continually looking to solve this issue but it will all come back to the catchment area you have for both speccies and kids. If it isnt big enough then as clubs in close proximity the simple fact is work together or one of you will die.. some clubs believe they will be the ones to flourish (and there is nothing wrong with that) so become stubborn and that is fine but if you get it wrong it may be you.. do you take that risk?
  5. maybe more relevant.. as the sport is of a similar size with similar issues at clubs level.. Rugby Union Leeds/Yorkshire Carnegie which was a merger of Roundhay and Headingly Todays London Irish was a merger of London Irish, Scottish and Richmond (though the latter 2 restarted down the leagues) In Wales some massive mergers happened to form the regions, as they are now, with the likes of Neath and Swansea, who were huge rivals, coming together to form the Ospreys. All this was done because they couldn't be professional properly, ie they couldn't get the crowds to help pay the bills, if they sat there on their own. To rise up leagues or to stay at the top table they needed to merge.. I doubt it will happen in RL for the reasons this thread shows but the idea that one team from one area does well and dominates is relatively obvious I think. Yes things are cyclical generally but if the time of domination is long enough then the cycle gets broken.
  6. mate do that before the event... at the dinner you'll be 3 sheets to the wind and i cant see that ending well..
  7. i was just about to ask the same question
  8. Personally I think it's a terrible idea.... no amateurs and blow outs early on or glorified pre season friendlies. I don't see an issue with the early rounds and I loved playing in them myself as an amateur... it's the later rounds that are the issue and I think the idea of making round 6 the magic weekend would solve a lot of the issues and make it a bit more exciting with an "occasion" for the smaller clubs etc.. i don't think groups that early would give it any more magic.. if anything it would put me off until the later ends when it is knock out which is the bit that makes Cup comps different from the league after all.
  9. completely see your point of view. Hopefully everything Toronto have set up/paid for etc means they make as little negative impact on the clubs as possible and hopefully any impact is positive.
  10. I thought I would split the points up, hope you dont mind. WIth regards the valuable TV exposure. this is completely anecdotal but true. I own and run a small business and we have a large presence in the North East. This season we are taking an advertising boarding at Newcastle Thunder and one of the reasons I have done it, and persuaded my RL disliking brother to agree to write the cheque for it, is the exposure on TV with the Wolfpack for 1 match possibly (didnt know the fixtures when we decided).. for me there are a lot of other reasons, I want to support RL, this was a good way to support the local area and get our name out to more people etc etc but the one that swung it and helped me get it through was the potential extra exposure on TV.. This is both national coverage here but also coverage in Canada which is a potential export market for us, we already export into the US and Aus. I have also already got my brother to agree (we are equal partners so sadly I cannot sign the cheque on my own) that this isnt just a one off, but to get it through in the first place it needed something like "big potential audience" to make it worth while. Its not huge money granted but it goes someway to show what, to a non RL lover, this sort of thing can do...
  11. completely understand you're concerns. With regards the "lunch for one day" part.. yes it will be for longer but as has been mentioned you're not talking of 5 star restaurants.. as an example my last job in "London" involved repatriating central teams back to country, those new staff back in country needed to come to Slough to be trained (the lucky ducks). It was constant people in, so instead of always putting people up in local hotels the company short term rented flats to house people while over. This also meant that the company didn't have to pay for food as this was no different to them being at home and they could cook for themselves as they would at home, if in a hotel you cannot do this and the company had to pay.. with 6 games at home in one block this may be an option to Toronto and then the players are only paying for what they would have been eating at home anyway (just go to a supermarket as you would)... the club may chose to pay for it but I dont think it would be bank breaking if the players did. But I do understand the issue, I just dont think it is as big as the above.
  12. Won't get into all the expansion stuff as I think you know what I mean about North America will struggle as we were discussing the ideal that rimmer mentioned not general people playing... you also, I expect, no my feelings about expansion at any level and know it's activities.. I am simply looking at this professional movement around North America and the ability for it to rise to the next level. my own team is Sheffield Eagles, need I go further with the what happened?
  13. Its because they want to try and do something that no one has ever done before. They want to build Rugby League in Canada and make Canada a powerhouse of the sport.. they also think that by doing this they will make a couple of dollars out of it, but that may not be the full driver.. some people want to leave behind a legacy... i dont think they are trying to take down the sport from within..
  14. ok that pretty much wins the weirdest contribution award..
  15. jeez you're a pessimist... The TV money is not linked to the RFL money so I dont know why you have brought that up in connection to my post.. the RFL money being spent on youth engagement etc is completely separate to the SKY money dished out to each club.. (there is a chance he may not take TV money as he has his own contract.. or he brings more TV money due to the deals in place with Canada which means more money for clubs or more money for the RFL) I also thought it was quite clear in the way I posted and quoted you, but obviously it wasnt, that I wasnt in this instance talking about it encouraging kids in Canada but enthusing those you were worried about in your post in the northern heartlands and London.. something a bit different, new etc and lets remember kids can be more easily "sold" on these things than adults. with the rest of the post shall we walk before we run.. yes I understand your issues but from one year to the next the landscape completely changes and as you have pointed out there has been that much bluster in the past from everywhere about what might come next.. Rimmer can say what he likes but if Toronto fails then the whole North America thing is going to struggle if it were to succeed then who knows what might happen.. parallel leagues, conferences etc etc etc its not necessarily all at the expense of the English Championship clubs (in which my own team are presently struggling and nearly went under over the winter so I am well aware of the issues)