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  1. RP London

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    thank christ for that! 😄
  2. RP London

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    agree its a smart shirt.. just wondered on the colouring.. i might just need a break from work to be honest!
  3. RP London

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    even looking at all the colours on the website it looks blue and purple to everyone I have shown this to at work... bizarre.
  4. theres another christmas tradition for you written in the bible... now pass me the cake and brandy!
  5. To be fair as much as possible I always celebrate Thors day in the same way as he would have done.. with a flaggon of beer and a pointy hat... but thats cos I tend not to work on Freyjas day as her association with love, sex, fertility, gold, war, and death make me worry about leaving the house! its a hell of a combination
  6. RP London

    Sky pulls out.

    10 years is quite some time in modern cycling, James Murdoch was big into cycling and a key driver in this deal and has now left.. they are investing heavily in a cricket junior program. Its simply a change in priorities and may actually signal a need for better more positive coverage, Team SKY was a sponsorship deal rather than a rights deal most cycling is shown on eurosport with the Grand Tours on ITV. what do SKY get back from this advertising? If they invest in Grass roots sports arguably they get a better product in the future to show on their screens and get advertising revenue from etc. Dont think it is doom and gloom for anyone else bar those involved in Team SKY who will probably not get as good a wage going forward as there will either be 1. no team SKY or 2. a team with a lot less money sponsored by someone else.
  7. modern pentathlon have issued a statement through their twitter feed (dont know how to link it here) saying they have nothing to do with it, and that the Greek organisation is in good standing with them.. glossing over the fact that they have RL under their umbrella and the head of the Greek Modern Pentathlon is simply stopping people playing sport.
  8. RP London


    It has been mentioned by quite a few on here about 2 stages to grab American Footballers one being post college for those that didnt make the NFL draft the other has been post high school for those that dont make college, or in college for those not making the college American Football rosters.. RL in colleges is a step to take (not sure what the process is) in the same way I am a firm believer that a lot of good expansion work in the UK can be done through the university system. Its not all about those coming out of college and failing to make the NFL we can go further down the line. The basic premise being finding good natural sportsmen, American football being perhaps the closest game with perhaps the closest transferable skillset so is always used as an example. We need to get RL into the correct places to capture these people.. The idea of catching them in college is another reason for long time lags in getting junior development going as I would presume from experience of British Universities that getting teams set up in American Colleges and then getting the right people coming in (coaches, players etc) to start to even churn out the numbers let alone the quality, will take some time.
  9. RP London

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Thats blue and purple everytime i look at it... please dont tell me its sodding gold and silver or something!
  10. RP London

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Whats with the purple? dont mind it just not sure why
  11. yeah the eagles one has a massive hill on one side 😋(think it is just left over soil... hope so because the other option is landfill as dont think it was there a few years ago)
  12. RP London


    Because I am not in the process that they are working on but I have worked on processes and projects for most of my working life and they can take a lot longer than you think. If you fall outside of a cycle even something that takes 1-2 months to fix cannot be implemented for 12 months. Depending on what it is there are different things to test and trial so you may be testing and trialing for 1 year then fall out of a cycle and so another year goes by. equally it may be a resource question, not enough in year 1 given to it, so need to make sure they correct and fund better which can delay a bit longer while staffing is settled (not always easy). I dont know why you think you suddenly go the other years crop.. that may be possible but it also may not as what if they already have employment that they dont want to stop now just on whim, what if the ones you trial on now have training contracts in place and so on and so on... Timing as with all these things can be vital, same as kids who miss the boat in academies or get an injury at the wrong time of their senior academy season etc. I am not there, not at the coalface so to speak, I am simply trying to point out it is not as straight forward or cut and dried as many seem to think. I have noticed in the country in the last couple of years (this includes the way people assume to know how our factory works who have a. never worked in a factor b. never worked in our industry c. never worked) that they assume that the "idea" is simple to put into reality.. i am not saying you are doing this exactly.. but normally it is much more complicated and just because we dont hear about it does not mean a lot of work is not being done behind the scenes.
  13. RP London


    But as I said in the rest of the post, once you have made a start you may see what is wrong with your first go and have to correct it, and then your timing has to be right so once you maybe realise that your initial approach was wrong your next attempt could be another year or two down the line before even attempting. I am not privvy to what the Toronto back room team have or have not done, or what they have attempted. Equally they may well have tried it quietly as a test on a couple of candidates (i am sure a couple of people have been mentioned that came in but I cannot remember hence "they may well have").. I dont see why we should all have to know exactly what is going on all the time, but I would guess there is stuff happening on the viability of this type of thing and how to make it work the best,
  14. How very dare you... that cake has what I assume is a large TV screen for "TRY", closest thing to that is in the house across the street!