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  1. Its not about the step up per se.. you can solve that with licencing.. its the step down that is the killer.. with such a drop in revenue (crowds) but trying to keep a full time team you need to step immediately back up (couple of injuries and this might not happen) or you have to cut your cloth accordingly, making it again more difficult to go back up.. at which point the "consolidate" argument is a harder one.. the champ is getting stronger at the top end but there is a big gap below that top end. The real key to P&R is not the division above (clubs wouldnt go bust if they were bottom of super league staying at the level of spending etc they were in the champ, therefore not getting a nasty shock upon relegation) it is the level below that they are relegated into when cutting our costs has such a big effect on ability to reform.. without men/women with deep pockets this is a very difficult problem to solve.
  2. I'd say its been with very mixed results, relegated teams: 1996 Workington 1997 Oldham 2001 Huddersfield 2002 Salford 2003 Halifax 2004 Cas 2005 Widnes & Leigh 2006 Cas 2007 Salford 2014 London & Bradford 2016 Hull KR 2017 Leigh so with relegation 3 teams have been relegated twice (Leigh, Salford, Cas) 3 have gone under and or languishing in League one (Oldham, Workington, Bradford) 2 are "regrouping" in the Championship (London and Halifax) Then there is Huddersfield who came back and got themselves settled with a bit of a good run as well but have backed away again and Widnes who regrouped and came back but are still bottom end of the table. Yes Cas has come good the last couple of season. Salford did well for a season or 2 with koukash but have also flirted down the basement. basically what I am trying to say without going into the "but if cas can do it" type arguments is that some make it work and come back, once back you still have to do a lot of work to take the next step, some find their place in the grand scheme and some go right through the system.. You can take this to football too if you look at the first premier league table and see what has happened to all those clubs.. P&R has its positives it also has its negatives, for every success there is always failure.. it shouldnt be lauded as the saviour in the same way as it is not normally the reason for a demise, it can be the final nail in the coffin or the final piece of a jigsaw but that is pretty much all it is.. as a sport though you need to chose if your sport can sustain the negatives to gain the positives, and if it can how you can enhance the system to make that work to the best of its abilities.... I am not sure a straight P&R has proven to do this and the present system is too young to judge. thats my twopenneth on this anyway.
  3. barrow

    the ground is in sheffield so less of a joke than Belle Vue to be fair. As a club the uncertainty around where we were going to play was difficult to deal with and until late on last year that was still pretty much up in the air. The player situation is not great but there are trialists on board and if they desperately need players I doubt there is a shortage of players to sign up (Griffin for one).. Tubby seems to be trying to piece together a good side before adding numbers to it.. and then there is the dual reg and the ability to loan players also which I am sure wont be finalised until closer to the start or past the start of the season. ground wise the planning is for a 2,500 seat stand IIRC but again the whole permission for who was to use it has only recently been granted so it will be temporary stands to start off with, I believe, permanent in place for 2019. Corporate Sponsor wise I agree could be a bit of a struggle but I am sure with a bit of imagination using the rest of the facilities on the park itself they can make a good fist of it, many of the corporates getting involved I would expect to have a vested interest either personally or professionally in a successful Eagles in the City and so will give up the glossy "corporate sponsor" angle for a nice day and giving something to them to help... that sort of altruistic way of working wont last for long, Eagles will need to provide more in 2019, but they will get more buy in from corporate in Sheffield by being in Sheffield than by being in Wakefield. All that said i think 2018 will be a struggle on the pitch, we need a competitive side to get people interested again too.
  4. I'm with Liam Finn

    they're trying not to though.... and they didnt before entry into the 6 nations either.. at the moment if they could kick them out and replace them with Georgia I think they would but that would do serious damage to the game, they dont want to make it a 7 nations and they dont want p&r because that could leave an injury hit Scotland etc having a year thumping the likes of Germany.. we're at a cross roads in that there are teams crying out for games yet we actually have a GB tour organised and NZ touring next year which ties up the English players.. they do need to sort something out for England to join in with Europe to stop this but their ability to do it this year or next is limited.. Surely the mid season international spot could be used for this type of match.. England not necessarily needing to be at full strength lets us experiment a bit but would be a good hit out if Ireland could get their full side out. (of course Eng v NZ in Denver would be the hold up for this)
  5. Andy Burnham

    sort of proves the point i was making early on as well about the email address.. which is a bit annoying!
  6. Rugby Boots Discussion

    seriously.. if the boot fits its fine.. try it on and see how it feels.. in the end everyone's feet are different and what people want from a boot are different.. Canterbury are a good make so the quality should be fine so after that its very personal.. now go and take a long hard look at yourself for missing Harry's point!
  7. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    "the first one out of the bag" sounds very apt now..
  8. We’re de railing the thread here when there is already a thread... but to sum up from me.. i agree with a lot of your points but I don’t then agree with the conclusions your are coming to from that your proof that people got to go to events is fine and I have pointed that out (but not in the numbers tha we used to or that we want... there is still huge work to be done on this) but it doesn’t mean that by adding another event which is for a completely different concept we will get any draw from people. Outside companies can do it yes... where are they? They are asking to do the other ones.. if we pitch to the, a concept they will want a bigger input form the RFL/RLEF/RLIF than if they pitch to us as in the examples you suggest. the “out of season” in resorts is not something they are itching to fill (people in the travel industry back this up) because they need this “down time”... he not full capacity argument is also there for a reason.. e,regency issues with rooms, emergency issues with people etc.. they have to do this it would be imprudent not too in many cases and is deliberate.. yes of course here will always be some whereby they are not full (to this level) but that is not in the numbers you need. as I keep saying I dont have in issue with the concept.. it’s the execution and the specific areas you are targetting for the resources we have... you will get more outside support if the area sees the benefits and I don’t see the places you mention seeing the benefit enough... Toronto as you mention gets good crowds but how often do you get to go to Toronto? When they are in the same league year on year let’s see it work then for the travelling fans.. for last year everyone knew it was a one off year... even this year as an eagles fan I am tempted as I don’t see them playing them again for a. Long time and it’s a good excuse but as is an issue for many family commitments will probably stop me going as it would to any 9s tournament. I already do a trip to Catalans, magic and the grand final with mates + an international win the boy when they are on at home (safe on that from for the foreseeable by the looks of it!) so I am maxed out and here will be many many more in my shoes. that though is me done on this subject on this thread.
  9. Army adverts

    that should radicalise a few too... they're making our muslims gay!!! therefore there is always a need for the army to fight the radicalised therefore army cuts are reversed and people keep their jobs in the armed forces.. that would be THE perfect marketing campaign well done Rhino!
  10. Andy Burnham

    great.. there is no point sitting on ideas and being on this board airing them but actually doing nothing about it.. you are being active and sending them in to someone who may be able to do something about it.. good on you! at worst even if all it does is start a conversation between the correct people and a different plan to do something comes out of it, that wouldnt have happened without the ideas you put forward so fair play..
  11. 1. yes they do you are correct, they also have a huge amount of support across the country, they have anywhere from 20-40-70k season ticket holders and when they go on away matches they get an allocation of about 5-10k.. so you are not needing a vast number to go, and for a good number of clubs they are getting "local" supporters going (for example when I lived in london i would watch Wednesday in london.. I would have been a "travelling fan" with no travelling.. and I am not the only one).. a lot of the people are the same I grant you.. and they have the history of travelling and travelling well. look on this board for all the events you are talking about with RL and spot a trend after each event.. the discussion that happens every year is about the poor support.. we cannot get people off their backsides in numbers to support the events we have, we cannot get them to go to London to watch an international.. I just dont see you getting the people to travel around Europe to support a 9s series.. 2. your right it should but it wont and isnt simply because the people that will need to organise it are the same people.. RL doesnt have the resources to spread to get this sorted.. like it or not the RLIF is weak in resource, the RLEF is weaker in resources and it isnt just money I'm talking about but man power. If we want those people doing 1 thing its sorting out the 13 a side international game and they seem not to have enough time to do that! I accept they can work in tandem they are not mutually exclusive but that would be if we had the resources and we dont. 3/4 you cant have it both ways.. there are people in those destinations, there are flights to the airports near those destinations and once they are full they are full, you are either asking the people already there to go or you are asking extras to go and stay where there isnt any room. People do go to Las Palmas and the south of France throughout the year for winter sun and to get away outside of school holidays, they are not just UK tourists either they come from other parts of the world.. If it is out of the resort's season these places do take those opportuities (and it is quite important) to have breaks themselves or to do essential maintenance etc. for the most part the pure maths of the situation of x amount of extra income just doesnt work.. yes of course there will be some extra income but is it worth the resorts while to have that extra income for the extra issues/logistics/policing or whatever the costs are of actually putting the event on.. it isnt all just about money made (in the same way as a company doesnt just want turnover it has to be good margin turnover.. you can make more money from turning over less money) 5. yes and if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle etc.. of course that should make money (there is not definite in this though, even things that should make money on the surface dont in this world and especially in RL it would seem) but getting it to a point where both those things would happen is the key. It does make sense to say we cant go to europe but we can go to Dubai or the US.. the reason being your talking 1 off matches not a series of 4-5 asking the same group of people to go for them.. they are very different locations for people to travel to rather than Marseilles or las palma or Amsterdam (more common destinations for family holidays/mates weekends/stag dos/hen dos) you have a domestic market that you can really whip up, you have money being offered by people to take them there etc etc.. they are very different scenarios.. if you wanted to take a 9s tournament to Dubai I could see it working better than the locations you have mentioned.. however I still think we are better pushing the 13 a-side code out to these locations rather than a hybrid when 7s is already doing this.. I am not deliberately being obstructive I am just pointing out what could be a couple of major issues to getting something working. Issues that IMHO mean right now it isnt worth a try as we are not flush with money and we have other priorities for that money and resource.. the 7s game does not equate to interest in the 15s game and i dont see why 9s would equate to more interest in the 13 a side game which has got to be key to grow at the moment, if it did then I would say these problems would be worth trying to beat but I just dont.
  12. Andy Burnham

    his "role" at the rfl is to be high profile, talk the game up where possible and when needed he can probably have an impact in the right places.. he doesnt have a specific role he is a figurehead and someone who can hopefully open doors that others cant.. it is not going to detract from his Mayoral duties and except for him being invited to events (which he may well have done anyway as a leading politician who is outspokenly positive about RL) he is not going to contribute a lot to the expense account.
  13. magic weekend could be very different if people like Melisandre are anywhere near it
  14. Draper also leaving the RFL

    when we sponsor someone as a company we always want to know where and when our name is going to be out there on what occasions etc.. how you are going to link to the company etc etc... if they said "sponsor us for 3 years but in the middle year there may be some games but there may not, they may be full cap but they may not and frankly god knows if there will be a tv deal or 2 men and a dog on the side of the pitch" I think at best you would agree to pay them the equivalent of 2 years for the 3 until they can provide more detail to make it worthwhile (including the exposure being lost by not talking about it now) more than likely youd be told 1 year and then come back to me when you have your house in order and if you dont like it I'll take my 1 year away with me.
  15. Draper also leaving the RFL

    would be interesting to see what it was worth but i've emboldened the 2 operative words... there is no point getting too worked up about something before you actually know whether what you are getting worked up about is true or not... equally they could have paid quite a lot for the 1 off hit knowing it was a world cup year after all... its hard to know what the "going rate" may be and when you dont know what the next few years is going to bring with internationals as nothing is laid down