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  1. Ah well that explains it perfectly then.. Gary needs to be careful though big Nige will have his eyes on him soon enough..
  2. One quite major issue with this... if it was 19 years ago and the person was 10 when they started watching then how are they now only 27??? Other than that I agree.. I personally like the move back to Trinity as I hated the 3 names when it was Wakefield Trinity Wildcats as it seemed like an utterly pointless mouthful and I don't think they really made the most of the Wildcats name so may as well go back as long as they flog the hell out of the "Trinity" name. I'm not sure the Rhinos monicker was necessary but they do seem to have made it work so fair play. With some of the others (Wire and Chemics etc) they wanted a name that wasn't just the town or city but you cannot easily market "wire" or "chemics", for example. So they had to pick something a little more snappy, same with "Loiners", even if the history isn't there but they had to make the most of it. I am sad for the loss of "Northern" from Bradford as I do think they could have made that work but Bulls did a good job for them too.
  3. Dunno.. I like the Eagle design too, and if it had one I would probably get one, may look at the away kit though.. Though I am also don't like the fact our home shirt is red but that's the Wednesday side of me talking (still think it was a mistake when first designing the shirts to go down one side of the city and not go completely neutral... not that that is the reason Eagles haven't really worked).
  4. Eagles kit for 2017.. not sure myself about the home kit but do like the away kit.. just need to tie down some sponsors (and a few other little things like players/ground/supporters etc )
  5. i quite like it (pains me to say) its a bit different and not too garish.. quite like away kits being a bit different, just wish if they were going to make away kits "whaky" they would make the home kits traditional.
  6. happens in football.. Sheffield Wednesday and United share 2 sponsors, Wednesday's home kit sponsor is United's away sponsor and vice versa.
  7. i think that is genius.. but may speed up the banning of the shoulder barge over here.. good hard plastic sponsors logo sticking out.. great idea!
  8. New Eagles home shirt here Must say i am underwhelmed.. i like the chevron of old, even the big eagle on the shirt... its nice enough and glad there is more gold on it but cant say i'm rushing out to buy one..l will just keep wearing my late 80's chevron Whitbread one.
  9. saw my first last saturday.. was a leeds one just past Tamworth going south on the M42.. i nearly crashed the car!
  10. which is an interesting comparison.. every year till this year it was dropping, not by as much granted but still dropping. London is a draw in itself and there is a "weekend" culture around the challenge cup and a much more established culture. the pick up in 2010 could be seen as a spike with leeds getting there and also perhaps a feeling of "well i havent been for a few years due to being skint" and so going again. The line ups were different and yet the numbers were dropping so maybe the grand final is a mixture of the economic situation and the two similar teams. They're not exact same situations as they are different cities and very different for RL as there is distance, romance, history etc in one where as the other is one big bang night.. but perhaps one an learn from the other or we can certainly see where issues are with one compared to the other.. certainly makes for interesting reading in comparison.
  11. also corrolates to a drop in prosperity in the country.. but yes its not a great trend...
  12. to be fair to him (and matt doesnt need me sticking up for him i know) but WCE is also a respected Journalist who does a fair bit on RL, he also is well connected within the Sheffield set up so its not like he is a "know nothing".. he may not have this right i really dont know but "A sheffield fan livinv in Bristol now thinks he knows everything going on at Fax" is perhaps doing the man a disservice. For all we know his next article could be on Fax and he has the information he will not divulge fully for quite obvious reasons. As is say not saying that is what is happening here, but maybe dismissing his comments out of hand could be a little premature.
  13. and quins still wouldnt get in the 8.... but i like your thinking.
  14. As i have said there are arguments put forward on other threads and iam not going to rehash them on here as its not what this thread is about.. The guardian seems to think the rules were changed/"tightened" in the wake of hte hull match linky dink and again and the sun points out that there was nothing in the rules allowing them to throw hull out.. here we go whatever happened.. re written or not.. precedent or not this is what has been said.. whatever you like to think this was the case and we are right in saying the rules changed etc.. whether you like that or not is neither here nor there... as has been pointed out the rules changed and they were tightened to allow them to take action. you can call it one rule for one one for another if you like.. i dont care.. you can call it a whitewash if you want.. but this is what happened. Crusaders: Sky sports report: linky "The RFL have asked the UK Border Agency for their report to see if Celtic Crusdaers need to be sanctioned further and to hopefully clear up any misunderstandings for the future." that would be an investigation in my book.. they will be investigating the issue to see what can be learnt and my understanding from people i know that is what they did/are doing. tis up to you what you want to believe on the "whitewash" etc.. but i dont think it is the case i think it is much more complicated than it first appeared and what responsibility lies with who.. player/club/rfl etc.. and that an investigation by the RFL is done into how to make this much clearer. you can think what you like on the Hull v Halifax issue, but it seems clear the rules were not the same from one instance to the other.. which is what has been said, precedents aside (you dont have to follow a precedent you can always set another one).. the Crusaders issue you can either believe they are investigating it themselves or brushing it aside.. i really dont care anymore.. i have pointed out my thoughts whether you agree or not is up to you.
  15. yes after doing the trip a few times myself.. i'm sure they would cope.. are you familiar with the concept that the reserve being flown out would not necessarily be straight in the side anyway as that person is already out there?