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  1. RP London

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    Its why it will never happen... dreams like that never come true.. if only I had left it to the English protagonists
  2. RP London

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    yep exciting isnt it.
  3. RP London

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    dont get me wrong as a proud Yorkshireman I would love to see something like this work but just think we missed the boat a while a go
  4. RP London

    England Squad Announced

    Sort of shows why the Knights could be a good idea and could put up some good opposition to smaller nations and still have some names in it that people would know from strong super league performances
  5. RP London

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    Thats the major problem with the concept compared to Aussie state of origin and why it has failed so often. The one thing with making it the "House of York vs House of Lancaster" is taking it away form the counties.. but no I dont seriously think it would work. I would love an origin style game over hear but I have never been able to work out how to do it as anything you do will have an alienation of someone or saying it doesnt represent them. I could see us going to 2 conferences and having an "all star match" but other than something like that getting an origin to work would be difficult.
  6. RP London

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    Yes, those were all the traditional allies of the houses.. so we could have the best french players paying too..
  7. RP London

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I used to do that for Financial Publications back in the early 2000s when straight out of uni... not easy and not much fun! (had a great laugh though with the team but the job was tough)
  8. RP London

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    I posted this on a different thread but think it could work based on how JJB has said people should align themselves... as the war of the roses was not about the counties, in fact half of Yorkshire probably supported the house of Lancaster and most Dukes dont live in the area they are Dukes of either.. However if we did want a one off match of the "war of the roses" and really wanted to get everyone we possibly can involved how about going with the houses and who aligned with whom. so on the red (bad) side of the hills is: Lancaster France Scotland Wales Somerset Exeter Northumberland Oxford Buckingham Shrewsbury Wiltshire Devon Warwick and on the white (better) side of the hills is York Warwick (fickle family so they can chose as and when and swap and change just for posterity) Salisbury Kent Norfolk Rutland Hastngs Lincoln Burgundy Everyone else can do one.
  9. This is something I think the Super 8s has really helped. The top end of the Champ seems stronger in terms of being able to push super league clubs than it has done in the past.. I thought this was a good thing, I must be wrong.
  10. RP London

    2018 Kits

    you are aware you can wear the shirt at other times than just when watching the game. i do get your point though and agree about the general needing more internationals etc
  11. equally "injuries" were one of the reasons 2 season ago that they finished in the middle 8s too (along with the floods in our training ground). Either he needs to sort out his conditioning or training as they seem to be worse hit in those 2 seasons than anybody else, or he needs to look at his deeper squad because twice in 3 years to have injuries costing you a championship to 9th place is pretty poor work from a "top coach"
  12. RP London

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    now that I dont disagree with at all... Their ability to do something to encourage people to buy is simply reduce the price.. their ability to "market" the game is awful.
  13. RP London

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Hang on I thought you wanted those that were loyal to be rewarded.. this looks like a reward for being loyal and now your complaining about it? surely this is what you were asking for..
  14. RP London

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I 100% agree that RL needs to do more for selling tickets and marketing games are on and so on. the knowledge that a game is taking pace is poor, getting people to go is poor even when tickets are given away this doesnt seem to help. In your industry John you have rate cards for advertising, the further away you book your space the more chance you have of paying nearly rate card but you can get really good deals closer to the publication date because you have already paid your costs (or very nearly) with the early purchasers, who are happy to pay that price, and you are making more profit on the last few so can sell them lower. Equally you need to fill the space because you dont want to be 5 pages less than last week as people will think they are getting less content rather than less ads. Some of those companies would not take the advertising at anything more than the reduced rate as they are at the end of their yearly budget or dont see the market as that valuable or for whatever reason, it also allows you to give "great deals" to companies that are important to have in the magazine but drive hard bargains (some buyers are targetted on how many % they get off rate card for example). If you started off with a reduced rate from the get go, somewhere in between, then you are giving those that would have paid a higher fee a reduced fee for no reason while stopping some of the companies that can only take cheaper ads from being able to place it and you still have to give some of the "good deals" away but starting at a lower mark. Would that be a great way to work? it is highly likely that you will not fix that price at the right point, that you wont fill the mag and your ability to sell by doing deals is heavily curtailed. Put all that into RL as it is no different, some people are happy to pay the higher price for getting the tickets early (for me the semi final tickets through our league were cheap, I would have happily paid £10 more for mine and £5 more for my sons) so sell those to them, make sure the event makes some money. Then discount down to encourage more people who arent that bothered but when they see a good deal will take it. Some people only want a deal and no matter what you do with the pricing they want to know they have got the "best deal" as people are just like that, if you dont have deals or dont reduce ticket prices then those people will not buy or will be on here grumbling (though that happens no matter what people do). The "equation" used to cover costs is used by every organisation in every industry and its important to do (for obvious reasons). To change down to a lower standard price with no ability to deviate means you have no means (via ticket pricing) to encourage more to come in etc I would absolutely agree that the RFL doesnt do enough to push the tickets, would anyone outside of RL or even the inner circle of RL supporters really know about the game in Denver (a few may know its on but when etc). What about the Internationals later in the year, yet the RFU are already pushing their autumn international tickets heavily (and they almost always sell out but they still push) and 6 nations tickets were available almost as soon as this years were done. The ticketing policy, however, I dont blame. The RL fans are treated no differently to any other fan we just moan more about it (not shocked). Whatever the RFL do they will be wrong (again no surprise) if they tried your policy and lost money there would be people on here questioning why they were going away from normal working practices. If you cannot get a "deal" close to the time people will moan because they wanted a deal, or its not sold out so why cant they get a deal and so on. Agreed though the RFL are not good at pushing and marketing the games and actually selling the tickets.
  15. RP London

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I could say the same about you. you, and I accept others, dont like the way it affects you so the system must be wrong but that doesnt make it so nor does it make it the wrong way of selling events. The point is that this is the commercial way of doing things and is based on years of selling events. if you dont like it then take the risk, if you dont want to take the risk then pay the money.. simples. RL is not stand alone in this and there are reasons that this works like this.. from the publishing industry selling ad space which gets cheaper the closer you get to publication to this via all sorts... If you expect RL to change then why do all the other industries not change?? are they all wrong? You obviously dont agree and you will find, as this is a forum, that people dont agree with you either..