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  1. I spent yesterday afternoon with a mate of mine and his young daughter making bangers. She has some learning problems and my pal was a bit worried that she wouldn't be able to concentrate long enough.... two batches later, having hand mixed, stuffed, linked and packed, a very happy 8 year old giggled off with a couple of packs for her tea. Great fun.
  2. You called? Home made sausages are fab. You know exactly what goes in them, you can get the right size for baking, BBQ, grill or pan, and it is a strangely therapeutic process. I wouldn't give factory made bangers to my dog. I have a bread maker as well and agree that the crust is always disappointing. Still use it every day though!
  3. You can get the Brasserie du Quercorb beer at the Thirsty Monk on Jean Jaures in Toulouse.
  4. South of Carcassonne / Limoux near Ax les Thermes. Come on down on your next trip over!
  5. Gone all microbrewery down this end of France. I know of six breweries round here all of which seem to do rather fancy beers which I can't drink. New one opening shortly in Quillan as well. A couple here... https://www.labrasseriedelours.com/ http://brasserieduquercorbfr.weebly.com/button-bdq-biegraveres-eacutedition-limiteacutee.html
  6. Wasn't it the drop goal being reduced to 1 point?
  7. Best of luck to the pair of you - hope you find something suitable soon.
  8. He will certainly be missed at the Dragons where he has had to play with an array of different stand offs during his stay, with lots of changes in the dummy half slot as well (some of the service that he has received from there has been nothing short of shocking). Always puts his heart into the game, and an under rated organiser alongside his more spectacular running and support work. I wish him all the very best at Leeds. His wife will also be missed. An absolutely delightful woman.
  9. Haloman. When not riding funny motorbikes he is mine host at the Skewbridge. The Firkin in N le W used to be a car spares shop.
  10. It is amazing how you become conditioned.... ...I heard on the radio that it was midsummer and the first thing I thought about was the Gurner.
  11. If heading to the St Helens / Warrington area then try the Firkin in Newton le Willows http://www.thefirkin.co.uk/ Very splendid. And a place owned by a former parishioner of TRL, the equally splendid Skew Bridge Alehouse. http://www.skewbridge.co.uk/ As one who can no longer drink real ale, I like to pop in and do it vicariously.
  12. The worst example I heard of that was the cyclist Paul Kimmage who, not having a good day on the bike in a Tour de France time trial had My Brave Face by Paul McCartney spooling through his brain for the whole 73km. Shudders.
  13. I'm a bit of a soak and tend to drink the local red or rose from St Paul de Fenouillet at a wallet spanking €9 for 5 litres. Eloi Pellisier's cousin has a winery there which caters for a more sophisticated palate than mine. http://www.maspeyre.com/ For those with a bit more taste than me, then I would recommend when taking in a Catalan Dragons game, a visit to the wonderful Domaine Treloar. http://www.domainetreloar.com/ Fascinating wines, great winery, tours, lovely people, amazing back story, and available in the UK for very reasonable prices.
  14. Mine has failed it. My wife has today mostly been eating cherries from Eloi Pelissier's grandad.
  15. A couple of tears shed here. Thank F for that.