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  1. I once got the train from Newcastle to Kings Cross sat opposite Big Bill Werbeniuk. I matched him beer for beer and fell flat on my face on Platform Four.
  2. thank you John. Will look into that.
  3. Aye it looks very nice indeed. Would be ideal but not enough room on the days I need.
  4. Does anyone know of student / youth hostel / conference away day type accommodation in the Hull, Beverley north Lincs area? In term time to sleep 26. Many thanks in advance tim
  5. Have you got a dog? The concept of wearing a matching pair of socks has become completely alien to me since I got my mutt.
  6. My mate Phil, who has one of the most lived in faces I've ever seen, and who introduced me to the game of rugby league 25 years ago, helped organise the first ever game of cricket in Albania.
  7. Harsh but fair....
  8. I'd agree entirely. Not a huge fan of the Arctic Monkeys although Interpol work well as an American Joy Division tribute act. As I get older it is sometimes the venue /ambience thing that works a lot better than just the band and the music. This year I've been to a gig in a Tuscan piazza (?), and my highlight gig last year was Nick Cave in a 1920''s art deco theatre with plush seating and dripping plaster work. When I was younger it was a slippy floor and cheap ale.
  9. Over the past couple of days I've made 450 packets of sausages. I worked out that on Thursday I had lifted in excess of one and a half tonnes of meat / sausage mix. On Friday it took me the best part of half an hour to get out of bed and put my socks on. Might be time for a career change (again).
  10. I saw Interpol and th'Arctics a couple of years ago. Loudest gig I've ever been to.
  11. A word to the unwise. Nimes Festival next year. System of a Down. Rammstein. In a Roman Amphitheatre. You'd be utterly sane not to want to go.
  12. The Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Album Skeleton Tree. Pretty bleak but I think bloody beautiful.
  13. I've had a great time catching up on three months of this thread. Thank you all. A bit of the National doing a Grateful Dead cover...
  14. I rather splendidly read it in the waiting room at my doctor's surgery.