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  1. I'm going... And my job is on the line if Catalans lose. I'm taking extra aspirin to keep the blood thin, water tablets to keep the blood pressure low, and beer on the day to fug the whole experience.
  2. Food and drink thread

    Mister Saucisse made London sausages sizzling in the pan. Shoulder of pork, no added fat, rusk, water (that'll be the profit thank you very much), cracked black pepper, sea salt and sage. I was always told not to trust a landlord who doesn't drink in his own boozer. Never trust a food producer who doesn't gorge themselves on their own products !
  3. Food and drink thread

    I never forgave them for the celery ice cream finisher. Just utterly vile and ruined the meal.
  4. Forgive me if I missed something here.... Not good Martyn, not good. Your drawing a comparison with Jo Cox is particularly unpleasant.
  5. Obituary thread 2017

    Mike Neville. Geordie anchorman and a part of my youth in Newcastle. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/sep/13/mike-neville-obituary
  6. Obituary thread 2017

    When I was a 16 year old schoolboy we were tasked with reviewing a novel which we had recently read. I reviewed the Gingerman. I was given detention for a month. RIP JPD.
  7. Great Names of RL Players

    Nay lad, nay. Former Salford player of the early nineties, Arthur Bradshaw. Johnny Lawless
  8. I can't believe I've missed this thread. Shiphams crab spread in one of those teeny tiny jars. With a white sliced, served a family of nine. Just a gentle hint of the coast. Corned beef hash, served with mustard and brown sauce. Yum. Boeuf Bourgignon made from tinned foods. Emergency fodder here when I'm snowed in. Maccas cheeseburgers. But only when they are on spesh at 1 euro a go. Four for me, one for the dog.
  9. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Today I have wormed my dog. He is now breaking wind like thunder.
  10. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    A couple of years ago I spent most of the day at my stall at a market resplendent in my slippers.
  11. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I put up what is hopefully the last string of fly paper of the summer earlier on today.
  12. Peter Sutcliffe

    I listened to this last year and found it fascinating. An evocation of a time that I remember vividly but from a schoolboy's perspective. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07pdd7r
  13. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Is that chap in the background in training for the local leap frog championships?
  14. bread makers

    I spent yesterday afternoon with a mate of mine and his young daughter making bangers. She has some learning problems and my pal was a bit worried that she wouldn't be able to concentrate long enough.... two batches later, having hand mixed, stuffed, linked and packed, a very happy 8 year old giggled off with a couple of packs for her tea. Great fun.