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  1. Dos he ever do a different type of post?
  2. I refer you to Dave's reply to my post that you quoted.
  3. Absolutely, couldn't agree more. Can I remind you of August 27th last year, when.... (Cough)
  4. It's a tough one. It was as I thought in so far as Gale was falling but Watts obviously didn't intend hitting him high, you could see that in his reaction. Watts was unlucky but he, like all players, has a duty of care to opposition players and when he saw Gale falling he should have tried to pull out of the impact. I know it's easy to say and things happen very fast but I just hope the RFL disciplinary take Gale's position into account, but I won't hold my breath. According to a poster on the RL Cup thread, Moi Moi cleaned out O'Brien off the ball so I wonder if he'll be up before the beak also. Be interesting to compare the two punishments.
  5. Why would it be a grudge match mate? Sorry if I've missed summat obvious, btw.
  6. This...a hundred or so times, this.
  7. You mean kick the ball then fall on the floor clutching your leg before missing the rest of the season?
  8. Wakey are usually the underdog and we all root for the underdog so, you can keep your match facts and shove them somewhere okay? Anyway, if Wire made 19 errors that just shows that Wakey were the better team! Do summat useful like going out and throwing a few bob into the cap of that kilt wearing, bagpipe playing bloke outside Waverley station instead of disagreeing with folk on here who are obviously right.
  9. Did anybody who went to this game see the Salford v Toronto game earlier? Only reason I ask is because my mate Al in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester said Fui Fui Moi Moi cleaned out Gareth O'Brien, knocking him out and wasn't even sin binned. Was wondering if anybody could compare the two incidents.
  10. Bloody hell, massive well done to Swinton and their fans. Where on earth is Bleep1673?, thought he'd be all over here like a rash.
  11. Another one! I need you to give me the heads up on the games before you post on here in future mate, I could make a fortune.
  12. Cheers snapper, Cas dropped the ball over the line three times in the 2nd half, they really should have won but the longer the game went on the more determined Hull's defence became and the fewer offloads Cas managed. A terrific effort from the 12 men.
  13. I was at the game so I'd say me.
  14. Cas in, kick to come. Time is up though. Remarkable win for Hull, Cas seemed to forget how to play rugby in the end but great defence from 12 men. 26-24 final score.
  15. Think we'll win now....