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  1. The nerves are really starting to kick in now. We'll be getting off the train in Donny at 1028 am which will hopefully allow plenty of time for some anaesthetic. I've done a bit of research regarding real ale pubs in the city centre and it looks promising but I'm thinking I might feel more comfortable in the pub near the ground as it's only a short walk to the stadium from there. Flip side is that it will be packed so a decision to be made. Will probably go for two or three real ale boozers then get a taxi to the ground, The Plough, Tut N Shive and possibly the Wetherspoons' Gatehouse. Anyone fancy a meet up then drop me a pm, even twig pehaps? Hope everyone has a good day out and may the best team win.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-40748897
  3. Edited for accuracy...
  4. Unusual that the Wigan ticket office told everyone else where you were sitting.
  5. Not many players that you could describe as "graceful" but that sums Brett Kenny up, a magnificent runner and player. I wish him all the best in his fight.
  6. Hey up EW, nice to see you on here again, not seen you posting much of late, was beginning to wonder if you were disillusioned in Doncaster...
  7. I'm not sure if you realise this but Davec1h supports Cas and hasn't been on the losing side that often this season, especially against Leeds.
  8. I wouldn't change Danny Houghton one bit. Whilst he's at the centre of Hull's defensive effort in the middle of the park, teams have to do summat special to break through the middle. Greg Bird probably paid him the biggest compliment when he actually got through one of Houghton's tackles on the way to setting up a try for Catalans earlier on this season, saying "I reminded him about it after the game". He went on to explain that Houghton is such a defensive machine, breaking through one of his tackles was obviously worth a comment. And I don't think people give him enough credit for his attack. He's constantly probing from dummy half and if a defender isn't quite square at the ptb, you know exactly where Houghton will run, straight at them. He's also been involved in a fair few tries this season with his support play and offloads, his wrap around move with Washbrook for his try v Wigan being a great example. From a purely selfish point of view, I'll be delighted if he carries on just the way he is and doesn't get picked for representative RL He rarely plays less than an 80 minute shift and hardly ever misses a game through injury, this season being the exception, so the full off season break will be better for him and his club, rather than more RL during it.
  9. And Hull FC... http://www.hullfc.com/news/2017-07-26-hull-fc-and-wigan-warriors-to-create-history-next-year
  10. Anybody going to this one? Regardless of what others have said, I reckon this'll be a good scrap. Salford will surely be busting a gut to get to Wembley and Wigan will no doubt be their usual overly competitive selves. Hoping for a Salford win for tonyxiii's sake and obviously the usual feelings that you have when good comes up against evil. Sadly, I think the Pies big game experience will carry them through. Solfud 16 Pies 26.
  11. It's actually of great benefit to us Hull fans as there's always plenty of parking spaces in front of the Hull KR shop.
  12. Think Hull will be at full strength, near enough and it looks like Phil Bentham's available. Again I think it's fairly obvious that we've put a huge emphasis on getting back to Wembley and retaining the cup but Leeds are the one team that I really worry about. Psychologically we just don't seem to have it in us to beat them and this, coupled with a dream I had before the Cas 1/4 final that Leeds would knock us out, means I'm my usual pessimistic self. Hopefully with Ellis improving our mental strength and Kelly calling the shots I think we'll be there or thereabouts but, once again, it's Leeds who we're playing. If we finally manage to overcome them and book a place in the smoke on 26th August, I think I'll be nearly as emotional as I was at Wembley last year when the full time hooter went. Hull 18 Leeds 14.
  13. To be honest, he hasn't posted on here for a while. Think he supports Huddersfield.