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  1. Lovely touch to see the Huddersfield players with the fans' banner at the end.
  2. This is getting boring now smart ar se.
  3. Absolutely delighted for the Huddersfield fans there, these are the games where it means so much as a fan. Knocked out of the cup by a lower league team last week then facing Leeds at Headingley where they may well have expected a panning. Seeing the joy on their faces before the VR decision was brilliant.
  4. Superb 40-20 from Brough, his 2nd so far sees a great try from Leeming bar none. Huddersfield hit the front. 6-12.
  5. Jeez, I'm fed up of Kendal's whistle.
  6. So now Huddersfield make me eat my words and score off the free play. 6-6.
  7. Dear me, I'm sorry but looking at the Huddersfield attack, not being able to score in a brothel springs to mind. Leeds, on the other hand make it look easy although on the back of what looked a harsh call against McGilveray.
  8. Of that there can be little doubt.
  9. Would be fantastic if the Giants win as a fitting tribute for Jennifer Davy but unfortunately, I can't see it happening. Still, EW tips them so they must be red hot favourites given his recent prowess as a tipster.
  10. Sunday's game v Cas was a huge effort from Hull's players and coupled with a 5 day turnaround I think Wire might win this. Talanoa, Bowden, Watts and Houghton missing from the squad although there are rumours Houghton will play, not sure how that works. We'll again miss Talanoa's yards but, apart from that, the backs look quite strong. If we can hold Warrington's forwards then we will be in with a shout. Hull FC 22 Wire 26.
  11. Jennifer Davy, the reason why Ken Davy owns Huddersfield Giants. http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/wife-huddersfield-giants-owner-ken-12950067 Very sad, RIP Jen.
  12. "The RFL Disciplinary Panel would like to thank TotalRL.com and in particular the Liam Watts persecution thread for pointing out our error and miscarriage of justice. However we still think a one match ban is right and proper seeing as Watts plays for Hull FC after all."
  13. Superb. Spoken like a man who ain't seen it.