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  1. https://www.oddschecker.com/rugby-league/challenge-cup
  2. As with recent years, I thought I'd start an early thread to give us a bit more time to discuss the showpiece RL occasion at Wembley. Now the hoodoo has been laid to rest I'm a little bit more relaxed than I would normally be but the nerves will no doubt slowly build up until I'm a trembling wreck on Saturday afternoon. The bookies have Wigan as slight favourites at 10/11 with Hull FC 11/10 which surprises me a bit, didn't think there would be much between the teams. Still, they've been there and have the book, t shirt and whole lot more really, I just hope it's dry and a better game than 2013's horror show. They've beaten Hull on three separate occasions at Wembley, 1959, 1985 and 2013 so we certainly owe them one and I'll have everything crossed on Saturday afternoon.
  3. Surely that can't be right, Wigan have around 13k passholders don't they? Not convinced by those figures.
  4. Hull KR need to keep winning as their points difference is only 13, with three wins by 4, 4 and 5 points respectively. Wire, Widnes and Leigh have far superior PDs so they really could do to win at Fev in a fortnight as their last 3 Qualifying 8s fixtures are vs SL teams in Widnes home, Catalans home and Wire away. Interesting times in the Qualifying 8s.
  5. Hellewell gets over the line but is dragged into touch, London get the ball back from the 20m start and score straight away through Kear. For some reason they take the conversion and the hooter goes after Sammut takes a minute to kick it and misses. Hull KR 35 London 30. Game over.
  6. Ioane scores a late try for London. Hull KR 35 London 26. About 3-4 mins left.
  7. Ellis pen. Hull KR 35 London 20.
  8. Jay Pitts perfectly good try (according to Blunderside) disallowed by the officials.
  9. Shaw turns from hero to villain giving a 90m intercept to Walker. Hull KR 33 London 20.
  10. Shaw reaps the benefit of a Lunt break, Hull KR restore their parity. Hull KR 33 London 14.
  11. Former Hull FC youngster Cunningham scores for the Broncos. Happy days indeed. Hull KR 27 London 14.
  12. Ellis penalty. Hull KR 27 London 8.
  13. Wow. Is it like a Mosque where you have to leave your shoes outside?