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  1. I really don't. I merely keep pointing out that his mistake has been running the club as a fan, just as HKRBob says in the following post. You seem to interpret that as me hating him. I've worked at his house and had plenty of laughs with him about the rivalry, he even answered the door to me once saying "Now then you black and white ba$ tard". But you keep on thinking what you like mate.
  2. I've said this time and time again. Hudgell ran the club as a fan rather than a businessman and that was his downfall, no long term strategy, just short term success in a few games against his bitter rivals.
  3. Great work mate, much appreciated. (It will be even more so if it gets it's own website and we can be rid of all that "Cherry and White" rubbish at the top...)
  4. Aye, I think so. If I was a betting man then this would have been the fella.
  5. Could they not have moved it to Doncaster?
  6. Sounds like it was in a bit of a grave situation.
  7. Squirrels are tree rats so I would have no qualms about putting a trap down that doesn't require you to release whatever you caught back into the wild, as it were.
  8. Saw only my second ever woodpecker on the willow tree alongside Barmston Drain today, absolutely chuffed to bits I was. I also saw goldfinches and a couple of wrens but I was rather less enamoured to see a robin. Not bad for a rather urban part of North Hull.
  9. They don't appear to have much respect for snow ploughs in Utah.... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=481_1484355686
  10. Following on from a reply in a thread on the general forum about SL/NRL games being shown live on Foxtel in the US, I was wondering if it would be worth having a VPN in order to watch Foxtel on line. For none SKY subscribers it may be of interest as a subscription to Foxtel is only $19.99 a month apparently. Is this workable and if so, would there be any pitfalls? Thanks from a technophobe.
  11. That's interesting MM, have you experienced watching it at all?, was wondering how much of a delay there is, a few seconds or minutes? Can you subscribe and watch in the UK with it being an internet feed? Edit : Rats!, just had a look at their website and it's already told me I can't access it as a UK resident. I wonder if there's a way of hiding your IP address without future problems?......
  12. That's very impressive, fair play to you lot. (I'll work on a punchline and be back later. )
  13. Somebody suggested such on RLFANS, hence "apparently". Apologies that the news is "two months old". Sheesh.