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  1. DiH68

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to get the Toronto marketing team involved somehow. They seem to do a brilliant job and have a bit more creativity. I suspect they also know the US market pretty well
  2. DiH68

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    ##### hell ... do you people have lives? 🤔🤣
  3. What a cracker of a game. And what an amazing crowd in Melbourne! As an aside, makes you wonder why they couldn’t sell out Storm’s ground (25k capacity?) for Australia v England in a World Cup. Doesn’t take a genius to understand the problems we face in the international game
  4. He put it on one of the main screens too - bottom right. Yay!!
  5. Hurray! They just put it on one of the channels for me at the new sports bar at the Gold Coast casino. Winning!
  6. Sure does, great considering it’s not even a SL game
  7. So if they’ll be using the video red in the summer bash, why can’t they use it in this game?
  8. Wow, if only more clubs had your attitude to the Cup!!!
  9. DiH68

    Liam Watts

    Glad to see Radford putting the culture and harmony of the club ahead of one player, however talented. Can’t have been an easy decision but I’ll trust him that it’s the right one
  10. As a Hull supporter, I travelled down from the Gold Coast for both weekends. Both weekends were fantastic. The Hull fans were absolutely immense - the players looked shocked at the number of fans there and the noise they made. They really were wonderful occasions, although a lot of the crowd went home/lost interest after the Hull game at the double header. i don’t think you’ll find many people who were there complaining about the concept - nothing but positives as far as I could see
  11. DiH68

    Kato Ottio

    Autopsy recommended http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-12/hospital-recommends-autopsy-after-rugby-league-stars-death/9321212?pfmredir=sm
  12. DiH68

    Kato Ottio

    What a top guy - putting the chance to play for his country first. So sad https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/kato-ottio-rejected-dragons-deal-so-he-could-join-png-in-rlwc/news-story/a4dea0d63b5fe0baee0f8e87134fd9a2
  13. DiH68

    Post-World Cup blues!

    Definitely feeling it. Having been at fantastic games the last two weekends (Auckland and Brisbane) and having such a great time, I’m really sad it’s over. Work Xmas party tomorrow though so that should help drown my sorrows. and at least it’s summer in Aus and the weather is fab (30C at 8am on the Gold Coast today!!) which makes everything better. I would not like to be having this come down in an English winter!!
  14. My biggest gripe with this tournament is its lack of presence. Couple of examples - no sports shops on the Gold Coast have any WC merchandise. There’s a little bit of Aussie stuff, but it’s not branded up under a WC banner. They always sell Aussie shirts and these happen to be the latest ones. Im pretty sure the last WC the shops had a WC section selling stuff from all the countries. I know the Gold Coast isn’t hosting a game but it’s still a RL market. also, I was talking to a woman in Auckland who is a manager of a bar in Wellington. She said they normally receive marketing and branding material (coasters, posters, special deals and competitions etc) for big events. They received absolutely nothing for this tournament. And that’s Wellington which was a host city. I expect that has been the story at all pubs and bars. Also, I went to games in Melbourne and Auckland - the tournament had zero presence in either city. You wouldn’t even know there was a game on. This lack of presence means the tournament just hasn’t worked it’s way into the public’s psyche. On the point of Aussies not going because they don’t see it as competitive, I don’t get that at all. The standard on the pitch is, certainly for me, a very minor part of the reason why I attend these kind of games. It’s about being part of the event, the experience, the visiting fans, the colour, the carnival atmosphere. But perhaps, given my first point, this tournament hasn’t really felt like a big party so people haven’t felt a great pull to being a part of it
  15. Interesting viewpoint that, and something I hadn’t really thought of. I totally see where you’re coming from