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  1. I think a SL game in Toronto would be amazing. The Wolfpack are clearly brilliant at marketing and could probably take the game to a bigger stadium and get a huge crowd. They already appear to have built such a buzz in such a short space of time - as a game we should do everything we can to capitalize on that
  2. I don't mind the SL game at Wollongong but I'm a bit baffled by the double header at ANZ. its an appallingly located stadium which attracts the most awful crowds for regular NRL season games. Teams often can't get above 10,000 playing there. It's a huge cavern which usually looks empty and lacking in any kind of atmosphere. its not near St George heartland, it's not near South Sydney's heartland, and they're going pit them against English teams in meaningless friendlies? i really don't get what that is going to achieve. i think they'd have been better playing at Suncorp agsinst Queensland teams but reading the media releases this is being promoted by NSW tourism so it clearly has to be in NSW. But then why not the SCG? ANZ Stadium is a shocker
  3. I thought that was a fascinating read. I love the psychology of people ... so interesting to hear a player's feelings and motivations from the horse's mouth. And how refreshing to read something other than the usual scripted blah blah blah. Well done to Ryan for being so open and well done to the journo for getting him to open up!
  4. Hull posted an update on their Facebook page in the afternoon saying there were still plenty left and urging people to get down there before 5pm. A few jokes in the comments about the people who queued overnight when you could have walked straight in during the afternoon 😆. So as usual with these things, seems the demand is maybe not as strong as predicted
  5. So for the Hull game, 2.30 Saturday makes it 11.30pm here in Aus... which means it becomes my birthday half an hour into the first half! We'd better bloody win!!!!! Come on you Ull!!!!!
  6. Oh that's my birthday weekend. And I'm coming back from Aus for the final. So if Hull win that will be the best present ever!!!!
  7. What weekend is it?
  8. Is that official or your prediction?
  9. They've cut the broadcast off in Aus straight after the game. Can someone please post the draw as soon as poss? Thanks!
  10. This would have looked brilliant on tv in England. Full ground, lots of noise and colour, great atmosphere
  11. There's a cracking atmosphere at Campbelltown. Loads of Samoan fans making lots of noise. Been great for the other games too. Wish I was there!
  12. Talking of China, the AFL (Aussie Rules) are playing a match there this year - Gold coast Suns v Port Adelaide - will be interesting see what kind of interest they get
  13. I suspect that's a logistics thing. Teams can fly non-stop from Aus to LA in about 13 hours - if they go to the east coast it's going to add a few hours on to the journey
  14. Not surprising...they know it'll be their last chance to watch top-level RL for a while