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  1. DiH68

    CC Media Watch

    Some great reporting there. Just goes to show that, when we do have a really great story, the papers are willing to cover it and do it justice
  2. DiH68

    Wembley Crowd

    I’d be interested to know if the RFL made any attempt to sell this to French tourists. It’s the middle of peak holiday season - how many French people would be holidaying in London this weekend? Thousands, I’d imagine. They could have teamed up with Eurostar, French online booking agents, travel agents, hotels in London, tour groups... offer free/discounted tickets to the French. It should be an easy sell. It’s not like this was Catalans playing at the Broncos - it’s chance for a French club to make history at Wembley Stadium - one of the world’s iconic stadiums. How many French people in London would have seen this reported on TV after the fact and thought ‘Oh I’d love to have gone to that if I’d known it was on’. In many ways this should have been an easier sell in London than two northern English clubs. It had a true international flavor. They could even have sold it to Londoners as the French invaders trying to take our cup away from these shores for the first time ever. Even played on France’s World Cup win in some way. The possibilities were endless. Did the RFL even try?
  3. DiH68

    Tries or Try’s or Trys

    And what of the poor forwards? Why do they not get their own fractions? 😆
  4. DiH68

    Tries or Try’s or Trys

    There is no place for anything with an apostrophe anywhere near this thread 😡 And trys is a made-up word that doesn’t exist. Proper ruined my night has this thread 😡🤣
  5. DiH68

    Wembley Crowd

    You have to remember that ‘back in the day’ the Wembley final was the only really big day out for rugby league fans. There wasn’t even a grand final. Now we have the GF, CC, Magic/Big Bash, trips to Catalans/Toronto/Toulouse, we even had games in Australia this year for Hull, Wigan and Leeds fans, of which thousands travelled. People can’t afford/don’t have the time to do everything so they are picking and choosing. Some years they might do Wembley, other years they might swap that for one of the other events. So it’s highly unlikely we’ll regularly get the kind of huge attendances we once got
  6. I don’t understand a yellow card in those circumstances. It’s either round the head and dangerous, which is a red, or it’s not, in which case it should be no card
  7. But what would be the financial benefit to Thunder? They get around 5000 for a game at home on the Friday night - would playing at Magic generate the same revenue (not just the crowd but bar takings etc). I’m not sure how Magic is split between the teams financially
  8. They’ve been really positive. Mal Meninga is clearly a huge fan of the international game and seems genuinely excited by this. There have been no criticisms, no sly digs - I suspect they’re secretly disappointed the Aussies are not involved!
  9. Can we save the moaning about the crowd until we get an actual figure? We have no idea how many are there, and the stadium is so big even a decent crowd will look small
  10. Oh these anthems are awful. She doesn’t know the kiwi one at all 🙄🤣
  11. DiH68

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to get the Toronto marketing team involved somehow. They seem to do a brilliant job and have a bit more creativity. I suspect they also know the US market pretty well
  12. DiH68

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    ##### hell ... do you people have lives? 🤔🤣
  13. What a cracker of a game. And what an amazing crowd in Melbourne! As an aside, makes you wonder why they couldn’t sell out Storm’s ground (25k capacity?) for Australia v England in a World Cup. Doesn’t take a genius to understand the problems we face in the international game