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  1. Talking of China, the AFL (Aussie Rules) are playing a match there this year - Gold coast Suns v Port Adelaide - will be interesting see what kind of interest they get
  2. I suspect that's a logistics thing. Teams can fly non-stop from Aus to LA in about 13 hours - if they go to the east coast it's going to add a few hours on to the journey
  3. Not surprising...they know it'll be their last chance to watch top-level RL for a while
  4. I thought the same. It also removes any chance of the NZ team doing anything different like walking towards the opposition like they have sometimes done in the past
  5. People can criticize all they like, but for some of those 'plastic' Scots, it means more than you might realize: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/four-nations/four-nations-2016-scotland-draw-with-new-zealand-20161111-gsns70.html
  6. This is such a complex issue. I've worked in newspapers for 20-plus years, and there is no easy answer. All of these things that the person in the original article suggests will not guarantee you better coverage. However, by not doing them you are immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage. And make no mistake, deadlines are important. Newspapers can sometimes push back deadlines for what they consider a major game or event, but if they don't put RL in that category, then they won't. If you have an earlier kickoff then you're in consideration to be included. If the match finishes too late to make deadline, you're not even in the race. Press releases are a tough one. When it comes to local papers, it will work. Every local team should send in match reports, news and pix to their local paper on a regular basis and they'll get coverage, especially as journalists are being axed left right and centre but they still need content to fill the papers. However, bigger newspapers don't generally run press releases. It's a bit of a no-no. But what they do like is good story angles that they can then write themselves. The RL media bods should find a reporter at each paper who is sympathetic to RL and then stay in regular contact, supplying whatever news and info they can, at least a couple of times a week. You have to think outside the box though, it's got to be something interesting, not the usual boring team news etc. Also, never send a generic press release to all rival papers. They won't run stuff that everyone else has got. They want exclusive angles. I've no idea if the RFL already does all or some of this. I'm sure they do. But for people sitting here thinking it's easy, it really isn't. Newspaper production these days is all about advertising and they will run the stories and subjects that advertisers want, or that the newspaper thinks they want. There is also an awful lot of research done these days about the readership and their preferences and its quite possible that newspapers don't ignore RL because they don't like it. It could be far more analytical than people realise,
  7. Is Club Wembley all that middle tier? If so, can we please stop saying that's 15,000 not there. That middle tier was far from full, but it wasn't completely empty
  8. I'm gutted too. Stuck in Aussie land. I would have given anything to be there but couldn't get time off work. Beginning to think I should have just quit and gone anyway! All my family are there and I'm devastated that I can't be there. But I'm sitting here at nearly midnight ready to cheer us on. Hope everyone has a brilliant day. Come on you 'Ull!!
  9. Ah right, that's good to know. I won't be able to get back for those days due to work commitments, so I'll probably wait for the cheap flights which start on the Sunday!
  10. I'm thinking of booking a flight back from Aus for the GF in the hope Hull get there. It might also be possible for me to come back a week earlier and take in the semis but depends when they are. Does anyone know if they're Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, or both the same day? Looked online but can't find anything definite, and can't even find a 'contact us' link on the RFL site to send them a message!
  11. Found it! There's a video too but nit sure if you can view it in the uk? http://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/video-what-happens-when-a-journalist-becomes-an-nrl-referee/news-story/569f91a17139fbed37ac43eb1c8f3796
  12. I thought that too! Fascinating stuff. An Aussie journalist recently spent a day at NRL refs training too. Not sure where to find the article now though
  13. It's a bit pricey but that's not really the issue. Access to the stadium is the biggest problem. There's no parking anywhere near so you have to get public transport which is a pain in the ######. All those things are excuses really though....amazingly they are suddenly not a problem this weekend now that hayne's playing!
  14. Well that was a strange press conference. He spent more time talking about how devastated he was that he wasn't going back to Parra than being excited about joining the Titans. They didn't put up an offer, apparently