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  1. A week in Lloret and a week in Benidorm...now if we can just get a team in Magaluf...
  2. It's very puzzling. They've said it wasn't due to vomiting. Interested as to what could cause asphyxiation? I guess it will be confirmed at some point. All very sad though
  3. At Bluesfest in Australia, if you buy tickets for next year’s event while at this year’s event, or I think for the first couple of weeks after this year’s event, then you get next year’s at a vastly reduced cost. It definitely works if the saving is worth it. The price then goes up incrementally as the year progresses - if you leave it to the last minute you pay maximum price
  4. Yeah, the rugby union British Lions works because they have strong England, Scotland and Wales teams so can pick the best and put them in one team, which makes it an attractive prospect. Our Great Britain team would be more or less England in a different shirt, so what’s the point? It’s one team playing under two different brands which, IMO, dilutes both brands. Just pick one - probably England - and concentrate on selling that brand
  5. Jesus christ...that is embarrassing! Is this honestly the best we can do?
  6. I came back over from Aus for the final a couple of years ago and got the train down from Hull on the Friday and back on the Sunday. The train going down was brilliant... full of Hull fans, singing and drinking, even the staff got involved. I wouldn’t do it any other way. It’s a fun, easy and relaxing way to start the weekend
  7. If Hull make it to the final it will be a nightmare. Does it mean you'd have to get a train from Hull to Sheffield, then one from there to St Pancras? Kind of annoying when Hull actually has it's own train service to London, Hull Trains, which you won't be able to use
  8. I think the Gold Coast has a culture problem. I live there and hear all kinds of rumors about players out on the ###### at all hours, then there was the drugs scandal a few short years back with players charged over cocaine supply and possession. They seem to have a real issue creating a decent, professional culture. That’s possibly linked to the party culture that is an inherent part of the Gold Coast lifestyle. Maybe they need a Craig Bellamy type to kick the club into shape. As for crowds, stadium location has a part to play in that. It’s a nightmare to get to and there’s no parking. The majority of people would need to get two buses to get there, and queuing for the shuttle buses afterwards is a pain in the ###### (and given their’s no leagues club/bar where you can go after to wait for the queues to die down doesn’t help). Yes it’s next to a train station but if you live coastal as I do, it’s a 25-minute drive to a train station to catch the train so that ain’t happening
  9. I haven’t read all this thread as I don’t have time right now so don’t know if this has been mentioned, but I think a big issue at the moment (at least in Australia) is all the ‘healthy’ diet fads. Raw, keto, paleo organic, gluten-free, etc. People think if they are eating the above, it gives them license to eat what they like because it’s ‘healthy’.Unfortunately that does not make it low in calories. Take raw food - raw desserts, protein balls etc are all the rage but they are packed full of calories. This article sums it up well: https://www.goodfood.com.au/good-health/are-raw-desserts-actually-good-for-you-20160714-gq5f8t However natural and healthy food might be, if it’s packed full of calories and you eat a lot of it, you’ll probably gain weight - and you certainly won’t lose any
  10. Genuine question - if Toronto get promoted I presume they would have to run a reserve side. Would they be purely English based?
  11. This is very cool...not just as a touch judge but actually in the middle. Good on her! https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/07/15/belinda-sharpe-breaks-new-ground-as-first-female-nrl-referee/?utm_source=NRLFBContent&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NetworkContent&fbclid=IwAR3F0_xotrfoR147UpzEE-fXOEOw51mEAh6tSvvPPQUDN0afCwQ3dePUhw4
  12. I couldn’t care less where someone is ‘born’, ‘bred’ or lives. If they meet the eligibility criteria, and are the best available, then pick them. I’m also very uncomfortable with some views from some people on here who think they have a right to decide which country a player should choose to play for. Some people have a very strong identity with the country of, say, their parents, even if they’ve never lived there. It’s not for me or any else to decide where their loyalties should lie
  13. No, what I mean is I don’t think most people don’t go because they can’t afford it - they just choose to spend their money elsewhere or not to spend it at all. Of course there will always be some who genuinely can’t afford it but that would be the case whatever the price was
  14. I do not believe price is a defining factor in attendances - in most cases I think it's an excuse for why people don't go, just like kick-off times, the stadium, traffic etc. If you don't want to go, you'll always find a reason not to. In most cases I suspect it's not that people can't afford it - it's that they choose to spend their money elsewhere. And that's their prerogative. I firmly believe that if most teams were to offer free entry for a match, they would still not sell it out
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