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  1. Oh yeah, I knew that... I’ve been up since 4.30am here in Aus to watch this so I’m not quite thinking straight
  2. The clubs were tweeting it. Don’t worry, as a journo I would never post anything that wasn’t official!
  3. Yes but from a media and neutrals point of view it’s the perfect storm. You could really create some interest
  4. Someone on twitter also pointed out it’s Friday the 13th. If all the relegation games are played on that night it would create great marketing opportunities
  5. Random question but does anybody offer any kind of ‘season tickets’ for the Challenge Cup. For example, three or four rounds for one set price. The clubs could offer this, but the tickets could be valid for any match in that round, so if your team is knocked out, you could go to watch the match of your choice in the next round?
  6. A good dose of ‘summer’ rugby in those early rounds, I see
  7. A week in Lloret and a week in Benidorm...now if we can just get a team in Magaluf...
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