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  1. No I wasn't suggesting it would be an issue, more that it's a good thing that a similar name is lready familiar up here
  2. As someone else mentioned, the Brisbane-based Queensland netball team is the Firebirds, so the name is not too far removed from an already familiar brand in this neck of the woods. I don't think it's too bad
  3. To be fair it was always going to be a learning curve for Toronto early on in SL. Suffering early defeats is not the worst thing - it gives them a chance to figure out just what they need to work on to be competitive. If they can take on board those lessons and adapt accordingly, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t keep getting better, although their small squad is always going to hinder them
  4. As a Hull supporter, even I had to applaud that one. That was an absolutely brilliant try
  5. I hope we get an Aussie-based assistant. Having the head coach based over there was a bad idea, but with so many England players now playing over there, it would make sense to have someone on the ground to keep an eye on performances, see how they’re doing and to generally touch base with them regularly etc
  6. As a bit of an aside, but kind of related, how many people do you think watch live terrestrial tv in the UK now? I know here in Aus I watch everything on demand now, have done for a year or two, and that’s how most people I know watch tv. So I have to specifically hunt out a channel/show to watch it. I will go to Fox Sports when I know an RL game is on to watch it, but I no longer ‘flick through channels’ so will never come across something by chance. Is this common in the uk now too? Because if it is it should mean a complete revamp in how we market our games
  7. To be fair, I wonder how many could name a current rugby league player?
  8. That’s kind of where I’m at too. Of course we don’t want us to lose in such a manner, but this will be an incredible night for PNG
  9. Well if they had women’s over 45s teams I could play for England (by birth) and Australia (by residency - after 14 years)... personally could never play for Aus though - I’d feel like a traitor ??
  10. Been a lot of doom and gloom about Toronto in SL next year so just wondering, how many fans are planning to go/have already booked? Lots of chat and questions about travel on social media. I don’t think I can make it for the Hull game next year - I’m in Aus and I’ve got so many things going around the time they’re playing in April, but I can’t wait to get over the following year if feasible. I’m excited to see who’s excited about going!
  11. I particularly like your first point. This was something that really annoyed me when Melbourne Storm got done for salary cap breaches and stripped of their titles. The Storm never went out and bought success - most of their big earning players had come through their system. They invested in those players’ developments, turned them into superstars and took them to a level where they deserved to earn ‘x’ amount. Surely that’s what you want clubs to do? I don’t think clubs should be punished for excellent development work - they should be rewarded
  12. Well I’d bloody hope it would have been anyway ??
  13. This was exactly me experience at Tonga v England in Auckland in the World Cup. You really have to experience it first hand to understand how amazing the atmosphere is
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