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  1. I’m in Australia and watch all my TV through apps. Even Foxtel (the equivalent of Sky), that you can get a box for, I watch through an app and cast to the TV. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Stan - even the free to air channels like 7, 9 and 10 have apps and I watch everything through them as I can watch programs when I want - not just when they’re actually on. It’s all very easy
  2. FFS! So as usual the Aussies get what they want. Really hoped the organizers would make a stand on this. Should have known better
  3. That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure to be honest. Given Australia’s history, I’d think a large proportion of people that live here would either by Indigenous or qualify for another (European) nation? But I’m not sure of the qualification for the Indigenous teams. Some people say they’re, maybe, an eighth Indigenous? But they often very much identify as Indigenous. So I genuinely don’t know
  4. Yes, this is exactly what they are suggesting, and the general population are now so scared they actually support this approach. As for the vaccines, that’s a whole other ball game. It doesn’t help that the government hasn’t ordered enough, or that the rollout was botched from the start (in the words of the Prime Minister - ‘this is not a race’ ). It also doesn’t help that the different states, the Premiers, the health officers and the fed government are all giving different messages. In the words of the Qld chief health officer - ‘younger people should not be getting the Astra Zeneca vaccine because there’s more chance of them dying from the vaccine than Covid’ Honestly, you couldn’t make it up. And yes, the attitude here is so insular. The WC decision doesn’t surprise me in the least
  5. A lot of its to do with bubbles and border closures. For instance, there were big calls for Qld to close the border to NSW when Sydney cases started spiking - they resisted until the day after all the NRL wives and families flew in to join the players in the Qld bubble, then slammed it shut. ‘Normal’ people are suffering big time through these lockdowns and border closures, yet the sports teams seem to be given so much preferential treatment. And we all know it’s because all the betting brings in a lot of money for the government…
  6. Well my hope was short lived! All games to be played Sun/Mon, right in the middle of lockdown. No crowds obviously, but a lot of people are going to be seriously ###### off with the preferential treatment they keep getting compared to everyone else
  7. To be fair to the NRL (and it pains me to say that!) the Qld government announced a snap lockdown today (because of six cases… yes…just six) and said no community or pro sport could be played. It’s not actually anything to do with the NRL. There’s no Covid in their bubble. And apparently they are talking about trying to play a triple header tomorrow - I hope the state government kibosh that idea as everyone is sick of the double standards when it comes to pro sport compared to everything else
  8. It’s ###### isn’t it? I’ve made the difficult decision to return to England early next year after 15 years in Aus - I don’t want to spend the foreseeable future unable to see my elderly parents in England and feeling utterly trapped. It’s very sad all round . If only I was an athlete or celebrity I could travel in and out of Aus without any issue. Anyway, pleased the World Cup is going ahead and hope it all goes according to plan!!
  9. It’s all part of the same thing though. It’s not really an ideal situation for those players to have next to no break after the NRL season, go to UK for World Cup which in itself could have challenges (Australians may have to quarantine over there by then), play the World Cup, fly back, quarantine, go straight into pre-season training then start the season. It would be mentally and physically exhausting, and no good for the players’ health. The way things are here right now, there are too many variables, and if things continue as they are, I can’t see it going ahead
  10. I haven’t read this whole thread as it’s pretty long, but as someone living in Aus, I can tell you the whole Covid thing is an utter shambles. Only about 4% of the population vaccinated, a growing number of cases, calls by state governments to lower the number of international arrivals (even though they’re already tiny) as most of the cases here have been a result of it leaking out of hotel quarantine… it’s going to be a never-ending cycle of lockdowns, mixed messaging, politicians arguing, disputes over vaccines etc etc. it’s not so much whether the Aussies want to travel, as to whether they’ll be allowed to. You need an exemption to leave the country, which they might get, but it’s not that easy (the PM has suggested there’ll be no overseas travel for the average Aussie until the end of 2022 - kill me now!!) There’s no end in sight to the ridiculously strict overseas travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine on arrival. But to be honest, as an English person desperate to get out of this prison, if I was an Aussie player and did get the chance to leave, I’d bite their hand off
  11. This was all over the news when it was first alleged. Wasn’t good. I read somewhere it was the reason he quit the NFL
  12. Minimum of three years and eight months https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.9news.com.au/article/20af9ab9-9908-42b3-9e15-53e101f55ea9
  13. Thankfully it’s all craft beers these days - there seems to be a new small brewery popping up on every corner! Fruit sour beers, alcoholic ginger beers, XPAs, IPAs, pale ales, loads of ciders... Think that’s why it’s so pricey!
  14. You wouldn’t want to live in Australia then - I’m in Brisbane and it’s pretty standard to pay $10-$12 for a schooner of beer (that’s between a half and a pint)!
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