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  1. The atmosphere at the game was amazing - like no game I've been to before. The noise when Tonga scored their third try was incredible. I swear the concrete in the floor of the stand was shaking. On the knock on at the end, the ref calls it straight away. I've always thought that when a ref calls it straight away, it can't go to the video ref no matter what happens after that.
  2. Haven't seen Henry Perenara since the group stages. Although he is the only neutral choice for the final, it looks like we'll get an Aussie or English ref for the final.
  3. You're not that bloke who's going to fly his own rocket into space to prove the earth is flat are you?
  4. This game emphasises how badly the Kiwis played last week
  5. There's a fair bit of boll ocks being talked on this thread
  6. England are getting a run of English refs now so that, if they reach the final, there will be an Aussie ref waiting for them in the final - just to balance things up.
  7. David Kidwell - Wow!

    A lot of the ex-players have been speaking in the NZ media since the defeat and are furious. On Sunday, Kidwell and some of the players again took aim at the media and fans for somehow wanting the Kiwis to lose. NZRL needs to start again from the very bottom. Even if you take away all the players who want to represent Island nations, there will always be a core of players who are only eligible to represent NZ and want to. They should have been able to select a 17 to get them to the semi-finals. I feel sorry for Kidwell because I don't see who else he could have selected. He has got it wrong off the field though and he and the players need to show some humility, admit they were awful against Fiji and apologise to their fans. Kidwell seems a nice guy but he is not up to the job. If NZRL don't sort it out, they and the Warriors will lose players and fans to other sports - it is already happening.
  8. WCC to go ahead

    Have a look on the Cas forum - most fans are not too bothered and would rather concentrate on the start of the SL season.
  9. He's coming across as a massive bell end.
  10. USA were better under the Obama administration at the last World Cup. I blame Trump.
  11. Kangaroos' kit is "interesting" tonight
  12. Would it be too much trouble to have a rain cover over the camera? Or wipe the lens?
  13. Bit of a shame we didn't get to see Bergamasco in this tournament - would have liked to see how he went.