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  1. The teams that share grounds with football clubs have to wait to be told when they are allowed to play matches.
  2. If you look closely at Ryan Sheridan's top, you can see a bit of egg, flour and butter. He's been busy getting ready for his new job co-hosting Bake Off
  3. Yes, Leeds won the Middle 8s last year - well done them.
  4. So, an international RL player from one of the top clubs could potentially play in the following: 3 x preseason friendlies 4 x CC group games 4 x CC knockout games 23 x regular season SL games 7 x Super 8 fixtures 2 x SL playoffs 1 x WC warm up 3 x WC group games 3 x WC knockout games Total = 50 games That gives 2 weekends off to travel to Australia/NZ and back for the World Cup. Congratulations - you've just invented all-year round season. I'm being facetious but more games is not the answer. RL is watered down too much as it is at the top level. A group stage for the CC is a non-starter,
  5. When people ask you why you sit through all the thrashings by the big clubs, the dreary 14 - 0 match in the rain and sleet against a team you should be beating, the games where you have more important things to do at home or you're not feeling your best or the game where the ref drops a howler and causes you to lose, you do it because of the hope that one day you will be at games like tonight's. When the cycle reverses and they get better than us, you can sit there remembering when Cas put 60 past Leeds and sent them packing like a team of U20s. Good times never seemed so good…
  6. It's a Widnes home game - ouch for Widnes as they have not had much time to sell hospitality etc. Warrington v Cas is still the televised game on Sky.
  7. I wonder if the Wigan coaching staff were asked, "Do you fancy playing against a team that have had a week off last weekend and we are playing on 5 days' rest? Will you be that bothered if the game is postponed?" I think we can all guess the answer to that one. There'll be an investigation, a paltry fine and Wigan will be told to not do it again. But essentially, they'll get away with it.
  8. Segeyaro is one of the better NRL players to play at an English club recently. Shame most of his games won't be at the top level Can't see why Penrith would sign Hardaker. If he dicks about when Phil Gould is around, he won't be there long.
  9. Why would I pay for a poxy service? There's plenty of free services on the internet and they're always bleedin' poxy. I ain't payin' for no poxy service. I was down the Nags Head the other day talking to Boycey and Trig............ ......................................oh, wait, you said proxy. Carry on.
  10. Don't forget, the panel were using the "don't forget it's the Challenge Cup this week" set of rules.
  11. There are two teams struggling in different divisions this season. If they pooled their resources and merged, they would surely attract huge crowds and enjoy an upturn in fortunes. Imagine what would happen if the Huddersfield Sheffield Giants were a thing............... .............................what? Already been tried you say........................ ..........................bah.
  12. Um, how to fill a stadium.
  13. Well, it won't help those that didn't see it but PNG v Fiji was a cracker.