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  1. Cake Tiger

    Amazon - Would they ever bid for RL?

    Where do I stick my SCART lead?
  2. It must be nearly time for a Kenny Edwards cramp
  3. To quote a poster of yesteryear, Warrington are playing gash.
  4. Cake Tiger

    Wembley Crowd

    I'd say there's about 32k. Lots of empty seats in Club Wembley and some sections of the lower tier are sparsely populated.
  5. Are they opening the upper tier?
  6. Cake Tiger

    New Wigan Coach(es)

    Apart from the last 15 years coaching in RU. And apart from when he captained the England RU team at schoolboy level. Apart from that, he's 100% rugby league.
  7. Cake Tiger

    New Wigan Coach(es)

    Shaun Edwards hasn't been involved in RL for over 15 years. Big gamble. Wigan's thinking seems to be that a good coach in RU will make a good coach in RL? Interesting theory. Not sure I'd want to test it using a SL club. Lam would have been a much better permanent appointment.
  8. Cake Tiger

    Lack of RL DVD's on the market

    Yes, me. I would be interested to hear if anyone knows whether this site is any good. £15 isn't much but it is no good if the site is no use or could disappear at any moment due to copyright infringement.
  9. Cake Tiger

    Toronto and Visa's

    They won't meet next year - with Toronto in SL and Leeds in the Championship.
  10. Cake Tiger

    Toronto and Visa's

    Has someone sent the details of that recommended visa agency to Gary Hetherington?
  11. Cake Tiger

    Fewer than 17 players

    I'm confused. So should clubs be creating a third XIII consisting of chairmen and chief execs from FTSE-100 companies, who should then go on stag weekends and kip on each other's floors. Does that mean a squad member has to get married each weekend? Anyway, let me go thinking back to my early 20s...............
  12. Cake Tiger

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I ask people at the gate before I board the plane how much they paid. If they don't answer, I wait until they are asleep during the flight and ask them again. If I discover they have paid less than me, I try and steal something from their luggage which matches the price difference. Can get tricky working this out with fluctuating exchange rates but nobody said life was easy.
  13. Scores like this would never have happened if we'd stuck to Gary Hetherington's 14-8-14 structure back in the day.
  14. Cake Tiger


    And those who read the front page of the BBC Sport website.
  15. Cake Tiger


    For a less serious look at the NRL, try This Week In League. Not suitable for children.