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  1. The real point here is should Chester have been allowed to pick a full strength side?
  2. Apart from the error strewn display, I'd say Hull's biggest problem is we don't have an "out n out" 6 when Kelly isn't fit. Sneyd is a 7 and Connor isn't a 6, so that leaves us in the shtuck. Well capitalised by Salford who didn't look to need the help they were given!
  3. Used to see this on a car parked outside a business nearby - WH05CAR
  4. I'd say you're bang on with your slant on this one. Hull have had some really strange performances at Wakey and despite current form and league standing don't expect a Hull landslide. Hull to scrape home by 4 in another weird game!
  5. Thought the atmosphere was fine - also noticed quite a few FC fans sat in the stands which was nice. South Stand was as vociferous as ever so no complaints about the atmosphere from me
  6. What a game! Kept the crowd gripped right till the end. Thoroughly enjoyable day out in t Leeds and being a Hull FC fan a great result. So is Headingley the best 3 sided ground in SL? I think so
  7. Shows what I know! I thought we’d take ten minutes to get the first try!
  8. Everything points to a Hull FC win and by plenty. Smith will have been working hard on Rervers defense, so I expect the first 10 - 15 minutes to be nip and tuck. Once FC get into swing they’ll start running over, round and through them. KR 8 v 41 Hull P.S. Is Paddy Khan getting a run out?
  9. I’d have thought you’d have had your fill of games with the result being in doubt to the very end!
  10. Never really fulfilled his potential. He has been much better this time around at Hull, but still goes missing occasionally and I for one am quite happy to see him go. If some of the expected signings are announced as definites, I think we have replacements coming in next year to form a formidable pack
  11. Do they have a Fanzine? You might not get a programme, but the “Up the cream” fanzine is well worth the trip
  12. I took this pic of Sheens earlier today on Preston Road.....
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