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  1. The Mondays that are in the diary several years in advance? Yes, I can see how awkward it must be.
  2. So you like restricted Sunday openings but not Boxing Day? Understood.
  3. You must hate weekends.
  4. Polling has Macron 20-25 points ahead of Le Pen in head to head. So, around the same as the shoo-in Tory win ... does their fascist have more chance than our socialist?
  5. I didn't say it was right wing to want it, just that the complaint about it has come from right-leaning parties and people. Until Corbyn suggests it and suddenly there's an outpouring of "Oh no, we can't possibly ..."
  6. I could have sworn it's been a whinge on the right for years that we don't get a bank holiday on St Georges Day
  7. That Halifax kit surely counts as a cruel and unusual punishment.
  8. The scale of the swing to the Tories in Scotland could see the SNP lose a fair few seats. That's the only way the Lib Dems even come close to them. Corbynites are retweeting a supposedly amazing piece by Corbyn on the Marr show. All I see is a bored history teacher. Delusion everywhere.
  9. Let's assume that if the SNP are losing any seats in Scotland it's not going to be to Labour but the Tories
  10. I think people are somewhat sick of voting right now so campaigning solely on a referendum might backfire if that's the only noise that's heard. I still think you're looking at a massive Tory majority, Labour wipeout, very slight Lib Dem gains and Ukip vanished whatever comes out in the campaign.
  11. Look, we've already established that you're not going to answer any request to bring evidence to support your repeated assertions that we've never had it so good ... and now you're envious that some people might get an extra day or two holiday. Just stick something up about the forum clique and how only you understand the real world and then come back tomorrow and do the same again, yeah?
  12. Damn those holiday-grabbing nurses.
  13. Announced a week or so ago. The Daily Mail fully onside and cheering her on. Unlike when Red Ed did it and it was socialist interference.
  14. All of that is true. I also believe that just because the lead is ridiculous doesn't mean it isn't broadly true and won't be reflected on June 8. Ukip have further to slump and those numbers will only go to the Tories.
  15. ComRes has the Tories at 50% and a lead of 25% over Labour. That's up four. If there's a trend it's not one that's damaging the Tories.