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  1. Absolutely nothing. Why?
  2. A good example of how out-of-touch the Corbynistas can be. Right now, being RT'd a lot on Twitter is an excerpt from Marr. It shows the PM unable to answer a few basic questions about Iraq. Now, that, to a normal member of the electorate is significant because it makes her look untrustworthy etc. The thing to do would be to tie this shiftiness with the other things that she can't give answers on that are going to make a difference to people's lives such as tax, pensions etc. Instead the RT's are invariably topped and tailed with how May followed Blair into Iraq, something that is not going to make any difference to how anybody votes.
  3. Depends. Is she selling it at a children's party in a remote Scottish forest?
  4. The EU are terrible poker players because they've set out clearly what they expect the UK to agree to and in what order - and have made it clear that there will be no deviation from that because their negotiating team is not authorised to do so. Any change to the negotiating position will add several months to the negotiation as it will all need to be agreed again by the EU. There has been no change to the unified EU position since the day after the referendum. The UK are going hard on slogans. I reckon it's bound to be a strong win for the slogans.
  5. There's certainly a vocal group who not only want the UK to leave but also want the EU to fail and fail spectacularly.
  6. Credit to the commentary on Five Live. They made Ian Robertson sound like a bored teenager whilst getting across exactly what was happening. I've now watched the climactic round 11 and that's some incredible stuff from Joshua and some equally incredible resistance from Klitschko.
  7. Orient fans peacefully invaded the pitch for over an hour in protest at the way their club has been run into the ground (a rather mild description for what has happened) whilst the FA and EFL twiddle their thumbs. EFL pretend they have thus abandoned the game to get the fans to leave ... and then play the final five minutes behind closed doors "for the integrity of the competition".
  8. Meh. And I'll say that to his face once I can find a stool tall enough to get me there.
  9. Oddly, it was Tories who seemed most attached to that idea.
  10. I'd make him odds-on to win.
  11. Was this the fund that 'patient groups' called for? You can always draw a straight line between such groups and soft funding from pharma. Not illegal, not always immoral, but definitely not necessarily in the best interests of patients.
  12. Think I'll listen on the radio. Not a huge fan of professional heavyweight boxing but I've got caught up in the interest for this one. Plus, as I'm sure you all know, it clashes with the second game of the three game series between the Cubs and Red Sox at Fenway so I'll have that on the TV whilst listening to the paid brutes hitting each other.
  13. My personal belief is that we're back in the world of visible left and shy Tories.
  14. "So, you appear to have persuaded your sister to join the Liberal Democrats, would you say it's been a successful entry into campaigning today?"