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  1. Quite possibly. Equally, Labour could (by their internal polling perhaps) be losing support amongst BAME groups and have come up with the idea addressing that. It has been very clumsily done though and not in a way that is supportable.
  2. Hangover cures

    Then I got nothing. Irn Bru helps me but I think they've changed the recipe.
  3. There's obviously a germ of a smart idea there that someone with the intellect of a trout has put in place.
  4. Hangover cures

    Topping up the levels. Yates's will be open.
  5. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    30 years ago ... ish.
  6. No, you found yourself utterly enthralled by Oklahoma v Oklahoma State basketball.

  7. SL announce new commercial partner

    And there were some complaints - I know because I made some of them.
  8. 2018 Admission prices

    2017 prices, John? Bit retro that ...
  9. Our new position in the EU

    Something something Bank of England are remainers something.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    It won't have escaped your notice that we've moved from "everything will be better" to "it won't be as bad as the worst visions put forward by others".
  11. SL announce new commercial partner

    The peas we have now or some peas from the nostalgic past which were even better?
  12. The Culture Wars

    I'm watching it now. I want to slap both of them. But there's no doubt that Jordan Peterson, who I have to say I knew nothing about before, is so comfortably 'winning' that it's embarrassing.
  13. Our new position in the EU

    I did wonder why the Brexit press was running so wildly yesterday about an imaginary new crossing. Well, I didn't, but I did think it odd they were so keen to hide Macron repeating the basic EU comments about passporting and the like. Anyway, turns our Eurostar pointed out that they do not have the infrastructure to cope with not being in the Customs Union & that their freight business would have to close if there were any divergence (as well as increased costs, waiting times etc for passenger services). Exciting, eh?
  14. Can you give clarity on whether the Bradford Bulls playing in League 1 this year are allowed to say they were ever Super League champions?