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  1. Agree with the uninspiring line up meaning he’s unlikely to be really challenged. Would have been good to have fan questions! I’d ask him about Liverpool as his team are unwilling to give me a decent response - I emailed the RFL about the Liverpool fixture, the disruption it caused to my plans ref travel/accommodation being booked and received no reply. I followed it up asking for one and basically got the press release. I went back again and had no reply.
  2. I hear he’s on Golden Point as well - is he finally coming out of hiding? Will we be subject to his usual condescending political tones? Has he got anything of actual interest to say? I might just watch and find out ....
  3. Odsal Outlaw

    ‘League 1 South’

    The actual post on Facebook suggests more of a funded amateur comp rather than semi pro. Sounds more like the old conference League south with some funded travel.
  4. Odsal Outlaw

    Grand Final Bus Ads

    What date did it have on the test match? Sat or Sun?!
  5. Odsal Outlaw

    Rugby League on Sky Tv

    You would add a few more onto Friday if we only allowed one game to be played on a Friday night - we surely dilute our audience and contract by having most of SL playing and taking viewers away.
  6. Odsal Outlaw

    David Argyle to relocate Skolars to USA

    Just had a scan back through old threads .... knew I’d referenced it somewhere when I was told about it 😂😂 http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/327360-23-24-jun-the-betfred-league-1-match-thread/&page=2
  7. Odsal Outlaw

    David Argyle to relocate Skolars to USA

    Heard about this a few months ago and then it seemed to go quiet, I understood it wasn’t about relocation but more about a U.K. base for development.
  8. Odsal Outlaw

    Season of the fake

    That’s the problem - there is never a risk of getting slotted anymore for being an idiot as it gets you a yellow/red card. Therefore the shenanigans goes unchecked and increases.
  9. Odsal Outlaw

    Season of the fake

    I think the key point you make is the sanitising of the game, that for me above everything else is one of the main reasons that we are seeing a trend towards football style ‘fake’.
  10. Odsal Outlaw

    Rugby League on Sky Tv

    Don’t disagree with lots of that, I realised recently I actually enjoy listening to podcasts, watching Back chat and reading forums more than the actually watching the SL (middle 8s aside). Watched the NRL playoffs yesterday and today and it has been much better. The game is in a mess and desperately needs some leadership and sorting out.
  11. Odsal Outlaw

    Rugby League on Sky Tv

    How much of the TV deal/revenue would you be willing to hand back for the above?
  12. Odsal Outlaw

    Proper Sport Rugby League

    Not sure what replaced it as I listen on Podcasts. I guessed fall out as well. Good show though, wherever it is!
  13. Odsal Outlaw

    Proper Sport Rugby League

    So can anyone tell me yet why the proper sport show moved to forty20?
  14. Odsal Outlaw

    Are the Robots dead?

    Just thought this myself .... a very obvious catch for the final check/sign off of the animation. Clearly a rugby union interpretation of who kicks it. That’ll annoy me every time I see it!
  15. And what do you think the RLPA/NRL/ARL will do if Eng play France and call up all the NRL based players? What will their excuse be then to ensure mid season means mid season in sydney?