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  1. Great to see further progress in the US. Although that makes at keast 5 different sets of rules now worldwide I think?! 😂🙄
  2. Odsal Outlaw

    Who is your 2nd team?

    I’m a Bulls fan, but in terms of second teams I’ve always enjoyed watching Wire, also a fan of what Toronto are doing along with Catalans and have a soft spot for Batley and Dewsbury!
  3. I think the GF needs to be at a neutral venue. Headingley, booked in early could be a great day to have Champ and L1 together.
  4. Odsal Outlaw

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Very Hull like but very nice!
  5. Odsal Outlaw

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    I think the best option is to now revert to england for this tour, keep building the brand. Eng or GB won’t make much difference to the Kiwis but I do think it impacts over here. At present it feels like this tour has potential to be a huge flop and more worrying stop any desire to host UK teams again down under for the forseable future (a modern day 2000 RLWC!).
  6. But on this rare occasion they use a league reference when they mean union. Heads will roll!!! 😂🙂👍
  7. Odsal Outlaw

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    And also build some much needed revenue for the RFL! I think a match against a full strength Tonga would draw a great crowd, other ones less so.
  8. Back on topic .... the RFL via OURLEAGUE are even selling RFL tickets using Catalans success. Images of the their fans and then talking about the ‘fairytale’ ... “Your support of the Cup, and the game, is hugely valued. And after the French fairy-tale of Catalans Dragons’ historic Challenge Cup triumph in 2018, who knows what history will be made in 2019?”
  9. Odsal Outlaw

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    The crowds a new Cumbria club would get would almost certainly mean they’d have to pay to enter the Challenge Cup.
  10. This is a disgrace by the RFL, but it was a disgrace when it forced Toronto and Toulouse out last year, good that Catalans are now getting this issue some publicity. The RFL are once again showing their incompetence. As I always say .... RFL = Right F***in Losers
  11. Odsal Outlaw

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    I’m not sure the reason for the RFL is unknown ... pretty obvious ... but anyway, add Wigan in then!
  12. Odsal Outlaw

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    Did my post offend you?!
  13. Odsal Outlaw

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    They can’t cant be official, in which case you have to wonder how the RFL let it happen (obvs we all know the reason!)
  14. Odsal Outlaw

    Travelling to Toulouse ... How?

    Ooh, didn’t think of Stanstead. Ryanair flights only £69! Could be a good option, thanks. EDIT: £132 for decent flight times, but may still work for a quick 24hr trip!!
  15. I’m thinking of going to Toulouse vs Bulls on 6th July, a quick search suggests no obvious flights ... so just wondered if anyone can recommend best method of travel / travel routes?