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  1. Great comeback from the Bulls - 14pts down with about 15mims to go and won 33-26! Great game for my first one of the year! #COYB Halifax must have lost out on a load of beer money tho ... one mobile bar at the back of the away stand with two pumps! And 5 minutes into second half they were down to their last 80 pints with a huuuuuge queue! Always surprises me how often rugby grounds get the beer wrong!
  2. First Bulls game of the season for me today - looking forward to it! Always enjoy the Easter period, really wish we’d give over with the annual moan about 2 games in 4 days / 3 games in 8 days etc. It’s once a year. #COYB
  3. I’ve thought for a while whether there could be any benefit in scheduling 1-2 SL games per week inline with Aussie viewing time slots. Wouldn’t even have to be shown here, but could be a potential revenue stream. 12noon Sat/Sun KO would be 10pm Sydney so after all their games finish.
  4. Interesting that the BBC article states England will compete in the World 9s in the Autumn - I hadn’t seen that confirmed anywhere else to date?
  5. I thought the same about the ‘vision’!
  6. 1. Wigan make big signings mid season 2. Signings help them avoid relegation 3. Wigan breach salary cap 4. Wigan apologise for error and take points deduction in 2020 I think that’s how it works at Wigan anyway.
  7. I think the mods do a decent job, but there are at times personal attack’s that are out of order .... everyone’s allowed an opinion, you don’t have to agree. Overall a good place that I too have been on for c.15yrs I reckon! Actually use it as one of my main RL news sources.
  8. All the prices are there on the link when you scroll thru the brochure! Range from £4.5k to £8k
  9. Agree on the shirt ... had England taken the GB design and the badge then I think the issue would have been largely solved.
  10. Another penalty for Dewsbury, 14-4. I do enjoy afternoon RL on the TV!
  11. Switched on Leigh v Toronto for the second half, great game with 5 mins to go. I think Sat/Sun afternoon RL on the tv is a great opportunity to showcase the game. 8-14 after 75 mins.
  12. Sky are showing quite a lot of old WCC games today (15mins highlights). They are also all ‘on demand’. I’ve just watched Bulls v Newcastle from 2002, reminds you how good the likes of Robbie Paul was. Next up Bulls vs Wests from 2006!
  13. Well if that’s the big return of GB, curtain raisers to a Pacific tournament ? Just when you think the RFL have reached their low point they always manage to pull something out of the bag and get that bit lower!
  14. Chase I’m sure could still perform at L1 or Champ level, I guess time will tell whether he can do more than that. Like him or not, he had an X factor and I’m sure a lot of teams would like to see if it’s still there.
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