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  1. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Wait for the Challenge Cup!
  2. SL announce new commercial partner

    Great to unlock this property for super league sponsorship. Surprised it hasn’t been done before actually!
  3. I can fully believe that nfl and ru pay for terrestrial tv coverage. What a great move - their sport increases profile and the competitions and teams are more attractive to sponsors. Obviously they’d love the tv companies to pay them but as they create the demand then no doubt they will in a year or two. We’ll still be moaning that we have a god given right to be paid for terrestrial coverage in prime time on bbc1.
  4. To be fair if £150k is true I don’t think that’s too bad. There is already prize money in respect of funding relating to the finishing position in the Championship.
  5. "The Kenny Sterling Shield".

    Had a tweet back from Souths now stating kick off times still not confirmed but they’ll keep me posted.
  6. "The Kenny Sterling Shield".

    Yes I’d found that info as well and I’ve tweeted the clubs but still nothing finalised.
  7. 9s - the missing link?

    Your last paragraph ... we’re talking the RFL here!
  8. "The Kenny Sterling Shield".

    Has anyone managed to figure out kick off times for the Hull & Wigan double header yet?
  9. I do think the point about a re test is a red herring here. There are many substances, for example cocaine, that will be out of your system within as little as 48hrs. You could take the drug on a Sunday, fail a test on a Monday and pass on a Tuesday.
  10. Woods gone

    Hoorah!! About time. The appointment of his replacement is absolutely critical. It needs to not be one of the ‘old boys’ and needs a fresh pair of eyes.
  11. Anti-Wolfpack bias - I’ve never done anything but be positive about them, I’m a massive fan, they have been a breath of fresh air. So that is an unfair criticism. Had it been any other player it may not have attracted the same doubts - but Bailey has a chequered past.
  12. Totally agree. The fact he took one the week after is irrelevant as you can easily ‘wash’ things out. Feels a strange ruling.
  13. 9s - the missing link?

    Magic changing to 9’s would be great and would defo make me make my first trip!
  14. What's happening with Odsal?

    I’ve heard Brexit blamed for a lot of things, but not the state of Odsal Stadium before 😂