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  1. Yes but u couldn't play for Japan in RU and then go and play for Australia a week later. If you played for them u stuck with them.
  2. I think your suggestion is much better than current rules and again it's similar to what was in place prior to new rules. A 4 year embargo would mean Milford wouldn't play next week which shows where his priorities really are. You could have a situation where a player plays for 2 nations every year, swapping 20+ times over a career. One point i'm less clear on is swapping between tier 2 nations? Also, i'd put in place criteria for what constitutes a 'tier' if we have to have them so that at some point the likes of Samoa become tier 1 and then the swapping decreases ....
  3. I think what you describe is a better solution than the one we have now and actually to the point Spidey makes in the post below yours is the one that was in place prior to recent eligibility changes. With your system the likes of Milford and McGuire would be nowhere near a Samoa team for a mid season test ahead of an end of year WC (plus many others). The fact some will be in Aus/Kiwi teams in WC is laughable when compared to other sports.
  4. Samoa elevated in status once the eligibility rules changed meaning anyone previously waiting for an Aus/Kiwi jumper can now play for Samoa until they get a call up for their first pick country, ergo Samoa are basically a feeder team for Aus/Kiwi (and a very good one). Brown in for Williams isn't ideal but not a disaster, but this match does have all the hallmarks of a suicide mission, but we need games and this will be an amazing experience for the English based players ahead of the WC.
  5. Fair point, I can just put him on ignore, but I disagree that you can have any reasonable debate with him. Pointless exercise proved thread after thread.
  6. This bloke is just trolling, ignore him. Either that or he's severely misguided.
  7. I think the cricket one may have been deleted but still comes up if you google it. Great that McQueen is so patriotic, shames its for Australia.
  8. Yep, just you. Why not appreciate others have different views and stop just putting the same points on repeat. Or maybe just start your own thread. Or maybe just enjoy watching your Aussie/Italians who would drop you at the first sniff of an Aussie jersey or probably even just drop you if their club told them not to play.
  9. Correct, England don't need any Aussie picking us as their second choice because they can't get in their own team.
  10. Heighington and McQueen, what are we doing. They're not English and have shown no desire to make us there no.1 priority. Get them out. Pleased to see Gale get a go, he's been great this year.
  11. I've enjoyed Korean Billy's previous videos and this was good also, great way to reach new audiences in a fun way.
  12. I'm having to make do with Radio Manc, Toronto now 16-12 up with try from Brierley on debut!
  13. Anyone in UK managing to watch this?0
  14. War of Roses tried and failed, Lancashire barely exists nowadays, this match wouldnt represent the whole country and it re enforces a northern stereotype of the sport. Bad idea. Exiles was a bit better but even that was a bit rubbish. Just get internationals in calendar.
  15. Pointless post, why pick fault at a comment about where Toronto's funding comes from, he even corrected it. Just stay on topic.