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  1. This bloke is just trolling, ignore him. Either that or he's severely misguided.
  2. I think the cricket one may have been deleted but still comes up if you google it. Great that McQueen is so patriotic, shames its for Australia.
  3. Yep, just you. Why not appreciate others have different views and stop just putting the same points on repeat. Or maybe just start your own thread. Or maybe just enjoy watching your Aussie/Italians who would drop you at the first sniff of an Aussie jersey or probably even just drop you if their club told them not to play.
  4. Correct, England don't need any Aussie picking us as their second choice because they can't get in their own team.
  5. Heighington and McQueen, what are we doing. They're not English and have shown no desire to make us there no.1 priority. Get them out. Pleased to see Gale get a go, he's been great this year.
  6. I've enjoyed Korean Billy's previous videos and this was good also, great way to reach new audiences in a fun way.
  7. I'm having to make do with Radio Manc, Toronto now 16-12 up with try from Brierley on debut!
  8. Anyone in UK managing to watch this?0
  9. War of Roses tried and failed, Lancashire barely exists nowadays, this match wouldnt represent the whole country and it re enforces a northern stereotype of the sport. Bad idea. Exiles was a bit better but even that was a bit rubbish. Just get internationals in calendar.
  10. Pointless post, why pick fault at a comment about where Toronto's funding comes from, he even corrected it. Just stay on topic.
  11. Jeez that was dull, switched off half way thru. He can probably add a lot of value in a lot of areas and we shouldn't ignore that, but a frontman, media man, PR person he is not.
  12. https://www.andreajenkyns.co.uk/news/update-newmarket-stadium think this is right link
  13. Not a fan of magic, but if it remains in its current form then I think the heritage idea is a great one and would add a lot to the feel of the weekend. Had a few NRL heritage jerseys in the past and always think they look great. Penrith 2008 a fav!
  14. The clubs would be giving up some of their biggest pay days, crowds and local derbies for this. And playing one less game. Bad idea in my opinion.
  15. Good to see Salford stringing some wins together, would like them to have a good year. What was crowd yesterday? Wondered if a bank holiday game may give them a bit of a boost in attendance and guess Leigh took a few?