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  1. Could be toys out of the pram, but the description of the RFL sounds all too familiar around not being fit for purpose. Whoever you support it is a true shame that the sport is run by the people it is.
  2. In terms of the question on whether Bulls fans will stick with the new team ... for me it's a probably. I want to see what the new guy has to say and how open he is. I can't imagine supporting anyone else though. Did you ever wonder why Dot Cotton on Eastenders always took Nasty Nick back? It never made sense, but they were family and so sort of had to.
  3. Those Newcastle shirts are really nice.
  4. We have a new team. Hurrah and caution at the same time!
  5. Yes you might be right, I remember on another occasion John helping me with a college project around sports clothing and showing me round all the merchandise and stuff!
  6. In which case maybe bring back the fees!! Also, on he new forum, I like it, simple to use and better functionality. Just takes a few days to get used to.
  7. I remember meeting John once, if I am talking about the same guy. I'd bought a Bulls shirt with Edwards 7 on the back (Shaun Edwards) and a week later he left, I wrote a letter and complained and he rang me and invited me up to the shop where he sorted me out a new shirt!
  8. I remember paying for an annual subscription once!!
  9. its starting to feel like not just the death of a club but a slow painful death being dragged out ....... surely the Champ idea is a non starter as more and more resources flow out of the club. Hopefully tomorrow brings some joy, but I fear it unlikely. Maybe I'll buy a Toronto shirt!
  10. All people on this thread are talking about is the inaccurate 40% fact. Will the wider RL community? Probably not. They'll just take the general theme of the message that I referenced which really is the RFL being poor and yes, they might mis quote the 40% number occasionally. The positive for me is that more people are starting to challenge the competence of the RFL.
  11. Radders getting a lot of grief on this thread, but I think he makes some valid points. Our resource allocation is poor, our auditing of those resources even poorer and the decision to spend £100k's on a trip to Dubai with half a squad and no coach when we can't fund development officers was ridiculous. Personslly i think it was refreshing to see someone challenge the status quo.
  12. Still lost lots of posts and rep points though.
  13. I couldn't reply for last couple of days but all good now!!