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  1. Yes it would seem so, their Twitter had the dragon as well. I've tweeted them ... let's see if they respond!
  2. Has the Wales gear got the wrong logo on??!!
  3. We're missing a trick with the women's game. The media is almost duty bound to show willing on women's sport at the moment and when you see the coverage football and cricket get it feels like we're scoring a bit of an own goal. Playing this before a CC Semi could have been a good idea, BBC may even have streamed it. But we're also not making much of the wheelchair WC so it's no great surprise. RFL ...
  4. Any news on how tickets are going for this? Heard lots of positive noise out of Salford re allocations, but don't know how big the allocations were. Would love Salford to win, but I fear it will be Wigan, I've gone 7-12 but fear it could also be a big win.
  5. Shield should be at the end of the regular season, I think it would be a great launch pad into the 8s.
  6. We should have been in L1 from the start, the fact we were kept up was wrong but not our fault. From what I gather we do have money to spend but the new regime took the view that with so little time to build a squad and so few good players on the market why over spend on 'average'. We'll have had a full off season next year and we can rebuild properly, win some games and have a fair old chance of coming straight back up. We have started to sign the odd better player when they have come available as the season has progressed. L1 is just 12 months overdue for us and maybe the whole sorry affair starts next year where it should have done in the first place.
  7. Just ordered mine from Amazon, I didn't have 3 but did have every other version starting from the the old PS2!
  8. Yes, Jamie Foster rings a bell.
  9. Gale has horrendous hair, it looks worse for the fact he tries to brush it over all the bald bits! Didn't a SL player take the p*ss on twitter once? Might even have been Hardaker in his Leeds days.
  10. I think that's a bit harsh. I preferred Murphy as well but the English guy does a solid job. I think Noble usually adds value as well, although he's not on tonight.
  11. Personally I would award the LLS after the regular rounds and give direct qualification into WCS. With regards top 8 I'm not a fan. I always liked the original Top 5 that we had in SL as that did genuinely mean for every place higher you finished in the 5 you got some sort of increased advantage.
  12. I wonder if there would ever be a temptation to reduce the size of stadium but build a higher spec. For example, build one 6k seater stand with first class facilities and then expand over time. I think I know the answer but would be interesting to see the options they could go for.
  13. A short video on the event, to the point made above, it wasn't a public launch, more a launch for interested parties. Note Sinfield actually breaks a smile.
  14. It's not the best is it. logo is too small as well, should be enlarged.
  15. Tough trip for Oxford yesterday after playing Wednesday as well, not surprised they got 80 put on them.