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  1. I was thinking the same, with the quality they have they can afford a few North Americans in the side which can only be a good thing.
  2. Good game so far, I bet a few league 1 clubs will be watching on and wondering how they'll compete with the Wolfpack!
  3. What a try by Hull!!!
  4. I've just watched the pre match freeview, but the game isn't free is it?
  5. But this is one of the main issues, whether these individuals are right or wrong, this is how they have been made to feel by the sport. Again, perception becomes reality. So in that respect the leadership is failing to unite the biggest group of stakeholders and the sounds of disunity is only growing.
  6. I would be more than happy if in 2021 we were where that document aims to be. Especially winning he WC this year ... if ever something was set up to fail at the start!! Why not at least have said 2021!! On a serious note I'll have a good read later.
  7. The attached picture shows RL participation down 10%. If that is in the strategy then it's a poor strategy ... in truth I recall reading something a while ago, but if you can repay my link on participation with a link for the strategy I'd be grateful!
  8. To be fair I didn't have a link when I made the post, it was a comment I recall reading at some stage, but a quick look on the Sport England website backs up the point. Lower club membership, lower participation etc. https://www.sportengland.org/research/who-plays-sport/by-sport/ Transprent leadership ... not sure I can do it justice in a short post, but in summary I want a clear vision for RL, I want to be clear how we get there and I want to know how we are progressing without so much spin attached to the messaging. I also want a group of leaders who are accountable for the above and who are able to unite the majority behind their direction. But like I say, probably can't do that justice in a short post. EDIT: another quick google shows the RFL missed participation targets in 2011 and 2015 with Sport England that resulted in funding cuts with Nigel Wood's reasoning being that 'RL was in a transition'!
  9. Whether you agree with article or not it is a view that seems to be held by a decent number of people across the game and to an extent perception is reality. If the RFL truly are doing a great job or even a half decent job then they need to ensure their stakeholders, the fans, can see it. They need to show true transparent leadership with a leader who inspires that things are good. Personally I don't get the sense that they really have clear direction, I could be wrong. To be fair I got a lovely pair of Betfair Super League socks at Xmas from the RFL, although I see participation numbers at amateur level are in rapid decline.
  10. Agree with the second paragraph. Even in things such as expansion, imagine if we'd focussed on one or two regions for last 10 years where we had lots of Dev officers, invested in facilities, built up amateur participation etc. Anyway ... On the first point ... it won't be too far gone until we decide the right way forward is to become the 13 a side version of rugby under guidance from the rfu. Although perversely they'd probably grow the game quicker!!!!
  11. So you think we should stick with Wood and Rimmer et al.?
  12. But to me a lot of this leads back to the leadership at the top, this is the impression and the image they portray - one of incompetence which reflects across the game. I think real change is needed at the top and only then will we start to see any sort of progress made.
  13. Just caught up on pages 107-114, it's like watching a school playground squabble. Anyway, we have a very high profile coach, we have 20+ players, we have a ground to play at, we are apparently still the Bulls. I feel more positive about the new owners than the last, but don't quite yet have my enthusiasm back for the club, or the sport, yet (the one exception being Eric Perez and the Toronto project).
  14. A good article which pretty much sums up how I feel about RL at the moment, we are without doubt a rudderless ship and I still have no idea who is able to remove the likes of Wood & Rimmer. Without going too cross code I saw a news story yesterday about the rfu rolling out 100 artificial rugby pitches across the amateur game to grow participation and help clubs grow revenue. If only ... One of the few positives in 2016 was the emergence of Eric Perez at Toronto. I'd love someone like him running the RFL, outgoing, positive and willing to really sell the sport.