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  1. There are still a Number in Union who are anti-league. I know coaches of Union teams that look to do things to try and stop people playing League in Summer. Certain Union Competitions have added play off systems etc in the past couple of years so that it makes it difficult for players to now play League. The comments you get to hear i.e an Aussie coach of a Union club said "none of my players need to play Thugby League". We do need to some extent work with Rugby Union, but we also need to be aware of Union and the attitudes and problems they have. This group of misfits for me have too much contact and influenced from Union snakes who are happy to hinder our development of the game as and When. The RLEF do a good job on limited resources. Things could be better but with little money its very tough developing the game in Europe, alongside the attitudes that exist in certain Union Circus.
  2. Every team has had 22 games to gain a top 4 finish. Leaving it until the last game of the season and relying on other results is like a big risk. Last year Bradford lost out this year Toulouse. Thats part of the excitement of the championship for me. No real easy games. Hull KR are struggling form wise. The last 2 weeks have shown HKR have a problem.You would think being Full time and having Sheen as coach, they would have the best defence over 22 games and not part time struggling Halifax. Attack, especially from the halfback area is not that good and is an area of concern and why they have rusher bring Ing in Atkins. But it will take time for him to Gel for me with his New team. I feel HKR will struggle to Match the SL teams and wouldnt be surprised if London beat them. Pressure is very much on for HKR.
  3. Who is responsible for the game at all Levels? The RFL and nobody else. The fact is that they have at times not helped the amateur game. Maybe others could do a better job. There are serious concerns at amateur level and the RFL need to address them ASAP. You are obsessed. What has Canada and Toronto got to do with this thread? Again you are guilty of driften off topic. You have Been Told about this.
  4. Both Flower and Acton committed an act that was dangerous and put opponents in a dangerous situation. We cant have anybody punching a player like Flower. But we also cant have anybody grabbing hold of a player who is laid on the with a potential injury. Both Acton and Flower deserve the bans they have received. Acton has the Worst discipline record in the game. This, alongside the dangerous action, is why he has received such a long ban. The fact that Acton and the Leigh club fail to see the Problem is a concern. This was no tackle gone wrong. This was an incident that has no part of the game. Such actions cant be water down. That all adds to the lengtj of the ban. Grabbing hold of an opponent, who is laid possibly injured, can not be and wont be tolerated. If people. especially those involved at a club, cant see that, then I think it's sad but also a concern.
  5. I would have Trent Barrett at 6 where He played most games at and Ben Hornby at 7. Mundine never impressed me Whenever I saw him(or seemingly the rep selectors at NSW or Australia). Was all about him and not the team.
  6. Seems SOME Leigh fans and sadly people connected to the club, think it's ok to put players in a dangerous and potentially life changing situation. Sorry but most people in the game do not want to see a player who is possibly injured, man handled, putting that player in a possible life threatening position. Shall we wait until a player is seriously injured or killed before we see players banned for 9 or more games?
  7. Storm Dont Produce Juniors? The Bromwich Brothers, Munster, Croft, Harris, Vunivalu, Chambers, Mclean, Big Nelson, Rochow plus the big 3 all came through the U20/Youth System at Melbourne! Young guys like Croft, Munster, Brandon Smith, Scott, Hughes, Vunivalu, Mclean, Big Nelson, Kenny Bromwich, Glasby are all on a low salary. They have lost Mclean and Harris for next season and Britt has just joined Souths. I believe Souths are paying some of Rochow salary. Addo-Carr, Blair, Finucane etc were picked up on low salaries as wasnt wanted by others.
  8. The agenda is Acton and Leigh in General have disciplinary issues. Its poor discipline from Acton, that has Seen him 11 or so times in the past couple of years, end up before the disciplinary committed. Thats his fault and he needs to sort himself out. Probably due to his poor record He has received a longer Ban than most. Leigh have a Problem with discipline. This incident alongside Actons tripping incident, the Higson awful head high tackle etc show this. Acton and Leigh cant blame nobody but themselves. Leigh have through these and other actions in the past couple of seasons (under both Rowley and Jukes),have earned a reputation of being poorly disciplined. Instead of looking to improve this area, the Club, led by Mr Beaumont, want to blame others, instead of looking at themselves.
  9. Thanks Parky for not really answering any of the points made. Once again you make wild claims and then you side step properly answering them. I can see exactly where this thread is Heading. Another Toronto thread ruined by Parky.
  10. Its not just the point of Bird being Knocked out or not. He could have another injury like a broken bone or in a more serious case a blood clot or bleed on the brain that takes time to be noticed. Some injuries you cant tell by just looking at some one. We sadly have cases of players collapsing and later dieing. A player should never Touch, nevermind Grab a player laid on the floor. He could in an extreme case cause serious injury or death by such actions.
  11. For a THIRD time Parky. Would you care to expand on these points that you originally made. For me you expect Toronto to jump through hoops that no other club should. Why? I also cant see what a club like Bradford, in its currently state, has over the likes of Toronto and Toulouse. All clubs should have to earn a place in SL and not just put in based on hope. If Toronto and Toulouse win a place in SL via the 8s why should they be blocked or asked to do extra things that English clubs aren't asked to do?
  12. Want to address any of the 6 points made Parky or ignore them?
  13. Going off who I have seen play mainly live though some of the Storm early players via TV and You Tube. But have Been to Melbourne, Sydney, Townsville, Halifax, Leeds to watch a few storm games. Storm have only used something like 190 players since 1999 but thats still a very good team. Fax is from the early 80s to the present day. Some players chosen its more Personal favourites rather than the best for me. MELBOURNE STORM 1. Billy Slater 2. Marika Korobete 3. Greg Inglis 4. Israel Folau 5. Suliasi Vunivalu 6. Scott Hill 7. Cooper Cronk 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Cam Smith 10. Robbie Kearns 11. Stephen Kearney 12. Ryan Hoffman 13. Tawera Nikau ------------------------------------ 14. Michael Crocker 15. Brett Kimmorley 16. Glenn Lazarus 17. Marcus Bai FAX 1. Joe Kilroy 2. Mark Preston 3. Greg Austin 4. John Schuster 5. John Bentley 6. Chris Anderson 7. Gavin Clinch 8. Martin Bella 9. Seamus Mccallion 10. Geoff Robinson 11. Neil James 12. Brian Juliff 13. John Pendlebury ------------------------------------------------- 14. Les Holliday 15. Tony Anderson 16. Graham Eadie 17. Keith Nellar
  14. Ever the expansionist and another post based on fear and misinformation. 1. Why is Torontos success based on developing professional players and TV contracts? Do you have the same requirements about British SL clubs? 2. How many SL club take 7.000 away fans? Some SL clubs cant even get close to an average of 7.000 at home. 3. How many SL clubs own a stadium? Wigan? Hull? Huddersfield? Salford? Wakefield? Why do Toronto etc have to own a Stadium but the above not? 4. Another one of your misinformation Statements. There are Clubs in Canada, USA, Jamaica and Mexico playing the game. Canada and Jamaica are soon to play a Youth international. Maybe do some Research before getting all Worked up about things. 5. And tell me the head way made in England against Football, Rugby Union,Cricket etc? 6. Please post some facts as to where Toronto and especially Mr Perez, have looked to Disrupt SL or indeed any Rugby League competitive or authority. Your posts about Toronto and Mr Perez come across as somebody very paranoid. For some reason you ignore facts and questions posted by various people, but then expect people to believe your posts that are often based on paper talk, rumours and your own fears and agendas.
  15. Acton is lucky Greg Bird is not seriously injured or worse from his actions. No player, no matter what has happened, should Touch a player who is on the floor. Action is lucky just to get a 9 game Ban and that Greg Bird has not received any serious injury from the event.