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  1. Lounge Room Lizard

    Holocaust Memorial Day

    The Holocaust Day is a Project run by a largely Jewish number of people who focus way too much on something 80 years ago. I feel atleast for a couple of years they should focus on the events of Rwanda, Cambodia etc. The world should not forget these events neither. Also more should be made about the tens of millions murdered in the Gulags Attrocities against Humans are committed by people of all Religions, Races and backgrounds and such events are still happening today in Israel, China,Russia and elsewhere.. I dont get the feeling World Holocaust sends that message. It seems to focus more on 80 years ago which I dont agree with.Who in my opinion are more interested on the Holocaust and focus too much on it. How many people know much about.what happened in Rwana or Burundi? I would like to see World Holocaust make a big effort to inform and Highlight this and other modern day similarities etc
  2. Lounge Room Lizard

    Ancestry DNA

    I prefer to use birth certificate and other papers than DNA. I just dont Trust these companies and your roots maybe Irish but it doesnt for me give you a proper view of your ancestors and when they moved or on what ships etc. I think getting such info far more interesting than some alleged DNA saying I have ancestory from wherever.
  3. Lounge Room Lizard

    Novak Djokovic

    I think if he says fit its possible. But he has suffered from injury often this past couple of years.
  4. Lounge Room Lizard

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    The Sombrerros ;-). Stable squad. Got rid of two players who are liabilities at times and have off field issues. New signings like Crichton are better discipline and dont carry baggage which can disrupt a team. Melbourne, Brisbane, Souths, Penrith etc will challenge, but think they all Lack in some area that the Roosters dont.
  5. Lounge Room Lizard

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    No I have alot of respect for Dave (and most on here). But its always good to hear as others opinions as often I have missed something or learn something knew. I never watched too much of Warrington. I just felt Davies would have been better at FB than Centre. I probably be laughed at by Wire fans.
  6. Lounge Room Lizard

    Why hasn't Great Britain produced a great full back?

    I think its hard to judge a player who you have never seen play. Watching Highlights doesnt give a true reflection in my opinion. Plus how the game is played now, is very much different even from just 15 or 20 years ago, nevermind 40 or more. I am sure Churchill, Sullivan, Langlands were top quality back then and were world class. However I dont like to comment on them as I never saw them play and feel its not right to judge them against players I have seen live or on TV Numerous times.
  7. Lounge Room Lizard

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    He played a few times at FB for GB as well as widnes and Warrington from my poor memory. Usually if Tait or Penny was out. I thought Davies was a much better FB and offered far more than Lee Penny who was FB back then for Warrington. I just felt Penny was safe, but offered no real spark in attack and was predictable . Would be interesting to hear what the far more knowledgeable Wire fans opinions on this subject. However he played far more games at Centre. I always thought he was better at FB than Centre, certainly in attack. I feel he didnt often get enough ball or space at Centre. I think he was in broken play very difficult to stop and when he got the ball you felt often something would happen. He was a thrill to watch for me.
  8. Lounge Room Lizard

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    Not the biggest player, but he never chickened out or got scared like some other Union big names back then. He had Great vision, good pace and good hands and wasnt too bad at kicking! He was poor in defence though as you would expect with Union converted. I would say he is the best fullback from Britain of the past 30 years. He was a player everybody respected but feared. Also one of the few Brits that went over and did so well. Doggie fans still hold him in very high regard. I dont See the skills that JD had in many modern players as that is often not wanted sadly. The game needs skillful players like Davies and them be allowed some latitude to do what they can. Todays game is often too sterile for me.
  9. Lounge Room Lizard

    Why hasn't Great Britain produced a great full back?

    The best 2 Fullback of the past 30 years (Era of Fulltime Rugby just about) have been Locker and Slater. The rest dont come close. Both those 2 were not just good for a couple of seasons, but over a long period of time and at the higher level. They scored heaps, set up another heaps of tries and defender and communication so well and over a number of years at the top. Sadly the Brits played in a lot lower Standard wise comp and never really had to play well each week. To mins was a disaster in the NRL. Jonathan Davies though did really well and I would say despite some fault in defence at times, he is the best Brit Fullback of the past 30 years. Radlinski was a great Player for Wigan. But he never really was a stand out in a test series against Australia. He never created as much as Slater or Lockyer. Wellens was great at St.Helens, but he was slow and struggled at test level with quick players. I cant reall say anybody apart from Davies has been better than them. They were not World Class in the way Slater and Locker were. Davies probably is the best Brit Fullback in the last was very good and he did well at International level. But he wasnt as influential and consistant as either Slater or Lockyer were for me and not over such a long period of time.
  10. Think it shows the problem Fev will have later in the season. But I think York, Leigh, Batley are in a similar position and why I think those teams wont make the top 5. Its ok having 20 or so Championship Standard players. But a team challenging for top 5, needs probably 25 or more Champions Standard players due to injured, suspended and often fatigued players. People say it was a Reserves Team or Pre Season. But the result is irrelevant, like in any friendly. As a Coach you want to see a few players showing they have what it takes to play at Championship. By the same token, many players will not make the grade and maybe this game showed that. Friendlies including the game against my team Fax next week, is never really about the result. Its more about where individuals and team are and what needs to be worked on. While some maybe angry,shocked etc. Its just a friendly game that has no meaning. It does provide a useful guide on fringe/reserve players for the coaches, who maybe dont know too much about certain players. Probably why they picked that team.It shows what work needs to be done. I am sure how Fev play next 2 games will be very different.
  11. Lounge Room Lizard

    Worlds best player signs new 2 year deal

    Usually a few moves in Front of everbody. There is nobody that has his ability to read the game and influences it even at his age. He has never been one where his pace or power saw him so highly rated. His constant ability to get the best out those around him and his skills is why he is still rated as one of the top players in the game. He doesnt need his pace or power to remain a dangerous player. Still the most influential player in League by a big distance.
  12. Lounge Room Lizard

    Youngsters who will shine in the Championship this year

    Sion Jones possibly at Fax. Hope to see him push on from last year and make the 17 each week. Great prospect from Wales. For a Prop still very young but has made an impact and would hope he can go on to SL at some stage.
  13. Moving the Final from Wembley to elsewhere is just ignoring the problems and hoping nobody will notice. The RFL needs to get off its backside and make the Final "a Sporting Event". It needs to think what can we do with others to make the Rugby League Cup Final a well atteneded event no matter who is there. The attitude I get from the RFL is just stick an event on and people will turn up. Well clearly they dont. More people are walking away from RFL events due to the attitude and genaral poor admnistration. I have heard from a couple of friends that turn up at Wembley each year that after this recent fiasco that they will now Boycott the Wembley Final in protest at what is going on at the RFL! I doubt they are the only ones with these thoughts.So the RFL needs to do something NOW for the Final not just wait and see who makes it and hope its Wigan, Leeds, Hull FC etc rather than Huddersfield, Salford etc That means it needs to actually market the Final and indeed the Cup as something special. Create incentives for people to buy tickets. That maybe that amateur and Pro clubs that sell tickets get a percentage of sales. That often sees people buy something as they can see their local club get some benefits whether they are in the Final or even play in the Cup or not. It needs to start marketing and finding ways to sell tickets now to people who are not League fans. Has the RFL ever worked with the London Amateur Scene, as well as the Broncos, Skolars and Hemel Stags etc on using their contacts on selling tickets to the People of London and the South East? Has the RFL ever worked with the Student/Uni as well as Armed Forces in promoting the Cup Final or indeed any big game in London area? The RFL doesnt need to spend millions on marketing and promotion but just look to use its partners and people within the game to help them instead of ignoring them and often upsetting them. But I just get the feeling nothing will be done and the RFL will then throw tickets away a couple of weeks before, for little money in the hope of losing as little money as possible on the day. It seems no thought goes in to any events and how to best use an event to promote the game at all by the RFL. Who is exactly responsible for marketing events at the RFL?
  14. Lounge Room Lizard

    Yorkshire cup

    Bradford have a good number of youngsters coming through who will play SL level at some point in future. The question is if Bradford can keep hold of them. I think Bradford need Kear as long as possible to give them much chance of being in SL in the next 5 years and debveloping and then keeping hold of these kids. The longer that Bradford stay in the Championship the harder it is to keep hold of these great kids coming through. Thats the problem for many Championship teams who have had great players, but simply cant offer what SL Clubs can.