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  1. Re-Signed for Halifax today. His salary being paid for by the HX1 Supporters Group. Glad that he has been signed for Halifax, as he was facing deportation! Thought Widnes were wrong to simply release him, due to him being injured. The stress and worry that gave him, is something many dont know about. A quality player that was also being chased by Wigan & Bradford. Very highly regarded as a person, just as much as a player in Halifax. Probably why the HX1 Group have been able to raise the money to bring him back to Halifax. Hopefully he recovers from his injury soon and is back playing. Hopefully Wellington Albert can get signed up at Leeds or somewhere soon as well.
  2. Panthers again fail to impress. They had the game won and just went to sleep. The forwards allowed Fifita and the impressive Nikora to run at them and create a platform for Johnston to do his thing. For a team to concede 90-100 metres in a set, shows how poor the defence is. Too many players at the Panthers have been hyped up and doing nothing. Tamou has done little since leaving the Cowboys. Maloney is way off his game and costing his side. Are the Panthers not fit enough? They seemed to have nothing in the tank at the end. Cant see them making the 8s at this rate. Sharks again very impressive with the youngsters. Fifita put in a great performance considering. Johnston had the ball on a sring the final 20 minnutes. Panthers had no answer. Nikora continues to impress each game and has such great skills and has the potential to be one of the best backrowers in the NRL.Sharks will have gained alot of confidence from this and the young kids dont deserve to be dropped when the injured players like Graham and Moylan come back.
  3. Maybe thats why the Clown Marcon has said, "the restoration will be done in 5 years!". Lol
  4. I would say that about just about any politician across any party. What they say and what they do are two completely different things. They have their own agenda, rather than what the majority of people that voted for them want. I hope the big 3 Parties get a real backside kicking. The problems in the UK are probably mirrored across much of the EU and why you see a number of lands that have joint party leadership now.
  5. Some interesting games this round that could change a few thing in the League at both ends. I would say there is only the Barrow v Toronto game that I would be confident in picking the winner. Swinton v Rochdale is massive. Both on 1 win each (alongside Barrow) and unlikely to pick up too many points again this year.. Must say its crazy that part time players are still expected to play 2 games in 4 days. This is made worse by the fact that one club is forced to play in Toulouse on the Monday. Fax have the Short straw this year-think it was Dewsbury last year. So much for Player Welfare!
  6. Apparently a law from 1905, all churches built before this time belong to the French State. https://catholicherald.co.uk/news/2019/04/16/5-things-to-know-about-the-cathedral-of-notre-dame-in-paris/
  7. I am asking "Is the Notre Dame insured against fire especially being owned by the French Government"? and if so why the need from Macron to ask for donations? Why is the EU, via Donald Task, asking foreign Governments to help donate? Sadly some Governments are happy to give Millions away to the restoration based on nothing, while Schools, Hospitals and Pensioners are told there is no money (Germany, Spain for example and the UK are looking to help as well). Seem the money is there depending on who or what the thing is. Does that make me angry? Yes. Yes its up to people what they do with their money. But I find it sad/disappointing that people are willing to donate upto hundreds of Millions of Euros to an old building and be proud of it and yet do seemingly little for the homeless and poor. As I have said before people seem more interested in and willing to donate to an old building than people. Thats not anger, just a sad and disappointing outlook on human life.
  8. Why is there a call for donations from Macron? You would think that such a building owned by the French Government, would be insured against fire. Also before such a call for donations, an estimate of how much damage and what it will cost to rebuild should be done first. Maybe its Macrons way to try and reduce the massive debts his Government have been running up! Thankfully the damage is far less than thought earlier and many things saved before the fire made it dangerous to go in. Notice the tenants, the Catholic Church, have been quiet. With the 10s of Billions of Euros it has it can maybe put in a few million. I feel sad that people are happy to throw money at such a project so quickly. Where is this money and help for the homeless and poor that number tens of thousands in Paris? As I put previously I find it sad that people seem to care more about an old building than they do about people.
  9. Leeds play on the Thursday after. Cant see them wanting to play on the Sunday. Would be a very short turn around for a vital game in SL. The Bradford v Leeds game will likely be on TV. If Bradford keep charging crazy prices, then the crowd will struggle to reach 10k. They only got 1600 against Leeds Reserves team (Featherstone) on a Sunday Afternoon. The problem with any of the games shown is that the Cup sadly doesnt draw crowds. I would go for Warrington v Wigan as one BBC game. The marketing team at Wire have done an excellent job this year. I hope they keep that up for the Cup game. Hopefully a decent crowd in a modern stadium will put the Sport in a good light-certainly better than Odslum with a few thousand rattling around it! Sadly even Hull v Cas will likely see a couple of thousand souls lost there when it should be getting 10K. A game a few years ago was seen as a highlight and would get a good crowd. Halifax, Widnes and Dewsbury are still in it and atleast one will make the next round. When is the games for the 1895 Cup? Would be funny if one of them somehow got to the Final of the Cup and 1895 Cup. Then what?
  10. I find news that sadly people have died from a Tornado more newsworthy and important than a building on fire. The same with the situation in Sudan. Yes its a shame the Notre Dame is badly damaged. But its a building and not people. A building can be restored but peoples lives cant. Yes the Notre Dame is an important building. But its not going to change the daily lives of people in France or the World and its not really going to change the lives of the locals. I just feel its way over the top how its been reported over other things. I find the news coverage over the top, especially when its on fire and nothing really is going to change in 30 minutes or so. It comes across as people are more interested in a building than people who have been killed. If a few people had been killed fair enough. But as far as I know nobody has. The sadness of a loss of some history is understandable. But its not the end of architecture or some section of History. A number of things are in Museums. An understanding of life and culture is still with us. So for me its a building thats partially damaged. There are far more serious problems and news in life for me.
  11. Both the SL & NRL need to be tougher regarding foul play. The incident deserved a far tougher sentence. Sadly its not an isolated incident in either competition. The NRL seem to think an attempted eye gouge is worth just a A$3000 fine! A player coming in as 3rd man at the kness as happened to David Fifita is ignored. It seems the game only reacts when somebody is seriously injured. Send the message out that foul and dangerous play will not be tolerated. Maybe then such incidents would not happen. But until then players will just push the limits.
  12. There are plenty examples of old architecture of similar style. Yes its sad its been destroyed,but its a building. Do we really need to see the news Channels spend hours watching it burn?
  13. Sorry, but its just an old historic building that is damaged by fire. Yes no doubt some old stuff has been destroyed etc. While sad, its hardly worth in my opinion, the various News Channels spending hours watching it for no real reason. Hopefully nobody is injured or killed. The 30 years since 96 people died is far more interesting. Eight people dead from a Tornado in the USA is far more news worthy, as is the situation in Sudan. Seems people think more of an old historical building than news that is of far more interest and affects peoples lives.
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