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  1. I have seen a number of tries setup from the Scrum Half directly from a scrum. Cronk, Thurston etc do it regularly. I think you are living in Nostalgialand and forgetting the skills and athleticism the modern player has. Taumololo, Jesse Bromwich, Sam Burgess etc I would say have more skills than the likes of Ward and Sorrensen. They also play in a much faster game, where space and time is way less than the time you are talking about. I have watched a bit of the game and its very scrappy and is a lot slower than today, as you would expect. Even Crooks, Ward and Sorensen putting in some poor offloads. Its easy to maybe get into thinking yesteryear was better and in some ways it was. But to say that game was a "Classic" is pushing the limits of wishful thinking some what.
  2. The speed of todays game would see the players of yesteryear struggle, as they were mostly part time and didnt have the fitness of todays players. Its easy to pretend that Sorensen, Crooks etc are so much better than the players of today. The reality is some what different. The speed of the game is way faster today. The hits and collision involved are bigger than ever before. The Scrums thankfully are different and for the better. It may have been tough, but it didnt make the game for me great to watch. If you love scrums so much go and watch Union. I and would guess most League followers would rather watch players running with the ball than watching a scrum. And many of todays forwards are alot better at passing and offloading in the tackle,
  3. The difference between Perez and others is Perez has gone out there and done this on his own and proved himself more than once. Is he brash and Cocky? Yes and likely some wont like it. But the main thing for me is he sold his business and lived to make this dream he had happen. He has gone out and sold his dream and got a number of business people alongside the media in Canada and the UK in top this crazy dream. He has delivered 7K crowds in Toronto and he has delivered on more or less everything he has done. Yes there is a risk element and yes it could all go belly up. But looking at what Toronto have got both in sponsors, backers and the setup I dont see that happening. And Torontonians still go out and support the Maple Leaf Ice Hockey team even though they regularly disappoint for example. Mr Perez and his Wolfpack though are creating events and people are buying in to this. You just have to look at the publicity he has created in Toronto already- we have interviews on the TV, we have mass advertizement everywhere and we have people with money and power buying into this crazy idea. Its so crazy this Idea that I think it will succeed. I think Toronto is just the beginning. And if it damages the England game having Montreal etc in then so be it. The English game has had over 120 years to do something and largely failed. Rugby League is bigger than any club or Nation. Maybe Canada will be the next world power and challenge Australia- which for me would be brilliant!
  4. I Love this guy and What He does. Is RL ready for this? Lol
  5. Well the fans I know are not too bothered about success. They follow the club because they feel some attatchment to it usually. If success comes then all well and good. I think fans would rather hear what the new club is about and what its aims are. They are sick and tired of hearing BS, lies and rumours. Some fans will be lost, but I think most will just understand, accept and be happy that the New Club is being open and honest. You still refuse to see others points of view and then twist things when you do not get a reply you agree with. You fail to understand that many fans (Not all) follow a club because its part of them, not the success it has. Thats why thousands regularly turn out to support clubs in Championship and Championship 1 or follow an amateur team. The Friendships and experiences are what its often about not the success that comes. This is the part of where the club is part of them and they are part of the club and the emotions that is involved. Its why Bradford fans now want to feel part of the new club, but as yet there is nothing really they can grab hold and say this is my club.
  6. Except many fans do not just pay 20 Pounds to watch and thats it. Many fans sponsor the club in some way. Many fans spend money in the Hospitality areas. The club is a large part of their life. I know people that at the time sponsored Halifax etc when in SL were poorly treated as Sponsors and had "a fall out with Nigel Wood"- their words not mine! The lies and deceit as well as the rumours- true and false- created a negative atmosphere. The name of Halifax RLFC stunk and people didnt want to know. Even now, years after the events, its still there in many cases. People stop being involved, as they have had enough of the lies, deceit, negatives which often comes down to the management of the club. People stop sponsoring and going to events due to the way things are done. Fans have every right to moan, if they do not feel the club is being managed properly. Clubs shouldnt just ignore this.Its all lost money that any club cant afford to miss out on. Why SKY do not pay more for SL or Rugby League doesnt really interest me and I do not view them as Villains etc. Maybe its the failure of the RFL/SL Clubs themselves to sell what they have is one of the biggest reasons why SKY do not pay more. SKY will look to pay the minimum for events. Its not a charity that is happy to throw money at Sports. Its up to our game to get out there and get itself a good deal for everybody rather than a chosen few. Its just a shame, that our game has struggled to sell itself that well and has failed, in my opinion, to bring more money in.
  7. Its also up to the new Club and its owners to understand what many fans want. The fans want to know who exactly these people are involved and how they intend to run things. The fans have had enough of the lies, deceit and things going on that cause concern. Its up to the new club to show ASAP that they are open and understand things and that this time there is none o the previous BS going on. So far we have very little information about who is involved and why they got the job. We have seen no real information that would help people think things will be different. For me so far it seems little has changed with many questions and rumours that do nothing but make people concerned about the new setup. I dont consider that a good start. The new club has to get people feeling looking at its face value now feeling nothing has changed if I have understood what Johnoco, John Drake, Adey Bull etc correctly. The new club cant just say wait until the end of the season and say judge us then.
  8. Having seen my club a few years back go through something similar - various administration problems, rumours of this and that and can fully understand the reluctance of Brdford fans to have any faith in the New Company and the RFL etc. The questions of what went on and the role of people like Nigel Wood have never been answered. Even now many people have walked away and refuse to have anything to do with the Rugby Club because of what went on and the still many questions that remain unanswered. The reason crowds dropped off at Halifax and have never recovered, is largely due to the way things went on and the lack of any real trust with anybody involved at Halifax. That is still seen today,15 years te main event. Halifax tried to get out of that debt and shake of the problems for the next few years, but simply couldnt. What went on has seen people that followed Fax for decades never to return since the early 00s. Many also have no trust in the RFL due to Nigel Woods role in the problems at Halifax. Many questions arise from his time there and have never been answered properly. Halifax has never recovered from this time and its something that could happen at Bradford.Many people will not just automatically follow a club, they need to feel part of it. Bradford are in a similar place today- Loads of rumours, plenty of questions that are not being answered, and lack of honesty and openness etc. People need to feel that they can trust people and that the new people are not just going to do things as previously. The lack of basic information so far from the New Club has causing further damage. How much the RFL have been involved in this mess is unknown. With the way the new Company has done thing with the RFL and again more questions and no answers sees many people very cautious about where things are going. Add the emotions involved and you have a situation where people are ready, if not already, to walk away from the game. The new company has to be far more open and honest than a normal club. The people who followed the Bulls need to feel that this is different and that they need to have trust and faith that this time its different. From what I see so far thats not the case and I get the feeling the New Club are failing to understand the needs of the fans that they are looking to target. The new Club has to change and be more open than so far. If not then it will struggle to get the fans on board. The more we move on and have no real answers as to what is actually happening, the more people will not want to follow the New Club. The new club have a tough job, but they really do need to be as open as possible and show that this new club is diferent and that the fans can trust them. Thats not going to be easy
  9. Bradford and any pro club should stay away from Getting Karl Harrison as coach. Too old fashioned and a game Plan just for the forwards. Plus I hear He has said He doesnt want to coach again.
  10. I think it's a stranger choice if true. I think the Coaching team needs atleast one Person with experience at Coaching in the Championship and understands the scene. Bradford do not need a coach who has Been out the game for years and has next to no experience as a coach, just because He is a legend from his playing days. John Bastion would for me be a Good Option if the New lot didnt want Rohan. Has done well with Academy and has a Good knowlege of game at academy and Championship Level. I would think that the Bradford Fans would get behind him more than Henry Paul, who Seems to bring little to the show. His Coaching record hardly gets Fans excited.
  11. With all the broken promises, lies and deceit that Bradford fans have gone through with a number of people and the lack of any positive news for a long while, I think we can forgive the Bradford fans that are left for being not too impressed with the new lot so far. The people involved do have a history of running businesses that have lost money. That is a concern. Secondly, from what I understand, the Bradford fans are looking for a far more open and honest setup. They are not expecting to know every detail, but just who exactly is involved and where the money is coming from and what exactly do the new company hope to achieve and how they aim to do it. I would suspect a number of Bradford fans will be disappointed that Rohan Smith is not involved and that a new coach will be coming in who maybe doesnt understand the issues involved. The new coach I presume will again take time to appoint and again time lost in building a team that should be playing in under 3 weeks! Everything so far from the New Bradford Club has been very secretive and nobody knows whats going on- no change from the past few years then. This is hardly the way to go get the Bradford fans on board and give them much confidence. I can fully understand the way most Bradford fans are not exactly thrilled so far with the way the new Bradford Club have done things and hardly gives them much confidence that thiungs will change.
  12. Seems very strange that there has been no official announcement so far.The longer this silence goes on, the less chance for me, that we will see a Bradford Club start the 2017 season. The rumours are that the newco owners have a few issues from running other businesses in the past. IF thats true then first that is a major concern. Secondly why would the RFL want people like that involved? I know not everything should be made public, but surely the RFL and the new owners should make a statement about whats happening. A simple statement explaining what is happening and what the delay is. The other Championship Clubs need to know whats going on alongside the fans of Bradford and other clubs.The new club has to be as open and honest as possible. People are just not going to support a Club run by people who have had issues before and who keep everybody in the dark. I just get a feeling that Bradford will not make the start of 2017.Maybe thats a blessing in disguise
  13. The game is already short of referees and yet how many have walked away? I would hope there would be an investigation to all this and it made public as to whats going on. I would hope that the RFL would not keep it in house but would use people from outside the sport so nothing is covered up. Such incidents should not be happening and the RFL have a duty to make sure that any employee found abusing others in any way is kicked out and not allowed to have anything to do with the Sport again.
  14. I am just guessing they do not, as Alex Mckinnon wouldnt then sue would he? Maybe things are different in SL.