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  1. Sadly these people often go unnoticed and without them the game would not be played in the Countries where they are. The RLEF have been brilliant in helping them with very little funding. However without these people, the game would not have any presence in these countries. Some people are more known than others. But I would love to see the media in the game bring to the attention more the great sacrifices and work many of these. Stories on these pioneers who often have no Rugby League background. Sadly many people in the game would not recognize them. I am honoured to know them and worked with them and become friends. The efforts of the guys, is a story often unknown about and the hardships they all face regularly. Its hard often thankless task. But for me they are heroes and famous even as you say that many don't know who they are or what efforts they have put in to develop the game.
  2. If they start with Shaaron Woods and Klemmer, then that is probably the weakest Props starting for along time! But yes you are correct.
  3. I wish the Welsh well, but the way the people love the game in PNG I hope they go and win every game in PNG and well! I know people who have been to play against the Hunters and even at that level the fans go absolutely crazy. If you have read Stanley Genes book you will know the people have nothing and for many this is the highlight of their lives. To see a WC game in PNG and PNG winning will see the whole Country go bananas! This is a game where many people wish they could be there no matter what the score.
  4. Just hope the French turn up, as they have always the potential but very rarely deliver. A good WC could give the game a big boost.
  5. To beat Australia, any team must control the Ruck area. Problem is Australia have Cam Smith, who is in near perfect form this year and is near perfect in controlling not just the ruck, but the whole game. But outside him, they have Cronk and Slater. Them 3 play the game telepathically at times and one might have an off game but never all 3. Australia are maybe weaker in certain areas than ever before. But with them 3, alongside the other Storm players like Chambers, Munster etc, who also have been near perfect all year, I doubt England will beat Australia at all. Might be better for England to lose this game anyway. If they win this, I cant see them getting close to Australia in the likely final. The Roos will not need any extra incentive to win the Final.
  6. Have watched, coached, played and Reffed in England, France, Serbia, Netherlands, Germany, Wales, Norway Estonia, Australia, NZ, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Rep, Italy, Spain. No matter where I have been its always been a warm atmosphere and nobody has looked down or been negative despite the many different levels and circumstances. People often are struggling to keep the club or game going in that area but they keep positive and make you feel welcome no matter what. Its always been a pleasure to work with some of the most famous people involved in Rugby League Development in Europe. What has really stood out is the lengths that many people go across Europe and the world to get the sport developed in some way in there area-whether that be Rockhampton, Rodney Rams (NZ), Belgrade, Rotterdam, Dortmund, Valencia, Beroun, Copenhagen, Oslo or Halifax. Its often sadly not seen by many, the hardship and sacrifices made by people and the family. Without such commitment and sacrifices by them all there would probably not be any Rugby League. The good thing is the game is growing with just this month Albania now hosting a 9s comp. You can go almost to any place in Europe and within a couple of hours drive, somebody somewhere has or is organizing a Rugby League event. I am envious of my wife who managed to catch a game in the Cook Islands, when she was travelling a few years ago. But she said it was unreal that on the field it was so brutal, but off it so friendly and everybody just so laid back and happy.
  7. Hopefully the revamped show is more about Footy and less about stupid gimmicks. I like the stuff they do with the kids. I would hope they would look to do more stuff on the game around the World- especially after the success of the PNG Hunters in the Queensland Cup as well as Qld Cup and NSW Cup alongside the NRL stuff. Theres loads of material about the game they could use but the Footy Show seems to have drifted away from the game itself and into a Comedy Section which often is just stupid rather than funny.
  8. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Niu should be stopped from having any job in Rugby League after the tricks/lies/Stunts he pulled. He has zero credibility and nothing he promised has come off and has been willing to stop others develop the sport because of his failures. Such people should not be allowed to work in Rugby League as they have and will cause more damage than anybody from any other sport. Until more is known about the NY setup and who exactly will be involved I remain very skeptical about the whole thing. I hope the RFL properly check the people running this and don't just think well Torontos worked well so will NY. I hope that they have a Plan B if things don't go to plan regarding crowds etc. I hope the NY Club works with the American and Canadian RL and that the Club supports the efforts of the amateur clubs in NY and the surrounding areas up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Its vital for me that the Club has a good relationship with the amateur scene as I would hope that would be where it draws not just future players but also support in many ways.
  9. Annoys me that clubs play opponents twice inside the first 5 rounds. Is it really fair that Tigers face the Minor and major Premiership winners in round 2 and 5? I would rather see the draw see clubs not face each other so close together.
  10. Cronk Says Yes

    I feel Cronk has badly managed this. This will he wont he saga is a joke. He comes across as knowing what he wants and yet this uncertainty seems to be a bit of something created by his manager. It just taints somewhat his credibility. Either he wants to retire or not. No secret the Roosters want him. But why? I don't think he fits the Roosters that well. Keary and Pearce shouldn't face being moved/dropped for Cronk.
  11. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    He is a good player. But he is way down the list of very good halfbacks. Personally I think Peets and Ryan were better than Roberts. Roberts problem is beng consistant and his ability to control and create chances for others. I dont rate SL from the games I see. The lack of basic skills on show is emnarrassing at times. That doesnt mean there are not individuals that Could and others that have shown that they can play in the NRL. I wont give SL credit when its overall a poor competition run by Clubs who are often happy to make very poor decisions which help weaken the standards. There is no excuse for not running a reserve comp and having an Academy which is properly run.
  12. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Sio went OK but hardly ripping it up as his club finished bottom again. Whitehead is not ripping it up, nor is Taia. They are very average players with NRL Clubs that normally fail to make the 8. Hodgson is the exception. However he has hardly had a great season and is way behind the likes of Smith, Granville, Friend, Peets. Whether you think its boring or tiresome, the fact remains no top NRL player has or will come to play in Super League for a full season. The ones that come are average or fringe players or ones that have acted in a stupid way and unwanted- Barba, Monaghan, Carney etc. The only top NRL player to come was Andrew Johns in a guest appearance. SL is a poor standard comp in comparison to the NRL. To some it might be more exciting, but standard wise SL is way behind.The WCC is not a real guide in to the difference, as its in Pre Season for the NRL Clubs, who often haven't played any game before. If the top NRL Clubs played the SL Clubs at the end of the season you would see a more realistic scene. SL offers nothing to the top NRL players. They earn far more in the NRL. Also any player looking to gain a rep place like SoO, would not go to SL, even if offered more money than what an NRL Club would. Which SL Club could offer a top player atleast 1 Million A$ ?
  13. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    They are average at best NRL players, except maybe for Hodgson. None of whom would get a game usually at a club like Melbourne Storm. Sio and Taia were with the 2 worst sides in the NRL. Whitehead is another average at best player and as usual the Raiders didn't make the 8. Hodgson had one good year, but is nowhere near the quality of Smith, Peets, Friend and Granville. Didn't really do too much this year at all. He is OK but nowhere near the best for his position. Roberts is one of those hot and Cold players. When he is good, he is very good. However he can also be awful and cost you games. Maybe if he was a bit more consistant with his form then he would be playing in the NRL and at a decent team instead of the basket case Titans like he has been doing. He is a skillful player and has the potential to go very well. With SL defences being generally very poor and players having more time and space, he should cause opponents many problems. He has good speed and a good show and go. He is somebody who can score a try from nothing. However he doesn't have a kicking game of note and he isn't a great creator for others. I don't think Warrington or any other team could get a better half. I think he is certainly an improvement on last years halfbacks for Warrington.
  14. What would our ancestors make of us?

    Again I didnt explain myself well. Thats all true, but the advancement of the Technology was more my point. Yes they did have a number of things then like Vacuums, Planes, Cars, Fridges etc but the advancement of them to where we are today and what is possible would be something hard for them to comprehend. Even in 20 years with the advancement what Computers and Mobile Phones can do is amazing.
  15. What would our ancestors make of us?

    I think they would have a breakdown as it would all be too much. Life was simply back then compared to todays hectic, chaotic Society. The advancement of technology on many things which was still at the beginning of its life. The ability of Airplanes to fly non stop to the Americas, Africa and Asia and carry hundreds of people compared to one or two. Family Cars that can reach speeds of 300 Km an hour and that can run on Solar, Electricity and water. The Highways that can carry thousands of these cars an hour. Cars and Trucks that can drive themselves. They could never imagine machines that you can keep food cool in for days or freeze meat for weeks. Having a machine that can clean your rugs and floors. A machine that washes your clothes and another that can dry them in the space of a couple of hours. A phone where you can not just talk but have a live video chat with somebody in the USA, Australia etc. The same phone that can also show most events happening live anywhere around the World. One of the hardest to understand would I think be The breakdown of society. The lack of respect many have towards others including family members, Police, Teachers etc. The way many dont say hello or know even who the people in the same street are. The lack of time and will to do family things together, especially on a Sunday. The lack of manners and self respect.