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  1. Lounge Room Lizard

    FEV's new coach

    I would say the other coache(s) at Fev will be vital to Carr in the first season. Going to places like Batley, Bradford, Barrow, Toulouse are never easy for any team. For a Coach who has never been to such places, it will be even harder! Making sure the correct tactics and use of the pitch etc will be very tough. The Slope at Mt Pleasant for example has seen a number of alleged better teams lose/struggle to Batley including Fulltime teams. Its not just game day, but the preparation. I am surprised that Fev have gone for a young inexperienced Aussie, who doesnt really know the Championship. There's some good British Coaches out there.
  2. Lounge Room Lizard

    (West) Yorkshire Cup

    He or anybody can wear whatever tie he wants. Complaint if it bother you so much. I know he raise lots of money throughout Yorkshire through Charity events. I think he used a Halifax game to raise a few thousands this year for Brest Cancer. If he use the Halifax Social Media to do and promote such things, is that really s problem? Its better than a Clubs using Twitter for example to blast the Refs, as I have seen on a couple of Occassions like Cas and Barrow did. From his involvement at Halifax, the Club doesnt seem to suffer. If he is an Egomaniac, so what? It comes across as you have a problem with him. Bit strange that you go on a Forum calling him "odd looking"and running him down. Think its you who is "the odd chap" and has a problem with him for whatever reason..
  3. Lounge Room Lizard

    (West) Yorkshire Cup

    Because he has organised the Sponsorship of the Cup via Berrys Jewellers, who have paid for a Cup as well. He is the Operations Manager of Berrys. Or should Sponsors not be involved in such things?
  4. Its time the game Isolated Ikram Butt. He is involved heavily with this Greek guy at World Rugby League as he is the Vice President. WRL have caused the game many problems. Yet Butt is helped by many in the game with his Rebel Organization. He took BARA recently to play the Italian Rebels.
  5. Might as well just have the top 8 SL crowd pullers play. What happens if London, Salford etc make the Final? Absolute joke from the RFL. The game is going in one direction with the decisions being made (or not as the case may be). Maybe if Ralph and Co actually sold the game as something positive and worked with the people at all levels, instead of using his play "B" and coming out as clueless the Cup would be not losing money...
  6. Lounge Room Lizard

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    I think France would be an excellent idea. However i think it would be good to take a couple of games outside of France. I think Spain should look to be one Nation that can host some games. A couple of games in Valencia where the Spanish RL is strong and also Barcelona. Italy hosting a couple maybe in the North and maybe two games in Belgrade as am sure they would get a decent crowd and they seem to have some money via Red Star. I feel that getting some Rugby League World Cup Games in Nations which Rugby League has developed is a great reward and can only help it further. It really needs some key people maybe outside of the French Federation to be involved in running the WC in France ( and other Nations). We need to be selling the event ASAP and building on the success of Catalans as well as Toulouse. France like Spain, Italy and Serbia has alot of potential but the game needs to help them get there.
  7. You would hope/think that the RLIF/NRL and Clubs would start working together now on Marketing the event amongst its membership and fan base. Selling the event as something to be seen at. But going off other events like the World Cup I doubt we will see this. The first 9s should as others have mentioned be about building the event future rather than make money. Tickets should not be expensive. Maybe looked to tie in for discounted things elsewhere like Travel, Accommo etc. It needs to be promoted both on Free and Pay TV as well as at games in the NRL, Womens Games.NSW and elsewhere. I hope they dont think people will just turn up.
  8. Lounge Room Lizard

    Manchester bouncers investigated over assault

    The fact there are 8 Bouncers involved and they all were involved in some way is sickening. I am not saying the job is easy as it isnt especially with people who have hade way too much to drink. Having done a bit of Bouncer work, it is challenging and why you need to work as a team and make sure such incidents dont happen. If somebody in my team was throwing punches and even more so cowardly attacks like that I would be pulling him off and telling him to take a break. There is no excuse for such actions especially with 8 on 1 or 2. The Security team if you can call it that are no better than thugs that have little interest in doing their job. The Crowd sadly are just encouraging the attack rather than responding to the pair having done much wrong from what I see. And the pair are young kids who have drunk too much and dont look like they are trying to start a fight etc.
  9. Very Strange to see teams still in the WC Qualifiers Spain and Russia behind the likes of Poland who have not played one RLEF comp game! Bit of a joke and not to take too seriously.
  10. Lounge Room Lizard

    Beaumont leaves Leigh

    Horrible person who abused people on a number of occasions. No need and caused many to dislike Leigh sadly. Being a money man doesnt mean you can shut and abuse others like he did. I have no problem with what he tried to achieve at Leigh. But the Manner of how he conducted himself, is nothing short of a disgrace. It Ruined many good things he did. Also some of his decisions were Strange to say the least- him being involved in training and appointment of Kieron Cunningham for example.
  11. Lounge Room Lizard

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Greetland Allrounders Spring Rock Ground has great views especially over West Vale, Brighouse and in Background the Heavy Woolen District. Stainland Stags similar on the otherside of the Valley. St.Joseph play at Fartown and that always was special place to play for me. Sowerby Bridge Robins (long since defunct) played just down the Road from Halifax Vandals Union at Warley and had a great view of the Ryburn Valley and Calder Valley.
  12. So no Qualification, its just if your face fits? I would have thought that before this announcement, that atleast discussions would have been done to discuss the 12 teams for the mens comp. As i have said it just doesnt really have been properly thought through at all and what exactly the purpose of it is. We have around 50 Nations that could put a team out. Whats the selection process to get picked? It just comes across as a half assed event with no real thought gone in to it at all. Who will pay for the travel & accommo? Seen as Jamaica struggled to get to the USA I cant see them being in the 9s for example. Scotland, France, Ireland also may struggle to fund getting a team out for 2 days in Sydney and decide not to bother.
  13. It seems most people think the Reserves are just about a place for young players to progress from the Academy. The reserves though serves a number of purposes including keeping Fringe players fit, giving injured players somewhere to gain fitness or to see if they are near to fitness or not, giving a place to trial players etc. Its a shame people fail to see the value of a reserve grade team and the benefits it brings. You ask Richard Marshall and he will tell you one of the main reasons Fax finished in the top 4 last season, was having the Reserve grade and the benefits it brought his team/Club.
  14. Lounge Room Lizard

    20/40 Kick

    I think its good to trial Possible new Rules. Some will be a waste and others will be more of a success. The game needs to keep evolving. I am not too sure what this rule will bring to be honest but lets see it in action and see if its worth looking further in to. I think we need to keep an open mind on such things just the same as Coaches need to keep an open mind on new Training and playing patterns.
  15. This 9s World Cup comes across as an idea thought up at the last minute with no real thought gone in to it. How does a Nation Qualify? I there plans for regional 9s for Nations to play in on a yearly basis? Is this just a one off event every 4 years? When is the next one and where will it be? 9s is a great tool to develop the Sport in areas where the Sport is being developed or its difficult to get 13 a side teams. I wonder how the 9s will be used. is it to be used as a way to promote the Sport to a New Audience? Is it to help promote the Sport outside the top 5 or 6 Nations. What exactly is the purpose of the 9s? I dont think having it in Sydney/Australia is that great an idea. The World Cup was a failure in many areas for example. I can see benefits of using it in places like Toronto, Toulouse/Paris/Perpignan, London, Cardiff, Newcastle (UK) even Barcelona/Valencia to help push the development of the Sport in them areas