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  1. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Enjoyed the first 40. Some good stuff by the Dragons. Hunt and Widdop are again causing big problems with the moves and kicks. Widdop on fire with the boot. Knights some costly errors but they have done well to get a try back. Gutted for Moga.
  2. Standing Ovation for a Ref...

    Smith did things wrongly in that he should not of waited the extra 2 or 3 Seconds, despite being told to by somebody. But show me where a player sinbinned has a certain amount of time to leave or that he cant wait 2 or 3 Seconds for his team to make an interchange? Has an actually rule been Broken? The Anti Smith brigade trying to make out he brought the game in to disrepute are a joke. Sam Burgess, after being charge by the Match Review Commission, has gone on Social Media having a swipe at the Commission and Sook. Is that not bringIng the game in to disrepute? Or Andrew Fifita with his attitude towards the Games Media Partners this week, refusing to answer them. He ignored all questions saying listen to another sports Podcast!!
  3. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Storm got dragged down to the Grubby Sharks level as thats what the Sharks are famous for and that was there intention toninight. Storm got more and more frustrated and the Refs for me allowed tensions to build which resulted in players from both sides losing the plot in the last 5 minutes. The fault of tonights awful game are the Coaches and Players. But the Match Officials did nothing to really help the game and must for me also carry some of the blame. I think if you had seen a few more Cards tonight you would see a far more open and flowing game with less penalties. But that could be said about any game so far this year. I think you will find that the Sharks messed around and were penalized far more for the PTB infringements than Storm. It was clear that was the Sharks plan with Brailey for one getting done 4 times in a row and should have been Carded after 3 for me. It was deliberate.The Storm stupidly gave 3 away for Backchat. The Storm were caught far more for moving too early than the Sharks. In the end the Storm lost their heads and some of the penalties like Chambers was just pure stupidity and he should get a one game ban. If teams are being penalized 3 times in a row in 5 minutes for either messing at the PTB or for constantly being offside in the 20 then a player no matter if its Storm, Sharks, Roosters etc should be in the bin. Both are ploys to slow the game down.
  4. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Disgraceful game with a disgraceful end. 30 odd penalties. The refs need to use the cards and not just blow penalties. Players just lost the plot at the end. That must be the worst game I have ever seen in the NRL. It was just boring and like a Union game!
  5. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    So we just allow teams to give penalties away at the PTB knowing they will not go to the bin? Some of them like Gallen and Bailey did was so deliberate and obvious. But 29 Penalties AGAIN and how many in the Bin from either side for constant interference? NONE.
  6. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Whats the point of the game anymore? Its just penalty penalty penalty. Why cant we have some Cards instead of just a Penalty. Its just a Joke is this
  7. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    another penalty for messing around at the PTB. Get the Cards out FFS!!!!!
  8. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Poor game and have not enjoyed any of it. Very poor attack from both sides. Cronulla determined to give penalties away knowing they rarely if ever end up in bin. The refs need to use the cards far more especially with the messing around at the PTB! Have we had a decent game yet this season? Just so frustrating to watch this delieberate Penaltython involving Clubs and its the players at fault.
  9. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Bring the Cards out. Thats deliberate by Gallen and the Refs should bin him
  10. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Very poor. Missed NAS tonight. I think the penalties given away by Cronulla disrupts the Storm far more and Sharks know it
  11. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    But whos fault is it? The Penalties are the result of the players. Cronulla halike many teams know they can nullify teams by giving penalties away. The Refs need to dish far more yellow cards out for messing around at the PTB which Cronulla, Wests etc are doing so much. Cards over penalties please Refs.
  12. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Are some of the Cronulla Sharks players totally thick? Some of the cheap penalties have been so obvious that the Refs have no choice. If anybody should be in the bin it should be Brailey who has commited atleast 4 offences. Lewis was wrongly sinbinned on a nothing touch on Slater who dived sadly. Just not on is that. Lets get the yellow Card out far more as its clear what Cronulla are doing. Crounulla defence is quality and have answered all that the Storm have asked. They just look rather clueless in attack which you would expect. As for Holmes he just doesnt look interested at all. Done very little to get involved. Graham is having a big game as is Lewis. Cronulla deserve the lead for me. Cronulla have to be careful that the messing around doesnt see further men in the bin. Storm need to get the ball wider to the edge and make the middle dragged more around than so far. Also cut the error rate! and get quick PTB and get Cronulla backpeddling. The penalties are disrupting the Storm and the Sharks know it. Croft and Munster need to step up as Smith is not 100% as can be seen by him not kicking for goal. They need to get the ball more to Addo Carr. What a massive improvement both in attack and defence. He has been again quality tonight.
  13. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Very poor game so far.
  14. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Tough game for the Storm.
  15. NRL 2018 - Round 4 Match Thread

    Remind me which alleged Souths supporter was bagging the Coach for being useless and woudnt make the 8 etc. Still a long way to go but Souths have a record of 2 wins from 4. Thats better than the likes of Eels, Cowboys, Raiders, Doggies. Not bad for a Coach who in your words is useless! lol