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  1. Could be a few surprises. Swinton and London I think could be close and Swinton will have been boosted with the Giants win. Dewsbury with a new coach have won 2 from 3 and will be tough to beat at home for Oldham. Fax v Batley is always close and even though Batley struggling expect them to put up a good battle and run Fax close. Toulouse I expect will be way too strong for Bradford and the same with HKR and Rochdale. Sheffield are very hot and cold but feel Fev will be too strong. Toulouse +30 Dewsbury +8 Fev +12 Fax + 4 HKR + 20 Swinton + 2
  2. It seems every game with Calamity Klein as Ref we have poor decisions made that cost teams in a big way.
  3. It was a great time and the stories of the likes of Seamus, Geoff "Wildman" Robinson, Joe Kilroy.Chris Anderson are all true and What made winning the League and later Cup so special. Such things would never go on today! The team spirit amongst the Fans and players was unique. The amount of beer the players drunk never mind Fans are well known. For me it was the end of an era. The game Led by Wigan pushed itself in to spending money it didnt have. At the end even Wigan and Leeds ended up with huge debts. The game has moved on now and players cant do such things like drinking huge amount of beer. The game has moved on to being the fastest and physically toughest (Athletic wise) on grass in the World.
  4. Batley are not just 4 points behind Fax and London they are over minus 60. Fax are on plus 63 and London plus 70. So Batley need some big win. Fev and Toulouse are still just 2 points in Front of Fax and London. There is still a long way to go yet for the battle to make the top 4. Rochdale are sliding down the table and could get involved in the relegation fight. Swinton, Oldham and Dewsbury picked up points over Easter. Some tough games ahead for Rochdale who Seem to be in free Fall. Thats not just bad news for Rochdale but more so Bradford. They are now worse off than before Easter. Next game should see another big defeat at Toulouse. Bradford still are in a Good Position to survive relegation, but need some experience in the forwards.
  5. Yes my phone must have auto corrected it and I missed it!
  6. Anybody know anything about teams like Wallsend, South Shields.South Shields St.P, Parton. Werneth, Kendal Hornets etc who played in the challenge cup first round or played the game in 1903? Nobody seems to know anything about the team Thrum Hall. Halifax played at the Thrum Hall from 1886 when the first game was against Hull. But there is no info on who the Thrum Hall team was in 1903 or where they played.
  7. Thomas Holroyd is from Halifax. Holroyd is a common name in the area. No idea if Graham is a relative. Though both have come via the Siddal junior Setup. Tom is at Leeds Rhinos just like Graham was. Other Siddal players for England are Amir Bourouh, Morgan Smith, Oliver Waite who are all at Wigan and Riley Dean at Warrington. Great work from Siddal and the people there.
  8. The RLEF are very strict on this and would want as much paperwork as possible to prove that He has lived in France continually, for the amount claimed. Without this paperwork, the RLEF would not allowed him to play in any games.
  9. From what I hear Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Norway. Fox Sports in the Netherlands showed 2 games though this week. Maybe Yanto can confirm. DAZN that Covers Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland Shows just 1 game though has rights for all NRL games. Seems they would rather show 7s Rugby Union ......
  10. Livestream.com was blocked across Europe again this week sadly.
  11. For me the Highlight is the Copenagen Article. I know Steve as well as Nige, Eugene and Co. The battles they face are similar to many Who are trying to develop the game. But each group has unique problems, as well as unique people involved on and off the field. I like the stories of the past like Fartown and on former players like Paul Fletcher and their views on things. I like also the Article on French game, as often its difficult to Know whats going on etc, especially if you Dont understand French! I would like the mag maybe to look to go back to the early years of the game. Have a few articles, not just one. I think many know little of the game between 1895 to 1910 for example. I have joined a Facebook group called RL Historians. A great group. One recent photo showed the result of the 1903 challenge cup 1st round. But little is known of some teams who played in that round like South Shields, Wallsend, Parton, Alverthorpe, Kendal Hornets, Thrum Hall (not Halifax), South Shields St.P for example. Who were the leading people on and off the Park at this early stage of the game?
  12. Get well soon.
  13. Not allowed to be very happy or show too much emotion, when you score now against Bradford mate. No doubt when Dewsbury play something similar will be said by some Fans. Our Cup Final? No its a Local derby and extra incentive in winning. Clearly Opposition players not allowed to show too much Emotion now. Fax players all took a 10% cut and the club having to make cuts-something Bradford have refused to do on Numerous occassions recently, despite having no money to pay debts or even players. It wouldn surprised me if Bradford pay more than what Fax and other part time teams are paying. Bradford are a fulltime team unlike Fax and most of the League. Some of your Fans still think that the likes of Fax, Dewsbury, Batley owe Bradford something. So some Fax Fans said Where's your money gone. Shoes on the other foot now. Some Bradford Fans not happy with it.....
  14. For somebody who claim to Know everything about Rugby League how could you possible say Storm biggest game of the season is against the Sharks? Before the Grand Final there was no real Rivalen between the Storm and Sharks. Storms biggest crowds are traditionally when the Warriors are in town.
  15. Faking injury? Maybe suspected fractured cheer bone (Ben Kaye-which looks like now bad bruising) and other knocks are not serious to Bradford fans. Fax are a Part time team unlike Bradford. But this year, bar the first couple of games, Fax do the Basics well and have a Good defence. Nothing fancy or special but it works well. Its why they won with ease last night. Doing the Basics right gives you a Good foundations to beat even FT teams like London and Bradford. Maybe a bit over the top from some Fax Fans, but the way many Bradford Fans have acted over the years, it can be understood. Many Bradford fans have openly rejoiced at the demise of Fax, plus taunted Fax Fans over the club having no money and making cuts. The comments of Chris Caisley and Co about Fax, Fev also have Not Been forgotten.