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  1. Lounge Room Lizard

    Elston - stop searching for the silver bullet.

    Oh dear. The speed of the game is not the problem and neither are the rules in place. I would though ask that the Match Officials are more Consistant with decisions made across the season. One of the problems is Clubs dont have a Reserve Grade. You cant expect a player to perform well if he has not played for a few weeks. Normally a player would get a runout in reserve grade to help him. Thats what Wigan did with Manfredi for example. Also you cant expect players to jump up from Academy to First Grade. Reserve Grade helps these players and the Quality of a team. Also teams playing in each 4 or 5 times a season is not good. The Special Occassion of a Derby has been lost. The Season is often too long with many meaningless games often. Sometimes less is more. A simple Home and Away Programme, with no Loop Fixtures, is probably what most fans want. Maybe SL Clubs should look at York, Toronto, Halifax (LS28 Group) etc on how they have been successful. Not every idea is a good one but a number of ideas have worked and should be looked at. You get the feeling some SL Clubs are content to get the SL Money and thats it. ALL Clubs in and outside of SL need to look at themselves and how they can grow the Club/Product in and around their area. I would hope any Rule Changes are applied across the whole game and not just SL. Its bad enough that we have different Rules between Australasia, Europe and Internationals!
  2. Lounge Room Lizard

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    England showing a real lack of depth with Sutcliffe and Handley. Sutcliffe shouldnt even be near the first team of Leeds never mind England! If he was at a club like Wakefield, he wouldnt even be considered. Handley has one good game a month. Myler has done OK in a team with forwards that have failed to lay a platform all season.
  3. Great game and NZ looked the better team for much of the game. I think Brandon Smith coming back on in the second half was the key. He is an energetic all action player. He created the energy for the Kiwis and they responded. I thought he was very unlucky to have a second try ruled out. Yes it was on the foot partially but i thought there was contact with the grass as well. Then from that the Roos go up field and score. Shame not a big crowd but hopefully this game and the Tour will restore the belief in the Kiwis from the fan base in NZ. I can see Tonga beating the Aussies as well. They looked very ordinary and clueless outside of the Mitchell/Holmes in attack. Forwards did little and in the second half made not the metres the Kiwis were. The Spine of 1,6,7 and 9 also didnt control or have the composure of the game like the way the Big 4. That is not a surprise . I think the 2 Late tries flattered the Kangeroos and the Kiwis did look very tired in the last 10 Minutes.did. I saw outside Mitchell and Holmes very little threat from the Kangeroos.
  4. Lounge Room Lizard

    Malcolm Andrews

    Rugby League Tragic that had a great talent in putting words on paper and making the reader want more. I will miss his views from the Strand. The "Singing Syrup" helping to bring back the memories of yesteryear. I loved reading his column, as well as his books that he wrote. A very talented person, with a wicked sense of humour. The game will miss you deeply. RIP Malcolm and Thanks again for being you.
  5. Lounge Room Lizard

    New RLEF General Manager announced

    Have onlyheard positive things about him from people in Wales. Its a tough Job that he will step in to and for me Danny K did a fantastic job with little money or Support from much of the game outside Leeds and St.Helens. Leeds assisting withe Coach Development and St.Helens alongside the St.Helens Ref Society assisting the development of Refs. Hopefully Chris Thair will use some things that Danny did well like getting money out of the EU and others to help assist the development of Coaches and Match officials etc across Europe and beyond. Its good to have somebody who has some experience of development Rugby League and also used to working with little money and many problems. That is where most Nations are in reality. A Couple of Volunteers basically running things on a shoestring budget.
  6. The idiots running our game have once again shown how clueless they are by putting both Clubs in a stupid situation. Its well known that many players have booked Holidays etc for now at the start of the season. You would not think the Season would be changed and games added on at this time. Its fair on neither side really to be put in to this Situation where they are forced to play at this late stage to see which League they will be in next year. Players will be missing and its possible the Teams will struggle to field 17. Will the RFL allow the teams to field players, like in the Fev v Leigh Farce, that have no ties to the Clubs? Are the RFL trying to show how clueless and inept they are with this game? Change the Season and Fixtures with weeks to go before the end of the season. Then there is the amateurish Tossing a Coin to decide who plays at home. And who knows what the teams will turn out at this late stage of the season.
  7. Lounge Room Lizard

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    With the Players TWP have had this past 2 years I think Rowley has failed to get the best out of them. They look clueless often when the bash doesnt work and the ill discipline is well known. The Halfbacks look clueless and and have no real game plan at times. McCrone spends more time mouthing off and argueing with Match Officials than he does trying to create things for his team. Look what Danny Ward and Richard Marshall have achieved on far less money and to be fair experienced players than what Paul Rowley has. With the Money and Players TWP they should have walked the Championship and beaten London easily on Sunday. I just feel Rowley is not the right man for TWP. I think TWP need somebody with experience of Coaching in SL and/or the NRL. I dont think TWP signings have been of great quality neither and presume thats down to Brian Noble.
  8. Cant we just Toss a Coin to decide this game? Ralph and Co think its the new way forward.
  9. Every Minute counts or is is it every player Counts? Joke of a comp and doubt either side will have 17 fit players. The RFL need to sort this out with championship clubs. No team should be not able to field 17 players. Worst is Leigh received 500k from the RFL/SL. So where has that gone Derek B? Disgraceful what DB has allowed to happen at Leigh. He should be Banned from ever getting involved with any RL club again.
  10. Roosters by far the better team and next to a Perfect half any team has played in a grand Final. They ran and tackled harder and seemed to be more up for the win that the Storm. The forwards did a great job and laid the platform for Cronk and Keary to control things. The defence was about as best you will ever see at times as Melbourne was pushed back. I wish Mitchell would stop trying to be the hard man and just stick to using his skills. He has an ego that for me sadly spoils his great work. After buying everybody they could, they have finally won both the Minor Premiership and Grand Final. I would give Cronk man of the match personally as he coached that side out their today and probably had the biggest influence on the game, even if physically he didnt do that much. Well done the Roosters and I think have a good chance of going back to back in 2019 as pretty much that squad will stay the same with the odd exception. As for the Storm that was a very poor and in some cases pathetic performance. They lacked energy,enthusiasm and any real interest to win the game. In attack they offered little with nobody in the Spine doing anything really. Slater, Munster, Croft and Smith were not in the game at all. Vunivalu and Chambers again showing poor efforts and Performances as has been the case for much of the year for both. Forwards outside Big Nelson didnt really make much metres or trouble the Roosters. The ill discipline of Munster with 2 Sinbinnings not helping. A very unlike flat performance from Melbourne. Will be interesting who takes Slaters Spot at the back and how they change things for next year. I suspect Munster will stay at 6 and Jerome Hughes gets the Fullback spot.
  11. Well done London, but need to improve if hope to win next week. Take Sammut away and London look very Limited in attack tonight. Not sure if they have any injured players returning for next week. Shame such a small crowd though Expected. London deserve a good crowd and atmosphere. Halifax again giving everything and came away with defeat. The pleasing thing for them is that the Reserve players dont look out of place they are bringing in. Think 5 of tonight team came via the Reserves. Also great that 3 of them qualify for Wales. Shame Sion Jones got injured last week as he is another reserve Grade player doing well at Fax and also Welsh.
  12. Due to the NRL as usual making a mess of things the Tackle that Billy performed was rated Grade 1 and came with 200 Points-even though it was not dangerous and didnt put any player in a potentially dangerous position. I am glad his lawyers got him off as nobody deserves to miss a Grand Final for that tackle. The Roosters player Friend put in a very dangerous tackle that saw Inglis put in a very dangerous position that could have seen him land on his head or Neck. That tackle carried just 100 Points. Its clear that the NRL needs to sort things out for next season as the consistantcy and the way thinks are viewed and judged are clearly not correct and needs to be sorted ASAP. Also the Crusher Tackle needs to see harsher penalties for me and more consistant. Chambers was banned for 3 games- should have been more. Yet the exact same thing Latrell Mitchell did saw him with just a one game ban! And the Thug Fifita did a less severe one on Kenny Bromwich at the weekend and has been ignored. Such tackles dont belong in the game and the NRL should hand on long severe penalties for those that do it.
  13. A win for Halifax really, with a decent crowd of over 4500 in a great atmosphere. The Fax fans went home proud and happy again. The team yesterday that saw 5 players in Moore, Butler, Jones, Woodburn-Hall, Davies that had come through the reserve Grade and put in a great performance. Just the Fulltime fitness and Training putting a flattering score for Leeds as expected.No doubt Fax made some money on just this game alone. Though Fax lost on the Park, the game capped off another great week in the Qualifiers for the Championship Clubs. Next week 3 of the 4 face the possibility of playing in SL in 2019. All 4 Clubs will have only got positives from the Qualifiers.
  14. Lounge Room Lizard

    NRL Finals Week 3 Match Thread

    Thought Cronulla were poor. Poor kicking game, poor discipline andtoo many missed tackles. Fifita again letting his team down with awful discipline. Storm way too good and the week off freshed them up. Unlucky not to have scored a couple more tries. Looked in control for most the game and good to see 26k there. Would be great to see Fox talk about the tries and not the Slater incident. Some good stuff from both sides. Glad Luke Lewis scored. A top bloke who I got plenty of time for. Shame his injury flared up again. Seen a few tackles/hits like Slaters from others like Thurston and co and nothing said. If it had not been in a try scoring scenario we wouldnt be talking about it.
  15. Lounge Room Lizard

    Serena Williams

    This is more than just a Tennis Spat and Racism. You seem to think the actions of Williams verbally abusing and threatening a Match Official are not important. I disagree. There was no need for Williams to act like she did. The Umpire did everything by the book and it was Williams who once again was bang out of line. No person, no matter who they are or what background they come from, should act like Williams did and think its OK. Its not OK to go ranting and raving about and make such comments as she did. What message does her actions send to others especially Kids? That its OK to abuse others and accuse them of being a "Thief" and a "Liar"? Glad you think such behaviour should be ignored.