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  1. The SL launch video

    I found the Clip as boring as hell! There was no excitement or build up to anything. It came across as a training video with nothing really special about it. It promotes the players as pure athletes with little personality and does nothing to promote Rugby League or Super League. There have been some good and bad Promo videos done for SL but this is the worst for me. If it doesnt produce much emotion from League fans imagine the little affect it has on others! I would like a video similar to the NRL 2013 one which has kids playing alongside the NRL players and it has a positive feel and one that shows a Community Sport played at different levels by different people. or something thats highlights the community side and the youngsters looking forward to the game, the players getting warmed up leading to highlights and finally the Grand Final Trophy being lifted at a packed Old Trafford. Its not that hard to promote your product by showing what your brand is. The SL video doesnt do this at all.
  2. Supercoach 2018 NOW OPEN!

    I had no problems with my Email address. I reset my password as couldnt remember it and within minutes got notification.
  3. Toronto

    In a Friendly not in a Cup or League game
  4. Ralph Rimmer candidate for top RFL Job

    Maybe he forgot to say they only care about their side of things and couldnt give a rats about the rest of the game and the damage it causes... I hope this would apply to everybody and not just Toronto...You would think the review would be done before the Start of the Season and Toronto (or anybody) would know what areas they need to work on and that the review would be transparent, just like in the past with licenses......
  5. Ralph Rimmer candidate for top RFL Job

    Local game for Local People...
  6. Bradford Rumors

    Well done Bradford running all them teams. Shame some SL clubs wont...
  7. Bradford Rumors

    One Big Club nearly going out the game would, as it has with Bradford, hurt the game. Has the game been hurt because of the demise of Bradford? Only really at SL level. The demise of Bradford hasnt really damaged the other Pro League. You could say they have benefitted to some degree. The Amateur game also hasnt really been damaged from the demise of Bradford.The loss of a number of long established Clubs that in the past have produced many Pro Players including Internationals hurts the Amateur Game and the Pro game. The less Youngsters playing the less Talent available. But the game as a whole is not that affected, as there are other Big Clubs around to see the TV Contracts, Sign the Top Kids etc. A number of the best amateurs have stopped playing the game anyway for various reasons,including becoming disillussioned while at a SL Academy and then being dumped. Some of the best Youngsters have gone to Union despite being at a SL Club. The effort,money and skill in Youth Development is largely done by volunteers. Take the Volunteers away and the Youth and Amateur game is gone. There would be no players for SL Clubs to sign for any Academy team let alone First team. I know for a fact that a number of Bradford Academy players were chased by other clubs. Some had been at Halifax for example until Barrie John Mather told Fax to shut down the Scholarship that was being run by Colin Smith and others. I think you are ignoring the effort of other Academy teams and the Coaches as well. Yes the ones at Bradford did very well, but then so did those at Wakefield, Castleford, Leeds, Wigan, St.Helens and Warrington. To think that they would not have developed as good elsewhere is ignoring the credit others have done at other clubs. Hopefully-and the signs look promising-that Bradford (and other Clubs) and regenerate and improve on and off the field. SL and the game needs a Strong Bradford not one struggling every year to get rid of millstones around its neck. Bradford potentially have alot to offer the game. Currently they are far from that. Hopefully in time they ( and other Clubs) can gradually improve so that we hope they will be Strong Clubs hopefully running a good local Development Programme with Academy and being in a position to be an asset for SL. It would be great for the game to have a strong well managed SL with Bradford, London, Toulouse, Toronto in. But the game shouldnt rush Clubs just because of potential and then see them struggle.
  8. Bradford Rumors

    I disagree, as the Source for any Academy is the Youth amateur game. Bradford had a great Academy due to the money they paid, as well as having top Coaches and Scouts. If Bradford didnt sign the Burgess Bros, Leon Pryce, Joe Wardle, John Bateman etc another SL Club would have. A far bigger blow to the game is the demise of amateur clubs like Elland, Sharlston,Woolston than the demise of Bradford or any Pro Club. The game doesnt really miss the loss or the weakening of any Pro Club. But the loss of amateur clubs hurts both the Pro and Amateur game. Grassroots is the foundation of the game. When that is weak, the whole game, including SL and England, suffers far more than the loss or weakening of any club even Bradford, Leeds, Wigan.
  9. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Wheres the evidence of this potential hotbed? There is no hard evidence to suggest thousands of people would turn up to an Internation Rugby League game in Cornwall. And what plans are there for the game in Cornwall in the future? No point taking a game to somewhere and doing nothing about it afterwards. Yes we need to take WC games outside the Heartland areas, but we also need to have something to build on and something which has shown there is interest and that can look to build on from the recent past. I would say going on the recent past and what we have in the area (Pro and Amateur Teams) the likes of Coventry, Bristol, Newcastle, Cumbria, South Yorkshire and obviously London, offer far more than anything Cornwall has to offer. I dont see Cornwall offering anything what these areas do in terms of developing the game and also in terms of likely crowds. There is interest in the game in the Liverpool area and it needs somebody to be prepared to go to the lengths that the people at Manchester have done for it to be developed. There has been a number of amateur and Pro teams in the City, but for various reasons has not been successful. Throwing money etc around will do not that much. You need somebody prepared to grow the game in the Schools, Colleges, Unis and help provide an amateur Network with maybe a "Liverpool" team playing in a good amateur League like Manchester do. Its going to take many years and hard work for that to happen. But the RFL for me needs to do more to support the game in Cities like Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, Coventry, London. Its record even supporting the Heartland teams has been poor and the Summer Conferences could and should have been better handled nevermind the League 1 situation. The game needs to sort out the amateur and grassroots development both in the Heartland areas but also in key areas outside that. The game has often let people and clubs down in this area. The WC Organizers need to be working with the RFL alongside the amateur and Pro Clubs in the area where games will be held. Offering discounts to local players, Coaches, Volunteers but also letting local people know where the local Rugby League Clubs are and how to contact them.
  10. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    You can have Mr/Mrs Perfect and it still wont do that much good unless the Clubs and the Game as a whole,change the attitude on a number of areas. Whether the Hearns or anybody would be good for Rugby League is very much debateable. Just because somebody has success in a number of areas doesnt mean they will in another. We had Richard Branson at London Broncos, but for various reasons it just didnt work out. The game has many problems and often them problems involve many involved in the game. Hoping that a Mr Fixit will change things I feel is very optimistic. For the game to progress, it needs people willing to swallow pride and Egos taking a bashing. Sorry but cant see it happening. Clubs splitting away from the game in my opinion does nothing but cause further problems for the game. SL Clubs breakaway from the RFL and where does that leave England and the rest of the game? Championship & League 1 Breakaway and do what exactly? No doubt even more Comps with different rules making life a pain trying to explain why we have various rules for different comps. I believe the game needs to stay together and look for ways that benefit the game as a whole, rather than just a few clubs/people. Sadly we dont have a great record of that happening. Many would rather blame everybody and anybody for why their Club and the game is struggling, instead of looking at what the real problem is. Many think breaking away is the answer to their problems forgetting that the game is bigger than any small group.
  11. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I would have Bristol host a game, but not Cornwall. Apart from ONE amateur team in Cornwall and one in Devon the game has nothing there. The transport links are poor for those outside the area.I feel Cornwall would be a poor choice. Bristol had a good crowd last time and has both Pro and a number of Amateur teams in the area and has good Transport links to S.Wales, West Midlands and the South where many teams are. London is 2 hours away. Bristol offers far mor than Cornwall for me.
  12. Toronto

    Short Term its a blow for TW but maybe better to be shut of 2 lazy losers who seem to have a history of poor attitude. Mo Moi is likely in his last season. Time for Noble to find some good props and one that dont carry baggage..
  13. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Very sad and leaves 3 kids as well the youngsters is 12 years old.
  14. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Why reserve team rugby is vital for the game. A young Welsh lad that we need to be involved at Pro Level. If Fax and the other 5 teams dont run reserve Grade we risk Losing such players.