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  1. Massive win that for Thunder and Only Havens second defeat.
  2. I get the feeling that certain Leeds fans are fearing the drop and why they are against P and R now. The wins by HKR and the Broncos has dragged the likes of Huddersfield and Salford into the fight. We have now 5 teams that are fighting to stay up. Wheres the problem with that? If Danny Ward doesnt get Coach of the year there is something wrong. he has taken a team expected to win the odd game and got them winning a number of games that you would never have expected them too. Its a shame the vultures (Other SL Clubs) are already signing his players. I hope London stay up and one of the Northern team even if it is Leeds, go down.
  3. Great result for Swinton. They have pushed a few of the "Higher" teams close this season. Under Andy Mazey , the Swinton club seem to be well run and have a good future. Hopefully they will get to play in a Stadium in the Swinton area one day.
  4. Finucane should be in the NSW team. Mr Consistant who does the hard work and will never let you down. Had he been a Queenslander he would be in the 17 for the past few years. He plays as a Prop and would be a good replacement for Klemmer. He is very mobile and a great defender. Crichton should be replaced by Wade Graham. He again is a quality player and very consistant and can create things from nothing. he is also very versatile. He may have played just a couple of games since his long injury lay off but I would still have him in there. He is somebody NSW need to help them create and score points. Not sure why Cleary is so rated. He doesnt create or do much in attack for me. He has a decent kicking game but thats it. I would have a maverick like Walker over Cleary with somebody like Pearce or Maloney that organize and create the things for NSW. NSW need a dominant organizing Half and then a running half for me. I dont see how Napa deserves a spot for Queensland. I think others like Jarrod Wallace, Christian Welch and Tim Glasby are better and offer far more. Apart from that the Queensland Team should stay as it is.
  5. Its a skill. Probably the best exponent of it is Cameron Munster. One on One he often can perform a ball steal to perfection. The one where there are two or more in the tackle who pull away so its just one person, again requires good communication in defenders. I think it adds to the contest between players. It really is up to the attacker to carry the ball properly. Too many players have a poor carry technique.
  6. Corey Oates is having a real Nightmare of a game. He has gifted Parra atleast 2 tries and couldnt catch a cold. I would replace him as his confidence looks shot and he just is not in the game at all. The Broncos defence has been poor. They need some experienced players to come in for me. They have many good young players but they lack experience and somebody to lead them. Parra are looking good and everything they do is turning to gold. they are a real hot and cold team. One week they are brilliant and the next awful.
  7. Knights were very poor, but then Melbourne were hardly near their best. For me it was the Cam Munster show. He just seemed to be involved in everything.
  8. Ben is a good young halfback with a good kicking game. Is a German International. He had alot of competition at Halifax in the halves with James Woodburn-Hall, Scott Grix, Ben Johnson (Who has been out for most of the season) as partners for Scott Murrell. Top person with a great attitude.
  9. As others have said very powerful but the Spine especially the halves they are weak.Hopoate is a ok Fullback but offers little threat. Asiata has been impressive with the Cowboys for me and is hard to handle but has a good hands. But has no real kicking game. Dont see what Lolohea offers to anybody. A poor player for me. Hookers some good players if not outstanding. Wish they had a better spine as they would challenge and maybe beat Australia. To have the likes of young Kotoni Staggs, Manase Fainu is good for now and great for the future. That pack for me is as good as any around is fairly young. Thats where Tonga will have it over the other Nations for me.
  10. The NRL under Greenburg are happy for 4 Melbourne Storm players to play SoO on a Wednesday and then play in NZ on Saturday.But do little to encourage clubs to release players for Internationals like last year in Denver who had a week to recover. Why? It comes across as the NRL want everything there way. If not then they do nothing to help. The likes of Kent, Rothfield etc are far more anti NRL than Mascord. On the NRL360 show its often bashing the NRL from Kent and co. And it most cases they have a good point. The NRL, led by Greenburg is a slow organization that does not really care about the Game outside the Professional Operation it runs. Theres not enough help or support for developing the Youth Game,Country Football, Internationals from the NRL. It angers many people involved in this side of things.
  11. Steve walked away for a couple of reasons. He had a Irish Girlfriend-now wife in London that he rarely got to spend time with. He also walked away as he to some degree didnt like the way the NRL was being going. He might have fallen out with certain people, but he always was asked to do radio and write things by many media organizations.Most Journos are not popular-Rothfield, Hooper, Kent etc in the game. Mascord was often called upon to report on Internationals and often paid his own way to report on International Games. He has moved on from Journalism to selling International Gear. A good move as he helps Rugby Leage develop in Nations and he has provided much positive help to developing Nations regarding Merchandsise. Like everybody Steve has his faults etc but he is a guy that loves Rugby League, espcially internationally. A number in Australia (NRL) and the UK (RFL & Super LEAGUE) couldnt give a flying duck about the Internationa scene. And that frustrated him and many others.
  12. I am lucky to be under the German Health System-simply fantastic and even get all my Taxi trips to/from hospital paid for etc. I am also so lucky through our wonderful Sport to have met many people around the World. I have hundreds of messages of support from such great people around the World. Facebook is great to keep people informed and also receive the messages which help in this fight. My Cancer is incurable but I think half the battle is the mental side. Keep Fighting and Keep Positive.
  13. But its true what he says in many cases. The NRL with Greenburg dont care about the International Game. Its too scared to even start doing anything about putting a team in Perth and make it a NATIONAL RL. Too many people at the NRL are holding the game back in Australia nevermind the International Game.
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