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  1. Daryl Powell hails Jake Trueman

    How good would it be for English RL if Trueman, Danny Richardson at Saints and Tom Gilmore develop into top class halves. I still think Ryan Hampshire has the ability to be one of the best halves in SL, hope he does too.
  2. 2018 prospects

    Im keen to see Olly Ashall have an injury free season and get some game time at Widnes.
  3. How will Wigan go this season?

    I have no doubt that Wigan will be one of the top teams in SL this season, despite the doom & gloom they still have a really strong squad and I expect players such as Joel Tomkins and Dan Sarginson to have big years.
  4. Catalans signing?

    I think some are over rating McIllorum, before he broke his leg I thought he was aggressive and controlled the ruck pretty well but now I think he is past his best offers very little in attack. I think the time is right for Wigan to move forward now without him.
  5. Amine Miloudi

    Is there any confirmation on Miloudi and if he is still at Cas ?
  6. Elite 1 follow-up

    Just watched the game v Palau, the no.6 was way too good and #4 looked a classy centre.
  7. Elite 1 follow-up

    Is that Karim Madani ? A few years ago he looked the best French prospect I had ever seen.
  8. Luis Johnson

    Such a shame though, Cas invested a lot in him as the game in general did. McClelland was sent to Australia a couple of seasons ago for experience and he was developing well.
  9. Elite 1 follow-up

    Diskin, Burns & Million definitely are, not sure about Jones - what is his first name ?
  10. Should Bennett Stay?

    It is actually not true that all the players want Bennett to stay on.
  11. I'm hoping someone like Oli Roberts who I thought was great for Ireland will really push on and become a world class backrower, how good would that be ?
  12. Tony Smith on FiveLive this morning

    I don't really agree that it is an ageing England squad, apart from a 3 or 4 i'd be surprised if the rest aren't still around for the next WC.
  13. Toulouse 2018 thread

    I watched some highlights of Mourgue from the France u18 v England and he was very impressive, lightening speed and balance. I'll be keeping an eye on his progress.
  14. Should Bennett Stay?

    England's defence was outstanding and their team spirit was great but the attack has actually gone backwards. Some of Bennett's selections were strange, that final was crying out for a big mobile edge backorder to come off the bench for impact and that man was McMeeken - instead he went the negative option of playing Heighnington for 20 minutes, an absolute waste of a bench spot. Brown was a non entity and I don't need to talk about poor ol' Bateman. I really hope Powell is your next coach.
  15. Elite 1 follow-up

    I didn't see Amine Miloudi named in any team so hopefully it is correct and he is training with Cas Tigers.