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  1. James Batchelor is ready now imo, I hope Chris Chester starts with him in SL game 1, he is outstanding.
  2. The best system has proven to be clubs having teams at u16, 18 & 20's The problem is that clubs want to put their money into overseas players pockets so they scrapped the u20's and raised the 18s to 19s. It's a poor structure, not only are clubs forced to make decisions on kids before they're time but you are open to 19yo kids not being tested enough as they are up against others several years younger.
  3. Apparently Harvey Livett was absolutely outstanding for Warrington v Widnes, he turns 20 next year and hopefully he gets a few games to show what he can do. Just wondering if a season in the NRL U20's would be better for his development.
  4. For the good of English RL you need to see the emergence of an out and out superstar, preferably in the halves. Plus how good would it be if another Ellery Hanley or Sam burgess for example came out of nowhere, someone who completely dominates SL in 2017.
  5. Danny Walker the live wire hooker actually looked a better prospect and is only 17, no relation I believe. I have heard Brad Walker being likened to a young Paul Sculthorpe.
  6. I got to see Smith and Walker up close during the academy tour in August and I was a bit disappointed, Walker may have been injured as his knee was heavily strapped and seemed to limp his way through the tour. Smith played within himself and looked like he a plenty more to give without actually delivering. Having said that I believe they will benefit a hell of a lot and expect them both to have big futures in the game. The players who did stand out on tour were Jack Wells, Matty English and the big but very raw Mikolaj Oledzki.
  7. Good thread, I like to read up on Academy players. A player who I look forward to hearing about but is a couple of years younger than those already mentioned is Cameron Scott, a centre at Bradford Bulls. His centre partner in last seasons England u/16's was Robbie Storey who Castleford have signed from Hull FC. Both look good prospects. Another who impressed me in highlights all season was Jack Walker fullback/halfback with Leeds Rhinos and Joe Brown fullback for Bradford Bulls. Those players probably are a year or two away from SL but the 2 prospects who are ready now are Wigan's Jack Wells and James Batchelor for Wakey.
  8. You guys should cancel Wayne Bennett while you're at it, the old fart is in it for all the wrong reasons.
  9. Robbie Ward returned to the UK midway through the season to Fev I think. I definitely think Adam O'Brien should be a target for Leeds.
  10. There is around 100 foreign players in Super League, I'd like to see that number halved.
  11. Blessing in disguise, Dec Patton looks a good prospect to me and playing behind a decent pack will go well
  12. At youth level there should be 16's, 18's and under 20's. The 20's could possibly include a maximum number of over age players, 3 for example. This business about making a call on players at 19 is ###### and hurting the game, in the past few weeks Leeds have released 2 players who are excellent players with bright futures, Joe Sanderson and Jack Norfolk because they are too old for the under 19's next year.
  13. The coach has been a disaster from start to finish and taken the team backwards, yes the player pool is too thin because of the obsession with overseas players but Bennett is a myth.
  14. I like Ugo Perez, I think he can develop into a top Super League forward if he puts on some size whilst remaining fairly mobile.